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4.6 out of 5 stars38
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 8 July 2004
I only bought this game recently due to its low price, even though I hardly play on my PlayStation anymore. But Hogs of War is definitely an experience worth re-living.
It's basically a 3D version of Worms, with pigs. Which is probably why it is so addictive. Take control of an army and blow up your enemies in turns. As a World War II mockery, you must command an army of pigs and conquer "Saustralasia" in the "Pigcific". You can choose from a variety of armies, sterotyping the British, Americans, Russians, French, German and Japanese (eg Tommy's Trotters as the British). The game is absolutely hilarious. Just listening to the pigs adjusting to the sterotypes, such as the Sushi Swines saying, "The stars and planets are in their correct places, so it is a suitable time for this activity" or part of the Ride Of The Valkyries to theme the German Sow-A-Krauts every time they step up to attack, can be side-splitting.
Although Hogs of War is mainly multi-player based, the Single Player still rocks. You choose an army, and then get to edit and choose which pigs you want to fight. You undergo training to help you get a feel for the weapons, then you take on missions against the computer as you move over Saustralasia and attempt to conquer each region. One of the best things about Single Player is that depending on how well you do, you can earn medals. You start off with a team of grunts, the lowest rank of pig equipped with a bayonet, rifle, 3 grenades and 50 health. Once you earn enough medals, you can choose career paths for your pigs (gunner, espionage, engineer or medic). It's up to you to decide how you want to organize your army - but you may find, for example, that having an espionage is more helpful for a particular ranged situation than an engineer. Once you've chosen career paths and complete missions, you can promote your pigs, which allows them to earn more hit points and carry stronger weapons. Espionage begins as a rather weak class which allows the pig to hide as a weapons crate or a tree, but as the pig is promoted he becomes a sniper who can inflict 40 points of damage to any target (you can even blow up a tank with a sniper rifle, which is a little strange). Depending on how many of your pigs are defeated in battle, those that fight can become gone forever (ie you have to use replacement pigs, and you only have 9 pigs to use, and start over from a grunt), so you have to be as careful as you can. Multi-player is where the fun really lies. You have a variety of different arenas to battle in, and you can play against another human player with or without the computer.
Like Worms, you'll need to develop your skills if you want to become good. Practise throwing grenades and hitting targets with bazookas. Getting a feel for the weapons - which include rifles, bayonets, grenades, bazookas, machine guns and TNTs - is the key to winning battles. You can also utilise vehicles such as tanks or hop into shelters where your pigs can recover health from a MASH tent or just seek cover from a shelter. These can be destroyed though, so watch out! Mine fields are also aplenty in many parts of the game, so it helps to have an engineer on your side as he can spot the mines. Medics are also essential to any team, as casualties on your team are inevitable.
Ultimately Hogs of War brings a much more modern feel to the Worms style of gaming. It is brilliant fun, humourous, and will keep you entertained for hours on end. Nothing beats having Hogs of War to play with some friends on a rainy day. If you like Worms, Hogs of War is an absolute must. If you don't like Worms, Hogs of War is still a must! Buy it!!
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on 25 July 2000
Just a quick word on Hogs, aside from the engrossing single player format I would Heartily recommend this game for the multiplayer option alone,It provides an innovative and engrossing evenings entertainment on a different level to worms which is far more tied to its predeccesor "TANX", It can cater for up to eight players (working in teams of two) with quite a nice balance between Hog types. Some of the options become a little irrelevant in this mode (tranquilizer darts etc) but It allows for more personal and vindictive ways to blow up your mates.
The Background Graphics are excellent and the Texture maps smooth and convincing and the landscape occasionaly suprises one with rare but strange glyphs and sudden slippery slopes (generally leading into a mine field) , more custom built deathmatch arenas would have been nice though....
The only major problem with the game is the control system which takes a little getting used to, its very hard to judge angles of elevation in a 3-D environment so the weapons not equipped with sights are considerably harder to use.
Had me hooked for hours when I first played.
Well worth the money.
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on 31 July 2000
HOGS OF WAR! This game is HOG to TROT, with a brilliant and well designed single player game, complemented sublimely by multi-player scenarios so fast and insanely addictive, it's enough to give you the squitters! HOGS is similar to WORMS with it's multiple weapons and cerebrally challenged story line, but there the similarity ends; for HOGS features tanks, gun emplacements and buildings, not to mention a choice of career paths your be-trottered troops can climb the ranks of as you progress through the game. The control method is excellent, and if you persist in your efforts, very soon you'll be subjecting your hapless opponents to pin-point barrages of everything from mortar shells to water-skimmed grenades... it's hard to put into words just how satisfying it is to whip out your flame- thrower and fry up some bacon!
So, in summary, this game would be a great addition to any PS1 gamer's collection; quite simply a work of class and quality!
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on 28 August 2000
This game is brilliant. I am a big fan of the original Worms, but appreciate that for the Playstation age it wasn't the most sophisticated looking piece of software, its strength was the wonderful gameplay. Hogs of War has kept that high standard of gameplay but added a 3D engine that brings the whole thing kicking and squealing into the 21st Century. I played against a friend all evening, and we still spoke to each other afterwards despite some gruelling battles. Magic Darts!
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on 24 July 2000
Wow, what a great game this is.
I bought this game initially for the multiplayer game but unfortunately I have barely touched on this part of the game as I have been too heavily involved in the single player missions. The structure of the missions are superb and the collection and usage of the promotion points is extremely well balanced. I haven't yet finished the game yet (I'm currently on level 19) and currently have a crack squad of pigs ready to complete the final levels that are starting to get quite tricky.
I have only played a few multiplayer levels and were surprised to find they are special levels for different numbers of players. Most have been great fun to play but I would have preferred it if you could export in your own team of pigs from the single player game, rather than the selection it gives you.
The graphics look very good for an old console and everything is swift and responsive.
The comments by Rik Mayall are not quite as good as they could have been and the enemy AI can sometimes be a little bizarre but overall this game is very well polished.
The comical cutscenes and Monty Python-esque humour and presentation top this game off.
Top stuff
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on 17 January 2001
Picture the scene. It's a cold afternoon, and after your best friend has lugged your newly built PC to the house only to find that G-Wizz has screwed up IE 5. Whatt do you do as you spend the next 6 hours reformatting the PC and installing Windows? Play Hogs, of course! Mix in a couple of cans of Cola and a moany brother and you have THE ULTIMATE timewaster! WOO-HOO!!!!
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on 17 June 2013
This game is a brilliant funny turn based war game.

