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4.4 out of 5 stars138
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 25 February 2008
I first saw this late one night on Channel 4, and immediately realised i was seeing an incredibly original, quirky, intelligent thriller, of the kind that had - to my mind - been absent since the early '90's heyday of Man Bites Dog, True Romance and Reservoir Dogs.
I won't go into the plot, as it'll spoil it, but suffice to say, it keeps you gripped to the end. ( People who are currently reading about certain branches of Quantum Physics may want to take a look ).
Of course, this is the film which kick-started Franka Potente's career, and she makes a truly engaging heroine here. In fact, you could say that this film has overshadowed her career so far, and not even great lead roles in The Bourne Identity and indie chiller Creep have eclipsed the fiery Lola in this movie.
For the price listed here, I'm even tempted to buy it all over again just to dish out to my mates. An absolute bargain.
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This film is packed with content and meaning, good script, great plot and storyline/s. It's the epitome of what film making is all about because every aspect of the film is of high standard, music, acting, editing, and photography all come together to make for a great experience. What is wonderful about this film is its sense of time, going from moments of great stillness to moments of hectic pace and then back again. Oh and if your tired of Hollywood's idea of good looks the two leading performers in this film are stunning in a very central European sort of way. The menu system for subtitles and language is very awkward and you simply must watch in German with subtitles. The dubbed versions are awful.
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on 17 April 2006
This film is a real modern classic - beautifully directed and bursting with originality. The story is fairly simple: Lola's boyfriend Manni has accidentally left a carrier-bag full of money from a mob deal on the Metro, and he is meeting his boss to hand over the cash. His last chance is to phone Lola to tell her that she has 15 minutes to get 100 000 marks and save his life. This leads to lots of wonderful, cinematic shots of Lola running around Berlin to try and find the money and get to Manni before it's too late. The story is told three times, each time with a small change at the beginning which results in the story unfolding in a very different way. (In this sense, the film is very much an exploration of the idea of conditionality.) This is a real gem of a film from one of Europe's most gifted contemporary directors.
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on 27 March 2001
This sort of "What if..." scenario has been done before in movies like Groundhog Day, Sliding Doors, etc, but Run Lola Run outshines them all, highlighting how the smallest of changes in certain starting conditions can have profound effects in the outcome.
The pacing, soundtrack and direction is just perfect in this film. It's a classic.
By the way, the DVD seems to default to the English dubbed version. DO NOT WATCH IT LIKE THIS! Switch the language to the original German and the subtitles on. It's much much better.
Reasonably good extras on the DVD too, with a director's commentary, cast profiles, and a music video by Franka Potente.
All in all highly recommended. Buy this now!
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on 25 April 2003
This movie is lots diffrent from what I've seen but I think it's the most catching and itt has many elements in it. It is interesting to note how the situations can be very various and you can note that. Theres lots of humor running action and tense.
This is really worth watching again and again you always find something new and interesting. The film is touching and temptating its a unique picture and you won't see nothing like this in any other picture! Don't hesitate because you see a movie like this only 20 times a lifetime. You have to see it this movie is not an easy bit to bite but you will get it and enjoy the style is not what youre used to.
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I have always tried very hard not to say a movie was awesome, but I feel compelled to say that this German gem from 1999 is as awesome as awesome can be. I've never seen anything like Run, Lola, Run; it's a film that doesn't sound as if it should really work, yet its presentation is dazzling and mesmerizing. Franka Potente gives an incredible performance, her talents as visible as her bright pink hair. There's nothing misleading about the title. Lola runs and runs some more; Franka Potente could probably have tried out for the German Olympic team after all the running she had to do here.
The strengths of this movie are its unique vision, stunning cinematography, and pulse-pounding soundtrack, but here's a breakdown of the plot. Lola (Potente) and Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu) are in love, and like most couples in love we find the man doing something really stupid and blaming the woman. Manni does a little work for a mafia-type fellow, and his latest job involves the delivery of one hundred thousand marks to his boss. Lola was supposed to meet him in town, but she was late, and Manni ended up accidentally (yet still very stupidly) leaving his bag o' cash on a train for a bum to pick up and run off with. Now he has twenty minutes to come up with one hundred thousand marks before having to face Mr. Big. Lola was late because her bike was stolen, yet of course the whole mess is her fault, according to Manni. I'll cut the guy some slack here, though; knowing you are about to be rubbed out tends to put a little stress on the system. Lola takes off, trying to come up with the money and get it to Manni before the top of the hour. Lest you think the film cannot last longer than thirty minutes tops, just know that there is something a little bit different about Lola; the old saw "if you don't succeed, try, try again" takes on special meaning with this girl, and the transitions of what might be considered silly by some are handled very, very well.
Run, Lola, Run does much to show us how our decisions impact both ourselves and those around us, even strangers, in a big, big way. The movie provides us with a quick series of revealing snapshots of the future lives of several individuals who cross Lola's path, and it is really quite fascinating to see how these peeks at the future differ under slightly different circumstances. One may not be able to say that fate is kind or unkind, but she (fate) is certainly capricious. Irony abounds here, just as in life. The visual presentation of this film is just stunning, combining all sorts of illustrative elements. There is an animation sequence that mimics part of Lola's run, split screen shots of two scenes at once, and almost dizzying camera pans that do indeed compare with a lot of the elements of music videos. The whole movie is also infused with a powerful, beating soundtrack (a significant portion of which is provided by Franka Potente herself) that never allows the viewer to take a breath; there is very little danger of your nodding off while watching this cinematic masterpiece. Voted the best film by the audience at the Sundance Film Festival of 1999, Run, Lola, Run is a visionary piece of cinematic art that every lover of good movies should see.
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A T.S. Eliot quote. A swinging pendulum and spinning hands on a monstrous clock. Countless faded figures moving quickly by. And in the center of the crush, a man in a cop uniform says (in German), "The ball is round. The game lasts 90 minutes. That's a fact. Everything else is pure theory." He kicks it into the sky.

