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4.6 out of 5 stars28
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 22 January 2005
This game is absolutely superb. Not only has it got tons, of gameplay, but it keeps you hooked- really hooked. I was on there for seven hours, and I couldn't get off. The best game in the series ever! Funny moments in there as well. Ideal for youngsters and teens. BUY IT!
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on 22 December 2001
I'll make this simple. CRASH 3 IS INCREDIBLE!!!! I love this game. You fight 5 unique bosses, play 32 originalish levels, play as 2 characters (Crash & Coco) and use 6 groovy ve-hicles (a submarine-like-thing, a jetski, 2 planes, a motorbike and a spaceship!!) New talents include super-bellyflop, double jump, super-spin, BAZOOKA!!! and super-speed.
Why are you still reading? Buy the game!!!!
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on 19 November 2006
its been beaten up - said to be too easy, not satisfactory graphics blah de blah

and even though once you play it 50 times it becomes unbeliebaley easy, it is still really enjoyable

the main figure, Crash - a little orange bandicoot person, is very funny with his actions, when he dies and when he is bored (plays with the yoyo - insulting players - hilarious)

inevitabley it gets harder as it goes on but ive played it so many times i know it off by heart - yes i am sad

i loved the time trial elements. once you have collected a crystal you can try a time trial - how fast can you complete a level?

and this is what makes it what it is - to do something so quickly makes it exciting and anticipating - trying to do everything in an extraorinary time

there are the conventional crash elements - such as pirate levels, riding gems, collecting crystals and gems, boss levels and collecting apples

personal favourites include the bike riding levels - again creating a bigger challenege and suspense to players of all ages

it is amazingly easy compared to the still difficult Crash 1 - Crash 2 was easier than the first but still difficult on occasions

it is definetly worth buying because it is enjoyable, fun and exciting
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on 10 April 2007
This game is by far the BEST GAME IN THE TRILOGY!! There are plenty of surprises, amazing power-ups to be won and also extremely fun levels to complete! This game is perfect for all ages. it is better than words can say! lol

Buy it now, what are you waiting for!
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on 16 December 2000
This has to be one of,if not THE best platforming game on the Playstation.The Crash Bandicoot games,along with the Resident Evil games,are my favourite games on this splendid games console.The animation is SUPERB,it is more like being in an interactive cartoon than a game.The moves you aquire along the way,after beeting the,DUNG out of each mutant monster,are deliciously whacky,like the bazooka at the end,or the Double Spin,or Double jump.If you like a good platforming romp,the BUY-THIS-NOW!!!
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This third instalment of Crash Bandicoot is the best out of the three for me.
Dr N Trophy wants to collect gems and crystals left by Dr Neo cortex using a Time Machine. Also there is Uka Uka, who is out to get Crash. Crash and Coco need to battle these three baddies and get the gems and crystals by working their way through 25 levels. There are Underwater games, medieval settings, Jet ski games, planes and spaceships, Egyptians and motorbikes wizards and frogs.
The graphics are up to the usual standard of colourful and interesting environments.
The main character is likeable. He has a humorous side as well with his facial expressions when he is frustrated and what he gets up to when he is waiting for instruction.
Some games require dexterity and other games get the adrenalin rushing as Crash has to race at break neck speed.
During his adventure Crash collects fruit for extra lives. He can walk, jog, jump and spin and slide his way through this fantastic game. This is a wonderful game and is highly recommended.
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on 8 July 2004
This game is the best. And the graphics are not bad for a playstation 1 game. This is possibly the best crash game ever.
Some of the bosses are quite hard though.
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VINE VOICEon 23 July 2000
This game has got to be the best platform game ever made. I was addicted to it. I never thought I would be racing U.F.Os on a motorbike or blowing away bad guys with a wumpa fruit bazooka. It took me a couple of weeks to finish the game, but I'm still trying to get high scores on every single level.
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on 13 July 2011
"Hat-trick" is a word most commonly heard in football, but did you know it actually originated from the sport of Cricket? It's when a bowler bowls three balls in a row and gets wickets from all of them. Moving on a little bit, in 1998 Crash Bandicoot completed his hat-trick of top-quality platform games with the release of Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped on the PSone.

