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4.6 out of 5 stars31
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 14 April 2003
This is one of the best fighting game I've ever played in my life and that is saying something since I've played everything from Street Fighter to Tekken.
It is a fast paced fun game with interesting characters and story line, with leads on from the original Soul Edge/Blade, with is on the Play Station platform.
It’s a beautiful game with astonishing visuals and the characters that can move in a full 360 degrees around the arena’s from any side. This makes the game unique and unlike any other beat em up.
It's characters move in a very real fashion plus they all have some brilliant special moves, as well as grabs and throws.
The game also has many special features like an art gallery and third costumes, as well other stuff like mission mode and training mode to name a few.
Overall it’s a great game and well worth the money so if you’re reading this review buy it, you will not be disappointed
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on 22 February 2001
Soul Calibur is unquestionably the daddy of all 3D beat-em-ups ; it cacks all over the likes of Tekken Tag Tournament from truly stratospheric heights . Only Yu Suzuki's Virtua Fighter comes close to touching it . The first thing you'll notice is the visuals - incredible explosions of light and sparks from clashing blades , utterly lifelike character modelling and animation , an intelligent free-roaming camera , and photorealistic battle arenas featuring falling snow and little eddies of polygonal leaves . Your eyes will bleed . The gameplay follows suit - a host of modes to suit either single-player or multiplayer provide well over the norm in terms of lastability for this genre . Some of the more difficult challenges can take days to complete , but the reward system encourages persistence , with shed-loads of hidden arenas , characters , play-modes , gallery-pictures and other stuff to unlock . The learning curve is nigh-on perfect . And combos - probably thousands , but certainly enough to , errrrrrrrr , fill an extremely large combo-container thingy . And by the way , playing this game on a gamepad is a travesty , go out and invest in an arcadestick and play it as it was intended to be played . You can even decorate it with cigarette burns for added arcade ambience , if you want . Nutshell - Soul Calibur kills all known Tekkens dead , in an instant . Dreamcast's finest hour .
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on 31 December 2001
Namco, the creators of this game, have managed to make one of the greatest beat 'em-ups and possibly one of the best games ever in Soul Calibur. There are so many modes in the game that will keep any keen gamer going for a while. There are nineteen playable characters altogether and it will take some time to access them all. Mission mode is when you pick a character and you fight your way through several missions to gain special features to the game, improving your enjoyment. Survival mode in my opinion is the most addictive. Again, you choose a character, but this time you have to defeat as many opponents as possible in a row, while keeping a watchful eye on your energy. Apart from the main modes of the game, all the accessible features can be quite fun as well. To name a few, there are martial art demonstrations by your characters and also you can view character profiles. Beat em-ups are usually short-lived games and can be completed easily, but as there is so much to do in this game, expect to be playing it for a while. I would recommend this game to all gamers and is a definite must-have title for the Dreamcast.
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on 3 January 2002
Soul Calibur is THE best fighting game on one of the very best consoles in the world.I have not yet seen better graphics on any platform. It has a fantastic learning curve so pros and beginners can enjoy the challenge of completing the game. One of the most enjoyable games ive ever played.
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on 17 November 2000
This is THE fighting game. The graphics are mind blowing. The gameplay is fast, fluid and furious. 'Welcome back to the stage of history'. The characters are brilliantly detailed and the animation is amazing. The levels you fight on are brilliant, you couldn't ask for more. Let's talk about the game, there's lots of modes like Arcade, Survival, Extra Survival etc. The fights are very varied and anythng can happen, including getting knocked off the stage! The more you do, the more points you get, and you can use these points to buy art and stuff about the game. There are loads of pictures here. The music is brilliant with some unforgetable tracks. Sound effects are clear as crystal. It is quite easy to complete, but you'll come back again and again for the sheer genius of this game or to try to break your record in survival, or time trial. I don't just think it's the best fighting game EVER, I think it's the BEST GAME EVER!!!! Buy a Dreamcast just for this gem of genius.
