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on 22 January 2001
The title shows one of my logging times of playing Grandia. I was up till 3am playing this fantastic game once, in a ruins section, (not one of the most interesting either, in comparison to the others of course) when I had to be awake and ready for school for 7am - first day back too. Surely this gives you some insight into the addictiveness of this game? It goes back to traditional RPG routes, beginning by following the adventures of Justin and his companion Sue (yes, damnit, Sue is my real name too)across the world. Your journey takes you through almost every expanse you could imagine and all of the time you are wanting Justin & co. to go one bit further, and see the next wonderful thing on the horizon. And this is one area where Grandia excels the most, in its characterisation. It is such a character-driven RPG that by half way you begin to care about what happens to the characters, and you'll even be laughing along with them too ;)
An RPG wouldn't be a true RPG if it didn't have its battles. For most, this idea will probably conjure up ideas of annoying random battles from the FF series (Which I love, By the way). But this is not so in Grandia, firstly, you are able to avoid battles by simply running in the opposite direction from the enemy you see on screen. Secondly, the battles take place using an active time bar, with each character's (and enemy's) icon moving along. You are able to slow down the enemy's icon, or even push it back completely (thus increasing the time they have to execute their command) using critical moves of your own. Clever stuff.
All in all, whilst maybe not as quite an epic as Final Fantasy VII, VIII or IX, Grandia excels in all areas. It's one RPG you won't forget in a hurry and are able to go back to again and again, and is a worthy contender in the world of role-playing games. I for one can't wait for the sequel ;) (I have it pre-ordered from Amazon already <G>)
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on 9 September 2003
Grandia is what is known as a life stealer - ie the world will go on without you and you'll miss world wars while you're immersed in it. Yes, it's cutesty Japanese anime type graphics and fairly simplistic by FFX standards but I guarantee you'll be hooked after 1/2 hour's play and you will quite happily spend 80+ hours doing nothing but Grandia!
I love me RPGs and have played most but I keep going back to Grandia time and time again.
For a game that's pretty OAP it features voice effects that PS2 games would be proud of. Can't recommend it enough. You are NOT an RPG fan if you haven't devoted your life to Justin and Feeeena! Hard to get hold of now, but buy it if you see it, at any price.
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on 5 April 2003
Not usually seen by the majority as an essential purpose Grandia is one of the hidden gems of the playstation and is undoubtly one of the best PSone RPGs.
Playing as the young adventurer Justin, you set out from the port town of Parm with your friend Sue to search for an ancient civilisation, with the help of a spirit call Liete. Your journeys take you far and wide, from abandoned ruins to a military airship.
Although the graphics of Grandia are not as good as titles, don't let that put you off, the graphics function quite well, and the game holds very few glitches as you wonder through 3D Towns and Dungeons. Battle graphics function well and all enemies and characters are well animated.
Grandia's best point is its superb battle system. The way the system works, it is possible for more than action to be taking place at the time. To put it simply, there is a 'charge bar' in battles, all allies and enemies charge up this bar, (the speed depends on your chracters own) once you reach the 'act' section of the bar you choose actions for a character. There are many diffrent types of attack that range from Combos and critical hits, to powerful magic spells and weapon techniques. Upon choosing a move, you execute the command, sometimes with a small lag depending on the move's charge value.
This may not sound like much, but it works very well, and makes battles go very quickly, keeping battles intense and fun at the same time.
Gaining new magic spells and weapon techniques in Grandia is rather unique, and is anohter of the games nice touches.
Each character can use up to three different types of weapon, wiht types including Mace, Axe, Sword, Bow, Knife and whip. As you use a weapon in battle, your skill with that weapon increases, and after gaining 100 expierience with a weapon it levels up, raising certain statistics slightly( for example leveling up an axe raise HP, STR and SP).Once you have reached certain levels with your weapons, you will learn new techniques, which are very useful in battle, and use SP points. For instance,when Justin has say Lv20 sword and Lv13 mace he may learn a new technique.
All the levels needed to unlockmmoves are specified so you do not need to waste time searching and pointlessly leveling up.
There arefour different types of magic Water, Fire, Earth and Wind. Like weapons, they have different levles, and as you level up masgic they increase your stats and teach you new moves. Magic types need to be purchased using Mana eggs which can be found in and around dungeons and towns. As well as some single element moves, there are 'double elemnet' moves that cna only be learnt when you have two types of magic at your disposal, when you have earth+fire you get explosive magic for example.
Both od these systems are entertaining and allow you create more personal charcters and teams as you progress through the game.
Finally Grandia's humour is worht a mention. For a game that looks so childish at times the game is full of adult humour and situations, including some humourous dinnertime conversations where the characters start talking about various cures for constipation.
Overall grandia is an unforgettable expeirence, a wonderful story a better battle system and some of the most believable characters ever to feature in an RPG. An essential purchase at the worst of times.
