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4.6 out of 5 stars23
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 8 November 2000
We turned up to the Sheffield City Hall on a wet and miserable Monday night to be enlivened and to see James. As is the way with these things, a support act has the job of warming the audience before the headline band appears on stage. Shea Seger. Right. Who was she, who are they I thought as the band began playing to a three-quarter empty venue. First off was Last Time, and this delicate, nymph like vocalist let out a strong, soulful voice from within her tiny frame. And along came the rest of the album tracks - Clutch, Shatterwall, I Love You Too Much, and Walk on Rainbows - gems, all. I'd never heard of Shea Seger, never heard any of the singles, but the performance weaved a spell. Whatever that certain unfathomable ingredient is, that X-Factor which propels a band to success, I think they have it. It looks like the their time is coming, something's in the air. Shea sang to row upon row of empty seats but put her heart into it - she was in a reverie, enjoying her own music, the resonance of each song and their lyrics was kept secret from us but was clearly real to her. Hair flowing and barefoot, a little sugary sweet maybe, but a star in the making nevertheless. Waiting in the Rain was next, and May Street - the audience sat arms folded, some yawned, most saw but didn't hear. After a gutsy, impressive display she had no reason to be humble, but - in a soft, southern American tone - said thanks for listening, I'm Shea Seger, enjoy James and have a good night. As she walked off stage you couldn't help thinking she's a girl going places, her stage presence promised much. The album, mastered and polished in studio, captures the thoroughly now sounds which illuminated a cold Sheffield night. Buy the album before everyone else does because it's destined to have air play a plenty.
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on 25 November 2001
Shea who? was my initial reaction when she came on stage supporting James at the Brixton Academy last year, but this album has been one of the finest purchases I have ever made. It is an album of remarkable diversity, but the one element that does shine through is her sultry, expressive voice, at times full of attitude or emotion, it is a voice that will grip you instantly. She fuses southern usa instrumental influences with alternatively hip hop (Blind Situation), thumpingly moody basslines (Clutch), synthetiser pop (I love you too much) and manages to convey a whole range of emotions with these very catchy tunes. The relief at not being with someone anymore (Twisted), her addiction to another person (Clutch), and the promise and hope she sees in love (Wasting the rain) - the way she delivers these varying emotions changes the pace of the album from one to the next and make this an album you will play from start to finish every time. This is a beautiful album, just beautiful.
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on 10 March 2001
Not sounding too dislike Nina Pearsons from the cardigans Shea (pronounced Shay) Seger proves that America can produce good solo female artists in amongst your Britney's and Christina's. This debut album is a mix of of guitar, hip-hop and 80's disco...well kind of. Opening track last time, for me the best track on the album kicks straight in with a sweeping orchestral backing and a great chorus: "If I wake up with you, it will be the last time...and if I still adore you, it will be the last time." It's a rare treat to find a beautiful female voice being used to good effect rather than going "e-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah" a la Britney. The good use of other singers, with hip-hop etc. is a nice touch and adds variety to the album. Comes highly recommended by me.
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on 27 November 2000
I bought this CD on a whim, as i do to my bank balances disdain, and I cannot help but boast my good fortune. Shea Seger's "the May Street Project" is a most beautiful album.
With a combination of gorgeous vocals and a fine balance of bassy-beated stories of love-gone-wrong (i love you too much) with acoustic filled splendours that conjur up any number of ideallistic texan landscapes to fill a geography book (walk on rainbows), the May Street Project pretty much covers the whole emotional spectrum.
Yeah, "Last Time" will be the popular single played on most radio stations, and "Clutch" will be the song for teen-heartbreak, but for those who just love to listen to the music of someone who must be a joy to know (with so much to say, Shea must be great to have a drink with!),or even just want to listen to something with substance and definite soul, then you could do no better at the moment by investing in this album.
Sheryl Crow you have competition, and it's Shea shaped.
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on 15 May 2001
I bought this album after seeing the video for "Last Time" on MTV. This is a really great album and Shea Seger is an artist of immense talent. The lyrics are sublime and all the music is very well arranged. I think "Last Time" and "Clutch" are the best songs on the album, but that's not to say that the other songs are at all average, far from it! "Clutch" is one of the best songs that I have heard in recent years and deserves special mention. The distorted bass line that runs throughout the song is perfect, the vocals are really catchy and what a voice! Buy it!
