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4.7 out of 5 stars119
4.7 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 June 2007
Of all the hilarious vampire movies this one is the second best, after "The fearless vampire killers" by Polanski. Well, this is a little movie, but it is just incredible how much fun it packs. Chris Sarandon is of course the pillar of this film - he is SO vampire that I just couldn't believe that he was not burning when exposed to the sunglight in his other movies. Roddy McDowall is also hilarious. It is clear that everybody involved in making of this film just had a great time and lots of fun. A delicious vampiric comedy which I enjoyed mightily. Recommended if you feel a little down - you can not help it, you WILL cheer up.
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on 24 February 2008
I love every bit of Fright Night. The music is truly awful 80s disco,the teenagers are very annoying and the central vampire is so over the top. The real highlight is Roddy Mcdowell as Peter Vincent (price and cushing perhaps) vampire killer or so his film fans think.
The story Charlie and Amy are about to have their first intimate encounter when Charlie is obsessed with what he sees out of the window(yeah right). Charlie is convinced his new suave neighbour is up to something especially when the pretty women who visit all seem to be found dead. Charlie starts to stalk his neighbour and calls on his friends to rally round they don't seem to believe him neither do the police. Despite the obvious facts he never leaves the house during the day at night lots of women have dissapered after seeing him and he has a cellar which contains a coffin that he sleeps in. No luck so his long suffering ex girlfriend hire Roddy to dissprove his theory. So the scene is set for a thrilling haunted house thriller. Which is accompanied by more dodgy music some spectacular gore and an exciting chase the hunter becoming the hunted over and over again.
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on 28 November 2003
Without a doubt the reason I loved this film from the first moment I saw it was that I've always been a Roddy McDowell fan - and no, I'm not as old as you might think either! Undoubtedly, the other performances here are just as good and one cannot forget that Chris Sarandon is in the movie. If you are buying this the chances are you've probably at least seen it and want it for your collection. The only reason I'm reviewing it is to add to the other comments here - that if you have this on VHS as I do and so are wondering if it is worth getting on the DVD I can only tell you YES! Every time I've seen this movie in the past, whether on VHS or TV it has always been quite dark. In the DVD not only are you getting the widescreen version there is rich lighting in every scene. It truly was like seeing it again for the first time!
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on 28 January 2004
Forget Freddy, Jason and that Michael Myers fella, Jerry Dandridge(Chris Sarandon) is the scariest thing you will see in an 80s horror film. At a first glance you may see a cool well dressed goodlooking guy but underneath that exterior is something so scary you will be peeking from behind your cushion for most of the film.
the good thing about fright night is that it has its comedy moments too which are supplied by Peter Vincent(Roddy McDowell) the fearless vampire killer who doesnt want to believe that charlies next door neighbour is a bloodsucker and fumbles around pretending to perform tests on the vamp to prove to charlie that he is human (making him drink tap water instead of holy water) how heroic, but in the end he is convinced and reluctantly tries to help charlie slay the demon.
if you havent seen this film before i highly reccomend it, its a film you wont get bored of and the effects for the time are very good indeed, i watched all the horror films when i was young and they all scared me, but this is the only one to still make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, what more can i say? BUY IT, BUY IT NOW !!!!!!!!!
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on 16 April 2014
Holland made his directorial debut with one of the best vampire films of the eighties. He went on to create pop-icon Chucky in "Child's Play" (1988), turned in the underrated "The Temp" (1993), then nose-dived with TV mini-series "The Langoliers" (1995) and big screen King adaptation "Thinner" (1996). Taking it's central theme from the classic "Boy who cried wolf" motif, the film has teen Charley Brewster (Ragsdale) convinced that his recently moved in neighbor Jerry Dandrige (Sarandon), is up to no good. A news report of the murder of a prostitute, a woman he had only seen stepping into Dandrige's house the day before, confirms his suspicions. Then, one night, his suspicions take an altogether spooky turn when he discovers that his neighbour is in fact a vampire.

The police won't listen, his girlfriend Amy (Bearse), and best friend Evil Ed (Geoffreys) think he's crazy, and his mother puts it down to an overactive imagination fuelled by one too many late night horror films. He is left no alternative but to confront late-night TV horror host Peter Vincent (McDowall), and call on his "expertise" to help him rid his neighbourhood of a menacing vampire. Questioning Charlie's grip on sanity, Vincent dismisses the boy's ranting, until he himself stumbles on the truth. But Jerry, and his spooky henchman Billy Cole (Stark), have other ideas for Charlie and his nosy friends. Despite the fact that the movie is very 80's especially with the clothes, music, style ect. it is an incredibly fun film, I remember watching this back in the early 90's and still consider it to be one of my favorites.

