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4.4 out of 5 stars38
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 28 August 2001
It says something that I bought this album on only a brief hearing of the band's new single 'Wonder'. Drawn From Memory is simply one of the most complete music albums you could ever wish to buy - from ballads such as 'I Wouldn't Wanna Happen to You' and the title track 'Drawn From Memory' through to the anthematic 'You're not Alone' and the rock/soul tunes 'Save Me' and 'New Adam and Eve' the album captivated me.
This album is a terrific buy and I certainly look forward to Embrace's next release.
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on 28 July 2000
After hearing the first two singles from this album, and there very, very impressive debut, this was a must buy.THIS ALBUM IS BRILLIANT. Here is my review of all the tracks:
1.THE LOVE IT TAKES is a surprisingly good opening track. Starts off a bit slow but when it gets going it is great.Excellent.8/10
2.YOU'RE NOT ALONE is a classic and should have been a much bigger hit. The lyrics are really meaningful. Joint best on album. 10/10
3.SAVE ME didn't impress me at all at first but after listening to it properly i realised that it is a top tune.8/10
4.DRAWN FROM MEMORY is a beautiful ballad and has great lyrics and a lovely tune. Second best.10/10
5.BUNKER SONG surprised me a little as it wasn't very long. A lot of people think that this was a waste of time but I love it's rock guitar sound. Maybe it would have been better as an intro track.9/10
6.NEW ADAM NEW EVE is the only real heavy rock track on the record. It is the only one that resembles anything like 'I Want The World', 'You've Got To Say Yes' and 'Last Gas' and they were all exellent tracks. It's a shame it's the only one of its kind on the album.9/10
7.HOOLIGAN is really different and new. It's pretty cool.9/10
8.YEAH YOU is a great track with a really good chorus.8/10
9.LIARS TEARS is a bit depressing and sounds a bit like a b-side. Good all the same.8/10
10.I WOULDN'T WANNA HAPPEN TO YOU is joint best on the album. From the intro all the way through to the final chord, it is excellent.10/10
11.I HAD A TIME is a really emotional final track and is another great Embrace ballad.9/10
Overall, not quite as good as The Good Will Out but more original. WELL DONE EMBRACE!
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on 26 March 2001
The first album led to accusations of arrogance and insults about Danny McNamaras voice, and perhaps the over the top promotion of 'The Good Will Out' was inevitebly going to cause problems. So what next? Give up, go home and lie low. No chance. Back Embarce come with an album that actually merits self-praise. 'Drawn From Memory' was largely ignored by most and only made it to No8 in the UK album charts, however the subtle mix of upbeat tracks and the traditional slow ones means that those who did miss out, certainly shouldn't have. When 'Hooligan' was released as the first single, you had to wonder if Embrace had moved away from the slow ballads, but they're still there, trust me. 'The Love It Takes' is quite simply beautiful, whilst 'Liars Tears' and 'I Wouldn't Wanna Happen To You' could drive you to tears. On the other hand anyone who ever accused Embrace of producing depressing music can now eat their words. 'Save Me', 'Yeah You' and 'New Adam New Eve' provide the upbeat side of things. It would seem that this time, unlike the debut album, Danny sticks to what he does best - the slow songs - and Richard takes on the faster tracks. A recipe destined for success. If 'The Good Will Out' didn't do it for you - this one will - and if you liked the first effort - you'll still find enough on here to keep you going.
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on 12 October 2000
Well, what can I say about this album.....erm......well I could say a lot actually, in fact I could say too much cos it's that damned good. The album starts off with the weird starting "The love it takes".....the first few times I listened to the album I skipped this track thinking it was a weird tuneathon, but surprisingly there's a bloody good song hiding behind it. The most surprising thing about lead vocalist Danny Mcnamara's voice is that he just sounds like he's giving it large in a karaoke bar, but it works so well with the songs he's singing. Next up is the excellent "You're not alone" which in my mind has one of the most memorable opening lines from any embrace track I've heard. "No, you're not alone.......cos everybodys out there on their own", simply brilliant, it sends tingles down my spine everytime I hear it, it's just one of those tracks you can relate to so much when you're having one of "those" days. Next up is the rather poppy "Save me" which in my eyes was a thrown in track, because it doesn't really gel with the rest of the album, although the lyrics are catchy it doesn't really make it a stand out track for me. Next we have my personal favourite "Drawn from memory", this song is so beautiful, from the opening woodwind/piano intro..which then fades into a melodic piano ruling masterpiece of sweet melody and thought provoking lyrics. next is "Bunker song" which again isn't really a stand out tune for me, but then again it has no lyrics...and when it comes to embrace tracks, lyrics and their music really do belong together. "New adam new eve" is the next track to satisfy the senses, and by god it does it well. Starting with a riff that wouldn't sound out of place in a cleopatra movie, this egyptian sounding tune really has lyrics that stick in you're head so much, it's almost as if the rest of the album doesn't exist at times, accompanied by a catchy tune throughout, this track is my second fave on the album. "Hooligan" tries to keep you in the toe tapping mood, but for me it doesn't really pull it off that well....."Don't be a fool again, their just a bunch of hooligans". some might love it, but for me it got quite repetetive. Next track is "Yeah you"...opening up with a gritty punk esque guitar/drums combo, this tune grows on you quickly, and is one of the most refreshing tracks on the album. "Stranger, you ever stole a win off the jaws of defeat? when it's there for the'll find me...i'll be dancing all over it's teeth", clever lyrics accompanied by a wailing guitar make this another winner for me. "Liars tears" is a track that pulls some emotional strings along with "drawn from memory". nd because of that I love it, it's not really a long track, but I think embrace would have been pushing it a bit if they had turned it into a full scale ballad."I wouldn't wanna happen to you" is a track which plods along nicely.With a title that makes you expect another slow soft melody, it's quite an upbeat track with some nice melodies and meaningful lyrics. Last but not least is "I had a time", which moves along quite slowly, but at the same time, not too slow that you want to skip back to the beginning of the album. With some nice moody guitar/drum's echoing along with danny's heart being opened from the inside out, it makes for an excellent finishing track to what is undoubtedly a heart string jerking album. BUY IT! Ps: if you're not sure about Embrace's ability, buy "The good will out", their debut album, believe me, you WILL like it, I have over a hundered albums of this kind, and it's definately the best of the bunch, Good melodies and lots more memorable tracks all bunched onto a great album.