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on 4 June 2004
I bought this album 3 years or 4 years ago and I am still loving it. This record has something incredibly special about it which has kept me hooked! "Last time" starts with drums and violins playing joyously in the background with very rarely if not ever a guitar! Something different! "I break some bread and pour some wine, the conversation will be all mine" intruiging lyrics sung by the most individual voice I have ever heard since Bjork! "Clutch" the secnd single of the album was incredibly underrated. unlike the rest of the album, it's quite poppy but again in a very quirky way. Don't ask me how she did it, it's just her identity! This ones really really catchy and again no sign of a guitar! the chorus sails along a tamerine infused riff and beautiful backing tracks. "Blind situation" is a chilled out mellow kind of song. "sometimes i sit along at night in a blind situation" The drum pattern is simple and the guitar riff in the background is very breautful. "should i should i should i should i should i should i lie?" a simple chorus follows a simple tune and song. "Shatterwall" Is an incredibly slow and chilled out melody. "the empty bottles fly, and they all fall on shatterwall" a lazy sounding shea moans the lyrics as if she's just crawled herself out of bed! Still amazing though. "interlude:rooftop animals" mmm not sure about this one. It's about a minute long and consists of no lyrics and no natural instruments. It's good though, because it adds to the whole "feel" of the album. May street project would be what it is without it! "I love you too much" a stunning ballad, one of the albums best songs. breathy beats waver along william Orbit sounding bleeps. the guitar is simple and adds to the breathtaking consistency of the song. "i love you too much baby, for you to be with me" touching lyrics. "walk on rainbows" this ones very strange. you could compare it to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody but it's a completely different music genre. The tune and instruments are dramatically switched at random points throughout the song to give a different type of mood. e.g. from happy to disturbed. "Always" a touching ballad dueted with someone else I'm not sure but he has a stunning voice. the only track not written by Shea, it's agressive, dirty sounding guitar riffs are made to sound beautful by Shea's unmistakable voice. I'm not going to go into detail with the rest of the album, but the rest of the album is something which will NOT dissapoint! Happy listening. This is good music at it's best and it is not to be missed.
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on 27 February 2008
I bought tbis CD years ago and am still buying more copies to give as presents to my friends, and the unanimous verdict of everyone who listens to this CD is, "Wow! What's her next CD? I wanna buy it!!!"

I just cannot understand why she is not a super-mega-superstar, because she deserves it a million times more than people like, say, the Pussycat Dolls. Oh well. Just buy and listen to this CD. You will never regret it, and if you do, I'll buy it off you!
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on 13 October 2001
i frist heard of shea when i first heard clutch and i must admit i wasnt a huge fan but i looked her up on the net and saw a concert televised and once i saw her perform i fell in love with her straight away i now own both her singles and the album. this album is a grower and once it has grown on u u will love. Shea is gonna be big so dont worry about low chart positions at the mo it just takes a little time
everyone must have this!!!
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on 21 February 2002
I was introduced to this album upon a friend's recommendation,and as a result it has spent quite a sizeable amount of time in my CD player. The young Texan-born singer has a moody drawl, which makes for great attitude-fuelled music, and can be quite angsty at times!
'Last Time' is brimming with emotion of a revengeful kind, and is incredibly catchy, 'Clutch' is loud and accompanied by a firm beat but of a more positive feel.'Wasting The Rain' is softer, but just as effective in becoming a familiar tune.'I Love You Too Much' is sparked with more mellow emotion, but great musical accompaniament.'Always' is an effective duet with Ron Sexsmith, and this strange combination works really well, with a hint of piano in the background, and a mournful theme...brilliant.'Rooftop Animals' makes a simple but great instrumental pre-lude to 'I love You Too Much'.'Blind Situation'is almost contemplative, mixed with a bit of rap, and a well complemented tune, whilst 'Shatterwall' demonstrates someone speaking in the background, and interesting sound effects.
All in all, this album creates a mix of attitude and very catchy beats sparked with mood, great to listen to as a pick-me up!
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on 3 January 2001
It seems pretty obvious that Shea Seger will do well in 2001, she's getting plenty of press. And, given the strength of maybe half the songs on this album, she probably deserves it - she has a sweet enough voice, and her lyrics are impressively direct and atmospheric. But much of the music here seems a little forced, as if they said "Well, we don't want people to think we're Country, and the singer-songwriter thing is SO passe - let's throw down some trip-hoppy ambient Bjork-type stuff. THAT'll make us look cool." Seger's very talented and will surely improve with maturity, but for now she can't touch the likes of Eileen Rose for songwriting excellence or vocal ability.
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