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4.6 out of 5 stars19
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 May 2002
When reviewing this game my review is split up into two categories; Pro's and Con's... here goes:
-Pro's; somehow the boys at infogrammes managed to fit all of these amazingly detailed graphics onto one disc. Three of the four cities are brilliant; Miami, San Fransisco and New York. Apart from that. The roads are real, cops really do run you down, and the cars of driver really do shine in their surroundings.
Moving from in game to FMV's, the cut scenes here really do work. Somebody has spent a long time perfecting them, and they do add a lot of motion to an already brilliant game. Most notably the glistening sand and bluewater beaches of Miami do feast the eyes and the New York cut scenes capture perfectly what driver is about.
Onto sound. When playing driver you do get a "mono" feel to the in game effects, despite the stereo background music, you do get mono effects and it doesn't sound overly impressive with Pro Logic. But again what the in game lacks the FMV's make up for.
-Con's; when looking at driver there are only three things that stand out as being problems. One is the Los Angeles city gameplay, it seems rushed and doesn't reflect the high quality gaming of the other three cities. Two is the 90' turns. Every single turn in driver is a perfect corner, there's no bends, no hairpins and basically it does take a lot of depth out of the skill required to play the game. Three, therefore, is the fact that you cannot actually get out of your car during gameplay, which does make the cities a lot less explorable.
In summary, just buy this game! You'll love it despite it's three "pitfalls".
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on 12 July 2009
"Driver" was the 1st game for the (good old) PlayStation that really made me truely excited about gaming for a long long time... To be honest most driving games bore me to tears but this came along for me just when i was wanting a game that gave you a realistic(ish) driving experience and that is what this has to offer :-)

The other reason this game has a great long shelf life is the film director mode for the chases...

Overall a great piece of work!!!
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on 8 October 2010
As much as I love really fast car chases, I'm not so crazy about 70's cop shows. They just don't do a thing for me. I do however enjoy this 70's cop show-influenced PSone game. Driver, developed by Reflections Interactive and released in the summer of 1999.

In Driver you get to drive a car around the streets of four major cities: Miami, San Fransisco, Los Angeles and New York. All of these cities are fairly big, so you'll be doing plenty of driving and sight seeing.

The graphics are really impressive for a PSone game. The cities, although only loosely based on the real life cities, do still contain a level of accuracy. For example New York has many tall buildings and there are lots of yellow taxis covering the streets. Also in San Fransisco there are many road hills to drive up and down as well as trams to avoid. But the most impressive thing about the graphics is the damage model. Whenever your car takes a knock you'll be able to see the damage. Running headfirst into a lap post = damaged headlights.

The game shines in the gameplay department as well. The car handles beautifully, and whenever you step on the gas or perform a handbrake turn around a tight corner, it feels really satisfying.

There are many racing modes for you to try out in Driver. Take A Ride is a free mode where you can just drive around the city streets, run over tables and trash cans, crash into other cars, and get chased by the police. There are also a series of mini games you can play, including Pursuit (where you have to chase and ram into a getaway car) and Survival (where you have to survive a police onslaught for as long as possible). But the real heart and soul of Driver lies in Undercover mode.

Here you play Tanner, a Police officer working undercover. Your main goal is to take down the major crimelord, Castaldi. But first you have to gain the trust of several low-budget crooks. Your first goal is to complete the training mode in an underground car park by pulling off a series of driving manoeuvres. Only by completing this training mode can you then move on to the real missions.

The missions in Undercover mode basically come in three different flavours: Driving from Point A to Point B, Chasing & Ramming, and Running & Hiding. Undercover contains different routes, meaning you can play through the game a few times and see different missions. Whilst this is a great idea in terms of replay value, it does make for a less solid and more flimsy storyline as the cut scenes need to cover the missions.

Speaking of cutscenes, they're not exactly great, even for a PSone game. Although the in-game graphics are good, the FMVs are poor. The character's movements are basic; the faces are constantly hidden in shadow; and all in all they look badly rushed. The voice acting isn't much better either. It's so cheesy that if you put the controller down, left the room and left the house, you'd STILL be able to smell it.

But Driver's biggest flaw comes in the final mission in Undercover. I won't spoil it by saying what it is, but it seems the game testers forgot to actually test this mission, because it is impossible to complete. No seriously, it is. The only way you can complete it is by entering a cheat code before you start it.

Yes, I'll put my hand up and admit that Driver does have some noticeable flaws. But there are still many good things about this game that make it a classic PSone title. PSone collectors, you NEED this game!
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on 19 January 2002
Driver is one of the best driving games in the world! You play as this guy called Tanner, a maverick cop who hands in his badge to go undercover to take on the kingpin of crime - Castaldi.
Tanner is called to the Police chief's office in New York and given instructions to head for Miami and rendzvous with this guy called Rufus. After a tip off following his arrival in Miami, Tanner meets with a number of seedy gangsters and violent hoods at an undergroung car park. Now Tanner has one attempt to get a job with the mob as the gang's lead getaway driver.
This game takes you from Miami, to Frisco, to Los Angeles and back to New York. You main objective: to uncover the true intentions behind the ever-increasing power and influence of the Castaldi family...and bring him down!
Superb vehicle handling, mind-blowing graphics, amazingly detailed cities and the sheer exhilaration of racing down narrow streets at high speed while transporting some of the most dangerous criminals ever and being chased by a bunch of police officers that will stop at nothing until you're tightly behind bars makes 'Driver' one joy-ride that you will never forget!
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on 2 November 2012
I remember when this game first came out back in 1998 before the days of the 3rd person GTA games and even though you couldn't get out of your car Driver was something pretty amazing.

Playing it again years later on my PS3 the game although outdated graphically Driver is still a lot of fun and brings back some great memories.
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on 15 December 2004
I first played Driver a couple of years ago. I picked it up in Woolworths after realising they didn't have London Racer, so, thinking it looked good having seen it on the shelves in there before, I decided to give it a go. It was amazing. I love the motel room part of the game, where you can choose one of up to three different missions every time via the answering machine. I love the overall atmosphere of the game, too-it's got massive cities and is a nice, simple game that is the perfect introduction to the Driver world.
The missions aren't too hard, but deliver the right amount of punch. They're exciting, and really involve you in the game. It actually took me about six weeks or so to get past the initial interview stage of the game, but once I did, I was fine.
Overall, Driver was another 1999 classic for the orginal Playstation, along with other heavyweights that year, Ape Escape and Crash Team Racing. If you never bought this game, make sure you do. Sure, it's all a bit dated now, but it still rocks. Highly recommended!
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on 18 March 2016
Fantastic got it well before the delivery date game play very good I will buy again
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on 10 September 2015
Product arrived on time and everything was exactly as advertised.
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on 24 June 2016
5 Stars! I am really happy with the service provided
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on 1 December 2015
Quite possibly the greatese driving game ever!!!
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