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4.3 out of 5 stars382
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 6 July 2006
Parachutes is the debut album by the ultra-talented Coldplay. It has a soft sound to it,that anyone fond of the likes of Radiohead, Muse or the Doves, should enjoy.

1:Don't Panic: 9/10

A beautiful opener. It has a simple melody but a deeply moiving chorus of "We live in a beautiful world"

2:Shiver: 9/10

Another great track with a cool guitar line running throughout it. It is perhaps one of the "Rockier" tracks on the album.

3:Spies: 9/10

A soft beautiful song that was reportedly banned in China for it's mentions of a "Spies". It is mostly soft but has a real epic sounding verse of "If we don't fight here, they're gonna find us".

4:Sparks: 9/10

Perhaps the most beautiful song on the album. It is a soft romantic song about seeing "Sparks".

5:Yellow: 9/10

This is the song that made Coldplay famous. It has a beautiful verse, a great chorus and while it is a sad song it has a positive feel to it.

6:Trouble: 8.5/10

Another song you've probably heard a few times on the radio. It is yest another soft piano driven tune, with a nice chorus.

7:Parachutes: 8/10

A very short, but sweet song.

8:High Speed: 7/10

Possibly the weakest song on the album.

9:We Never Change: 9/10

A beautiful song despairing on the darkness and faults of the human species.

10:Everything's Not Lost: 9/10

A Brilliant positive ending, with the best chorus of any song on the album. The guitar line lifts the outro and gives it an epic feel. There is also a positive acoustic bonus track at the end which finishes the album brilliant.

Overall: 9/10

This is a beautiful debut that stands among the greatest albums yet produced by Mankind.
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on 28 July 2006
The start of Coldplays wonderful career starts with this marvellous debut album, full of classic pop tunes, some people say its boring, some people say its different. i think its wonderful, the best debut since Definitly Maybe, and how many times have you heard that been said before.

"Don't Panic" - A wonderful start not very long but still a fine opening. 4/5

"Shiver" - The first single maybe a bit long but wonderful non the less. 4/5

"Spies" - The darkest song on the album, this song got the album banned by the Chinese Government because of the lyrics I think that it is a wonderful song though. 4.5/5

"Sparks" - A lovely song, another great highlight on the album. 4/5

"Yellow" - The classic on the album, still played live by the band and often described as there best ever single. 5/5

"Trouble" - Another wonderful ballad that always gives me shivers when i hear it. 5/5

"Parachutes" - The slowest song on the album. 3/5

"High Speed" - Good song, a bit like Radiohead, but still great. 4/5

"We Never Change" - quite good, possibly the one song off the album which i don't listen to that much. 3.5/5