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on 17 April 2000
Embrace - Drawn From Memory
This really is an excellent album. When Embrace first surfaced with The Good Will Out I was intentionally sceptical after reading a review slating them for being a "wannabe oasis." Hence I did not think much of them. They grabbed my attention with the song You're Not Alone, which I also recognised from the current Sky Digital adverts on TV. It sounds better with the lead vocals added!
I don't usually buy an album without listening to the second single, but I pushed my boat out this time. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. The album kicks off terrifically with the slightly anthemic The Love It Takes followed by that triumphant fanfare of You're Not Alone.
An excellent Charlatanesque number in Save Me that doesn't half remind you of a time when The Soup Dragons permeated the airwaves. Drawn From Memory slows things down a bit, but lyrically it is still a great song. Embrace show a talent for ballads as well as a bit of hard rock with The Bunker Song that follows. Only a couple minutes long if that, The Bunker Song makes you feel like learning to play guitar. Well...almost.
This rocky edge is kept up with the great stomp of New Adam New Eve, surely a future release. Hooligan, the first song from this album, shows a Beck like side of Embrace. It makes a nice change from the other cliches of British Rock music rather than a foray into an Indian tinged 4 minute wonder i.e. Oasis and Kula Shaker (now defunct).
Embrace then have another mad moment, and perhaps the most glorious in my opinion, with the great rock-out of Yeah You.
Sadly they lose it towards the end. Liars Tears is very boring, and although I Wouldn't Wanna Happen To You holds itself up well, the final song I Had A Time again isn't up to much.
But although the album has two sub standard songs, the rest of it is great, shame the ending had to be so "coming down" so to speak, or maybe that was the intention. You will have to ask the brothers McNamara about that.
Overall, 4 stars, and so far, the album of the year. Yes even better than the Oasis album.
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on 29 April 2006
Commercially this album was the beginning of the end for Embrace - crashing in at number 8 in the UK charts after their number 1 debut album. But musically this album is absolutley fantastic. A little cheesy, yes and maybe a little bit too emotional for many but these seam like niggly complaints for an album that is so diverse and well written.

In particualr Save Me, You're Not Alone and Drawn from Memory are amazing and would have been number 1 singles if a higher profile band had released them. They're catchy, clever and brilliant lyrically.

There isnt a duff song on here and would count this as one of my most played albums of recent years. Really well worth buying.
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VINE VOICEon 15 February 2001
Tuneful, eclectic, expressive and bursting at the seams with soul, Embrace's second album finally sees them throwing off the shackles of arrogance and expectation that made the first one such a creative, if not commercial, disappointment after their early promise. 'Drawn From Memory' sees them spreading their musical wings and learning to fly. Few of the songs here owe anything to the grandiose, string-laden sound of 'The Good Will Out', yet they are all just as strong, if not stronger, than any of the old favourites. 'I Wouldn't Wanna Happen To You' is summery, psychedelic pop, 'Yeah You' is Nirvana's frenetic onslaught tied to euphoria rather than angst, and 'You're Not Alone' is Motown-tastic classic horn-led pop. They're still writing better, more timeless songs than just about anyone you care to mention at the moment, but they're now allying them with the kind of expressive, creative arrangements and production that The Boo Radleys and Primal Scream have used to such great affect. Still the most emotionally honest and touching of bands, these days they're enjoying making music so much more then they ever used to let themselves. It makes all the difference.
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on 6 April 2000
When I bought The Good Will Out on the strength of hearing just one of Embrace's tunes, I was far from disappointed. It contained some songs which should be regarded in a similar light to those of the Verve and Oasis. For whatever reason, Embrace didn't manage the same levels of appreciation from the record buying public. If they still fail after this glorious effort I shall be quite stunned. The album is fantastic, much more diverse than what Oasis have to offer. Each and every song is a true pleasure to listen to. It was about time somebody breathed life into the scene again, although I fear British music is still on the decline with an endless spew of manufactured boy/girl band pap filling the shelves of the record stores. Embrace have restored my faith that good quality music is still being written. I just hope people decide to dig into their pockets and buy it and give Embrace the success they deserve. A class act.
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on 26 May 2000
Drawn From Memory is an awesome display from a band that is growing by the minute. The Love It Takes is a sensational start to the album, slowly switching from a sway of eerie sounds, to a calm tune, building up into an awesome musical feast. Other songs that stand out from the crowd include the playful rythm of Save Me and the pure Rockin' kicks of Yeah You. This won't just Embrace you, it will Engulf you. I look forward to what future offerings my new favourite band have in store ... if its half as good as this wonderment the purchase will be worth the CD case itself!
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on 5 July 2013
As you would expect from this great Band, this is another brilliant Album. Would deffinately recommend. If you like Embrace you will love this Album.
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