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on 25 February 2007
Grandia is undoubtedly one of the greatest RPGs ever made. I'm a massive Final Fantasy fan, but Grandia can totally stand next to them and hold its own. While its graphics are inevitably dated by today's standards, you shouldn't for one second let that stop you buying the game. The very beginning may seem childish, but don't be fooled. Grandia quickly develops into an extremely sophisticated and challenging RPG. The plot is great and the characters are very endearing, and while the voice acting may not be the best around, there are quite a few enjoyable tunes to be heard along the way. The battle system is fantastic and is a refreshing alternative to the often annoying random battles in many other RPGs. If you're an RPG fan, you'll almost certainly love Grandia. And if you're not, it's definitely worth trying anyway. It's an undeniable classic and truly one of the greatest RPGs ever made.
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on 4 September 2000
I've played both Final Fantasy 7 and 8 before I got Grandia but I have to say that it is definitely on a par with these two games despite the fact that the graphics aren't as good and the storyline isn't quite so serious. At first i thought it was a bit silly - the age of the characters is slightly unrealistic but the game makes up for that with an intriguing and fun storyline which at times made me laugh out loud! You really can empathise with the characters - something i found quite difficult to do in Final Fantasy 8. The one disapointment for me was that the 'new' characters are relatively short lived and so aren't with you for very long. Admittedly i haven't quite finished the game yet but am still ploughing my way through it! It's just one of those games that make you want to keep on playing all the time to see what happens next! The battle system isn't quite as refined as in the Final Fantasy series but it has the definite advantage of being able to see the enemies before you fight them and thereby avoiding the irritating non-stop battles which we find in FF. All in all i feel that this is a brilliant game - it doesn't quite beat Final Fantasy 7 for me but i definitely prefer it to all the other RPG's i've played and it keeps you amused for hours on end - definitely worth a try.
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on 24 July 2000
At last, someone has written an RPG with a sense of humour! No seriously, the game is tongue in cheek the whole way through and its a refreshing change. OK, granted, the graphics are sprites, as opposed to ever increasingly complex polygons; Some aspects of the game are not as in depth as you'd see in the Final Fantasy series (especially 8) but you really cannot compare the two...
Its a game for the purists in many respects, its a classic RPG with more or less turn based combat, no need for any degree of hand eye coordination (a positive bonus as I see it ;) and just something you can kick back at the end of a hard day and enjoy without losing sleep over defeating this boss, or solving that puzzle. The game is easy, and that's a good thing... there's no need to run about like a loony trying to level up your characters... just so long as you use a bit of everything in battles it more or less does it automatically. As a result, its fun from the beginning right to the end...
I've not played FF8 since I bought this... it takes itself too seriously... :)
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on 2 August 2007
The best thing about this game is the characters and the story, It is compelling and this game is one of those few games that you can play all day non-stop. It is so addictive and the battle system for an RPG is about as fun as its ever going to get in a turn-based situation. You have to move your characters around to specific positions and theres magic, special moves, Tactics. You get these by levelling up which compells you to carry on.

Its so much more fun and generally of a better quality than any other RPG. This is more addictive than any final fantasy, The levelling up and treasure finding is in this, Some people complain about the graphics but I like the graphical style its very retro and has detailed character avatars during conversations! Which reminds me...The voice acting in this is amazing even better than some recent titles. The dialogue can be funny nd this game just gives an all around good feel, It can get abit repetitive after 40 hours or so but doesn't everything...cause its village-temple-overworld-village-temple-overworld. for a short while but don't let that put you off because the gameplay experience and characters are so won't even care.

- Devious
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on 26 July 2003
This game is brilliant! it might be hard to figure your way around but its worth the money, justin is a boy from Parm who loves going on adventures, but never going on a real one, i havnt finished the game yet, but so far the battles are cool monster designs, player designs and story line is wicked! this is a got to see! try it, ull be surprised how great it is compared to the cover and manual!
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on 18 July 2000
Literally. The game puts you in control of Justin, a would-be adventurer who ends up travelling the world with his friend Sue. The story in itself can be pretty involving so I won't ruin it and I can recommend this game whole heartedly to well, pretty much anyone. The battle system is fairly new, being a variant on the ATB of the Final Fantasy series the magic level-up system will also be familiar to anyone who has played Secret of Mana. The effects are great, with level one spells looking ok and then progressing to more impressive effects later on. Admittedly the end of game boss ends up being pretty disappointing and the graphics might not appeal to FMV fans (being mainly manga-inspired sprites) but even so, they have included some FMV's in there. On the whole, an enjoyable time-waster.
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on 2 March 2006
i brought this game about 5 years ago but still i play it now as it is one of my most favourite RPG's EVER! and i have most of the final fantasy series! the gameplay is great the graphics arnt the best, but they are really cute imo! the battle system is really good and the storyline is really nice! the only bad thing about this game is that it tends to freeze occassionally which can get pretty annoying if you havent saved the game for a while but if you love role playing games THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU!!
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