"Everything's Not Lost" - Brilliant song that ends the album in style. 5/5
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on 24 November 2002
This album is one of the best ive heard - I usually listen to stuff like BT and Underworld - but this just hits a chord. Each song having a subtle melody, not an overbearingly obvious annoying one, each element blends together so well to make the song - its almost as if each instrument forms to make one and that is played, they all go so well together. 'Dont Panic' the opener has tasty guitar line and complementing vocal and piano riff that just sends your spine into vibrate mode. Songs such as 'High Speed' and 'Sparks' are just genius. But the true beauty of the album comes out when listening to it as a whole, where you can just lie back, and let the music absorb you as you drift in and out of sleep, and the sun sets...
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on 26 May 2002
WOW! this is good, the first time I heared this band was when they where doing top of the pops playing "yellow" I thought it was ok but, I had always loved oasis because all the songs are amazing and often a new band would come along and have a great single and i would think this is it! a band as great as oasis! only to find the album was pants and the 2 or 3 singles where the only good tracks. So when I heared coldplay I thought "here we go again" so i didnt hear anymore of the band till about 5 months later when I was on holiday with my cousin and he said listen to this, He put parachutes on and "Dont Panic" started Oh My God!!! I left that song on reapet for about 3 days it was the best song I had heared since I dont know when! then i started to listen to the rest pf the album and it kept getting better! "trouble" blow me away and i found out "yellow" was better than "ok" Every song was a classic. That was my best holiday ever :-) I dont think i will ever get that feeling again when listing to the first track of an album......
oh and if anyone says they are like travis and starsailor again i'll go crazy!! they are ALOT more skilled then those (not that they are bad)
Here is how i rate all the tracks
Don't Panic 10/10
Shiver 10/10
Spies 10/10
Sparks 8/10
Yellow 10/10
Trouble 10/10
Parachutes 8/10
High Speed 9/10
We Never Change 10/10
Everything's Not Lost 10/10
Life Is For Living (bonus track) 9/10
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on 12 July 2000
From the opening bars of Don't Panic, Parachutes is mesmerizing and will hold you in its hypnotic grasp even after the closing sounds have faded from the stereo. Coldplay are bound to, and already have, invited comparison with other musicians, usually Radiohead, Travis and Jeff Buckley. There are shades of Luna, Pavement and the Cure in the first few songs alone and Chris Martin's voice in Shiver is reminiscent of, and yet vastly superior to, Damon Albarn's on some of the more melodic tracks on Parklife. However, to compare them with these artists is to understate the awesome power of their music, for their talent lies not in their ability to copy a few successful artists, but in their ability to blend, borrow from and ultimately transcend a huge number of artists and types of music. Comparison is the danger with creating a record that is so comfortable, so familiar that it feels like you've had it on your stereo for the last year, not just the last few days. The familiarity does not, however, come from their influences but from the fact that the music feels so right, you cannot imagine how it could be different, it makes sense and clicks immediately. For all the comparisons however, there is something indefinable about Coldplay, something so tantalizingly different and unique, so hauntingly beautiful than any cold analytical comparison with other bands simply detracts from the fact that Parachutes is an album that should be listened to with your soul rather than with your head.
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on 9 January 2001
It needs six stars ! I have never felt obliged to write about an album before; though this album had me fooled. In not really listening to it the first time around, I didn't really give it much thought. I had heard Yellow on the radio and I grew fonder every time I heard it. But the album is seriously, something else. The opener, Don't Panic combines beauty with energy, and finishes far too early for my liking. Shiver gets better every time I hear it, even after 20 plays, Spies has the most infectious riff I have heard in years. Sparks is a highly romantic ballad, one which could be billed as the greatest (dare I write it) "slow dance" song ever. Trouble is the greatest single to grace the Autumn charts yet. I find myself singing Yellow drunk with my mates! If you think the whole CD is too depressing, then you obviously haven't bothered to listen to the end to Everything's Not Lost - one of the most hope filled pieces of music ever. Those music journalists who dared to rubbish this album obviously have no soul. I guarantee this album will be one of the most played and treasured in your collection. I haven't played a CD so much since Depeche Mode released Violator. And there is only a small parallel between the two. Nor have I ever put out a review of a record before, and I doubt another with this much praise. You will not regret buying this !
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on 9 December 2000
I brought Parachutes after falling in love with Yellow and then Trouble. I had heard comparisons to Travis but was unsure whether or not they would be as good. I am a dedicated Travis fan but decided to give Coldplay a chance after the album had stayed in the top 10 for months.
After hearing several tracks from the album, I was aazed at how brilliant the collections of songs actually are. I was extremely surprised to here sheer brilliance in every single track.
This is a mighty debut album and one which will most definatley linger around the charts for a long long time.
From being a Travis fan, I can honestly say that I now too am a HUGE Coldplay fan. If you are unsure whether to buy this album, I am positive that you will love it. It is meaningful and superbly written and the band have so much potential.I doubt that they will be the new Travis because the music industry is big enough to let both bands thrive. But with the talent lying within Coldplay, Travis be scared be very scared....
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on 25 February 2002
With this beautiful debut album from Coldplay you can immediately tell that these guys are going to go very very far. The songs are all so original and every one is a potential single. The album is a perfect album. It's not too samey; every song has it's own appeal and there's a good mixture of acoustic on there.
It's a beautiful collection of songs and I would recomend to everyone that they should own a copy of this - for sanity!
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on 29 October 2014
I am a fan of the old sound of Coldplay and that's why I have been collecting their albums before Viva la vida. A few years ago I bought X & Y due to it having my favourite Coldplay song on it - Fix you, and I was impressed with the album. Last year I purchased A rush of blood to the head and really liked that album too. So after working my way backwards the only thing left was for me to buy this album which features the classic singles Yellow and Trouble on it.
After the band released a couple of EP's - The safety EP and The blue room EP (which also features an early version of Don't panic), this debut album was released on 10th July 2000.

