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4.3 out of 5 stars85
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 13 December 2004
This film is just fantastic in every way and yes you have probally heard it is in french so you have to read the sub-titles but my god dont let that put you off!
Taxi is filled with exciting action and is also very funny in places, it is also much better than The Fast And The Furious films, trust me. Plus the film's soundtrack is brilliant! So if you want to watch a film that is just purely enjoyable and entertaining, this is the one!
After watching Taxi for the first time i straight away rated it as a classic and i was so dissapointed when i heard Hollywood had gone and made a re-make which by the way is just awful! Which just proves this really is a classic.
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on 10 August 2000
Brilliant film set in Marseille! Features Sammy Naceri driving his soupped up Peugeuot 406 around Marseille at crazy speeds! The film was very popular in france and features a superb soundtrack by french hip hop crew IAM. Both the film and music CD were number 1 in France for ages. TAXI 2 has been out in France since March 29th, 2000.
A great film, but a little on the short site. And the iffy translation (Poutain does not mean WOW!)
I advise anyone goes see it. the DVD doesnt have any extras except the trailer and cast info which is a shame as some interviews would have been nice. Cant wait for Taxi 2 DVD!
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on 3 February 2002
Its a film with some of the best chase sequences i have seen yet. Without the total need to computer animate every part of it they went out and did it for real. Ok the plot is a bit quirky but so are most French films. People who go and watch this film will never look at other films the same it has it all Cars, Girls, Chases and classic cops and robbers plus a taxi driver.
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on 27 September 2006
Hollywood certainly does not, testament to this would be the 2004 hideous rehash involving Queen Latifa and some Swedish orientated girls performing the heist. The reason why the remake is so damned awful, is that Americans do not understand the subtlties of European humour, failing to realise that slap stick and obvious ploys to get women dressed in next to nothing do not work, nor does the ebonical slang that haunts many a film, spoken from stereotypical aggressive blacks.

Anywho...I don't own many comedy films in the film collection, often the formula is repetitive, and certain films can only be endured a handful of times before coming tiresome, and placed in the back of ones collection to gather dust, to be left there until the time comes when DVD's are replaced by something else all together. Taxi, however, is a severely enjoyable romp, which I can find myself watching on a frequent basis as the film is just so damned entertaining.

A Luc Besson script, but not directed by him, presents us with our two main characters, Daniel the greatest pizza delivery boy turned Taxi Driver, and Emilien the most bumbling police officer since Inspector Gadget. The humour is grand, and the difference between the two is highlighted from the very beginning. Daniel is the smooth charmer, from which the humour associated with him comes at the expense of those around him, whilst Emilien is the source of all the gags he provides due to his nature as a complete incompetent (this highlighted brilliantly in the scene where he is learning to drive). But do not let this fool you Emilien is a hard working honest man, and he is in no way handicapped, bar possibly his attempts of trying "too" hard.

The humour is understated which truly makes this one of the greats. Everything is done so stylish and classily, there are no gigantic slapstick moments, or moments of humour based of vulgarities, the humour is exactly what humour should be, quick witted dialogue combined with precarious "sit-com"-esque moments.

The film charts the progress of these two characters as Daniel is entrapped by Emilien and "forced" to work for him, as Daniel and the officers he work with, engage in various plans e.g Operation Cougar in vein attempts to capture the ever elusive and so wonderfully stereotypical German Mercedes Gang (what's in a name!). So the chase is on, and using Daniels modified Peugeot they formulate a plan to trap the krauts ("damn the special franco-German relationship"). This is truly a must for any fan of cinema.
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on 30 July 2013
As films go, Taxi might be no more than a bit of fluff, but its infectious energy makes for a compelling 86 minutes. The plot is paper-thin - ageing pizza delivery boy Daniel reinvents himself as a taxi driver with a somewhat relaxed approach to the Highway Code, and teams up with bumbling cop Emilien to defeat a gang of German bank robbers. Luc Besson penned the script - you get the impression he did it as a bit of light relief between his more serious projects - and his sheer love and enthusiasm for the cinematic art comes across in every frame. Hollywood might churn out action comedies on a production line, but there aren't many that are as fun and as satisfying as this. DVD transfers of foreign-language movies are always a bit hit-and-miss, depending on the studio, and this one sadly is a miss - non-anamorphic widescreen with burned-in subtitles. Fortunately Taxi has now made it to blu-ray in France - the disc is import-friendly, region-free with English subtitles and DTS-MA audio, so this is the one to go for if you have an HD setup. The only other option is the R3 DVD release, anamorphic NTSC with player-generated subtitles but with a minor cut for nudity.
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on 3 March 2016
I just love this film. It has a lot to offer: good actors, fast cars, a lot of action and it is also a great comedy.

A taxi driver and speed maniac - Daniel is forced to work for the institutions he hates most – the police. He works along with Emilien to catch a gang of German bank robbers.

Emilien is a horrible drive and although he means well he is not a brilliant cop. I just laughed and laughed about the mistakes Emilien made in his pursuit of the bank robbers.

In conclusion: a great comedy & action film.
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on 5 November 2000
This is the only film that I have rented out more than three times! I think that it is that good. The film is great for people who are into cars and chase scenes. Daniel in his BTCC 406, and the Germans in there Merc 500E's. Great to watch.(Plus you get to hear a throaty V8 roar!) Unfortunatly it is only avalible in french. Please, only buy/rent the subtitled one. I was unlucky to watch a dubbed version. Some of the worst dubbing I've seen. Avoid. I've ordered the soundtrack for it. Only decent french music that I've heard really. Can't wait for Taxi 2, and possibly its game, which I've played in demo form. Its not too bad. Overall, an unmissable film for speed junkies!
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on 12 April 2012
This film proves why the French are the best at film making, it has well thought out action with a great storyline, really well scripted out. The reason the French are so good is because they try to make a good film. The American remake is terrible, all the Americans do is remake every European film there is just so they can make money, there is no point instead they should appreciate other cultures, the rest of the world can.
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Who said that the French can't translate humour? This is superb! The (admittedly simple) translation captures everything the film has to offer. It's funny, very un-politically correct, doesn't take itself serious and offers bucketloads of action. I would recommend this for any action junkie, buy it - then buy the second one!
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on 11 December 2009
What makes a cult movie? The only rule seems to be that it's never the ones you expect. For me, I suppose it's about how often I'm prepared to watch it again... and again... and again. And I'm beginning to lose count of how many times I've watched this film. From the first chords of the opening music and the roar of that scooter, it never fails to grip me. It's stupendously silly but enormous fun and hits all the right stereotypes: stupid cops, despicable villains, ludicrously lovely ladies and fast cars!

Of course, it's also been caressed by Luc Besson who has the Midas touch as far as I'm concerned. OK, it's in French and some people hate watching films in foreign languages but, hey, that just adds to the cult image! From the first time I saw this, it was a must for my DVD collection and it doesn't sit gathering dust on a shelf. I watch it again every few months and just love it!
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