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4.6 out of 5 stars118
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 3 January 2006
Few shows maintain the adoration and popularity that has been afforded to the Friends story, which began almost 11 years ago. The tales of Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe and Monica are ones that fans know just as well as their own friends' lives, such is the addictive nature of this show.
Like all shows with the longevity of Friends, dips in quality are innevitable over time, but this first series reminds you why you ever fell in love with the show.
It begans, infamously, with the scene in which Rachel storms into Central Perk wearing her wedding dress as Ross professes "I just want to be married again". In walks Rachel and so Chandler exclaims, "And I just want a million dollars". The first series establishes the gang's relationships, as Rachel settles into independent living with the support of her new best friends and the show gives us, the viewer, a warm and reassured glow.
Throughout the series, snippets from the lives of all 6 characters are presented, including Joey's infamous "Butt-role" and Chandler's early encounters with the somehow-adorable Janice. We also see the early signs of Ross and Rachel's attraction, the outcome of which requires one to watch about 300 episodes through to the show's series 10 finale...something that is well worth doing!
This particular DVD box-set is dissapointing in its lack of behind-the-scenes footage and bonuses. Indeed, there are only 3 discs and one is required to flip the discs with 4 episodes on each side of each DVD. Needless to say there is plenty of room for more on a DVD, but no such interest has been taken. This flaw is slowly being corrected following the US release of a new set of DVDs featuring the 'Director's choices' with bonus material...maybe that will make the transition over the pond soon.
However, this DVD does provide excellent value for money, with all episodes from series 1 present and there to enjoy all over again - if the Channel 4 repeats fail to suffice. Fans of the series will now no longer have to worry about wearing out their videos of 1994/95 series 1, if they can tollerate the dissapointing lack of extras.
For comedy, romance and a general feel-good factor, this show is the perfect source. Those unfamilair with Friends, this is your starting's comparable with Cheers, but largely, better written.
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on 18 June 2006
If anyone doesn't know who's reading this which I find unlikely I'll just briefly explain the plot of Friends. One of the most popular series of all time follows the trials and tribulations of six friends (hence the title), by the name of Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Ross, Monica and Pheobe all in their mid 20's living in New York beginning in the mid 1990's.

Friends is one of the most broadcast shows ever so it's probable that most people have caught an episode of it at some time or another. There are certain storylines which are most prominent through each of the 10 seasons of Friends and this first season focuses mainly on Ross and his coming to terms with his ex-wife Carol's lesbanism and her pregnancy with his child and him falling in love with Rachel. It also focuses on Rachel coming to terms with her new life in the city after jilting her fiance Barry at the altar and becoming independent without her father's money for the first time in her life. All this is accompanied by hilarious moments that can be watched time and time again without the chance of ever becoming tired of them. Despite the fact that Friends is always on the TV (especially if you've got Sky), it's still nice to own the box sets so you can enjoy them at your leisure.

Well, all I've offered is praise so why have I given the title that this box set has let itself down? Well, for such a loved series, I wonder why in the heck it has been released on double sided DVDs (which are my pet hate) with zero extras? The DVD quality isn't that hot either. Without this this series would have got 5 stars without any trouble but I'm so amazed at this I really had to take one off. The season is fantastic the box set is really disappointing.
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on 12 July 2010
Wow. The first series of Friends still holds its own today as one of the best. There are some amazing episodes in this set and great acting by all the key actors.

Disc 1 Side 1: The Pilot
Disc 1 Side 2: The One With the Blackout
Disc 2 Side 1: The One With the Monkey
Disc 2 Side 2: The One With the Boobies
Disc 3 Side 1: The One Where the Monkey Gets Away
Disc 3 Side 2: The One With the Fake Monica

Rating: 5/5
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on 30 August 2002
Right from the word go Friends had me hooked. The Pilot episode not only introduces each cast members character (which are developed over this series and all which follow) from Joey the stud to utterly anal Monica to freaky Phoebe, but also starts off a whole series of Chandler's one liners with my personal favourite "Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian. Did I say that out loud?"
Best episodes include The One With the Poker and The One with The Blackout and of course The One With Two Parts with guest stars include George Clooney and Noah Wyle. All this ends with the unforgettable series finale, The One Where Rachel Finds Out.
Fresh, fun and totally brilliant. If you don't already know where Friends all began (how could you not) then buy this and prepare to laugh your socks off!!
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on 13 October 2008
This series of Friends is probably my favourite....Because you get to know all the characters individually, you then get to see in time them develop as a group and as couples. This reflects on a lot of real life situations.

As a DVD I was impressed, you do not end up with 8 dvds with 4 episodes on a disk, instead they are double, in a very thin easy to store case. When it comes to the extras, This dvd is a NEW DESIGN, ALL series were previously released with extra scenes, and a lot of extra do i know this? I have them ;) they re-released due to the fact the extras were limited time only in the exact packaging, but with extra footage. Even without the extra scenes they are still funny and Friends is still the best series by far that has ever been released.
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on 10 September 2011
'Friends' was one of those shows that managed to get into its stride almost instantly, and after a slightly awkward Pilot episode, Season 1 offers some of 'Friends' funniest moments, as well as some of its best written and most affecting serious issues; from Ross' break-up with his wife Carol, to, Monica's frustration over her opening-episode date with the philandering 'Paul the Wine Guy', and beyond. Though most people will have likely seen 'Friends' before, for the uninitiated, the show begins in the mid-1990s, set around six friends living in New York City, and dealing with the search for work, and the more personal search for love and happiness, and almost all (at this stage) sporting some pretty cheesy '90s haircuts. For fans returning to take a trip back through the earliest year of 'Friends', don't worry, it's every bit as good as you remembered. From Monica handing out free lasagne to a man she hates, to Ross' pining after Rachel, there are some of the show's most enjoyable moments in here, and the episodes are consistently very well written and deft. Definitely reccomended.
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on 2 March 2007
I remember all those years ago when this series started everyone almost everyone was talking about it and are still doing so today out of all 10 seasons no1 had it classics from the 1st scene in central perk to when rachel finds out that ross fancys her in the season cliffhanger. some of the classic chandler scenes including his on off relationship to annoying janice are included in this season and we begin the ongoing joke about rosses breakup with lesbian ex wife carol and also we see the birth of rosses son ben.

So sit back relax and enjoy year 1 of friends
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on 21 June 2007
This was our first introduction to the 6 New Yorkers, and what a brilliant introduction it was. The characters seem to change considerably over the 10 series, but the early episodes are still as funny now as they were then. A brilliant series with some memorable episodes. If you're a fan of Friends and haven't purchased this yet then order it today, you'll find yourself watching them again and again - now that's what I call value for money!
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on 31 August 2000
I wish to highly commend Warner Brothers Home Video in regard to this set of excellent DVDs. The quality is superb, the interactive menus are simple, yet functional and the extra features are fascinating. Words cannot describe the programme itself. Sheer excellence! Thank you to for offering this set at such an excellent price. I thoroughly recommend this box set.
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on 6 August 2004
The title says it all, the first series of Friends on dvd box set for a great price too!!!! My husband ordered me all the nine box sets for our first wedding anniversary. Friends were and still are one of the best things to ever grace television. WHat will all true Friends fans do without them now!!! Roll on mid August when the final box set 10 (sob sob) comes out!!!!
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