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4.5 out of 5 stars53
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Of all the electronic games I have seen, this series of games is with out doubt the best. This original game Crash Bandicoot has everything a game needs.
The basic idea is that you are on some tropical islands with the main character "Crash" who has to face the challenge of many levels as he confronts many enemies. He can walk, jog, jump and spin through twenty six levels in an attempt to rescue his girlfriend "Tawna" from the evil Dr Cortex. During his adventure he collects fruit for extra lives. And smashes boxes and gets tokens for bonus rounds.
The game has a few different levels such as the beach, jungle and castle. And there are some boss levels. Some games require dexterity and other games get the adrenalin rushing as Crash has to race at break neck speed.
The game is pleasing on the eye as the graphics are colourful and interesting and the main character is likeable. He has a humorous side as well with his facial expressions when he is frustrated and what he gets up to when he is waiting for instruction.
There is one thing that isn't so good about this game and that is the terrible "save" system. You have to get through a lot of the game before you can save your progress and if you make a mistake you lose everything. You have to get to a bonus level before you can "save".
I found this first edition very good but a little frustrating with the save problem. But it is a great favourite and is always worth playing again and again from time to time.
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on 24 September 2010
Crash Bandicoot is a star. Nevermind his average lacklusture outings on PS2. It's the PSone games that ooze quality. Crash may not have enjoyed the mega stardom that Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog have enjoyed (he certainly hasn't had his own cartoon series), but between 1996 and 2000 he certainly knew how to entertain players in great platform games.

So here we are. Crash's very first outing, and I find it amazing to believe that this game is 14 YEARS OLD! Thinking about that makes me feel so...elderly! Anyway, what's the story? Well a twisted scientist by the name of Dr.Neo Cortex has genetically modified Crash to be one of his soldiers in an ever increasing army of animals-behaving-badly. Unfortunately for Cortex, but good news for us, Crash turned out to be too much of a good guy and Cortex ends up chasing the wacky marsupial out the window. But a huge fall to the ground is the least of Crash's worries. Cortex is holding the bandicoot's girlfriend captive, so now he has to make his way through 32 levels in order to save her.

As you would expect from a 14 year-old PSone game the graphics are old, and neither Crash nor his enemies have the same vibrancy and facial expressions of Crash Bandicoot 2 or 3. But on the plus side the environments are bright and colourful, making steps, boxes and pits easy to spot. The levels' themes do get a little samey though. It's mainly jungles and temples for the first half of the game, and hi-tech machinery for the second half. The gamestyle is that of a traditional platform game. They involve running away from the screen; running into the screen; and running from side-to-side. Anyone who's ever played platform games from the 2D era, like the SNES or Megadrive, should be familiar with this style of game from the off.

Your progress through the game is measured by percentage. As well as completing levels you also have to complete bonus levels in order to get to 100%. You do this by collecting three tokens during a normal level. You then have to make it through the bonus level in one piece. Gems also count towards the final score. These are much tougher to get. What you have to do is complete a level without dying, breaking every single box in that level. Furthermore you'll need to collect coloured gems in some of the levels in order to get the clear gems in other levels.

So those are the two things you have to do in order to fully complete the game. Unfortunately this is where the game's biggest flaw comes into play. The save system. You can't save your game after finishing a level. In fact you can only save your game by either collecting a gem or completing a bonus level; and considering how tough the gems are to collect, and how tough the bonus levels are later in the game, this can be really frustrating. Worse still when you do get a chance to save (memory card or password) the game doesn't remember to save the number of lives you've collected, so when you load up a saved game you only have four lives. Again this is really frustrating, especially in the latter stages of the game.

But despite its flaws Crash Bandicoot is still a hugely enjoyable game. When you think about it, Naughty Dog owes a lot to Crash. Without his success there wouldn't have been a Jak & Daxter on PS2, and there certainly wouldn't have been any Uncharted games on PS3. So if you're a collector of PSone games like I am, you should definately buy this game.
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on 6 July 2010
OK, I just thought I would give an input to say that I have played this game from a very young age and still it holds up to me in a way that I cannot explain, but however I can describe the overall experience simply. Well for starters it's a new idea, but unfairly got compared to Mario 64; granted, it does have similar plat-forming, but it's a completely different game. Crash Bandicoot is a game that the player will instantly get attached to from beginning to end. The encounters with bosses are fun and in an addictive manner keep you going through. The level design is fair, but what's most important is the ideas for levels - They are cool for it's time and includes such themes like Hog Rides, Side Scrolling levels, 3D Enviroments (in Computer Generator Rooms, Laboratories, Dark ruins' and many others that are indescribable but live up to their originality) the story is quite coherent from start to finish, but overall is really clichéd - The only difference is it involves a Bandicoot going after his love Tawna Bandicoot after he is separated from her, which was of the doings by the Evil Dr. Neo Cortex, whose plan was to evolve Crash into something fiercer in his plan for world domination. Yeah, but the story is not what this game is praised for - It's praised for the fun that we have in playing it! I will also mention that it has a range of 32 levels overall and challenges like getting the 26 Gems by breaking every single box in an individual level and not dying once and 2 keys that you have to get from Cortex Bonus levels, that unlock 2 secret levels (and they're relevant to unlock if you want the complete 100%, which I have acquired 4 times before, as the game during time becomes immediately easier, even though I found it difficult as a child, adults will find something of good value in this game - I guarantee it). I recommend it to anybody who loves retrospective, old-style, graphics don't matter. games!
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on 6 October 2011
Crash Bandicoot first debuted in 1996 and it's PSone's very own platformer - next to games like Super Mario and Sonic. This game is set across 3 islands featuring different stages and each island has a boss battle. Mr. Bandicoot must jump and spin his way through the stages and stop Dr. Neo Cortex from doing his evil deeds.

