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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 27 August 2007
Even after some 27 years, the Brian Johnston AC/DC has had to live under the shadow of those few Bon Scott years and those classic albums. Apart from Black In Black, in my opinion, none of the later albums met the pedigree of those first few albums - great songs, but more often than not the albums were a little disappointing. But for me, it wasn't that the playing got weaker, or the song writing, or even the choice of singer (Love or hate him, Brian Johnston still has one of the most unique voices and although maybe not be as popular a singer as Bon, he is a better allover performer), what made the Bon Scott albums stand the test of time and, I feel, the later ones suffer, is the sound. That vintage organic crisp clear blues sound that made us love the band in the first place, was too often replaced with too much of a mediocre metal sound for my liking and lacked soul and feeling, and I'll be honest, I hadn't even bothered to buy Ballbreaker or Stiff Upper Lip - given up by then. I did however recently buy the later and what a joy. Thankfully the band have had the sense to bring in their brother George Young (who should be employed to produce the Stones next album) again to produce and this is an album to equal any of those Bon Scott albums. The songs all feel like they could have come from those early AC/DC albums, but without doubt it is Brian who sounds, for the first time, like undermining the Bon Scott legend. His voice sounds amazing on this album. Thankfully on classic albums like this, you don't have to talk in terms of individual songs. Just stick it on and find the groove. Simply stunning!!!
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on 20 February 2007
This was AC/DC's first release since 1995's 'Ballbreaker'. It's not quite as heavy as you would expect - this is a record with a bluesy feel and a grainy guitar sound, although it sticks doggedly to the same hard riffing, "rumpty-tump" groove that this band have been grinding out for 30 years and counting. There are some excellent songs on this album: 'Stiff Upper Lip', 'Meltdown' and 'Hold Me Back' are all rough n' tough boogie numbers in the finest 'DC tradition, and the catchy 'Can't Stand Still' earns some in-studio applause, which is delightfully captured at the end of the track. However, this is not as consistent a record as 'Ballbreaker', and the quality of the songwriting dips sharply on half-baked filler like 'House of Jazz', 'Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll' and 'Give It Up'. The better songs are good enough to pick up the strain, but for fans looking for a taste of AC/DC's more recent output, I recommend checking out 'Ballbreaker' and 'The Razor's Edge' before buying this.
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on 28 November 2002
Without a doubt, the best AC/DC album of the Brian Johnson era. There are no fillers here, this is a classic from start to finish. Infused with energy, this record will put you on a high that lasts for hours.
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on 2 December 2015
My Dad used to play this quite alot and now, aged 28, Im buying it and its amazing how I already know some of the songs.
This is a brilliant album! VERY catchy and Id guess has a lot of Funk influence... Its brilliant!! Safe In New York City being a standout. If youre not humming it for days after then Ill eat my hat :-)
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on 12 August 2000
Swaggering, foot stomping, hip thrusting, pulse accelerating, sexed up, air guitar, big riff rock. From the moment Brian Johnson's vocals kick off the thumping, bluesy opening track "Stiff Upper Lip" it is clear that AC/DC mean business. This track, along with "Hold Me Back" are the standout tracks on an album in which you will hear AC/DCs whole back catalogue in the form of remolded and reinvented guitar riffs. As expected, this album is not dissimilar to the previous album "Ballbreaker" and most of the songs would fit comfortably onto the last record. But despite this customary lack of imagination "Stiff Upper Lip" showboats the essence of what makes AC/DC a great rock band. Each track boasts the typically solid rhythmic bases, the continuous and indulgent guitar riffs and the searing vocals that are the trademark of the band. AC/DC will never exert a huge influence on the music world; their sound is far too self influenced for that. But this album stands testimony to and revels in the hot headed, beat driven, self indulgent, macho, free expression from which hard rock was born. This is classic hard rock for huge amplifiers. Bands like this are a dying breed.
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on 28 March 2012
Not so much coming off the back of the excellent Ballbreaker but as its successor I expected this to take another leap creatively. It regains some essence of the stripped down sound they so perfectly executed on Ballbreaker with tracks like 'Hold Me Back' and 'Can't Stand Still' but on the whole it is back to the AC/DC of the 80s/early 90s and is akin to The Razor's Edge in quality.

The best tracks I have mentioned, as well as the excellent 'Safe in New York City'. 'Satellite Blues' and 'House of Jazz' are good too, and 'Come And Get It' has a nostagic charm, but the rest are AC/DC by numbers and rather forgettable. They returned (8 years later!) with a much better album but with very little of the band's original sound left.
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on 1 March 2000
AC/DC's new album release 'Stiff Upper Lip' is an absolutly fantastic rock 'n' roll album, and by far the best release by the band in many years, possibly ever. The main rythems lying under Angus's excellent lead guitar playing are very solid and smooth and really come alive to provide the songs with a strong, sound impact, and Brian Johnson's screaming singing delivers it's usual power punch right between the eyes. I think that most of the songs from beginning to end seem to have a different sound to them though that suggests a change in the band's approach to this album. The songs are as much fun as usual, but overall it sounds serious, and not just another album release. Maybe they felt it was time not just to get it right, but to get it absolutly 100% spot on, which I feel they have done. For me though it's 'Meltdown', the second song on the CD that kicks ass the most. It's just got such a consistant and steady upbeat rythem that feeds the soul. I think AC/DC's last album 'Ballbreaker' with the exception of the title track itself left a bit to be desired as have some other other albums, but you can tell the band has really worked hard on this one, put in a lot of creativity and energy, and have really managed to pull something out of the hat for us fans, as well as elevating themselves back up to the great rock 'n' roll band heights again. More albums like this is what we AC/DC lovers need. Absolutly brilliant!
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on 10 September 2014
The 2014 repress sounds so sounding vinyl I've heard in a long time (ZZ Top's Tres Hombres is pretty close). I'd never really appreciated what a good lp this is and always steered to the more classic BIB, HV, HTH, LTBR etc but I'm loving it. And it was just over 7 quid...maybe i'll get another for when i've worn this one out. Buy it while you can.
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VINE VOICEon 5 October 2007
The hard core of AC/DC fans will always yearn to a degree for the Bon Scott years, however one should not overlook the fantastic edge that Brian Johnston gaave the DC. This, their most recent effort, marked a slight new direction away from the usual DC fayre of hard riffs, slightly cheesy lyrics instead favouring a helping of the blues to underpin their usual rocking tunes.

As the other reviewer stated, this is an album that does not rely on standout tracks to make it work, instead it flows with a grin on its face and really draws you in.

Its an album that you could stick on at a party and once people have had a few beers in them, you will quickly have to re-order your air guitar stock as people dance and shimmy around your room.

Wonderful stuff.
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on 19 August 2013
The reason I chose this rating, is that anything that AC/DC do is Ok with me...because they really get Me Rockinnnn!!
And the people I would recommend it to are the seriously minded dedicated ROCKERS!! out there.............Let there be Rock!!
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