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4.5 out of 5 stars50
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 25 May 2004
More than TOCA , more than McRae , more than even ( whisper it ) Gran Tourismo , there has been one driving game that kept me coming back for more . That game is MSR . The graphical depiction of real-life cities , with accurate mapping . The fact that depending on what time you play the game , it could be a foggy morning in San Francisco , a humid evening in Tokyo , or a wet afternoon in London . The addictive qualities of the Kudos system - where a target for a race could be met not only by your position in a race , but the style in which you drove it . The betting system - the lower a target you set yourself , the higher the Kudos you won if you were successful . A complete race game . Buy it ! If you can't get it , buy it's big brother Gotham Street Racing 2 on Xbox - more of the same , only more .
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on 14 November 2000
Owning GT2000 on the Playstation 2 (Import, OK)I am in a good position to be honest as I have no bias and all I can say is that this game plays better, looks better, is more fun and IS a better game. Anyone who says 'No way' had better wait until they get the, ahem, 'almighty' PS2. Only 'World Rally Championship' on that (ETA May 2001) looks like beating this for the time being.
Firstly a racing game is only as good as the feel of the car. Bizarre have done a magnificent job here - the car feels solid and just right. This would be a 10 to GT2000's 9. Sega GT (which is very poor in all counts) scores only a 5 for this by the way.
Getting to the meat of the game, basically there's your normal time attack and arcade options but the real gem is the Street Racer mode. Here points are gained from betting against yourself in order to achieve maximum points and therefore open new chapters (which have 10 challenges ranging from time attack, hot lap, races etc) and cars to race. Not only are you marked on difficulty and performance but also Kudos. Kudos points are achieved from racing cleanly so you are penalised for bludgeoning cars on corners, hitting rails etc. At the end of the day everyone who plays race games wants to nail the perfect corner cleanly so when you get extra marks for it as you do here - PERFECT !
There is also a fantastic multiplayer mode which allows up to 8 people the opportunity to set up mini tournaments against each other. Great when coming back from the pub !
Of the courses, I can honestly say that London is especially impressive (however, I live there so am biased) but believe you me it is EXACTLY the same as the city itself. The graphics when, for instance, you take a screaching handbrake turn in an Alfa Romeo or Audi TT around Picadilly Circus with the shops on view (Tower Records, Burger King, HMV, McDonalds etc etc) are breathtaking. Tokyo is probably the hardest city to race (I want to go there as it WILL look like this) and San Francisco the most fun - especially the Fisherman's Wharf area.
There are 40 cars to choose from. OK, not as many as GT2000 but all of the cars are amazing. No boring little Nissans here to race before the big guns turn up. The slowest cars are the MGF, Fiat Barchetta and Mazda MX5 (the Eunos) so you get the idea. These range right up to super powered Dodges and the like.
Musically the game is also superb. As opposed to normal games which just have songs, here you are tuned to the radio with presenters giving you traffic and weather reports etc in between very good original songs, hell there are even adverts for (amongst others) Tango, Rough Guide and The Sports Cafe ! Each song is done in the style of a major artist so listen out for takes on Shania Twain, Will Smith, Madonna etc. I defy you not to sing along to the 'Salford Keys' (obviously Oasis, 'You gotta live your life...') when you get to know it.
Difficulty wise the game grows with you. I have noticed though (I've had it since November 3rd (release date) and I'm on Chapter 12 out of 25 at the minute) that it does get slightly easier as your skills improve and the cars get faster....but it should be like that anyway - shouldn't it ? It's killing my left thumb and I too am in danger of missing many hours of work !
As for the reviewer on this page who said he'd 'done it in 3 days with minimal gameplay' well thats like at least 300+ races plus the World Championship I'm sure he didn't win every race first time....look, you do the math !
For anyone that's ever dreamed about hammering around a near empty city (day or night) will be amazed. It's also fantastic eye candy (the best on a console I've ever seen) for your friends watching.
Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.
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on 1 March 2002
MSR truly rocks.
The handling is TO DIE FOR,
The graphics are RETINA-RUPTURING,
And the gameplay is quite frankly B****Y BRILLIANT!
I can't be bothered to write a long thing so I'll just review certain features.
LIFESPAN-Took me a while to complete... 91%
GAMEPLAY-Thanks to the handling, great fun... 93%
GRAPHICS-Perfectly recreated streets with lovely everything else... 95%
SOUNDS-Just listen to that engine purr!... 96%
OVERALL-The best driving game for a long, long time... 94% BUY!...
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on 10 October 2001
Weh Hey! indeed. Wecome to a driving game with a clever slant. "IT'S NOT HOW FAST YOU DRIVE, IT'S HOW YOU DRIVE FAST" is the slogan and i can't sum it up any better than that.
There are many great driving games such as the grand turismo series and colin mcrae's, but this ones an original! No longer can you take a hairpin at 200mph, no longer can you get away with using your opponents as a crash barrier....well not if you want to be the coolest kid in town anyway.
MSR is based on a imaginary points system "kudos": this represents your reputation in the world of street racing. Power Slides, clean laps, overtaking manovers all score you big kudos, as well as lap times. It's no use breaking records if your breaking bonnet as well, coz that jus' won't fly in this game.
This is a very complete driving experience with loadsa skill levels each boasting different challenges. These range from Championships to One on Ones, and from top speeds to overtaking, giving the game some nice variations and adding to lastability. not that it's needed as you'll never get bored of this one. The graphics are clean and crisp with endless levels and options to keep you going. But this games strongest point is the gameplay, the key with driving games is the handling and they don't handle any better than this. With analog triggers as well as joystick at you disposal, every slight acceleration ,brake or turn is deadly accurate. where the d-pad and buttons are either on or off the analog is everywhere in between. So with a bit of practise you'll be flying round roundabouts and powersliding corners like a joyrider on redbull.
