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4.6 out of 5 stars312
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 22 May 2015
I remember listening to this album in secondary school, and whilst I was (and still am) not a massive fan of rap/hip hop/whatever every now and then an artist comes along, that no matter what you're taste or distaste in genre is, you simply can't ignore and have to appreciate a talent of this magnitude. I'm a rock and metal fan mostly, but this album sits firmly and proudly amongst my pretty big guitar-driven album collection and is in no way regarded as 'guilty pleasure' - simply because it is just so good, and said more than a decades-worth of scream/emo/metalcore pretenders ever will!
'The Marshall Mathers LP' shook the music industry in 2000 and would cement Eminem's place at the very top of the rap charts at the time.
Along with the 'Slim Shady LP,' this is Eminem at his finest. Unhinged, uncensored, brutally honest and at this point it seems unaffected by fame. 'The Eminem Show,' whilst having its moments ultimately marks the terminal decline in quality and sounds bloated and self-absorbed by comparison. This is without doubt Eminem's peak and rawest album.
If you were a teen at the cusp of the Millennium, like it or not, this was THE soundtrack of that time.
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on 14 March 2001
Eminem's Marshall Mathers LP is a WICKED album, the lyrics he uses are diverse and humourous. Although many people do not like the skit's he uses, they are there for a reason. Eminem is showing how he can use his voice to portray other characters.
The best songs on the album are Marshall Mathers and Bitch Please II, showing how Eminem has an undeniable talent to rhyme not only words, but syllables aswell.
Of his two albums I cannot say which is best, they were made at different times in Eminems life, and therefore represent different emotions.
The only difference between the two albums is that Eminem's voice SOUNDS younger on The Slim Shady LP, this shows he has matured musically. He uses his voice in different ways on the Marshall Mathers LP.
There are more artists performing on the MMLP, whereas the SSLP was mainly Eminems voice alone.
Cant wait for his third album, I'll definately be buying it.
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on 9 November 2000
This album has fantastic variety of hip hop/rap tunes from the man with several identities. Each tune has it's own individual style and it's definitely not a case of the same old same old of the first album...... The best tune lyrically on this album is definetely Stan featuring Dido's angelic backing track from the excellent 'thank you'. Real Slim Shady is the poppy hip hop tune from Eminem, the most commercial tune on the album therefore it got to number 1. The funniest tune is definetely I'm Back, the bit about Jennifer Lopez in particular, crude yet hillarious. Remember Me at first listen you think 'what was that' but after severla listens it has gotten better and better. Through the lyrics we don't get an insight into the man himself apart from Marshall Mathers, but the more i listen to this album the more i like it. An absolute classic worthy of a hard earned five stars.
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on 17 May 2006
I first got this album when I was in school, I liked back than more because it for the swearing and general incorrect content. Fast-forward about 5 years I found my copy of the album, listened to again. This time I saw past the lyrical content to discover a mature, complex, funny and disturbing look at how being an obscure unknown no name rapper to being trusted into fame.

His first release "The Slim Shady LP", is defiantly underrated, but this blows away anything that eminem has ever done. The rhyming in this album is on another freaking planet, honestly, there are many moments when I sat there awestruck at how he got those words to rhyme, its insane.

As well as eminem coming up with amazingly good lyrics, Dr. Dre and Mel Man's production is outstanding, as always.

And usually for a hip-hop record, none of the skits on here misfire because he uses them rather sparingly.

Regardless of the type of music that you listen to this is an album that you really should have in your record collection, because its just a damn good album that transcends the genre, and is the prefect antidote to all those bling bling merchants rapping about their house, their car and their wealth this guy has something to say which is very refreshing to hear.

I got the UK version which contains an extra track entitled "The Kids" which I am sure most fans of his have heard by downloading, I think that it should have made the cut on all the regions, as I love the way that it has really dark lyrics, but is rapped like nursery rhymes, you laugh at the song, even though you know you really should be horrified at.
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on 25 July 2004
This album is great, some of the songs are a bit to mainstream for me (real slim shady) but the darker songs like the way i am and especially kim are my favourites. If you've only listened to a few of eminems songs and not decided whether you wanna buy an album stop thinking about it and buy this one!!! You wont regret it.
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on 16 August 2007
Everyone has their favourite Eminem album. For some it was the startling debut of the Slim Shady Album, for younger fans his more recent work. Now that he seems to have retired from performing and is sticking to producing (the odd slip aside - even Eric Clapton will never REALLY retire), it's interesting to look back on his output and, for me, this is the clear winner.

There is, of course Stan and The Real Slim Shady and The Way I Am, all copper-bottomed hits. Kim is as painful to listen to now as it was when he recorded it. Since then he married her again...and divorced her again. Not since Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton was there so much pain in a celebrity pairing.

The best one for me, though, doesn't appear on all versions of this album - but seek out the Special Edition with its bonus track The Kids, Marshall's tribute to his love of South Park. It is the funniest thing he has ever done, and dare I say the best?

