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on 23 January 2004
Star Trek Birth of the Federation has to be the best Star Trek game ever!! Playing as one of five main glactic powers (Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian or Ferengi)you gradually build up a fleet, your solar system (e.g planets, outposts, starbases). You also gradually build uo research (the better the research the better the ships),resources, intelligence, diplomacy, morale and military forces. If you're looking for an adventure look no further than this. Who you alliance with will help you if the borg are to pay you a visit.
All in all this game is one of the most engrossing, strategic games I've ever had the pleasure to play. Wether your a star trek fan, you just like strategic games or you want to try a new sort of game and have a challenge this is deffinatly the game for you.
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on 17 May 2002
Birth of the Federation is the best strategy game I've ever played. there are five major races the Federation, The Klingons, The Romulans, The Cardassians and The Ferengi each have there own set of different ships to build. There are other races like the Bajorans and the Trill who you can get to join your group that can also be expanded by colonizing uninhabited systems. There are a number of different things that can effect you like a stray comet hitting a system or a climate change increasing the population of a system. The biggest threat is Borg cubes invading the galaxy (54 cloaked Klingon Bird Of Prey's work well against the Borg). All in all it is a great game and fun
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on 18 July 2000
This really is an excellent game. I love star trek and stratagy games so when I heard about this I was very excited. The battle sequences are engrossing to do and beutiful to watch - you will find yourself fighting just to watch them and the control management of sytems, which allows you to allocate energy and the native work pool is genius, though if there is one bad thing about this game it is the inability to see the buildings you have created - you don't even see a cut scene after you finished building a fifty turn Vulcan science acadamy or the Cardassian central command. But apart from these few flaws the game is very good, though might not appeal to the casual gamer or 'non trekies'. Buy this now if you like star trek and stratagy or don't if you don't - it's that simple.
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on 12 June 2004
The ultimate Star Trek game. Almost completely accurate to the Star Trek Universe and reliable a game when in single-player mode. Being an old game, it does have its flaws, like a very unreliable and restrictive multi-player mode, and restrictive research and ship creation, but what it lacks in control, it makes up for in detail and game play. The graphics are top-notch for a game of its age, and runs completely different to other Star Trek games produced before and after its release. The turn-base strategy and tactical battle modes give you the chance to work out every detail of your Empires next big moves. And although some of the AI needs a bit of work, it is a game you can quite happily play again, and again. Such a shame that plans for a sequel never went ahead.
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on 12 August 2003
Star Trek: Birth Of The Federation is perhaps one of the best games of it's genre to have been created thus far.
Playing as one of five dominant glactic powers (Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian or Ferengi) you must gradually develop and manage solar systems, resources, research, intelligence, diplomacy, morale and military forces. In addition you'll find that whatever galactic power you play as you've got specific strengths and weeknesses, not to mention unique technologies. The key to your victory is to understand the best strategic process galactic powers can employ. Who you forge alliances with and wage war against can have as dramatic an impact as the technological level and types of starships you posess, particulary when the Borg begin an invasion of your systems.
All in all this game is one of the most engrossing, strategic, and consistantly varied games I've ever had the pleasure to play. Weather your a star trek fan or lover of strategic games this is deffinatly one for the collection.
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on 24 April 2008
Its credit to this game to write this review when im in a somwhat busy time of year in college. But im not the only 1 writing a review of this game many years after its orginal release in 99. The game I found even with the help of the manual was very awkward to understand how to play it, as the game looks strange having multiple menus to go through and not knowing what really is best to do with all those menus is frustrating. While in another or many other strategy games you have 1 resource counter and maybe 1 to 3 resources being mined with harvesters. The way this game progresses is by making decisions and then only when you click the turn button does it then harvest/give you credits-which come from taxes from population/population grows and a fraction of a ship is built. All these things only happen when you click turn.A turn last 2 - maybe 30 seconds depending how long your computers been on. Once you understand the games economy and that its very little by little in the begining youll understand how the game works. You cant just build a big factory or 2 and dole out 10 powerful ships in a few minutes like command and conquer, unless you have built or happen to have severeal decent(level 3 and up) industrial yards. Level 3 and up can build most of the scout1s and destroyer1s quickly if you have severeal yards being run. A building cannot run if theres not enough population to work there. Its not all menus and managment. There is the best ever ship battles in a star trek game in this game. No graphics card is needed not a 3d one anyway and you dont even need a patch for the 1 player game. Windows 98 is recomended but xp users may have trouble playing it. At first I was just happy to fly my cardassian scout into battle to watch it fly about with the cool camera angles the game uses for the battle. However youve got to learn the econommy in the game properly b4 you really can progress in the game.
When you can actually play the game which takes some time, the first 2 hours of play can be very tense and exciting. The typical game will last severeal hours with every game needing to be saved every few mniutes , then you return to the game. You never no what minor race you may come across and coming across 1 thats very friendly to you ussually means the diffrence between victory and defeat. The Kitarians are quite receptive to the Ferengi which means you have a quicker chance of allying with them and hopefully enabling them to join your empire in which you gain any ships they may have and a fully devleoped homeworld of theirs ready to build colony ships combat ships or transports. Their population then always pays tax to your empire becuase their a member like your colonys, so gaining a minor race that has a built up system is better than having 5 colonys that have only begun. However in the long term colonys need to be built because every1 else is claiming space this way and you cant let them take over too much or youll not be able to defend yourself. Starbases can be built too later when your tech level gets to about 5 or 6 the max tech level is 10. The choice often when building things is upgrading which takes severeal turns or simply buy more of what you have. An example: If your upgrade all your type 5 industrial yards youll receive more output/production to build things much quicker, even a ship in 1 turn or you have the option to just buy more of the same tech level buildings and dont upgrade so you can build/buy a ship or research center etc. The upgrading is maybe the most time consuming, dull thing and could have been made quicker/better. Random events can be turned on or off in the game. If there on you have to play against harsh occurences such as turning your newly colonized planet from a good oceanic into a barren one(climate change over long periods),although sometimes it can turn into a better 1. Some of these events can be silly like Borg cubes are awful to face head on and will waste too many of your ships even if you manage to kill their cube. You can laugh as the Romulans though because all combat ships can cloak meaning in a turn game like this, you get to fire first while the enemy has to take all the first turn punishment before they can fire aswell, this creates the element of surprise a cloak in star trek is meant to create. The 5 empires you can play as have good differences. At the very least their ships are very unique in look and whats nice is their structure is too. Roumulan hulls/physical part of their ships are weak but have cloaks and strong weapons, while the most robust Cardassian Ship has more hit/hull points than the Ferengi Starbase.
Diplomacy is good, several treaties can be used in the game from non agression to alliance treaties. The espionage/sabotage element of the game is a lot of fun. Best used with Cardassian or Roumulan empires the idea is when you build an inteligence or security center your get allocated intel points. When you have many more than the person you use these on hopefully you can copy,steal or gain info on the strength of the enemys fleet number or even spy on empires you have a treaty with. You can build up your intel until it goes off the scale and usually if you can do that your cruising through the game, you can blow up starbases when your intel is that strong and steal the biggest ships. This takes a very high amount of intel though. If your Cardassian you get 30% bonus to intel points when you build the Obsidian Order the most feared intelligence organisation in the Quadrant. Other strong and weak elements to the 5 empires are Klingon weapons are very strong, they can use labor farms and get more food at the cost of lower morale. Cardassians have problems with minor races as many arent co operative to them when you meet them because of their style of militarism. The Federation have the opposite, they have often an imediately favourable begining with minor races and often end up having many of them join the federation like in the series. However its possible to bring an icy relationship back to cordial with many gifts. All in all plenty of depth to the game, lots to try out if you enjoy this kind of slightly slow strategy game that gets better the deeper you progress into it. Awkward to learn but I found it very rewarding, an older game now maybe most readers will have xp windows which it may not work on however its still one of my top 10 games I ever played and maybe some new players will play it even now in 2008. Take care
1 more thing Ferengis can trade without signing non agression;)
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on 21 November 2003
I really enjoyed this game, with the notable exception of the Elite Force series, it is the only Star Trek game that I really enjoyed playing. The game dynamics are fluid and easily used, and there's a great balance between the different races.
The huge number of bugs, particularly in the multiplayer part of the game made it really hard to enjoy the multiplayer. On dialup, even though it wasn't a graphically intensive game, it was sluggish and nearly always crashed on me within a few minutes, assuming I made it into the game in the first place.This game would have been a gem except for these bugs; they ruined the multiplayer aspect of the game which was actually quite novel and innovative in its design.
For this reason alone, I have to stop short of giving a full 5 star rating for the game.I bought it some time ago, and played it regularly until my CD got so scratched that it wouldn't read any of the files.... pity really!
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on 7 December 2012
This item (the game) was cheap to buy which is understandable for a 199 something game in 2012.