Picking up where Crash Bandicoot 2 left off (if you played and got 100% completion from that game) Dr.Cortex's space station crash lands into a temple on a small island. The destruction leads to the freedom of an evil witch doctor mask called Uka Uka. It seems Dr.Cortex wasn't the evil big cheese afterall. Uka Uka is ticked off at the fact that Cortex lost all the crystals in the previous game; but with the help of a time-twister machine and its creator, Dr.N.Tropy, the villains plan to go to various points in time and steal the crystals from their original places.

Meanwhile the good witch doctor mask, Aku Aku, senses Uka Uka's escape from afar, and warns Crash and his sister Coco about the danger he brings to the world. Together they must use the time-twister machine to grab the crystals before the villlains do.

The game layout is very similar to CB2. There are 25 levels, with five in each warp area. You have to collect a crystal from each level and then complete a boss fight before you can move onto the next warp area. The gameplay style still involves running away from and into the screen, as well as running from side to side; although here in CB3 some of those styles are combined together to make for more exciting levels; especially in the Prehistoric levels where all three styles (away from, into, and side) are used.

The crystals, gems, boxes and level format initially make CB3 seem like nothing more than CB2 with a big 3 painted over the 2. But trust me, there are differences and features that make this game a worthwhile classic purchase. First, and most obvious, CB3 has a time travel theme. The levels you play through take place in numerous and famous periods of time, which include (but are not restricted to) the Prehistoric dinosaur age, ancient Egypt, and my personal favourite, Medieval England. Time travel is a great idea. It just sends your imagination running wild, especially if you're a hyper active kid.

100% completion still needs to be gained by collecting all the crystals and gems; but now there is one other thing you need to grab in order to achieve that goal. Time Relics. When you complete a level by collecting its crystal, you'll find a clock when you enter that level again. This activates "Time Trial" mode where you have to race to the end of the stage as fast as you can. If you're quick enough you'll earn a relic, which comes in sapphire, gold or platinum, depending on how fast you were. This is another great idea because it gives you a reason to play the levels through multiple times, as well as adding extra mileage to the game.

Crash is not the only orange marsupial you get to play as in CB3. For the first time ever in the Crash Bandicoot series you get to play as Crash's sister, Coco, who stars in her very own levels of mayhem; the highlights of which are the Pirate themed levels where she rides the waves on a jet-ski. But this doesn't mean Crash gets to miss out on all this vehicle business. He himself gets to make like a biker dude, and ride a motorbike in races through the desert. Yet another high point of a brilliant game.

The time-travel theme, the relics, and Coco's levels combine beautifully with the already established series features (breaking boxes, collecting gems, etc.) to make this a brilliant game; and the quality is further heightened thanks to the game's bosses, who are both funny and popular in equal measure, and the new abilities that can be obtained for Crash by defeating those bosses.

There's nothing really bad to say about this game. One minor fault I could point out is that despite the nice varity of levels, it could've perhaps done with a couple more themes to make it even more varied, like the Viking era, or the American wild west. Also the game is a little more challenging than CB2, but it's still fairly easy and can be polished off by gaming veterans in about three or four sittings.

But I'm just being picky. Crash Bandicoot 3 is without doubt Crash's finest hour. If you're a PSone fan you should buy a copy of this game and relish it for all it's worth. Yes, there was a decent racer in the form of Crash Team Racing, but this was the last truely great Crash Bandicoot platformer ever released. OK, you've read my review. Now go and buy the game!
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on 31 October 2012
Days and days and days of fun! even when you complete the main storyline there is tonnes left to do which keeps you occupied for hours! I love the platform type levels and the first 3 Crash games will always be the best. I wish they kept them like this because now the new company that produces them have made the newer crash far too easy and more kiddy like.

The gameplay, storyline and overall stuff to do makes this one of my favourite old ps1 games ever (along with Spyro 2...although its quite a lot easier)

I STILL sometimes feel the urge to play this and will get out my ps1 and start over a new game and see how quickly I can complete it. I must have dedicated at least a weeks worth of hours of my life to this game.

I liked the challenge of this and getting all the platinum relics took me quite a long while but I can complete the new ones in two seconds.

I want a more challenging Crash back! Same goes for the newer Spyro and Rayman games. I think these old ps1 classics have been ruined over the years, they're just not the same anymore :(
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