I saw the man himself when he played Milton Keynes - his last perfomances in Britain, as it turns out - and the songs from this album excited the fans most. It's easy to see why.
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on 7 March 2001
not being a fan of rap i was totally suprised when i heard eminems album. Not only is he a lyrical genius, making every word rhyme, all his songs have a catchy rythm.
This album is more funny than offensive, by the way he disrespects all of the popworld and tells life as it is.
This album is a sound portayal of class. Not only does appeal to rap fans but also the the other segments of the music industry.
This is the only album i can honestly say that hasnt got one song that i dislike. This album shares the highs and lows of life and puts them in to understandable terms.
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on 20 December 2015
The follow up to "The Slim Shady LP" Marshall Mathers LP is based like a horror story. After listening to the album about 4 times I think it is safe to say this is one Shady's best albums. The AudioRip is very good and worth paying 50p more for the download.

I will be giving a score for each track:
1. Public Service Announcement 2000 (Skit? - 4/5 = a strange way to open the album)
2. Kill You (4.5/5 = Blood & Guts. Horror Track)
3. Stan (4/5 = Disturbing and Deep)
4. Paul (Skit - 2.5/5 = Disrupts but funny)
5. I Never Knew (4/5 = Em raps about a f*cked up kid...)
6. Steve Berman (Skit? - 3/5 = Em admits about what he raps about but disrupts.)
7. The Way I Am (4.5/5 = Em doesn't give a **** about what you think. And he wants you to stay away from him in public)
8. The Real Slim Shady (5/5 = S*x on the Discovery Channel? and expresses his hate for some celebrity's)
9. Remember Me (4/5 = Nice song. Mostly sung by RBX.)
10. I'm Back (5/5 = Slim is back. Every couple of years.)
11. Marshall Mathers (4/5 = Talks about him being a regular guy. And being famous.)
12. Ken Kaniff (0.5/5 = Very out of place. About sucking p***s. Out of place and bad.)
13. Drug Ballard (4.5 = Raps about party's and drugs and cars. Belongs in Relapse but still god.)
14. Amityville (4/5 = Sort of a good song. Also brings it up by a very short line by Bizarre.)
15. Bitch Please II (5/5 = Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog & Em... Best rap combo. Great track.)
16. Kim (1/5 = Worst track. Disturbing and abuse. Not even rap just shouting.)
17. Under The Influence (4.5/5 = Brings up after Kim. Nice track)
18. Criminal (4/5 = Starts with a the best opening ever. Great track also)
19. The Kids (5/5 = South Park... Also has some horror story's. Very nice way to end a brilliant album)

Music Tracks = 4.75/5 = Brilliant. Only letdown is Kim. Very good album
Skits: 3.5/5 = Skits are not really a strong point here. But some are a little enjoyable.

5/5 - Best album from Slim Shady. See my other reviews. Cheers.

~ Luke A.
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on 22 November 2004
This is Eminem's first shot at being a rap superstar, and he sure as hell succeeded with it. This was Eminem's best album because it was around the time of it's release to the world that he was on the verge of commiting suicide. This was due to his mother, his uncle's suicide, his wife divorcing him and his drug and alcohol abuse, so all of the anger that creeps into his lyrics are understandable. A few of the tracks are aimed at his wife, especially "Kim" in which he brutually murders her after he discovers she slept with another man. Another is "Kill you" pretty much aimed at the same crowd, but it has to do with his mother's verbal abuse.
"Stan" is easily the best track on the whole disk, and second best song in Eminem's career (the first one being "Lose Youself", obviously) because it deals with a character who is going through what Eminem went through in real life, dealing with one crisis after another, but he resolves in dedicating his basement to Eminem. As the song progresses, you can hear what is almost like a slow descent into madness, just because Em didn't write back.
As I said earlier, this is Em's best work, The Eminem Show, Slim Shady LP and Encore are all brilliant, nut this is the one that sticks out because it showed what Em had to go thorugh to get to where hwe is today and all the anger he channelled into every track, wheras all the others don't quite stick to the raw anger that was heard in this masterpiece. Easily deserving the 5 stars, Eminem should go back to his roots and write more brutal songs like "The Way I am", "Kim" and "Drug Ballad". Impressive Eminem, keep going.
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on 24 February 2001
Eminem is a great rapper, there can be no denying that. His verbal dexterity is way above his compatriots, and his ability to take the mick out of the fabricated pop industry is perhaps one of his biggest talents. However, in my opinion, it is the utilisation of this talent which in my opinion has had a detrimental effect on his album.
If you listen to his first album - The Slim Shady LP, you will notice an immediate difference between the two. Eminem's lyrics in the first album are different - he does not go about dissing popstars like N*Sync and Britney Spears every two seconds. His lyrics have more of a real meaning, as they are about being broke and poor.
The annoying thing about the Marshall Mathers LP is that he has continued to use skits, despite the fact that they are utterly pointless.
There are many plus points to the Marshall Mathers LP though. There are a large number of top quality songs - Stan and The Real Slim Shady spring immediately to mind. However, in my opinion the best song on the album is without a doubt The Way I Am. This song carries on in the style of many of his songs on the Slim Shady LP.
Eminem is a controversial character. However, the people who find offense at his lyrics should really take a reality check. The lyrics are intended as a joke. Elton John, himself a gay, said himself that he found Eminem's homophobic lyrics "hilarious." I personally didn't find any offense in his lyrics. I can see where people can find offense, but the lyrics should be taken lightly.
If you have money to burn, I would recommend that you buy both this and the Slim Shady LP. However, if you only want to buy one, then I suggest you buy the Slim Shady LP as it is a better album (but only just.) I will be interesting to see how good his third album, oFF the Wall is.
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