The game is very retro but i must comment it doesnt wor well on windows 7. I uploaded it onto my windows 7 laptop and it kept crashig every couple of minutes. Loaded it onto my desktop windows vista pc and work well lol.

BOTF is a space version of command and conquer in my eyes, but still very good to play.

Any Star Trek fan i would reccommend it to but if your not a rpg/retro game type of person then i would sya it's not for you.
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on 7 October 2011
As a BIG Star Trek-fan, I am very glad to have found such a great game. Every time you play this game, it's totally different. Each race has it's own strengths and weaknesses. Make your universe as large or as small as you like. Outsmart your opponents and conquer the universe either by brute force or fiendish sabotage.
Pity Habro went belly-up just when they gave new life to such a great game.

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on 23 January 2003
First hearing about this game and it was set in the next generation era i was excited then to hear the borg was in it i was estatic.
So dissopointed when i couldn't be the borg ( that came later in Armada) This game is very hevealy based on Alpha Centure. Still very good. This game has one annoynce is the micromangerment too heavy. Towards the end of the game you just want to build the best ship for your race and hunt down the competition.
You have to play as the race would on the tv show. For instance the independant races like the volcans, bajorans would want to join your Federation more than they would want to be with the Klingons. You cant just take over a planet with the Federation far better to make an deplomatic suggestion. If you do take them over with force your moral would be hit badly. This moral has a over all effect on the effectivness of your game.
All races has advantages and dissadavnages. I would sugesst to play as Romulan for begginer as they have the cloking device on all ships.
Interface is sleek using the function keys for different screens or if you like using a right mouse click. This game can get slow towards 300 turns ( yes that many ) Its just a matter to restart the game.
This is a game i do keep comming back to as each game is different. Planets are in different places. With random events selected as on makes it more interesting but harder.
I wouls sugeest this to any star trek fan who likes turn base stratagy
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