Well, Tom Tykwer certainly knows how to get our attention. And it's only a few minutes in the kinetic, high-octane, colourful world of "Run Lola Run" -- a wild action/romance that studies the ripple effect of our lives, and the changes we can make in the name of love.

Lola (Franka Potente) receives a call from her boyfriend Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu), a drug courier. Because Lola's moped was stolen, Manni had to take the subway home -- and he accidentally left behind a bag of money. Now he has twenty minutes to somehow get 100,000 marks, or his boss Ronnie is going to kill him.

Lola races across Berlin to her father's bank -- only to find him with his mistress, and hear that he's leaving his other family. Desperate, she runs to where Manni is waiting, and helps him rob a convenience store. But as they flee, the police catch up to them -- and Lola is shot.

"But I don't want to. I don't want to leave," she mutters. And time rewinds to where she left her apartment -- and this time, Lola's determined to do things differently. As she runs from one end of Berlin to another, she sends ripples through the lives of those she passes -- and she'll keep running until she finds a hundred thousand marks to save herself and Manni.

"Run Lola Run (Lola Rennt)" was what propelled Tom Tykwer to international fame. And given that his other movies tend to be slower and more dreamlike -- though no less striking visually -- this movie is striking not only for its speed, but the sweet romance and the lesson about the old "butterfly's wings" adage. (Also see: "Happenstance")

Admittedly, a woman running through Berlin is not terribly interesting in itself. But the world of Lola is filled with brilliant rave colours -- Lola's blazing red hair, colourful room, the sights of Berlin -- and her race against the clock is punctuated by little vignettes of the future lives of various people she bumps into. That momentary contact is enough to change their lives -- sometimes for better, or worse.

And Tykwer's style is a spicy mix -- arty shots (going through a clock mouth or an apartment building?), German techno, cartoon interludes with an animated Lola running for it, Lola changing reality with her screeches, and the snapshots of people's futures, seen only for a second -- but very revealing. Not to mention the equally colourful, MTVesque cartoons of Lola running down stairs, evading dogs, et cetera.

But even aside from Tykwer's artistic flair, it's a great movie -- the atmosphere is painful and taut during the scenes in the bank, including Lola's robbery. And periodically, we see some sweet red-tinted interludes of Manni and Lola in bed, discussing their feelings for each other. They're little oases of calm and love, in the middle of all the running.

Franka Potente does a solid job as Lola, an ordinary punky girl who loves Manni more than anything, and must find the RIGHT way out of their shared dilemma. She gets some nasty surprises from her uptight, adulterous dad, though. And Bleibtreu does magnificently as Manni, who is overcome with fear, frustration and anguish because he knows that his boss is going to kill him.

"Run Lola Run" is a kinetic, vibrant, and a romantic little look at how a moment can change your life. Everything else is pure theory.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 February 2009
This is a stunning film.

The story is simple and spans a period of only twenty minutes. Lola has to raise 100,000 German Marks or her boyfriend will die, and the film tells the story of those twenty minutes through three different storylines. Each reflects the effects of slight changes, moments of delay, minor deviations, alternate choices and each plays out the effects these have on the future.

We see how the future is written and rewritten by a glance, a moments hesitation, and act of chance connection or disconnection. Three stories are told, but we glimpse the infinity of stories that could and are taking place in every moment and the chain of interconnections that mean that each change changes everything.

The film style matches the frenetic intensity of the impending deadline. The music and cinematic style create an energy such that the viewer doesn't simply view but experiences the heart pounding exhaustion of the race against time.

It is a film that lays before you the immensity of opportunity that exists in every one of our moments, if only we are alive to see them.

I found the name of this film scribbled on the back of a piece of paper deep in a jacket pocket. How long it lay there and quite what chance made it surface and not be discarded or overlooked is of course the story of the film. I thank whoever it was that gave me the note and heartily pass on their recommendation that you must see this film.
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on 4 March 2012
This is an all time classic. It's the first film that I watched that left me feeling breathless/exhausted at the end, simply because you feel as if you're in the film itself. The story focuses on how Lola has 20 minutes to raise 100,000 German marks to save her boyfriend. Without giving the plot away, little decisions that are made by the characters can change the outcome of the story. The film itself is fast paced with a good soundtrack - even the opening credits are presented in a unique way that hooks you in. If you miss a couple of minutes of the film to get a cup of tea, you're probably going to need to rewind the film. There are touches of humour in the film, but for the most part the film will have you ont he edge of your seat. The film is in German and I would recommend people watch it with subtitles rather than the dubbed option, as it's much better hearing the original characters' emotions. Lastly, I'm actually surprised at just how cheap this DVD is being sold for on Amazon - I cannot recommend this film highly enough!
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on 28 June 2002
3 stories, 2 people and 1 cracking film. you aint seen nothing like this before. Lola runs, the music thumps a techno beat and the story weaves an intricate route that will lead you up dead ends then drag you back down by the scruff of the neck.You'll think twice on your actions next time you step out the door. The consequences may just make a difference. A director with a vision. Thomas Tykwer has created a pastiche of animation,stills, MTV video and the most original movie you will have seen in years. Buy this movie, watchit (several times) and shout at the top of your voice " Hollywood sucks"
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