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4.7 out of 5 stars49
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 16 February 2004
Anyone who bought this album to compliment Vertical Horizon's earlier works must have had quite a shock when they pressed play and found themselves gasping for air as the room was flooded with electric guitars and a driving drum beat. The gentle, folksy sound was gone. The vocal harmonies, emotional heartfelt lyrics and skilful playing, however, were still in abundance.
Matt Scannell's voice is the perfect instrument to communicate the meaning and emotion his songs possess. He sounds like Michael Stipe might sound if he had ever had a voice coach. Vertical Horizon is like REM after a month down the gym; just as clever, just as cynical, but with more muscle!
There is a power behind all of the songs and on the whole the album is an uplifting experience, which is a little odd considering all the bitterness and angst conveyed. But there is this easy familiarity in the emotion that is like listening to your best mate telling you their troubles; you know they are okay deep-down because they can still feel.
Highlights of the album for me are the anthemic "You're a God", the head-shaking "Send it Up" and "Finding Me" with its immediate hook, wonderful self-deprecating lyrics and beautiful groove (can an English boy get away with saying that?!) Just try listening to it without nodding your head or tapping you fingers - you can't do it; it's the musical equivalent of eating a doughnut without licking your lips!
"Everything You Want" is another wonderfully bitter, almost tainted antithesis to a love song. You sense the occasional spray of spit as the storyteller becomes more frustrated, perhaps even angry, and you can feel your head spinning in the angst and confusion. The last song on the album, "Shackled", is a perfect merger of where Vertical Horizon came from and where they clearly intend to go.
Verdict: a must-have album - just see how often you press the 'play' button after listening to it, instead of the 'eject' button.
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on 27 October 2000
I went out & bought this for no reason at all really - was sitting on the "recommended music of the week" stand in HMV....Instore listening post wasnt working, so i just bought it... Stuck the CD in the car & found myself driving around town just to listen to more & more of it. Very addictive, one of the few CDs in my collection that got the honour of staying out in the car. Great songs, great lyrics, cant wait until they are playing up in Scotland. Miracle is the best track on the album for me, "Best I ever Had" is a close run second... Its hard to pick one track over another when there is so many good tracks... They put me in mind of some of the good up & coming US bands ive been listening too, lyrically similar to the brilliant Sister Hazel, musicly hard to define, the style I would associate with the type of song you`d hear on the soundtrack to some of the movies on the go - the likes of "10 things i hate about you", "Bring it on", "She's All that" or "Coyote Ugly", even the likes of "i know what you did last summer" and "scream" - these films all seem to be creating a genre of their own.. Soundtracks to them all have similar type music - Definatly one for the future...and one of the few albums that have impressed me from start to finish this year. Certainly no weak tracks.
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on 23 May 2005
I first heard a VH song when i was watching a Basketball video on the internet i heard the song "youre a god" which is my favourite song on the album. VH is not in my opinion one of them albums where you buy it for 2 or 3 songs it is a great album and all of the tracks on the album are great. However i am not so keen on Shackled which is the only song that lets it down. The albums songs have great lyrics and especially "your a god" have great sing a long choruses on them. A MUST BUY!!
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on 5 March 2004
It's such a shame that VH aren't better known over here, they're brilliant! I would honestly compare them to the likes of groups like 3eb and the Goo Goo Dolls. I'd actually give them 4 and half stars if I could, only just missing 5 stars.
Don't fear though, yet again VH sevre up some incredible songs. Admittedly they have changed from earlier works like Running on Ice but I think it's a lot better. The melodies are still strong "Everything You Want" being a great example. My favourite track is probably "Finding Me", an excellent tune with the very best VH lyrics.
This CD is a definite must have, and if you haven't heard of them before, you won't be let down. You may even have heard "You're a God" on the Bruce Almighty Soundtrack.
If you're thinking of this, also consider "Go" by VH which rates just as well as this.
It's Everything You Want!
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on 1 March 2002
When I first picked up this album I thought "oh great another american cheesy rock band" but after listening to it I ate my words with a very big slice of pecan pie. This album is dark yet has melodies that would probably make depressed people happy, the way this band build their songs makes for good listening with tunes such as "your a god" and "every thing you want" makes every man (or woman sorry ladies) remember all those feelings you wish you'd forgot but this time it feels good.The lyrics and music could be compared to bands such as goo goo dolls, Jimmy eat world and Matchbox 20 but Vertical Horizon distinguish themselves in a league of thier own so don't just read this review think hmmmmm I wonder what its like and get it, you won't be sorry..