The characters in this games are Coco Bandicoot (Crash's sister), Dr. Neo Cortex (the main villian of this game), Nitrus Brio (Cortex's mad assistant), Tawna (Crash's girlfriend), Aku Aku (a mask that you collect to help crash through the stages), Papu Papu (an indian chief, I'm guessing), Ripper Roo (a sort of laughing Hyena), Kaola Kong (a panda look-alike) and Pinstripe (who looks like he works for the mafia), some of these characters are bosses that you verse throughout the game.

As you go through the stages, you'll notice that you can collect faces from the boxes and if you get all three, you'll enter a bonus stage and there's a reason why you should do this.

If you manage to get a 100% on one of the levels, which means break every wooden box you can find, you'll be rewarded with a gem and these gems can lead to secret levels or a sceret passageway in a level.

There are a few problems with this game. Some levels can be a little complicated and sometimes you'll see yourself doing some mistakes. Apart from that, there isn't anything else wrong this game.

If you are a fan of platformers, then you'll love this game.
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on 12 December 2010
I've played this game time and time again and it never gets boring. You play as a crazy bandicoot called Crash, who jumps, hops and sprints through every level smashing through crates and reaping the prizes within them. It's a very fast paced game and it's a game where you can enjoy being a bit careless and taking risks, as there are always plenty of lives to get. At one point during my most recent game, I had almost 50 lives to spare, which makes it light-hearted and not really that hard to play through. It's great as a time killer or even as an 'in-between game' to play between bigger, harder games such as RPG's etc.

The graphics aren't bad for its time. They're quite colourful and cartoony which makes it feel really light-hearted. The levels are varied. In some you travel up-stream, in others you cross high bridges, there are two levels where you're running from boulders and others where you're riding a hog. It's so varied that it never ever gets boring. If you're a first time player, you will be left wondering what the next level will bring. For quite a simple game, it's amazing how addictive and fun it is to play. can get frustrating at times, because, as it's a game that involves a lot of jumping, it's easy to mis-judge a gap and you can end up playing through the same bit a couple of times. However, that minor criticism hardly makes a dent, as overall the game is incredible to play through, for children and adults alike.
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on 7 October 2001
This is an excellent Platform game, with challenging enemies, lush 3D environments, you even get to ride a wild boar! The only things that puts this Platinum gme down 1 star is the awful save system. You have to wait until you get to a bonus area by collecting 3 of the same tokens before you can save your progress, even then if you slip, you can't go back to that area!
I'd also like this game to be Analog controller compatible.
In conclusion: Get this game if your a BIG fan of the Crash Bandicoot series!
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on 16 February 2009
Wow! This is a really old game but it just blows you away! It has everything a platform game should have: good graphics, great moves, brilliant levels, great enemies, lots of things to collect, brilliant music and fantastic characters. Fair enough, it isn't Analogue controller compatible but due to it's age, this is perfectly understandable.

It's a really challenging and interesting game and once you've started, it's hard to get bored of it. The levels are done brilliantly with lots of different environments. The music fits them perfectly and just listening to it on it's own is great.

A truly great game. This is just the start of the series so if you're new to it, start here. It sets the atmosphere for the whole series perfectly and makes the characters instantly memorable.

After you've finished this, move on to 2 then 3. Believe it or not, it just gets better!!!!!
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on 12 November 2004
This is without doubt one of the best PSOne games ever *or maybe it is the best*. I had so much fun playing this great game, it is great fun spinning around and doing all kinds of fun things, if you have a young son or daughter buy this for them and they will love it! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
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on 21 August 2012
I've been wanting to play this game again for years and finally got around to ordering it recently. It's pretty awesome - proper Crash Bandicoot nostalgia. Box was slightly damaged, but PS1 boxes are brittle anyway, and the game works perfectly fine so I wasn't bothered.
As it's the first in the series, Naughty Dog haven't ironed out all the bumps in it yet - you can't die if you want to get all the boxes on a level, which can get pretty irritating, and you can only save after you've got a gem or completed a particular bonus, but after a while it's possible to work with it.
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on 10 July 2000
As platform games go, this has it all - lush graphics, great motion, and loads of frustrating bits that you have to do again and again and again and again and again.... Personal favourite bits include leaps of faith in the dark tunnels and riding along on the back of a snuffling wild boar. Fun for all the family!
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