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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Some people have stated that this film is the Porky's for the nineties. I disagree, Porky's was unrealistic and daft. American pie, it has to be said, is one of those films which captures the moment precisely and is therefore extreemly funny. The script was written by someone who fully understands the sexual angst that teenagers go through in order to 'come of age'. The whole apple pie scene definitly deserves to enter cinema myth and legend as one of those great funnies, which I'm sure will be copied to death, as will the 'Beer with added extras' scene.
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on 2 August 2004
This is one of the funniest films I've seen. Ever. It shows how teenagers really are, horny, desperate, confused and full of abusive language.
The way Alyson Hannigan portrays Michelle, the sexually active band geek is awsome. You'll be going to you friends "This One Time..."
This definatly holds some of the funniest character's you'll ever come across. Stifler is pure entertainment, Jim is generally amusing, Finch is just so werid and everyone else is so unique you'll be falling off your chair with laughter!!
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on 22 August 2002
A hilarious tale of high school friends on the ultimate quest to lose their virginity. American Pie succeeds not only because is it hilarious, but also because the portrayl of teenage urges is something that most people can relate to. The cast are all fantastic in their roles, a first for a teen movie. Jason Biggs and Sean William Scott are the most notable of the teenage roles, but the real highlight of the cast is Eugene Levy as Jim's outrageous father. A great film to watch alone or with friends, and good for repeated viewings. The sequel is also recommended for bigger and louder laughs, but it lacks the heart and charm of the original.
There are a few features on this DVD, the usual trailer, an interesting featurette, some out-takes and a commentary.
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on 24 January 2005
If you mix some of the most toe-curlingly embarrassing scenes with some of the grossest practical jokes with some of the twee-est and sugary sweet romantic episodes all together you should end up with a film that is, in simple terms, a load of rubbish. You get all this, and more, with American Pie and yet somehow this remains and one of the most entertaining and funniest films I have ever seen.
The "rite of passage" of teenage high school kids has been filmed again and again, some with more success than others, and this film doesn't have any secret ingredients. It follows the story of four high school friends trying their hardest to loose their virginities before the high school prom dance. Each has their very own particular hang-up about why they never seem to succeed with girls and we follow our four heroes through their varying ups and downs.
What American Pie does do differently to the other brat-frat type films is take a huge dose of self-depreciation so that it never comes over high handed or fantastical. Yes, all the high school kids seem to have perfect teeth, hair and bodies, but they are all so imperfect in their own way you can identify with them and sympathise with their predicaments.
Anyway enough of the "message", what about the great scenes. The "father-son" relationship of Jim and his father is simply magic. The transformation of Oz from sport-jock to choirboy-romantic whilst being almost vomit inducing on the one hand works in such a lovely simple way on the other you can't help but be drawn in by it. The "Graduate" likening of Finch's big night is great fun and the best character has to be "Band Camp" Alyson. Where did you leave your flute by the way?
Forget the meanings, forget good taste, sit back and roar with laughter. Brilliant!
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on 9 June 2013
I can't describe how much I enjoyed this film, it's hilarious! If you haven't seen it you should definitely make this your next purchase. I have now seen all of the American Pie films and not one has disappointed me, a well deserved five stars!
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on 11 November 2014
American pie, I'm 47 years old and it still makes me laugh out loud and cringe all in the same moment, there are some parts of the fim we can all relate to this film is defiantly a classic all my children have heard about it now there journey begins. It's one for the collection enjoy people.
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on 28 February 2000
'American Pie' is great! I went to see it twice at the cinema, and I can't wait to get it on video. The previous reviewer is right that it's like a version of 'Porkies' for the nineties - it's a modern updating of the 80's frat-house comedy genre in more ways than one. By contrast with its earlier (inferior) cousin, 'American Pie' is intelligent, unexploitative and has decent roles for its female characters.
It's also tempting to compare 'Pie' to 'There's Something About Mary' because both films share a high gross-out factor - Jim's exploits with the pie, his sock (!) and a collection of adult magazines form a running joke through the course of the whole film, and there probably isn't a sexual taboo that isn't confronted. And of course there's the funny-tasting beer and the laxative gags (both of which the film would have been better without, really).
But to compare 'American Pie' with either of these other films is to miss what makes is truly unique - it's outlook is unashamedly romantic and optimistic, with a complex set of messages that you'd never expect from a film nominally about four guys out to get laid. Our heroes' relationships evolve in entirely different, unexpected ways, largely avoiding clichés and cheap gags too... resulting in much of the film being totally hilarious: the live-sex Internet broadcast is awesomely funny. See this film!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 October 2015
Okay, so I know that ‘teens behaving badly’ is hardly a revolutionary genre when it comes to film-making. However, sometimes a film comes along that, while not really offering much that’s new, sort of revitalises the genre (and naturally spawns one hundred and one poorer imitations). ‘American Pie’ did just this. Four horny teenage boys vow to lose their virginity before they graduate from high school and, as the old saying goes ‘with hilarious consequences.’ But, unlike all those times where that worn and weary phrase never really quite lives up to its boast, this time it does.

There are times when a film probably shouldn’t work, yet it does. This is one of those times. The story relies heavily on ‘gross-out’ humour. You will need to have an appreciation for rather crude and toilet-based gags to fully enjoy this. Plus, as ‘sex’ is a major component to the plot, you’ll need to be okay with quite a few dirty scenes.

Nearly fifteen years later, you will probably recognise many of the cast, but, back in 1999, they were largely unknowns, the only real recognisable face was Allison Hannigan who played ‘Willow’ in the Buffy the Vampire TV series. However, despite being a load of non-stars, they all played their parts really well. You’ll actually care about everyone here, no matter how dumb they are.

If you’re really looking for faults, you could say that it’s riddled with clichés. The four main lead characters aren’t exactly ‘fleshed-out.’ They’re all walking/talking caricatures and pretty dumb (but then they’re teenage boys, so I guess the lack of I.Q. can be forgiven). The females on the cast fair a little better. They’re slightly more smart and sensitive, but at the same time are largely only there as potential candidates for the four boys’ adolescent lusts.

American Pie will never be ‘high brow entertainment’ yet it is enormous fun for anyone with an appreciation for silly (definitely low brow) humour. Many other films were made after it trying to fit the same mould and recapture the magic. Some were okay. Others were good, but all fell short of this one. Even the official sequels themselves slowly degraded and I didn’t even bother to finish all of the fourth instalment ‘American Wedding.’ I’ll stick to this one thanks. And possibly part II.
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on 30 December 2003
A word of advise for anyone before watching this movie! It's not for prudes and is not to be taken seriously! The funniest part of this film are the trials and tribulations of the main character "Jim", the scenes with his father no doubt will remind people of their own cringe worthy parents! Although the film has alot of sexual humour, I thought the ending was very good, it went on to show that sex must be taken seriously and that heartbreak can soon follow as shown with Vicky's relationship. American pie also shows just how powerful and beautfil young love as we see with Ozs (the Gorgeous Chris Klein!)relationship
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on 10 September 2001
A wonderfully refreshing piece of comedy which as defiantly become a must-see film. The reason this film fails to gain a five star rating in my mind, is because of the budget it was created on. There are quite a few mistakes which are at times noticeable - listen to the directors commentary on the DVD (also includes some members of the cast) and many of these mistakes are reviled. None the less, this has become a cult film and defiantly worth a watch. the DVD is also packed with many extra features and is well worth buying.
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