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4.9 out of 5 stars87
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 3 February 2004
I fell in love with Metal Gear Solid from the first time I slapped that Playstation Magazine demo in my big gray box around five years ago. Five years on and I still love it. Konami have released three additional MGS games since it's rapid success all that time ago and it's not hard to see why.
Even now Metal Gear Solid has it all - the perfect storyline, the perfect look, the perfect feel. When I say 'feel' I mean you, the player, are treated like the lead character - not some dull repetative option from a menu. Other game characters refer to you in your real life situation, for example Ocelot demanding you don't try use a quick-fire pad to cheat, or Mantis offering to confuse your memory cards.
Play MGS and you'll know what I'm talking about, you cannot class it in a league with any other game. It's really that good. After I got well into the game I got personally interested in the storyline - a play on real life tragic projects and what could happen to the world if ruled by such underground powers. I wouldn't hate to spoil the whole story in this one review for you but it's filled with twists and turns at the most unusual but appreciated points.
The game hides morals for us all, again, the storyline isn't comparable to anything else. Anyone who cannot relate to my words hasn't played the game to it's full intent, perhaps I haven't played it to it's full intent. Perhaps you should get your hands on a copy and see what I'm talking about! You'll be glad you did.
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on 5 February 2004
The bad things about this game first. It's simply too short. You will probably finish it in under 15 hours the first time you play it, and if you try to do it fast, and skip all the movie sequences it is possible to finish it in under 3 hours.
Now that was the bad things about Metal Gear Solid. The good things are just to many to point out here, try it yourselves. Some people think this game is like Doom or Quake, and they start running around shooting people. They are discovered by the enemy and they die. This happens over and over again. Bad game right? Or bad player. This game is something called Tactical Espionage Action. You are not supposed to be discovered. Think about it, you are all alone in the enemy territory, and you have nothing but a scope and a pack of cigarettes. You do not want the enemy to see you. That my friends, are the ingenious point of the game. Then of course you will get a heart attack every time you are discovered.
The story is great, and the entire game is made so that it feels kind of like a movie, and you are in it. "In China they say: "You have to cross the river before you tell the crocodile that he has bad breath."" Buy this game and find out what it means, you will not be disappointed.
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Well, at least I thought I was revisiting a classic. Inspired by the events of Guns Of The Patriots (don't worry, no spoilers here), I decided to pop in the old 2-discer for a bit of reminiscence, before catching on after about ten minutes that I knew the intricacies of the game all too well, going as far to predict Snake's hardly-gaming-history first meeting with Mei Ling word for word. See, after finishing this game some 32 times, I'm confident I know it better than I know my mum.

