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4.8 out of 5 stars55
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 21 February 2001
This box set is well worth the money! with Alien and Aliens being the outstanding films,Alien 3 gives atmosphere and fear and Alien Resurrection gives an all round good action film. The extras on Alien and Aliens are great and well worth a look if your an Alien fan, however the most impressive part of this DVD package has to be the sound quality! if you have a widescreen with speakers then you simply must get this for the superb, scary atmosphere which the Alien films gave at the cinema.
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on 22 October 2000
This box set was such a must for me I actually bought it before I had a DVD player. I belive all 4 films are at least good. The bonus DVD in this set is very interesting as it shows how the first Alien film was concieved and developed. It also introduces you to Geiger, the makier of the Alien that is so famous. The films themselves are all fantastic. The first gives you tension and suprise on board the Nostromo. Good character development at the beginning of the film and the ever famous chest bursting scene make this film a favourite of many alien fans. The second film, and my personal favourite pits a group of elite marines agaist an army of aliens. The fight sequences are great and the way the marines fall apart show how formidable and powerful the aliens are. This film is the directors cut version and the bonus 20 minutes make the film a little more interesting to those of you that have only seen the orignal cut. The centry guns are especially good as they give you a better idea of how many aliens there actually are. The third goes to the other extreme, this time it is a group of religous inmates against the alien. Fincher brings in his own ideas making the alien slightly different and giving Riply a hair cut. The final part of the saga jumps forward 200 years with the aliens this time being grown on purpose for biological weapons. They escape and again it is a race against time to get off the ship and destroy the creatures. More new twists and possibly the worst looking "thing" I have every seen towards the end of the film make this film a reasonable worthy addition the Alien Saga. All have bonus material which is interesting, especially to the hardcore Alien fan like myself.
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on 24 May 2000
This box set is what all DVD player owners have been waiting for. The thing that always annoyed me about alien was the poor picture quality. Not anymore!The first three films are fantastic but are sadly let down by the attempt at a fourth by Joss Wheddon. It contains poor characterisation, bad dialogue and a plot that neither makes sense nor holds water and a truly dismal performance by Winona Ryder.Also it is a shame that Jean-Pierre Jeunet wanted the aliens to look as though they had swallowed dry ice. The first three are incredible and I don't see what the complaint with Alien 3 is, it is just 'cos there were no guns in it like the previous installment. The box set is well worth the money for this outstanding trilogy. ..... Oh yeah and that other one!
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on 4 March 2003
This DVD set is an essential purchase for any Aliens / sci-fi fan. All four films are worth watching although they have very different styles having been directed by different people.
Alien, the original story, is full of menace and really manages to pump up the tension. The crew of Nostromo are woken to answer what they think is a distress call only to have crewman Kane (John Hurt) become an incubator for a previously unknown alien...what follows is cinematic history. Sigourney Weaver made her debut as Ripley, only survivor of the crew.
Aliens, the second film, is that rare beast, a follow up movie that is as good as the first. It is a much more 'gung ho' action film. Ripley very reluctantly agrees to return to the planet of her nightmares after contact has been lost with the colonists who are terraforming the world. Accompanying her is a motley bunch of marines as well as a company representative and, much to her disgust, an android. This time there is not just one alien to worry about.
At first glance Alien 3 doesn't seem as good as the previous two movies but certainly improves on a second viewing. Alien 3 is set on a penal colony world where Ripley's ship has crashed. She is the only female on a world full of the most dangerous, evil dregs of society. The only support she finds is from the colony's doctor (Charles Dance). When it becomes apparent that, yet again, the Alien has survived, Ripley has to convince, and then work with the prisoners in order to try and finally destroy her nemesis.
Alien Resurrection is set a couple of hundred years after the third film. Ripley has been cloned in order for the US military to try and extract knowledge of the Alien from her. Never ones to learn a lesson, they think they can use the Aliens as weapons. 'Resurrection' has plenty of tension and fear to offer but also explores a more emotional theme, exploring Ripley's relationship with the aliens. This is probably the weakest of the quadrilogy although for die-hard fans of Aliens and Ripley there is enough to keep the interest going.
The first two discs have a wealth of extras that add hours of fun. There are also some hidden extras. Discs 3 and 4 are very weak on their special features. All movies have the quality of sound and vision you would expect from this format.
All in all a very good set that is well owning.
