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4.7 out of 5 stars288
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 10 March 2000
A great romantic comedy set in London. Hugh Grant plays a bumbling book store owner who falls in love with a Hollywood actress played by Julia Roberts. Their relationship stops and starts as Julia Roberts still has a boyfriend . A great film to watch with a partner on a quiet romantic night in.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 September 2011
Bookshop owner William Thacker's {Hugh Grant} life is turned upside down when Hollywood star Anna Scott {Julia Roberts} ventures into his shop.

By definition, Notting Hill is crowd pleasing fluff for the romantically inclined. Nothing wrong with that of course, chances are that if you have tuned in on TV or loaded this film on your player, you are fully expecting a fluffarama with lots of toothy smiles. Sure enough Notting Hill, written by Richard Curtis and directed by Roger Mitchell, delivers everything that the wish fulfilment plot synopsis suggests it will. And nicely providing a few laughs into the bargain. That it stops short of being a top line rom-com falls at the feet of Curtis and his over egged script. The comedy is razor sharp and the romance is excellently fleshed from start to finish, but in his need to add drama via media intrusion and a woe is me life of the actress, Curtis comes dangerously close to fluffing his, well, fluff piece.

Still it's a flaw that doesn't sink the film, because hey!, we want feel-good and that's what we shall bloody well get!. Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts take the lead roles of our mismatched {matched} coupling, and as it turns out it's a fine bit of casting. Roberts is not asked to do much other than smile and work well with Grant's wonderful foppish charm, while both actors benefit from an excellent supporting cast who rise above what in essence is a roll call of rallying around your mate mates!. Especially praise worthy is the efforts of Gina McKee and Tim McInnerny, whose sub-plot story could have been twee, but thanks to both of them that it actually adds an emotional pull rather than being a shoehorned hindrance. Cringe comedy comes courtesy of Rhys Ifans {owning every scene he is in} and James Dreyfus adds extra light relief as William's assistant at the shop, Martin.

There's no Wet Wet Wet theme tune to outstay its welcome, and Roberts says her cringer line with far more oomph than that of Andie MacDowell. To which makes Notting Hill no masterpiece in a much loved genre, but it is however a delightful frothy film that hopefully makes you smile as much as it did to yours truly. 7/10
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on 22 October 2015
This is without doubt one of Hugh Grant's greatest triumphs. If ever a role was suited to an actor rather than the actor suiting the role, this is it. He is quite simply magnificent in the modern Cinderella Tale told here. For her part, Julia Roberts plays her role to perfection too. Now believe it or not I'm not overly sentimental and usually give the run-of-the-mill 'Rom Coms' a wide berth, but this transcends at a higher level and is much more than just another 'Rom Com'. It displays a kaleidoscope of emotions from touching, funny and romantic. It would definitely make my top 20 all time great list. If you are one of the doubters (or simply avoid such films) take it from me, this is an exception. Sure, the principle actors play 'themselves', and the outcome is more than predictable, but this is why this film works so well. This is my third copy and I never get tired, whenever the mood takes me, to see it through again and again. If you are one of the few not to have not seen it or own a copy then, what are you waiting for. Get this, for I'm sure you'll find it a delightful addition to your favourite films list.
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on 19 December 2000
I found Notting Hill fantastic - lovely acting, wonderfully written script, and beautifully directed and shot. It's great for curling up in front of after a hard day, because it cheers you up - it cheers me up anyway! All the actors are at their best, and it's so easy to get into and have a good laugh. Wonderful! Here's to more British films like it!
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on 17 March 2004
I've seen LOTS of romantic comedies, and this is by far the funniest and the most romantic!
If you're looking for an enjoyable break from reality then this is just the thing!
It has to be said that the extra features are nothing special but buy this dvd anyway!
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on 29 September 2013
Very enjoyable. Get tired of death and destruction films so this is a film to relax with. Quality and sound in Blu Ray excellent. Would recommend.
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on 2 September 2000
I really enjoyed this movie. It was so funny, and the acting from Hugh Grant(a brilliant actor!), Julia Roberts and Rhys Ifans was outstanding. There were some great jokes, and the plot was clever. I'm a great fan of romantic comedies, and this is the best one I've ever seen. Even funnier than "Four Weddings and a Funeral". Buy it!
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on 24 November 2005
Poor old “Notting Hill”, this charming and entertaining film is far too often compared to “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and perhaps derided for another Hugh Grant “floppy haired bumbling Englishman” role when really it’s a fine and delightful film in its own right.
William Thacker is your average thirty-something Londoner, trying to make end meet running his own specialist travel bookshop in the Notting Hill area. His mundane day to day routine is well and truly shaken up when world famous actress Anna Scott visits his shop and purchases a book. Being the ultra-polite Englishman he is, William is far too well-mannered to draw attention to the gorgeous Ms Scott or be crass and ask for an autograph. When he bumps into her (literally) in the street only minutes later and spills a cup of orange juice over her he is only too quick to invite her into his house (the one with the blue door) and let her clean herself up. Gratified by both this charming and honest approach in contrast to the either bitchy or sycophantic way she is normally dealt with Anna is swept off her feet and ends their tryst by planting a huge smacker on the surprised William’s mouth.
What happens then is the wholly enjoyable if not wholly unlikely and wholly predictable love story between these two extremely likeable characters. The ups and downs are thoroughly entertaining and include many a hilarious scene, whether it’s the magazine interview for Horse and Hounds, Spike’s doorstep posing or William wearing goggles in the cinema. The story isn’t just about comedy though; the romantic scenes are finely crafted and have a poignancy of their own.
Where for me the film does fall down if we must compare it to other is that there isn’t any sub-plot to speak of, or even other characters that we can get interested in Four Weddings was just as much about Charles’ friends as it was about Charles, whereas here the story is all about William and Anna and although the minor characters are unforgettable in their own way they don’t actually do anything apart from provide background.
Where the film wins outright though is the charisma of the two leads. In anyone else hands the film could easily become either cloying or sickening but with the ever delightful Julia Roberts and her smile that can charm the birds out of the sky and Hugh Grant who is often unfairly criticised but no-one can play this type of role better than him, the romance remains bubbly, heart warming and enchanting.
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on 6 January 2002
This is one of the best films ever, touching, funny fantasy comedy and romance. There are those that don't like Hugh Grant, I gather, but my wife and I see him as we do his namesake Cary Grant. Sure, they always play 'themselves', but who cares, when it is done as well as they do it. A wonderful film, full of subtle touches which one can watch time and again.
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on 27 December 2015
I think for me that the part where Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) has come back to see William Thacker (Hugh Grant) to apologise, bringing him a painting and delivering the line "I'm also just a girl...standing in front of a boy...asking him to love her" is one of the most powerful moments I've ever seen in film because of the sheer timing and perfection of the delivery, the intonation, the emotions and their facial expressions and body language. Perfection itself and beautiful yet tragic, for here potentially is the parting of two people who could be right for each other, irrespective of their initial hiccups. Wonderful, wonderful and brilliant.
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