No game, except maybe the sequel, Sons Of Liberty, has ever had me coming back for more as often as Metal Gear Solid. Even the excellent latest offerings don't have the same pull on me. And despite the fact that it is effectively rendered obsolete by later improvements in control, its never been bested for character or style. From FOXHOUND's fantastic freaks to the man himself, Liquid, no game has ever surpassed this for quality villainy. The setting is excellent. The discovery of support from Otacon and Meryl in such a remote oppressive surrounding is a genuinely comforting feeling. The music is excellent. The sound effects are something I never thought about until recently, but honestly, they add so much to the game, from the satisfying 'clak' of picking up an item to the horrifying "!" of being discovered, sound design in this game is flawless. The script is the best of the four, with the least waffle and the easiest plot to comprehend. The performances are spot on first time around, from David Hayter's best outing as Solid Snake to Cam Clarke's inexplicably but deliciously British Liquid. The gameplay is innovative, from the truly baffling Mantis fight to the backtracking Sniper Wolf battle and the final showdown with Rex, where timing is everything. The PACKAGING is even excellent, with that cool as hell cover and the lovingly illustrated and detailed manual, and the sneaky hint on the back of the box. Best of all, is the sense of elation felt upon completion, and the thrill of starting all over again. While Sons Of Liberty may be my favourite of the series and other games take my best-ever spot, nothing, in games, music, film or literature has ever made me feel like Metal Gear Solid, and I doubt if anything will again.
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on 22 September 2005
When metal gear solid appeared on the playstation, it completeley changed my perception of just how creative and original a game could be. It has spoken dialogue and cut scenes throughout and was the first game I played which feels like playing through a movie.
The basic structure of the character of Solid Snake infiltrating a terrorist stronghold, fighting an array of weird and wonderful characters along the way and receiving help over the transmission device in his ear works so well that it has barely changed in any of the other metal gear games.
The graphics may look a little crude compared to the playstation 2 games, but are still impressive enough for a playstation game and do the job perfectly. I would recommend the game to anyone, even if they have played the later games. It will at least make the plot of metal gear solid 2 make a little more sense.
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on 15 February 2006
Put simply, i beleive this is the finest game ever made for any video system. The story line is immersive, the gameplay is tremend, the characters are excellent.
When i first got hold of this game back in '99 i wasnt expecting much, but this was the best investment i have ever made, bar final fantasy 7.
if you do not own this game, please buy it.
thats all there is to be said.
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on 22 January 2005
Metal Gear Solid, the true Metal Gear Solid is and always has been the greatest game ever on the Playstation 1 since its release.
Back in the old days of the PS this game had some of the best graphics ever, some of the best music and the best cinematography. And loading it up again after three years cant help but give you a sense of nostalgia. Even today I consider it a game which is worthy of playing, even with it's now outdated visuals, it's a shame my disc is unplayable on the PS2.
If you have never played this game then go and buy it now. And once you've completed it, wait for MGS3: Snake Eater which'll surely be the best game of its kind.
If I were back in the Playstation days, writing this review:
Graphics: 10/10
Music: 10/10
Gameplay: 10/10
In fact, I can't find the right words to describe the greatness of this game. So i'll leave it there.
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on 23 November 2002
I first got metal gear solid 4 years ago, and to this day it is twice as good as any game I have ever played. Ranked as the best PSone game ever, you play the role of solid snake, a super cool agent/spy. You have the task of infiltrating a terrorist hideout
and rescueing some hostages. nothing new you might think, but a clever plot, excellent gameplay and the best graphics on the playstation make this game a must have for any gamer.
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on 7 June 2007
metal gear solid is the greatest game i have ever played. The storyline is what gets me the most, its perfect in every way. like someone else already said it is far better than most movies. Kojima has created a masterpiece that sets the bar at its highest point on the video game scale. The characters are some of the most memorable you will ever see in a game and probably are the most in-depth with a lot of background. you may never see a game this good again so treasure its brilliance. the gameplay is good and fun but the storyline is great. if it had MGS2's gameplay it would be awesome but anyway you cant knock this game. this game is worth every penny and if you dont own it you should right away. buy it, buy it now or you will experience the best story ever written.
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on 15 April 2009
In the build up to the release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots last year, I dug out the original Metal Gear Solid and played through it in the first time in eight years. And eight years on, my love for this game hasn't diminished one bit. There is no single word to describe just how special Metal Gear Solid is, only that it's the most exciting, gripping, absorbing and unforgettable game I've ever played, and for me, it's the greatest game ever made.

The difficulty of writing a review for MGS is where to begin - the quality in the graphics, gameplay, sound, storytelling, narrative and overall presentation becomes evident when you have barely started playing.

But at the heart of the game is its cinematic and spellbinding plot. MGS is set in the near future, where genetically enhanced soldiers led by renegade members of a spec-ops unit called FOXHOUND seize control of a nuclear weapons disposal facility in Alaska's Fox Islands and seize control of a nuclear weapon prototype codenamed Metal Gear REX. You assume the role of Solid Snake, a special forces agent and expert in infiltration, to penetrate the terrorists defences, neutralise the terrorist threat and rescue key hostages. Joining Snake are his support team accessible by radio - including operation commander Roy Campbell, medical expert Naomi Hunter and data analyst Mei Ling. As you progress, Snake becomes acquainted with allies such as the Metal Gear engineer Hal Emmerich and another hostage named Meryl Silverburgh. You also encounter many of the FOXHOUND elite terrorist members - Revolver Ocelot, Sniper Wolf, Psycho Mantis, Vulcan Raven and their leader, Liquid Snake.

Although the plot appears simplistic at first, some devastating turns of events in the early stages of the game leave a quiet and subtle sense of foreboding as you progress. The story refuses to detract from the main mission objective, but issues such as the identity of the terrorists' leader Liquid Snake, the mysterious presence of a cyborg ninja, the loyalty of Snake's comrades and even Snake's possible fate become apparent - leading to some startling plot twists and climatic showdowns towards the end. Underlying themes of nuclear terrorism, gene therapy, nanotechnology, of love and death on the battlefield, are masterfully woven into the story.

MGS's story is beautifully presented through the use of cinematic cut scenes, superb narrative and incredible voice acting. Solid Snake and the rest of the game's characters are really brought to life, and are a very complex and diverse bunch. The dynamic between Snake and his support team is apparent in the many codec conversations, Hal Emmerich makes for a very troubled and reluctant assistant and Meryl is excellent as the vulnerable and inexperienced soldier with plenty of inner strength. Even the FOXHOUND terrorist members have compelling backstories which reveal more about their past lives and ulterior motives. Without revealing spoilers, it's safe to say that the death of one particular boss is a heartbreaking victory, and a standout gaming moment.