There are loads of weapons, tanks and bunkers which give the game loads of variety. there are barrels which blow up if shot or hit by shrapnel. mine fields which can blow pigs from one to the other until they die or just take of a bit of health. this game can be very tactical if you want to plan out attacks and get perfect missions where none of your pigs die. this will give you extra medals which you can use to upgrade your pigs to tackle the harder levels as you progress. or you can have a little bit of fun and blow things up.

there is a quick multiplayer game (upto 4) where you can kill each other and/or enemies in one off games. or you can play a solo mission and conquer the pig world of Saustralia. Me and my mate played the solo mission together and took turns to control the pigs. We could spend hours on this game during brakes from uni and even missed a fair few lessons because we got too involved.

As you may of noticed, with Saustralia, there are a lot of childish puns. I don't usually like puns because they are the lowest form of wit but when they are pig puns then it is funny. the pigs voice overs and narrator are very funny in a childish way. they insult each other with stereotypical nationalist humor.

Its a brilliant game which you can wile away a lot of hours which you should be using for more important stuff but its fun. This one of my top 10 games and could easily be my number one
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on 10 June 2001
you may like worms but compared to this game worms is nothing. although you may not find the idea of going round as a pig that glamorous, this game has the best gameplay ever and the graphics are great too, all in all a great game !
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on 6 March 2001
Hogs of War is the funniest game I have played in a looong while, loosing several nights' of sleep in the process! The need for strategic planning, sly tactics and hair raising action stunts combined with the absolutely adorable little piggies and their many different weapons makes for lots and lots of exitement and laughs. The 25 different levels are varied and get really hard in the end - as do your own pig pen inhabitants. The reactions of your machine controlled opponents varies from game to game even on the same level, so you may be in for a few surprises. Career path choices for your porkers are essential as they determine your later development of skills and weapons use. The interaction between your swine, the landscape and your opponents is almost perfect and gives your infinite possibilities to try each level several times just for the heck of it. Only negative thing is the graphic programming which is impressive but isn't always performing as it should. This game is FUN and very addictive - so get out the old pigskins and start kicking!
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on 4 December 2010
Hogs Of War grabbed my attention for years , Hogs Of War is 3D version of the popular 2D game "Worms".In the story mode it stars out with you preparing and setting off to WW2 but as a Pig! you get a team of pigs , they have the same status and have average weapons , but as you defeat your opponents (who are also pigs ) you will gain experience points to upgrade your pigs from bazooka troopers to spy's , after winning several games and conquering the countries you will be able to afford High-Talented Pigs like the commandos or the heroes.This is a Turn-based game which includes weapons like : snipers,bazookas,grenades,pistols , machine-guns,flamethrowers and much much more... it's just a shame that they didn't have the money to create a remake , some online matches would be awesome.This is a must buy if you like action,turn based or strategic games! 10/10
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