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4.7 out of 5 stars142
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 25 February 2002
After the brilliance of 'Phoenix Nights', Peter Kay delights with his childhood memories of dodgy foreign holidays, day trips to Blackpool and his Bolton childhood. Brilliant observation and comic timing on idiosyncrasies from schooldays
( playground supervisors dresssed in pink tabards obsessed with rain), old people and the weather( I like it hot but not this hot !)and his father's dislike of foreign food(Garlic................and
Bread ).
Also has a well merited dig at the
appalling 'Stars in your eyes'and northern 'chicken in the basket style' entertainers.
Buy it and settle down for the evening with a six pack. The guy is class.
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on 1 September 2002
I watched Peter Kay Live at the Top of the Tower on a cable channel and found it to be hilarious. I had seen Peter Kay before shows like 'That Peter Kay Thing', 'Phoenix Nights' and recently the 'John Smith's' adverts. After seeing this show I came onto Amazon to locate the Video and instead found this DVD. I ordered it and recieved it two days later. I played it straight away and was even more impressed then when I first watch the show. The DVD contains the full show, where as the version shown on TV was edited down, missing out some very good stories.
I watched it from start to finish several times, before I even looked at the extras. Yes I did say "Extras" on this DVD there is an Interview with Peter Kay and also a bonus footage section showing jokes from the show which didn't make the final cut, plus out-takes where he messed up and had to try again to get the joke right. The Las Vegas mess up was particularly funny as he made it clear to the audience they'd be there all night until he got is right so he didn't look daft on the DVD by not being able to speak or do his own act. Even better when during the re-takes he told audience to go quiet at points so they could edit it right for the final version so no one would suspect he messed up.
What makes Peter Kay so funny is how he picks up on things that happen in everyday life that are very funny when he points them out. For example when Peter Kay brings to our attention what children know for years, "Why do mums buy c**p pop?". Other things like getting Holidays off Teletext are funny, talking about his families Holiday's abroad where his dad would always find an English-Themed Pub on the first day to get some 'Proper Food' not that foreign muck like 'Garlic-Bread'. How everyone would be so excited finding something English in supermarkets like Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers (Les Cadbury's Fingrez) and you buy them to see if they taste the same even though they are £1 more expensive.
The way Peter Kay touches on small things like why people won't get out of bed on an odd number instead waiting for 8:05 or 8:10 etc is hilarious and provides filler between the longer stories and joke sets.
I recommend this DVD to anyone who wants to have a laugh and even better this DVD can be watched by the whole family as Peter Kay is a comedian who doesn't cause offense and isn't rude or crude. I only wish Peter Kay would do more stand-up and release more videos and DVD's like this show.
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on 20 May 2003
I'd seen Peter Kay presents and always found them funny enough, but not so much that my sides ached. After watching Live at the Top of the Tower, however, my opinion of PK has changed. From start to finish, I had tears in my eyes. The humour is all observational or memories from Peter youth. It touches on many subjects which it seems anyone and everyone can relate to. In the vain of Monty Python and other classics, there are one-liners all over the place, that will be quoted for years to come
Unless you've seen it you can't appreciate how easy it is to laugh at his comedy genious, that stems from all our childhoods, PK just remembers it so vividly. It gets better the more times you see the show.
As my title suggests and hopefully my review commends - the only comedy to top this, was seeing him live in Sheffield in November on his sold-out tour. Front row seats - best in the house - I was crying and my sides were aching all the way through. Strange that on leaving, I could recall very little other than it was brilliant and I had seen nothing so funny before.
I sincerely hope we get a second helping of the new tour if it ever gets distributed. Based on how demand was for tickets, I'm confident it will hit the shops soon.
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on 30 January 2005
Peter Kays jokes are mind-tickling and they bring back memories which almost make me pee myself !!!!! Everytime I hear the words "garlic bread " all i can think about is this amazing stand-up comedian !!! He truly is an asset to comedy !!!! I LOVE YOU PETER KAY !!!!
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on 24 April 2002
Peter Kay: Live from the Top of the Tower is possibly the greatest stand up show ever. Peter Kay's observational humour is so spot on that your sides will hurt from laughing. Everything from dinner ladies that can smell rain, thus preventing the children from playing out, to finding a holiday on teletext (368 pages to go through until your page comes back around). The stories usually focus around Kay's childhood, growing up in Bolton in the 1980's. His mother, who cleans the house BEFORE going on holiday to the father who won't touch foreign foods when abroad ('Garlic...And bread? Garlic bread?'). Peter Kay explains exactly why people talk with their hands, even the old woman who complains about the heat is there, 'I like it hot but not this hot'.
The characters are familiar to everyone and that's what makes the stand up show so special. We've all met the people Kay talks about. What Peter Kay has done here is present life as we know it, but in such a way that you'll no doubt be crying with laughter with the jokes and characters featured in the show. This show is absolutely spectactular that I would reccomend it to everyone. It is funny without being rude or offensive and that's something which isn't very common in the wacky world of MTV. And remember, as the dinner lady always says; 'It's the fine rain that gets you wet.'
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on 27 November 2001
Peter Kay is one of those people who you seem to know right away. He's like your mate from school who you used to mess about in class with and inevitably got caught. His open style and simple delivery make this DVD of his sell-out Blackpool performance easy watching, which I have to say, improves the more you see it. From weather to cheap pop to school dinnerladies, Peter does the lot, with an amazing eye for detail. You will find yourself saying 'oh, I remember that!' or 'my Dad was like that' as your fellow watchers secretly think the same thing. His parody of how far tour (and general) merchandising has gone is brilliant, as is the umbrella opening at the top of the tower.
Brilliant viewing; from live stand up to television, the man is a genius of observation, and hopefully, soon, other examples of his work will be available.
All I need to say now is "Get 'em in, it's spitting!"
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on 29 January 2002
This is the greatest Comedy DVD or video you will ever buy. I have watched it.....seriously.....19 times from start to finish. Sad i know but it just gets funnier and funnier the more i watch it. The second time was far better than the first. I noticed subtle little things the second time round. It's just the look on his face..ill have to see him live. He's the sort of person that would be quality at a party. he'd just bring the house down. Buy it for the best laugh of your life.....believe me..!!
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on 4 February 2004
this is definately worth the money if you want a laugh as it is hilarious. I found it just as funny as his follow up 'LIVE AT THE BOLTON ALBERT HALLS' (RECOMMENDED). this really isn't a waste of money and should be bought immediately by anyone with a sense of humour. The 'vd' is good as it does have some special features. What else is there to say apart from Peter Kay is a comic genius who can make you laugh and cry at the same time. BUY!!!!! BUY!!!!!!!! BUY!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 14 July 2005
Peter Kay blew me away with this superb stand up performance! The format is this, Peter Kay builds up a series of stories from his past in a sidesplittingly funny manner. The way it works is remarkably simple..Peter allows you to relive funny (or often embarrasing) episodes of your life and alot of the comedy comes from reflection on your own experience, however the way he tells his stories, and the extreme but believable events that he describes had me at times having to pause the DVD to gather my breath. Anybody will find this funny..most will be crippled with laughter. I strongly reccomend this to you!
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on 13 August 2004
This video is truly hilarious. Peter Kay will have you in fits from start to end. He has the tremendous ability of taking the normal things in life and turning them in to some of the funniest thing you have ever heard. It is clear to see Peter Kay is a genuinely funny guy and the way he interacts with the crowd takes away any signs of nerves he may have had and make his set all more confident. Comedy at its best.
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