MGS's gameplay was revolutionary for its time as it emphasised the need for stealth and strategy to progress, rather than all-out action. You start off the game with virtually no weapons at all, your first being a spec-ops pistol hidden in the back of a truck. The options to begin with are limited and thus more gripping to play, as you rely on techniques such as knocking on walls to distract guards, avoiding running through puddles of water, getting past surveillance cameras by exploiting their blind spot or taking the soldiers out by strangling them, manoeuvres which have to be timed well. The nanotechnology equipped by enemy soldiers helps pinpoint their locations and their fields of vision on a radar screen. Once you enter their field of vision you are, thus, spotted. The alert will sound and the radar will jam temporarily, forcing you to run blindly in all directions to avoid the gunfire as the soldiers flank you. You rely on an array of different weapons, gadgets and mundane objects which will somehow serve their purpose at some point in the game. Such as chaff grenades to jam surveillance cameras, a mine detector to avoid or collect mines, a cardboard box to use as a disguise, a bottle of ketchup to use as fake blood, cold medicine to avoid sneezing, diazepam in order to use a sniper rifle properly and thermal goggles to spot infrared beams. Wonder what use the packet of cigarettes and the handkerchief will have? You'll be surprised. You will also engage each of the FOXHOUND members in battle, all of them harrowing and gripping encounters that entail some sort of strategy in order to defeat them.

The game's graphics, although dated, are excellent. The atmosphere and scale of the facility - from the heliport, hangars, storage buildings, laboratories, communications towers, snowfields and underground bases - is superbly realised. The cut scenes feature the best use of a game's graphics engine, and the character models for the time looked and moved very realistically.

MGS's music was composed by the Konami in-house orchestra. For its generation, the game was well ahead of its time with its soundtrack. The in-game music has a quiet electronic ambience, interspersed with heart-pounding orchestrated pieces when you get spotted (the game's iconic alert theme is called Encounter). Gentler pieces will play in the more emotional cut scenes (Enclosure, in particular, is the one to look out for).

To conclude, Metal Gear Solid is such a special game that it's almost impossible to fault. Perhaps the only drawback in terms of the story is a `what may or may not have been'. Halfway through the game, you're landed with a decision that could alter the ending. Choose one option and you get the happier, but fluffier ending. Choose otherwise and you get the `unhappy' ending - heartbreaking and tear-jerking but truly absorbing, with an underlying message that couldn't be truer to the essence of such a compelling, beautiful game.
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on 28 June 2008
Prior to this game (there are 2 eariler games available on the MSX computers, and a spinoff on the NES), Metal Gear wasn't quite the household name, the original Metal Gear did manage to be an unexpected million seller when it hit the NES in '87, despite not being Kojima's original Metal Gear game.

This game takes into account the playing style of Metal Gear 2 which was original released in 1990.. 8 years before the release of this game and launches it into a whole new 3D world, with series mainstay Solid Snake making once again his return to active duty as s group of terrorists using the "FOXHOUND" organization name (this unit was disbanded shortly after Metal Gear 2, and reinstated in MGS4 9 years prior to these events). The terrorists are fronted by the mastermind known as Liquid Snake, a genetic clone of Big Boss who constantly refers to Solid Snake as his brother. Along side him, other characters you will have to fight through include Revolver Ocelot, an expertly skilled shooter who always uses an SAA in battle and enjoys torturing people, Psycho Mantis who has the ability to read peoples minds (a very good boss fight where you must remove the controller to stop Mantis reading your mind), Sniper Wolf, a female seemingly cold-blooded character who has to be fought at distance, and Vulcan Raven, a slow moving character but enjoys the use of a heavy machine gun very well in which the player must use mind games, speed and techinque against Raven instead of firepower.

Despite being sent in on your own, Solid Snake is backed up by radio support. Many figures return from the eariler Metal Gear games, Roy Campbell takes his position once again to assist Solid Snake, survival expert Master Miller provides support on fighting, joining the team is seemingly-british scientist Naomi Hunter who is reponsible for many events during the game and the foster care of Grey Fox/Frank Jaeger and Mei Ling, top-class designer of weaponry and support items used during the mission. A rookie soldier and Colonel Campbell's niece named Meryl Silverburgh joins the lineup to assist Snake in fighting, last but not least, Hal "Otacon" Emmerich who has now became a major character in the series, a developer on the new Metal Gear REX who can help Snake destroy it.

Unlike the previous two Metal Gear games (probably due to hardware limitation), the games emphasis isn't entirely on action this time with a very good plot unfolding in intense action scenes, even with todays standards the PSone graphics during these scenes isn't offputting and still engages players in the excellent plot and storytelling with diverse voiceacting, lifelike characters, many unexpected plot twists and a fabalous soundtrack, Metal Gear Solid is definitely a game that will not be forgotten about soon after playing. The ending and cutscenes will make you feel as if it's not a game your watching, yet a movie.

Metal Gear Solid is one of the finest pieces of art created this generation. You owe it to yourself as a gamer to pick it up and play it.
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