The album cover is a picture of an orange coloured globe apparently purchased from WH Smith for £10, which contrasts with the black background. The album has 10 songs and features a hidden bonus track.

Don't panic starts off and it's not the Coldplay you expect. It's based around acoustic guitar and it's a ballad with a chorus you're likely to recognise. Shiver comes in like an alternative rock track but slows down for the verse and has a quirky guitar riff between Martin's vocals. The overall sound is stronger and the lyrics of yearning are good. Spies is another acoustic song with soft vocals, a consistent sound with decent guitar and a high pitched vocal for the short chorus. It's pretty good and is the (naturally) longest track here at 5:18. The middle 8 gets big and intense but it comes back to the soft sound it began with, with Martin squeaking "they're just spies!". Sparks is another acoustic track with a melancholy sound and a sober tone. Yellow is the best track here and 1 of Coldplay's most famous songs because it's the song that got them recognised. This song is upbeat, has a great chorus and features electric guitar.

Trouble is surely the 2nd best and another famous track from them with a great piano riff you should immediately recognise. It's a strong song with Martin asking for forgiveness stating "I never meant to cause you trouble". Parachutes takes us back to a quieter, slower sound with acoustic guitar carrying this. It's incredibly short at just 47 seconds! High speed is a bit heavier, once again with a guitar riff wrapped around the vocals. It's still got the quiet, relaxed sound that this album has throughout. We never change is another acoustic track with a soft tone and electric guitar wrapped around for effect. It's another really laid back, sombre track. I think we've had a bit too much of that already in my opinion. It would be nice to have more upbeat, exciting tracks. Everything's not lost is a slow piano driven track with some cool guitar. It's another track where Martin sounds like he's complaining, with his pathetic earnest. It's a decent closer with a sound we've got used to by now. After a gap there's a 1:37 hidden track called Life is for living which is a folk sounding acoustic track with echo-y vocals at the beginning which gets cleaner and features what sounds like an organ.

If you don't like soft acoustic songs then you are not going to enjoy most of this album! Besides the 2 standout tracks which are the singles Yellow and Trouble, this album is very soft, downbeat and quiet and you are going to have to have an appreciation for that style to like this album all the way through. I like it and it's definitely worth listening to but I just wish there was more variety to it because then it would have been great not just good.
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on 30 September 2000
Starting with 'don't panic', (insert obvious Dad's Army joke), you just know Coldplay are the band of the 00's. Shiver is really great. Its the best song that anyone from Scunthorpe has ever written. Hooray! Spies is a haunting melody with a twist... It's reeally fly and stuff. Next we have the Post office theme tune, Sparks. Unfortunately its a bit too slow for my dance beat infested mind and not the best here. mmmm....,yellow. ahhhhh..... if you haven't heard this then why are u reading this? And more to the point, why does it always rain on me? Yellow- single of the year? Trouble. No not the Black Legend one, but a grrreeeeat one nonetheless. I never meant to cause you trouble, but you did cause me a lot of joy. The title track points to the problem with the album - too damned short! We want more of this lovely melody and of the rest of the album. High speed has an ironically slow start but you won't be able to get the chorus out of your head for ages. Niiiiice. 'I want to live in a wooden house - making more friends would be easy'. So goes we never change - maybe not a track you'll be humming all day in your head, but a worthy and very very very nice album track. The slightly unfortunate Everything's not lost (ie. the demon bit at the start) but the chorus turns this over and you'll be aah-aah-aah-ing your way to work/school/dole office. and the bonus track of the century! All of which makes parachutes the album of the year. You can shove your badly drawn boy up your... Cd rack, and put on parachutes by Coldplay one more time. Huzzah!
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