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on 11 June 2000
This series really does the entire show juctice. I didn't know what to expect and whether they could carry it on without running out of ideas. But, it really works. Buffy is exposed little by little, enticing you to watch each episode, Willow and Xander prove to just as brilliant characters. Cordelia provides just that little bit of sarcasm and wit that is needed. And, well Oz, he is a perfect compliment to Willow, proving that new characters do not spoil the show. Angel lingers in the background and this is the only aspect that needs pointing out, since I feel there was a lot of room for Angel to develop as a character. with Giles still in his books and being the loveable bumbling character he is, the whole box set is just so great. First class acting! I can't wait for the conclusion of the series.
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on 22 September 2000
American TV is strange isn't it? On the one hand there are syrupy shows that balk at the idea of anything that falls outside the middle class values of the "American Dream" and are restrained by a curious desire to puncutate every episode with moral lecturing. On the other hand there are the shows like "Friends," "Third Rock From The Sun" and "Sienfeld" which are witty, left-of- centre takes on the humour in "out of the ordinary" characters and situations without being tied to any particular point or message. Buffy is an enchanting and unusual mix of both of these approaches. The show is equal parts irreverant celebration and inspiring morality tales. Who wouldn't like to be as level headed, confident and brave as Buffy whilst being so buttoned-nosed cute? This show has everything: beautiful clothes, beautiful peaople!, atmospheric sets, wicked effects and makeup, funny one-liners, characters of depth, pacey writing, cool music and above all a sophistication which suprises you everytime, given that this is a Network US TV show aimed at teenagers. I can't believe it took me so long to discover and if you're experience of Buffydom is limited to the motion picture do not prejudge - this is an entirely different creature (excuse the pun.) The third series introduces "Faith" a rival slayer who initially aids Buffy before her descent into evil. This is perhaps the single most convincing aspect of this series because she is not the usual cartoon version of an evil persona. Her attraction to evil is given a believable reason and because of this her redemption always seems possible. In fact the portrayal of the character is such that even at her baddest, Faith's eyes betray the fact that she realy wants to be saved. Other new characters are the mayor and his sidekick Mr Trick. The mayor is depicted as an upstanding pillar of society, a kindly authority figure with a heart of pure evil. I always knew all those self-righteous types were servants of Satan! Standout episodes are the two part "Graduation Day," the linked episodes "Enemies" and "Consequences," "The Zeppo" featuring the hillarious O'Toole's undead gang and "The Prom" which is relatively free of the normal action and a refreshing change. The appeal of the Vampire has always been an alluring combination of horror and eroticism, this show has just made the appeal even stronger. Highly recommended, buy it .... if only beacuse your TV won't have looked so good in a long time!
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on 4 April 2001
This is the series where it all comes together. The plots are razor sharp, the characters have all come into their own, and the whole mythology is fantastically realised. The initially scarcely believable menace of the mayor develops throughout the series, with his obsession with cleanliness and courtesy, and soft spot for Faith giving a strange counterpoint to the ultimate evil he is set on becoming. Xander is, as usual, pure comedy, but provides a genuinely moving moment when he sorts out Cordelia's dress for the prom. Buffy and Angel continue their on/off, pleasure/pain relationship before a final resolution, and Willow remains the nicest, fittest ginger haired girl on the face of the planet (in my humble opinion). Whatever your reasons for watching it, just make sure that you do, or you're missing some of the best entertainment out there. It may not be big, it may not be clever, but it's damned enjoyable. See you in Sunnydale!
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on 1 August 2000
Most Buffy fans at one time or another get the mickey taken out of them because Buffy is dismissed as a 'Power Rangers' type show. This is soooo not true! In my opinion, it is the best there is on TV. In Season Two, there were many stand alone episodes such as 'Innocence' and 'Becoming'.Many count these as the best ever Buffy. It would be difficult to top Season Two, but this series manages! We now have a more mature Buffy who is starting to accept her duties, and all of her friends have grown and matured, too. Look at Willow, in Season One, she was petrified of vampires, but in this season she can hold her own with them, and other villains, too. This is one of the great things with Buffy - it constantly develops rather than find a formula that works and stick with it. An example of this is my favourite character, Faith. She is introduced this Season and certainly shakes things up. Her character is new and fresh, and she also constantly develops.This is one of the features of Buffy - it constantly grows up with the viewers. This box set sets up the new season brilliantly, and with so many new charcters and plotlines, you'll be just begging for the next set!
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on 4 June 2000
well if you have enjoyd the first two seasons of buffy teh nyou will definitly enjoy the third its full of passion, exitment and the odd bit of halarity and there are also some real tear jurking moments but all teh tears are worth it, plus i mean you get to see David Boreanazes ass, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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on 4 June 2000
Season Three starts of with a bang continuing where season two left off. Buffy stared deep into the abyss having sent Angel to hell and her mother finding out she was a slayer, But this season kicks off with the introduction of a new slayer called Faith a firey young promising slayer. After many good episodes you will see the eventual turn around of Faith and buffy must go head to head with her. During this Buffy must take on the towns major who is hell bent on becoming immortle and he does. This is Angels's last season after this he moves to LA and has his own series,Along with Cordy.
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on 16 June 2000
As a 28 year old guy, I promised I would never get into Buffy - now I have all of the box sets. Occasionally you get a duff episode, Amends being a horribly slushy american thing, and quite pointless, and I Robot...You Jane form series 2. That said - what a fantastic series 3 has turned out to be. Characters get better and better and the stories are superb. The relationships between all of the characters are so well developed. It's good to see that ideas keep coming - you just learn to ignore the occasional poor episode.
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on 30 May 2000
I'm a HUGE fan of Buffy the vampire slayer and everything to do with the show and I love getting the videos. Season three is the most amazing season, espcially episodes like the heartbreaking Amends (give these actors an award!), Bad Girls, The Prom and the season finale two parter. Buffy goes from strength to strength and grows in every way, if you take away the vampires and demons then the characters in it are so easy to identify with. And unlike some American teen shows - these characters actually age beyond 16!
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on 3 July 2000
This season has to be the best yet! As a true Buffy fan, this box set is a MUST HAVE. With hilarious episodes such as "Band Candy" and "Lovers Walk", and heart-moving, slushy ones like "Amends", this season has all the essential elements of a genuinely entertaining T.V show. I highly recommend this box set, which I do not think lets itself down at any point.
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on 19 June 2000
Season 3 is topped only by Season 2, and is far better than the most recent season, Season 4. Here are my views on each episode:
Anne: An excellant start to the season.
Dead Man's Party: Somewhat pointless, but fun.
Faith, Hope, and Trick: Another excellant episode.
Beauty and the Beasts: Yet another excellant one. And Angel's back! Yay!
Homecoming: One of the weaker ones in the set.
Band Candy: This episode was absolutley hilarious!
Revelations: Not excellant, but very good.
Lover's Walk: Probably the best from the whole set. Exciting and humorous.
The Wish: If Lover's Walk is the best, this one is second best - loved the idea, and the way it happened.
Amends: A nice episode, but it felt odd watching a Christmas episode in June.
Gingerbread: An above average one, though a bit predictable and obvious.
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