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on 11 April 2003
Vertical Horizon's "Everything You Want" is very much a product of the mid to late 90s alternative rock scene, with the tell-tale combination of simple yet effective hooks and lyrics riddled with angst and contemporary phraseology. There is certainly nothing new here- REM, The Replacements and Soul Asylum were doing this years ago, and often to a higher standard- yet more than a little credit should go to Matt Scannell and Keith Kane for delivering a solid and occasionally inspired album.
Clearly a considerable amount of time and effort has gone into fine-tuning these songs. With hooks to the fore-front and Scanell's voice well up in the mix, the sound is clear and crisp. While the majority of the songs on display are examples of solid, well-crafted rock (similarities with Matchbox Twenty and the Goo Goo Dolls abound), its the standout title track, the excellent "You're a God" and the superlative ballad "Best I Ever Had" that raise the album above mediocrity and the chasing pack. Criticism of Vertical Horizon is unfair, true they may be unoriginal and at times uninspiring, but here they consistently deliver the goods. Vertical Horizon are a solid, decent rock band- no more, no less.
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on 14 September 2006
I originally got interested in Vertical Horizon when I was looking for possible names for my band. Looking around I found the Vertical Horizon website where 'Everything you Want' was playing...

Everything you want is the best and most well written song ever, the story it tells is one that 4.5 billion people in the world go through at one time or another...

Although I go on about 'Everything you Want', 'You Say' is my favourite song, it's the type of song you'll dance around the house in your pants on bank holiday morning when the wife/husband and kids are out the house...
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on 20 January 2001
This is one hell of an album. Seriously. I first heard of VH whilst on holiday in the states when 'You're A God' was played on the radio. The name went into the mental notebook, I can tell you. As soon as I got home, I commenced downloading the track. Brilliant as i had remembered. Curiousity set in, and soon 'Everything You Want' followed 'You're A God' onto my playlist.
These two incredible tracks were the final straw - I had to have the album. So, after much searching and general excitement, there it was - the album. Open wallet, produce credit cards, purchase album - simple. Then came the hard part (not the waiting, thanks to Amazon!) - getting this CD out of my hi-fi. It will not budge!
I do, however, have a theory as to why this might be. Perhaps it is because every track on the album is as individual, beautiful and harmonically dynamic as anything I have ever heard. The tunes smack of REM, but only in the best possible way - no imitation here - and bear the hallmarks of one of the great, as of yet undiscovered bands. Thank god for credit cards, thank god for the internet, and thank god for Vertical Horizon.
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on 6 November 2000
From the opening, blistering blast of We Are to the moody contemplative rhythm of Give You Back, this is an album that fits in to your life; you can attribute your own meanings and experiences to almost every track.
I first heard VH on the radio in the US, where the local radio station was playing Everything You Want and You're A God to death, and decided to check 'em out properly. One of my best decisions of the year, as the album is just fantastic and now getting played to death on my own system. For anyone not persuaded by the commercially released tracks, rest assured that the album only gets better; my personal favourites of Finding Me and All Of You have become anthems to my own life at the minute.
This is an album wonderfully cut together, brilliantly written and full of feeling. Buy it, I promise you, you will not be disappointed. Amazing!
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on 15 January 2003
As a huge listener of American rock and pop with such bands as Nine Days, Third Eye Blind, Goo Goo Dolls and Lifehouse having a big impact on my music taste I recently bought this album. On first listening of EYW I didn't think the album was that great. But only after about 3 listens I picked out 3 tracks which had me shouting for more- ‘Finding Me’, ‘Miracle’ and my favourite ‘Give You Back.’ The rest of the album seemed to get better and better with ‘You’re a God’ and ‘Send it Up’ having more of an impact. I found that the title track didn’t have such an impact on me and rated it as good as the all the other tracks (just my opinion). The album really hit me because of its ability to go more rocky, eg. We Are+Finding Me, and also its more softer rock such as Miracle+Give You Back. Now this album gets into my favourites collection because the type of rock they play on EYW is exactly my taste. A good indication of whether you will like this album is if you like the type of music by the bands mentioned above. Enjoy.
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