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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 19 September 2013
I like this film. It has two charismatic and capable leads, and an exciting, if somewhat unbelievable, plot about bone marrow transplants and extraordinarily dangerous villains as donors!

I have to confess to being a fan of both Michael Keaton and Andy Garcia. Andy is great in just about everything he is in (he could be waiting in the queue in the bank and he'd still be great!), and Michael Keaton shows us just how bad he can be when not in a very uncomfortable rubber bat outfit. As it turns out, he's very good at playing the bad guy. He has just the right type of intensity and is very good indeed.

Picture and sound quality is very good, with a pretty clean transfer and I am glad I got it.
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on 25 March 2014
San Francisco police officer Frank Connor is in a frantic search for a compatible bone marrow donor for his gravely ill son.

There's only one catch: the potential donor is convicted multiple murderer Peter McCabe who sees a trip to the hospital as the perfect opportunity to get what he wants most: freedom.

With McCabe's escape, the entire hospital becomes a battleground and Connor must pursue and, ironically, protect the deadly fugitive who is his son's only hope for survival....

What we have here is essentially a chase movie. Schroeder is a great director, but it seems that he has just sat back and let the actors do what they do.

Keaton and Garcia are great as the two leads, and Keaton arguably plays one of his greatest roles.

He's usually the nice dependable guy who just likes the easy life, but here, he's just gone all out in his portrayal. He's no Hannibal Lecter, which in some scenes he's clearly trying to be (there is even mention of him getting in your head), but nevertheless he seems more human than your usual nut-job.

Garcia too is very good as the desperate dad, and both are ably supported by the rest of the cast.

If you can forgive some really silly parts in the film and can forget plausibility for ninety minutes, you are going to get a rollicking good movie.

It's a shame that this was overlooked in the cinemas, because it really is a treat to watch.

If you get a chance to see it, please do.
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on 10 May 2012
San Franciscan Police Officer, Frank Connor, has to go to desperate measures to find a suitable bone marrow donor for his critically ill son. The perfect match is a homicidal socio-path serving a life sentence who escapes from prison while being transferred to hospital. The race is on to recapture him and he has to be alive.
what can I say?
Michael Keaton and are perfectly matched in this generally absorbing action thriller; you can sense right away that they had great chemistry working together, and they manage to create two characters more three-dimensional than the ones typically found in the genre.
this film get top Marks For Suspense,
it's everything an action movie should be.
top explosions,
top chases,
top acting ...
it also have five hundred cops against one master criminal and he's winning...
and Michael Keaton is superb as the master criminal.
and with Andy Garcia as his foe .
they are brilliant duet turning this film into a big duel ....
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on 3 April 2013
Ok I purchased for 1p so I expect to take the rough with the smooth but it is a watchable film. Ok a little far fetched & cheesy in places but Michael Keaton is excellent in it so worth a watch
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on 8 January 2014
I like very much this item. I recommend to everyone.
I love movies and cinema and i love beautifull stories.
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on 6 October 2007
Michael Keaton does a great job of acting in this role. He plays an intelligent psychotic killer. By far one of his best performances. I could actually believe him as a sociopath. Andy Garcia delivers a good performance as a father who will stop at nothing to save his sons life. But his acting does not come up to the same standard as Mr. Keaton's in this movie.

The movie is about a father who is trying to save his son's life. His son is dying of cancer and needs a bone marrow transplant. But we learn at the begining of the movie that there are no donor's that match. Garcia, as a police officer, and the boys father illegally breaks into the FBI's computer in order to use their resoures to find a compatible donor. And he does, in the form of an inmate played by Keaton.

Keaton's character has the right blood type to give the boy the required bone marrow. He finally agrees to help the boy. We see him prepare for what he hopes will be his escape to freedom from the hospital. Will he escape or decide to take his one chance at redemption by helping this boy. And if this would have been played out as a story of redemption, it would have easily gotten a five star rating.

But it seems a suspense thriller was wanted instead of a great drama. So Keaton escapes. And we have the time critical chase. The police just want him caught dead or alive. Of course Garcia's character needs him alive, in order to save his boy. Would any of this happen in real chance. But it does make for a fast pace thriller. You will be caught up in the great direction and wounderful cinematography. This film has been underrated and does deserve to be viewed. I found it entertaining.
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on 9 September 2007
A good film indeed but it does not compare to any Seven or Silence of the Lambs. It has punch, rhythm, inventiveness, creativity even. It has some good dramatic stuff with a kid who is going to die of leukemia as the main stake. It has the antagonistic situation needed for a good film with the only donor being the serial killer who is going to try anything he can to escape. A criminal donor for the son of a cop. We avoid the easy tear forcing unreal situations like when the child is confronted to the escaping criminal who had taken him hostage, but we are not far from it with a child of 9 slightly too mature for his breeches. The female doctor, or rather surgeon is quite valiant and faces danger with elegance and courage. But in spite of all it is nothing but an adventure film more than a thriller because we know the transplant will take place, hence we know the end and we also know that the killer is going to try to escape again and the last scene is outrageously amateurish on the side of the security forces. Well done, good rhythm, good suspense but not more than good, a few creative ideas but nothing really poignant with pathos at any moment.

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne & University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines
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on 6 July 2011
Detective Frank connor is foced to choose betwen the badge he wears and the son he contest.1998 film. and to tell you the truth it makes current films to this date seem hollow.this film has it all. action,comey,violence,scares,suspence. The lot.Im not going to explain everything to you cause that would just spoil the'll watch the film,and trust me you wont be disapointed,with a good ending;that is not cliche.i say buy it!!!
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on 18 November 2010
Keaton is very good when playing villains rather than heroes, and although slightly formulaic, this fairly reasonable all round movie is made good by his performance. Unbelievable plot, however that's "suspension of disbelief" for you!

The first one I ordered had no disk inside, even though it was shrink wrapped! However Amazon replaced it very quickly, no quibbles.
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on 10 March 2014
I am a huge Andy Garcia fan and he owns this rather good film. Plus we get a glimpse of future hottie Joseph Cross. And we get some truly impressive action sequences. And Andy is gorgeous.
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