Overall MSR is one of the (if not the) best driving games on any platform. Brilliant graphics and loadsa options coupled with outstanding gameplay will mean this one will go down in dreamcast history, even if that is sooner than we'd hoped. Get it while you can........and thank me later. Sid XXX
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on 6 November 2000
As a driving game fanatic, I recently purchased Sega GT (a game with serious hype surrounding it) whilst on holiday in the states and after much patience was convinced that it was the game that would finally rest the Dreamcast into the same coffin as the Sega Saturn. It really was THAT bad!
Combine this with the fact that Sega have not really delivered everything they promised and I was seriously doubting the Dreamcast's future. Then along comes this; Metropolis Street Racer.
Yes, it's had more delays than RailTrack and Virgin trains put together but it's finally here and damn, does it deliver!
The start sequence is superb (using Full Motion Video of the Vauxhall VX220 mainly) and the game itself is practically flawless.
It's easy to get into, tricky but by no means impossible for you to master and just oozes 'Quality'. We should forgive them for the release date being months behind schedule; this game has been tested and tested, almost to perfection (I kid you not!). Everything has been thought of (car colour, window tint shade and you can even select how you wish your car to look in different conditions (e.g. Roof down in the day, hard top or soft top on at night!))
Graphically, of course, it is excellent. St James Park in London for example is so correct, you can almost smell the overpriced Hamburgers.
It is the same story for all of the tracks like San Francisco which has been recreated perfectly. The other great idea is to syncronise the game time and system time from your Dreamcast. This means that not only is it light if you play the game in the day and dark if you play at night but landmarks like Big Ben have the real time displayed on them (a very nice touch!)
The stereo is brilliant, you can listen to the radio or pre-recorded CD tracks.
But I cannot tell you even half of it in words.
The advert should be "First to play will buy!"
Believe me...if you like driving games, get this one!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 31 January 2001
I was driving through Tokyo last night, admiring the way light from the windows of some huge building spread across the textured pavement and threw shadows behind a huge chunk of modern sculpture that graced the entranceway. My driver bobbed his head to the car radio; a beautifully lit train passed over the bridge above. The radio was saying something in Japanese...
It's tempting, half the time, to just drift around the cities in this game which look particularly wonderful at night.
But not for too long!
M-SR is also great to play. The cars drive perfectly (and despite what another reviewer said, they DO feel different), and the challenges are hard enough and interesting enough to keep you going for a long time.
If this was the only Dreamcast game, it would probably still be worth buying the console. It's that good.
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on 5 November 2003
msr is a great game. the cities of london, tokyo, and san fran have been lovingly recreated, and so have the cars in this game. there is a huge amount of cars to get, the satisfaction of finally being able to get a nissan skyline and race it around a normally packed with tourists and traffic jammed london is most satisfying. the game takes a while to get into-just remember to turn OFF the tire smoke cos in the later tracks is does make for some annoying slowdown. this game has some low points-for example if you get bashed by a rival car from behind-so totally not your fault, you still get penalty points taken off you. oh yeh-i forgot-the kudos rating system in this game really does add another dimension to this game-it means you cant simply bash off all the siding around the corners to get round them-you have to time it to perfection, then powerslide round it ect to make your driving stylish. its a great concept, and makes for a great game. take time to get past the first few chapters, and you will unlock some great circuits and cars. not exactly gran turismo, but its essentialy a different perspective (if that makes any sense) on that kind of racing game. this game is much loved in my dc collection :D
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on 25 August 2001
I've had this game for some time now and still haven't done everything, it's so big. But this isn't infuriating because the game is so damn GOOD! If had the choice again of getting a PS2 with GT3 or a Dreamcast with MSR, I'd pick MSR everytime. Sure GT3 graphics are SLIGHTLY prettier, but overall it lacks the edge which distinguishs between good and great games. The only irratating flaw in the game is the lengh of time it takes to get all the cars, but compared to GT3, well you try and get a decent car in that game in under a week.!
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on 29 December 2000
M-SR is one of the greatest, whilst most annoying games you'll ever play. Working on a Kudos system, players are rewarded points for driving stylishly, but are penalised for errors such as collisions. You may also gamble your kudos points to earn double, but you run the risk of losing twice as much! This works well and helps to refresh a tired genre. Whilst initial Cd's were bugged, Sega have solved this problem and now the game plays fine. Its a game that'll last you ages, and it deserves a place in your DC library. But try renting it first, as it will not be to everyones tastes. Its not an arcade style racer, so you cant go screeching around those tight corners at 90 mph and get away with it! If you like this sort of thing you'll be in heaven. But if you're not the sim racing type, dont spend your hard earned cash before you've had a chance to play it.
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on 25 April 2002
Being a recent (and belated) convert to DC gaming, I tried a copy of MSR. At first the controls do seem a little strange and the lower powered cars you start with can frustrate. But stick with it and you feel the game take hold of your life. The "K" symbol will be burned onto your retinas. Some of the challenges become an obsession, you must finish it, especially the mysterious "Special" bonus stages. The quality of the graphics for this title really impress. It's a shame SEGA won't be keeping the DC going in direct competition with the PSOne. The sound can annoy after you've heard the songs a few times. Lucky you can turn it off then. All in all, a top title and well worth having. Once you get in to it you won't look back until you finish all 25 chapters and 250 challenges. Buy MSR, you know you need it in your life. . .
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