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on 21 April 2000
This box set is definitely the ultimate in Alien merchandise as these are films that you will want to keep in DVD. Only let down by the terminally average Alien:Resurrection each film has its own moments of brilliance and its own feel and imagery. In my opinion the best is the first although its not as watchable as the second action packed outing. But whichever you prefer this is an excellent box set and well worth the money if you are a fan
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on 18 June 2000
Of all the films, "Alien" is the best on first viewing. But I wish I could recapture the terrifying excitement of the first time I watched it. Once you know when (and from where) the shocks are going to come, it loses some impact. You can watch the other three films more times, perhaps because there is less minimalist suspense and more big-picture action. However, the commentary by Ridley Scott puts a new slant on another viewing of the first film. It's fascinating to hear how much effort - and low-cost technical improvisation - went into the movie. At the same time, hearing the director laughing and sounding pleased during John Hurt's Big Breakfast scene made the whole thing appear bizarrely tame, especially his suggestion that the DVD will enable you to unpick a particular special effect frame by frame. So I went back and watched the whole thing with the original soundtrack, thinking the film would have even less power to frighten me... only to find a lot of the original fear had come back. The reason? Maybe this: Scott's voice reassures you that you're watching theatre, not reality. Then when you go back to the original soundtrack, you think you're armed with a knowing cynicism. But your sense of security is completely false. You've forgotten about the music: you get used to the film without it, you are lulled by Scott's voice, but that inspired score takes you by the scruff of the neck and *makes* you feel terror. .............We all love "Aliens". It's not as arty or original as "Alien" but it's so action-packed you can watch it repeatedly and not get bored waiting for the next set-piece. Interesting that the design of the human-made environments is much more distinct from the Giger-style alien environments than it is in the the first film. The contrast is disturbing and continues to be so, even when you've seen the movie 15 times. On the other hand, the organic alien-like curves and lumps on board the Nostromo turned every other background cable-conduit into a potential monster. Again, very scary the first time, but innocuous once you know what is threatening and what is not....................... "Alien 3" returns to merging the alien and human designs. It also brings back the idea of having to deal with this perfect predator without the proper equipment. In the previous film, the marines have a massive arsenal of what should be the proper equipment. It's still not enough against the alien. But oddly it always comes up trumps when it's convenient to the plot. By contrast, the closest that "Alien 3" comes to the hi-tech movement-trackers of "Aliens" is a line of candles, which unintentionally indicate the approach of the alien by being blown out. In common with the original film this is much more horror genre than sci-fi......................... A lot of people seemed to hate the third movie and felt the fourth was a return to form. I don't understand. "Resurrection" promises so much, delivers a lot (the underwater scene is astounding) but falls at the final hurdle. Sorry, but the "boss" monster at the end is not scary, not even pathetic. It does succeed in being revolting, but unfortunately it is also laughable, which completely punctures your expectations of the final sequence. My least favorite, I'm afraid....................... Finally, after all the extras surrounding "Alien", the other three movies seem a bit nude. But overall, the extras justify the cost.
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on 26 June 2000
What I like most about this series is the way that each film has a completely different take on the same story. A kind of 'variations on a theme' if you will.
I hadn't watched Alien for years, but watching it again reminded me why it is such a masterpiece of cinema. The tense build-up of the first 30 minutes reminds you of how films used to be before they were dumbed down for the mass-market.
Aliens is a decent film, but it doen't quite capture the atmosphere and terror of the other films. Instead, it is merely a gung-ho action film. Entertaining, but not exactly a classic. The aliens seem almost disposable compared to the first film. It's a shame that this is the film that many 'fans' of the series saw first, thus misguiding their expectations for the other films. And why does James Cameron film everything in soft focus? This DVD has the worst picture quality of the four.
Alien 3 is a really bleak film, with David Fincher's almost trademark sepia hue throughout. It goes back to the idea of just one Alien being extremely dangerous and almost unstoppable.
The fourth film is kind of a cross between the first two, but with a slightly surreal edge (hardly surprising when you consider who directed it!). If you can't handle a film that makes you think too much, you may not enjoy! Some of the one-liners were a bit unnecessary though.
My only gripes are that the flash menus get a bit tiresome after a while (Alien & Aliens) and Alien 3 and Resurection have very little extras included. Not even a director's commentary.
Still an essential purchase for fans though.
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on 25 June 2000
I was initially hestitate about buying this DVD set as I had only seen the first two films: Alien and Aliens.
I'm now glad that I did.
The almost one hour docu about the Alien series is excellent and very interesting.
Of the fours films, I still find Alien the scarest and most atmospheric of all the four films. Aliens is typical James Cameron: fast paced and well directed. The third is the worst of the four, with a weak script and poor direction, although saved by some good cinematography. The fourth is better, with some good one liners, but still lacks the atmosphere of the first film.
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on 18 May 2000
Hi. You've all read the various reviews, from the people who own the US versions and such. Also, you've read them from the UK versions. So, this won't take too long.
Basically, the US owners seem to be complaining (mostly on the .com site) that there are various problems with quality, and pauses and such. I own the Uk ones, and they don't have any of these problems. They are the best quality DVDs (aside from the region 1 Starship Troopers) I've got (definately the best UK ones), so I guess in the year between the releases, they must have fixed these problems.
Also, in the US you had to mail away for the 5th disc, 'while stocks last'. Over here, you get that disc in with the Alien box, so there's no problems there.
But, in the end, these are the best horror/sci-fi films around. They have a story, and a unique monster. And, each is made by a different guy, which leads to a completely different atmosphere with each. Also, each story takes it all one stage further, and along a different idea - resulting in no film just being more more more of the last, really. This makes them probably the only decent not pre-planned sequels in film history. (Oh yeah, and I think Alien 3 is great - it has the darkest most evil atmosphere, and Alien Res- it's great too, wonderful story, but I think it helps to read the book, as that gets the thoughts accross, and those are very important).
Anyway, these are well worth the money, even if anywhere actually did charge that £69.99 rrp (though, I haven't found anywhere that does, yet).
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on 3 September 2000
Simply put, the Alien Legacy has to be the main DVD purchase you ever make. All the extras on the DVD's and the fancy menu effects all add to the best DVD experiance I have had ever. Sure there are some really good DVD's out there but when you get a chance to get 4 of, probably the best horror/sci-fi legacy's around in one set you just cant make an excuse not to buy it. Take my word for it, and if you STILL dont like it when you've bought it, then there is definately something wrong with you!
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