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on 25 August 2000
Sword clanging, staff bashing, axe blowing caper, in Namcos fantastic sequel to the Playstations excellent Soul Blade/Soul Edge. Soul Calibur was originaly out in the arcade using the system 22 (slightly more powerful Playstation board), then rebuilt some of the game on the more powerful Dreamcast, improvements included lush 3D backgrounds and finer textures on the characters, the gameplay remains the same which was lucky it suits the Dreamcast right down to the ground outwitting your opponent with the choice of many different characters and weapons. Initially one of the Dreamcasts 'breakthrough' games, Soul Calibur still remains one of the finest games around, and it even gets Playstation 2 owners jealous. Excellent graphics, enjoyable gameplay, a must have!
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on 21 December 2001
Soul Calibur is without a doubt the best 'beat-em up' game I have ever played! The graphics are amazing, especially the close ups of the characters and the backgrounds are awesome. The gameplay is extensive with there being an arcade mode and a mission mode but to name a few. The more success you have in defeating your opponents the more characters/weapons/stages/costumes you unlock so there is more than just fighting in this game. Basically it is alot better than Tekken on the playstation and alot better than Dead or alive 2 because it has better gameplay and the characters are easy to master as are their moves. I'm still playing this game over a year since I bought it, its excellent.
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on 3 August 2005
Hard video game fact - there are only two beat-em-up's that count for anything, "Street Fighter" and "Virtua Fighter". Well, 6 years ago that statement would have been perfectly true. But Capcom and SEGA finally got a fighting game to give them a run for thier money, thier challenger was Namco and there are many that will tell you the release of "SoulCalibur" signaled the end of previously mentioned titles reign on top of the beat-em-ep heap. I'm one of the many. "SoulCalibur", is, in a word, awesome. In every possible aspect the game excels and leaves it's rivals standing in the dust. Although about 6 years old now, the visuals in this game still hold thier own and remain solid - if not as stunning as they were in the games hey day. But to play, this game continues to stand head and shoulders above any of it's rivals. With a huge selection of combo's and moves to master, this title has a huge lifespan. But the true beauty of this game is that anyone can pick it up and enjoy it, no matter what thier previous experience may be. It takes 5 minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master. The game also has a HUGE Mission Battle mode, which, with success, will reward you with a whole library of unlockable content - amazing. "SoulCalibur" is perfect in every area - I can't think of any flaws and this makes the game a one-off for me. A perfect 10 out of 10 if ever there was one.
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on 17 December 2001
Tekken or Soul Caliber? The Namco fighters, they are the two best flat arena fighters I have ever seen. The graphic are more or less the same, unless you break out the abacus and count the pixel rate. The biggest match-to-match difference is the arena, Tekken with its 'walls' and Soul Caliber with the 'edges'. These help improve the graphics, although not a technical difference when 'edges' are implemented the level of interest is simply huge; temples, houses, statues and even boats are in some of the arenas. The modes, this is where soul Caliber really out does itself, there are a plethora of modes including Arcade, Vs Battle, Practice, Survival, Extra Survival, the Museum (featuring your Art Gallery, Battle Theatre, the Opening Direction Editor and Character Profiles) and the last but absolutely not least Mission Battle. The best of these is not the 338 strong art piece collection in the Art Gallery, not the Arcade, not the Vs Battle but the Mission Battle. Here you have 400+ mission battles feature, each with a different challenges (e.g. being poisoned, the enemys are invisible except their weapons). I t took me 3 weeks to complete Arcade mode with all my characters, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. It took me a further 1 and a half MONTHS the beat mission battle and there are still Vs mode the two types of Survival Vs mode and the all-important Practice. Everything is difficult, but nothing is hard enough to put you off altogether. The only mistake was the lack of a Training option. The game dealt with the basics, like moving, throwing, the absolute basic of parrying, guarding and a final test. But the was nothing about long string combos, sort string combos and ten hits. This became a major problem and as some of the very late levels are almost imposable without forming some kind of makeshift ten hit. The only way in which Tekken is better than Soul Caliber is that there are many, many more people playing Tekken than Soul Caliber that you may have difficulty in find a worthy opponent. So, better than Tekken?
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on 22 March 2006
Having played both Soul calibur 2 and 3 i was glad to see that the first is not lacking in any of the parts that make the newer soul caliburs such cool games, great graphics, hours of gameplay, the amount of moves and characters available not to mention the different modes of gameplay and my favourite characters in it from the beginning.In my opinion the world of beat-em-ups really needs more like this, then how could anybody be bored, because i certainly will never get bored of Soul Calibur.
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