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4.4 out of 5 stars34
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 6 March 2002
I thought "Tragic Kingdom" was brilliant, but in my opinion this is so much better. Some real rocky songs such as "bathwater"; "six feet under" and "ex-girlfriend" and some slower tracks like "marry me" and "too late". My absolute favourite is "new", to be honest there is nothing bad about that song at all! I also really love "simple kind of life". Everybody who I've made listen to this album comes away loving it and I can honestly say It's one of my favourite albums ever. I would say it's a little more soulful than "Tragic Kingdom" and not as funky as their more recent song "Hey Baby". Buy this! I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
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on 5 February 2008
Yes really.

The best songs on Tragic Kingdom were Don't Speak, Just a Girl and Sunday Morning. On Return of Saturn at least half the Songs are as good as any of those three; Suspension without Suspense is better than Don't Speak, Ex-Girlfriend is better than Just a Girl, and Bathwater is better than Sunday Morning. Then you have New, Comforting Lie, Dark Blue, Artificial Sweetner, Too Late, Simple Kind of Life, Magics in the Makeup - all of which are just as good as anything on TK.

Simply based on the number of 'classic' songs, this album is The Daddy. I recently made a compilation CD of the best of ND (and I have everything they've ever released) - 10 out of 19 songs were from this album.

'nuff said!
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on 3 February 2001
in a word. yes. anyone who has a bad word to say about this album needs examining. This is the most original album ive heard for a long time. Only NO DOUBT could pen such songs of this quality after a smashing album such as tragic kingdom, the lengthy wait for a new album has been more than worth it. Although sounding quite different than their previous offerings, you can still hear classic no doubt in there all way through. From the start you can tell this album is building to something, namely ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER, NEW and TOO LATE, and it finishes in style with BIG DISTRACTION and a stunning instrumental reprise of TOO LATE. Every song is a potential single, but why isnt it getting any publicity? Everyone should own this album, i have already forced most people i know to buy it, and they havent stopped thanking me for telling them to get it. and i say the same to EVERYONE who reads this. BUY IT NOW.
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on 4 July 2000
This album is the follow up to the highly successfull tragic kingdom album (1997). Return of Saturn has strong and vibrant songs which reflect on the lead singer Gwen Stafani's on off relationship with her boyfriend Gavin the lead singer from the english band bush. Gwen who is the main songwriter has lost some of her anger since the album Tragic Kingdom with songs such as just a girl and excuse me mr etc. She tends to reflect on the need she has to settle down and get married like the song simple kind of life which is a sweet song and reflects on Gwens need for a man and a family in the lyric "i always thought i'd be a mom sometimes i wish for a mistake" as does the song marry me " i wouldn't mind if my name changed to mrs". Yet there are still shades off the old no doubt in the songs new, comforting lie, bathwater and six feet under which still show that no doubt are every bit as good as they were. Return of Saturn is a great catchy and fun album a great effort from the band.
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on 8 November 2000
This album reflects no doubts varying style of music and is an essential edition to any self respecting music lover's collection. The album features a host of new songs including the singles, 'Simple kind of life', 'Ex-girlfriend' and 'New'. It also includes some original no doubt style rockers such as 'staring problem' and some new stuff such as the exellant 'artificial sweetner' and 'Bathwater' The album also features some of their slower more haunting songs such as 'marry me' and 'magic's in the makeup' Altogether a stonkin' good buy if ya ask me I'd reccomend it to anyone!!!
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on 10 April 2000
No Doubt have truly outdone themselves with the release of "Return Of Saturn". You can almost forgive their record company for all of the delays because the finished product is polished, and worth the wait.
Like most people in the UK, I had never heard of No Doubt until 1997, but once I did, I never looked back, and I've been a fan ever since. I bought their first two albums, and when I purchased Tragic Kingdom, I played it virtually non-stop each day during the summer of 97.
I thought they would do pretty well to top that, but they have, and if I could give this latest work 10 stars, I would. Gwen Stefani's unique voice is prominent on all of the tracks, and the lyrics (which she chiefly writes) are original. None of this samey "I love you and there's nothing else I'd rather do than be with you..." stuff. You can tell that she and her bandmates have worked hard on them. Not just a pretty face (even though that pink hair really suits her...).
The band work cohesively well together as a unit. Take one of them away, and they are not the same. The first thing I always notice on a track are Tony Kanal's powerful bass lines, which add a unique flavour. Tom Dumont always adds engergy and excitement with his guitar licks, and the sheer agression with which Adrian Young plays the drums is always apparent to the ears. And of course, the contrubution that Steve Bradley and Gabrial McNair make with their keyboard and horn playing is something that the regular band members cannot do without.
Die-hard No Doubt fans like myself will buy Return of Saturn without hesistation. But to everyone else, if you fancy something different to the norm, consider this album. No Doubt's unique combination of different musical styles are waiting to be unleashed upon your ears. If you've seen anything negative written about them, just ignore it and let your ears do the judging. All in all, a great album.
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on 22 October 2003
As far as I'm concerned 'Return of Saturn' is absolutely the best No Doubt album. It's certainly the most listenable. Their self-titled debut has dated slightly, 'The Beacon Street Collection' is pretty good but contains some average songs, 'Tragic Kingdom' is unarguably marvellous but tails off a bit towards the end (However, it contains 'Sunday Morning' and 'Don't Speak,' so it's definitely a classic) and 'Rock Steady' is cool and original but took me a lifetime to get in to.
This album, sadly, is criminally underrated. It kicks off with the amazing 'Ex-Girlfriend' and finishes with the brilliant 'Big Distaction.' (And, of course, the really lovely 'Too Late' instrumental.) Gwen's voice and songwriting talents are on full display for the first time on this album, and for me that's a definite bonus. It's No Doubt's (for want of a better word) 'rockiest' album and I would recommend it to anyone, even if they aren't into No Doubt's regular ska sound.
The best things about this album are the song 'New' (my favourite No Doubt song...apart from 'Sunday Morning) and Gwen's funky pink hair!
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on 13 August 2000
I had been aware of no doubt for years due to their hit singles such as 'don't speak' and 'just a girl', but had never bought any of their material. I got this album in April this year, and was overwhelmed at how original and powerful it was. I would say it is one of the best albums of 1999.
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on 11 May 2000
If there are any a-level music students out there this album should be compulsary listening, the chord work and harmony is fantastic, whish I had it when I was doing a-level. This album is truley excelent! Simple kind of life is bound to end up in the charts soon, bathwater is excelent, Six feet under is full of energy (kinda like excuse me mister but not as chearfull), New is still as cool as it was all that time ago when it was released as a single (it sounds slightly different at the start), Too late is, well, wow! Comforting me is fantastic, Staring problem... WOW! There's a bonus track that's chord work is EXCELENT, and theres a bonus bonus track at the end of the first one that is a instrumental version of too late. I cant express how much I LOVE this album enough.
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on 23 August 2000
Well at first listen, I was rather dissapointed by this album. Of all the albums they have released 'tragic kingdom' was outstanding so I was expecting alot from this. I heard 'ex-girlfriend' & thought it was great & couldn't wait for the album release. Now after a few listens I would rate it up with tragic kingdom. it has a good mix of upbeat singalong tunes & very downbeat songs. the combination is great. There are a couple of 'album fillers' lie 'buried 6 feet under ground' & 'staring problem' but not to the point that they ruin the album. Only thing that did disappoint me is that 'under construction' hasn't been added to the CD. Overall rating: I would definatly recommend buying 'return of saturn'. Great!
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