Sarandon seems to give such an effortless performance as the vampire and as a result is almost perfect. I had thought of what a modern day vampire would be like before I saw Fright Night; but Jerry Dandridge just blew all these ideas away and has to be the coolest vampire ever, and is one of my favourite movie villains. Roddy McDowall can't hold a candle to Sarandon but is still very good, and Stephen Geoffreys is one of the funniest and memorable movie characters ever to grace a film screen too. We also have Amanda Bearce whom you might recognize as the annoying and hilarious neighbor in the brilliant tv show Married With Children, she also does a great job in the film. The whole cast was great.

The special effects are good for 1985 and unlike where in modern films the SFX are the main point in the movie, here they add to the already present chilling atmosphere. And although on the one hand, Fright Night is quite dated, it also captures the atmosphere and the essence of the 80s. The soundtrack is excellent for the film, but paradoxically not very memorable (apart from one or two good songs). Extras are limited to the theatrical trailer and some Cast & Director filmographies. But as I so often say, we're here for the movie right? As it stands, "Fright Night" is still a great slice of eighties horror that made a welcome change from the plethora of slasher films that dominated the marketplace at the time. Highly recommended, and make sure you also check out the sequel.
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In 1948's The Window [DVD] - Limited Edition, young Bobby Driscoll witnessed a murder but can't get anyone to believe him. William Ragsdale has an even bigger problem 37 years later in Fright Night: not only has a serial killer moved next door and no-one will believe him, but this one is undead, gets Ragsdale's mother to invite him round, turns his best friend into a creature of the night and has designs on his girlfriend. Not only that, but in the form of Chris Sarandon's Jerry Dandridge he's probably the coolest vampire of the decade, and the only ally our hero can find is the local host of the late-night horror movie slot, Roddy McDowall's down-on-his-luck fifth-rate vampire movie actor Peter Vincent - and he doesn't believe him any more than anybody else.

Tom Holland's horror comedy may be very much an 80s movie, but it's held up as one of the most enjoyable horror comedies of a decade that was bursting to the gills with them, balancing the thrills and the fun perfectly. In a role that literally has Vincent Price's name (or at least part of it) on it, McDowall overdoes the ham acting in his day job but manages to create a surprisingly rounded character when confronted with the real thing, getting the film's best moment as he has to watch with a mixture of horror and increasing pity as a dying werewolf transforms back into a wretched human. It's not the only striking transformation, Amanda Bearse's girl next door slowly turning into a sensual woman as she dances with Sarandon in a very 80s disco. There's no shortage of subtext if you're looking for it, from Sarandon's special friend Jonathan Stark to future gay porn star Stephen Geoffreys' manic outsider literally being taken under his wing or the blood running down Bearse's back as she gives in to the pleasures of the night, but the film doesn't hit you over the head with it so much that it gets in the way of the fun. And there's certainly a lot of fun to be had, particularly in the final half hour showdown in the vampire's suburban fixer-upper that boasts some still impressive physical effects and a pair of stumbling heroes that every horror movie fan can identify with.

