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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 19 May 2001
I had heard only "I'm Not Trading" before i bought this album, and I was impressed by how different it was. I bought the album and a ticket to see them the next day. When I first listened through the album I can only say I enjoyed "I'm Not Trading" and "Power Struggle" and I thought that I may have wasted money. I listened again however and realised that the entire cd is a brilliant mix of heavy and mellow tracks that compliment each other perfectly. The live show proved this with great effect. The band would play a calm track and have the audience gently nod their heads to the sound, then follow it with a fast and heavy masterpiece (namely "Power Struggle") which would have the crowd go into a frenzy, jumping around and crowd surfing. The track I believe to be one of the most memorable is "O.D" because of it's foot-tappingly satisfying chorus and mellow verse. I think everyone should give this album a chance, it WILL grow on you.
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on 11 September 2000
wooow.. this is more of a nirvana/pearl jam kinda fury insanity its all there i could listen to this cd till my ears bleed
but the BEST song has to be POWER STRUGGLE
grunge at its best :-)
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on 22 February 2006
Sunna once headlined in 2001 for hell is for heroes and biffy clyro, ktickets were £6 at Manchester academy for all 3 bands. who whould have guessed the headlining band whould be less successful then the support acts,? not much as i love b.c. and h.i.f.h. equally as good (a history lesson for those too young to remember). they sound very different from any other rock band out there at the time. It is a shame they never took off, I believe they were too suffisticated, to intelligent and dare I say it too good looking )aka Richie Mills ;) ) for there time.
The album is a healthy mixture of heavy (powerstruggle) and mellow (7%) songs and would be pleasing to the ears of both rock and indie fans alike. If you dont have this album in your collection I urge you to purchase it, you wont be dissapinted. I also recommend you invest in the Sunna singles as the B-sides are not worth missing out on. Enjoy
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on 13 October 2000
Sunna have a little something for everyone on this album: metal, grunge,, drums, electronic sounds...bees. Expect an album full of 'Power Struggle's and you'll be disappointed. Really no song on this album is all that similar to any other track, 'Power Struggle' being one of the heaviest songs. Keep an open mind though and you might just love Sunna. They are not just jumping on the nu-metal bandwagon here but have created an album that is dark, broody and almost sinister in places, with moments both of relative serenity and of sheer anger. 'I'm not trading' is heavier than most on the album, whilst tracks like 'I miss' and '7%' are mellower. If you are normally deterred by 'mellow' British rock bands (as I am) then still give Sunna a listen, because not one song on this album bores me in the slightest. Sunna rock in all different ways. Buy this album and take a listen for yourself.
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on 26 August 2001
This album has such a variety of sounds, accoustic songs, lovesongs, funk inspired songs and hard rocking metal songs. Most of this is very mellow, which the two most popular singles dont show, but theres only 3(4 if you include grape) heavy songs. Most of this album is mellow, but thats not important is it? The important thing is, it sounds good. Jon harris' voice has such a range, from a cobain esque voice on songs like "i miss" and "preocupation" even on "insanity pulse", a more gavin(from bush)voice for power struggle, and an echoing atmospheric voice for im not trading, all the songs are very good. The only two songs that are less good than the others on the album are Insanity pulse and one conditioning, though they in their own way are also good.
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on 17 September 2000
Sunna are a band who sound like they have a lot of influences but have developed their own style of music from those influences. There are slower, quieter songs on the album such as 'I Miss' as well as heavier ones such as 'Power Struggle', mixing rock, metal and industrial. In my own personal opinion, 'One Conditioning' is the best song on the album. However all the songs are good with no 'fillers' and they are all so different to each other that they are able to keep the listener hooked from beginning to end. Some of the songs, for example, sound a little like the early Foo Fighters; 'Insanity Pulse', meanwhile sounds a little like Nine Inch Nails. All in all it is a stunning, powerful and rather dark - but still accessible - debut album.
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on 13 January 2001
Likening this band to anyone in particular is a difficult task. The exceptional opening track "I'm not trading" is almost like Helloween doing a Nirvana cover. The stunning "I miss" is in a style reminiscent of "Nevermind", and the very eccentric "One Conditioning" is a tune that the manic metal genius Devin Townsend would be proud of. The raw power mixed with mellow brooding is a superb combination, and with such a beautifully polished finish as "7%", this album is the first fresh thing on the grunge menu for years. Buy it. You know you need to.
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on 10 November 2000
Someone bought me this, thinking it was a 'One Minute Silence' Album. I decided to give it a go before taking it back, and discovered something which is rare in music today; a good debut album. Okay, the writing isn't perfect, but you can tell that they are unique and full of ideas which will continue to grow with the band. These guys are going to be big. As I listened to the CD, I found myself comparing them to Creed, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, and that was just the first song.
Nothing is what it seems, and no song is the same.
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Sunna"One Minute Science", The only band I can think of that can sound anything is this is BUSH, and there still not as good. When SUNNA use there metal power they rock like hell. "Power Struggle" my favourite, "O.D" the next best thing, "I'm Not Trading" and "Insanaty Pulse" are definetly not the worst songs on the album. When Sunna use their acoustic brilliance they need to get a number one single or album(or both). "7%" the best acoustic, "I Miss" can put you in another world, "Preoccupation" I don't get it but it's brilliant. When you need metal get it, when you need acoustic get it
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on 13 May 2001
I saw this band live before buying the album,and belive me, all the money was worth it. It has rock, it has mellow tunes and best of all it has audibal lyrics: unlike some of the more popular bands, you can hear what they're singing, and in this case it's great!!! I love "I miss" for its ironically mellow tune with lyrics about hate and war. The bees on the 3rd track (cant remember the name) scare me, but the track rocks!
The whole CD has a variety of styles, and is well worth the money.......BUY IT NOW!!!
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