The DVD releases of the film have been disappointingly extras free beyond a trailer, but if you can find it it's well worth tracking down Twilight Time's limited edition 30th Anniversary US Blu-ray reissue, which has an excellent widescreen transfer and a bevy of extras - audio commentary by Tom Holland, Chris Sarandon, Jonathan Stark and Tim Sullivan; commentary by Tom Holland, William Ragsdale, Stephen Geoffreys, Randall Cook, Jeremy Smith and Tim Sullivan; featurettes 1st Ever Fright Night Reunion Panel and Shock Till You Drop Presents Choice Cuts; original EPK; stills and memorabilia gallery; isolated score; two theatrical trailers; and booklet. Sony's own European releases on Blu-ray are completely extras-free.
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At first glance, Fright Night looks like another cheesy vampire film: a young man figures out that a vampire has moved next door, no one believes him, the vampire comes after him, his only hope is an old horror actor, etc. It's pretty predictable, right down to the whole thing about the boy's girlfriend bearing a striking resemblance to one of the vampire's old flames. So yes, in its own way, Fright Night is cheesy. At the same time, though, it is oh so much more than you would expect - an entertaining, somewhat creepy vampire film that features some great acting and some really impressive special effects. You expect to see really bad, noticeably cheap special effects in a film like this, but Fright Night hits a home run in this department.
William Ragsdale plays Charley Brewster, a typical horror-loving kid who just so happens to find out that his new neighbor is a vampire - naturally, no one believes him, including his friend Evil Ed (Stephen Geoffreys in a truly annoying performance) and his girlfriend Amy (Amanda Bearse, who went on to play Marcie on Married With Children). For some reason, Charley decides to be open about his suspicions, thus letting the vampire know that he knows his little secret - not a smart move, as Charley soon learns courtesy of a little visit from the new guy in town. This vampire, I must say, looks nothing like your typical Count Dracula; he actually looks like a reject from Dance Fever, making it a little hard for me to take him seriously (although the threat of "Deney Terrio" busting out some disco moves in the film's one night club scene certainly had me feeling uneasy). In desperation, Charley goes to the only man he thinks can help him - Peter Vincent, Vampire Killer (Roddy McDowall). Vincent killed many a vampire - in the movies - and he is now the local host of Fright Night, a late-night horror show. As you might expect, Vincent doesn't really believe in vampires and, once he sees that Charley is telling him the truth, he isn't too anxious to fight them, either. McDowall is really great in this movie; he is the lynchpin upon which most of the movie's success depends.
I can't say enough about the special effects, especially those in the film's climactic moments. As a horror fan, I really appreciate the filmmakers spending the time and money to give me such an impressive show. The plot features a number of clichés as well as a couple of "oldest tricks in the book," but the inspired performance of Roddy McDowell combined with the fantastic special effects leads me to bump my rating up from four to five stars. This probably won't be the best vampire film you've ever seen, but I am sure that fans of the genre will not fail to get quick a kick out of Fright Night.
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on 28 October 2010
This is a Fangtastic vampire film from 1985, It's on par with Salems Lot & has the same amount of dark humor as The Lost Boys.... The story in a nutshell = Charlie susspects his new neighbour of being a VAMPIRE & try's to convince his friends that his susspicions are correct.. The cast are great- CHRIS SARRANDON as the suave cool Dracula type Vampire, RODDY McDOWELL as the fearless Vampire killer "who is in fact scared sh****ss". I love this film as much now as i did back in 1985, i dont think it has dated much apart from the 80's type POP soundtrack, The special effects are still up to scratch with anything that is out now,,, pretty gorey in places,, The FANGS are their best feature "wait till you see the size of them Bad Boys".. This is a true proper Vampire flic that will leave you LAUGHING, SCARED and well Entertained, "As it says IF YOU LOVE BEING SCARED IT IL BE THE NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE" GO & BUY, A TRUE GEM....
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on 14 March 2011
Chris Sarandon - sleazily brilliant! Roddy McDowell - hammily brilliant! William Ragsdale - naively brilliant! This silly vampire teen romp has everything you want out of a bit of fun entertainment. People who say its cheesy are missing the point, you can see from the way the actors completely over-act their parts that they are having a good time making this and its not to be taken seriously. There are no scary bits in this film (the only one that scared me was the first look at Amy in the cellar at the end), nor are there any pearls of wisdom or any extra mythology to add to the vampire story. It sure as hell is good fun to watch though! I would recommend this to anyone. The most confusing thing with the film is why it got an 18 rating as it's rather tame which could confuse people into thinking this movie is more adult than it actually is.
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on 18 July 2010
Considering 'Fright Night' is a film now over 25 years old it's still a great vampire flick, mainly because it doesn't take itself too seriously and also due to a great cast which are hugley engaging. The real star though is Roddy MacDowall, he brings just the right amount of hamminess, nobility and cowardice to 'TV vampire hunter Peter Vincent'.
The film is filled with subtle references to past classic vampire movies, and does a great job of integrating vampire folklore into a world where everyone thinks vampires only exist in the movies.
Overall, 'Fright Night' is a great film helped along by a witty and intelligent script, a classic 80's soundtrack and visual effects that still hold up well by today's standards, and to top it off a finale that'll knocks your socks off! If you're a horror fan this is a must see movie!
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