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4.7 out of 5 stars71
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 30 April 2001
Whatever the main reviewer was listening to, it obviously wasn't this album. It's full of the usual lyrical wonders we expect, along with the Tropical beats and sounds that Kirsty came to love before her life tragically ended.
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on 18 August 2008
I've always enjoyed Kirstys music, but Tropical Brainstorm? I LOVE!!! I love the lyrics (so funny & clever, I can't begin to pick a favorite), the style and rhythm makes you want to go out & learn to salsa - the BEST car music ever, but equally good, lying on the couch doing nothing!

I do hope someone has removed the thorn from the reviewers paw, and trust that on a second listen, he will hear the humour and fabulously catch tunes that everyone else seems to hear and love!
I will never tire of this CD, and recommend it as often as possible.
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on 28 May 2000
Found this album totally by accident. I bought her first album years ago and I just remembered it being like Pam Ayres with music, so have to admit that this put me off somewhat.
What a pleasant surprise. The fusion of styles is truly amazing, this album is like a fine red wine; at times you get Alanis Morisette/Sheryl Crow, sometimes the Corrs, then at others you get Massive Attack - it all combines and delivers an amazing offering. Personally, I can't understand why people haven't been making more of a fuss about this album, it's truly unique.
Whenever my friends listen to it they're like "Wow, who IS this?".
Buy this album because there'll always be a time you can listen to it, you'll get years of listening out of it - one important thing not to forget is the words, totally from the heart and Kirsty tells it like it is, very raw style, very cool.
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on 30 December 2004
To put it quite simply this is my favourite album of all time. There is not a weak track on this album, and every type of song is used. The opener, Mambo de la Luna, sets the Latin rhythm that carries throughout this album. In these shoes? is another favourite, with even the mighty Bette Midler giving her own version. Treachery is a song about stalking a fan who starts buying another girls records. To briefly summarise the rest of the album, England 2 Columbia 0 is one of Kirsty's best recordings. It is a biographical account of a date gone horribly wrong, and her trademark wit shines therough on this track. Us Amazonians is a very upbeat, rhythmical song, with the Latin beats carrying through here. The album ends on an emotional note, with Wrong Again a song about a failed relationship, written by Kirsty 24 hours after a break-up and recorded by her the same day. The end song, Head, is a wonderfully relaxing song for those hard working days. Overall, a masterpiece of an album, with all sorts of emotions. Make this your next purchase, you will not regret it.
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on 8 July 2012
Ignore the official review, this is not that bad! I bought it because I had 'In These Shoes?' and 'England 2 Columbia 0' on a compilation album and I liked the musical style as much as the well-written pop and virtuoso singing.

Those two songs are the best on the album, but of the 13 songs, I would only say that there is one or possibly two that are a slight drop in quality. The official review misses the point - KMcC is not trying to show that she is not a tourist and 'gets it', she is just enjoying writing songs in a different musical style. The result is that you get clever pop lyrics, faultless singing and South American rhythms.

I can imagine that if you do not like Latin rhythms then you might not like this album, but otherwise I would say that anyone who enjoys Kirsty MacColl's music should consider adding this album to their collection.
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on 20 March 2000
Kirsty has been "road testing" these songs in Ireland since last October. Seeing her weave her way onto a crowded stage - squeezing past a brass section, two percussionists, and assorted guitarists and loopmeisters - you got the feeling that her sound had moved on. As ever, her songs tell stories with a unique wit and peronaltity, carried by tunes you'll be humming after one listen. But now these songs are in a wonderful, sunny place, where her voice soars over a fusion of brazilian, cuban and electronic beats and bleeps. It absolutely swings - you'll have a stupid grin on your face as you dance around stereo, living the stories she tells and giggling at the way she tells them. Buy the cd, play it loud and often, and don't miss the chance to see her play them live.
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on 25 March 2000
Now look - I am a committed Kirsty fan, so I'm VERY biased. In fact, it was the inability to buy Electric Landlady at my local store that convinced me they were short of money and needed a massive cash injection from me to help them out. Bad decision as it turned! However, this Latin album that the sex goddess Kirsty has promised to make for a while is slightly hit and miss. At it's best ("Treachery", "Engalnd 2") it is absolutely brilliant. At other times the Latin fixation is taken to the point of subjugating the songs. Was I never going to not buy? No chance! Would I buy it again? Absobloodylutely - even though it came out the same time as the new Bushburys album. What do you mean - never heard of them? Where have you beeeeeeeeeen?
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on 24 March 2000
Instantly likeable in a way that defies belief. Her way with harmonies has always amazed but to realise just how sexy she can sound without sounding corny is a revelation. Her sense of humour continues to shine through with "In these shoes" containing some of the best gems. Even though the album is pervaded with the sort of gritty wit you'll recognise from "Free World" she still manages to kill with the poignant "AutumnGirlSoup" which just pierces like a knife. Her ability to inspire empathy grows stronger still - with "Wrong Again" making me feel guilty and I haven't even done anything! Favourite album of the year so far. Even better than her recent Jazz Cafe gigs and they were good!
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on 28 January 2004
Latino Latino Latino...
Gloriously sunny melodies sung by a girl whos obviously wandered many a time down to Belsize Park to buy her paper and have a latte, the thing that comes through on this album is Kirsty's musicality. The tunes are memorable, often layered on top of each other, and usually with a cha-cha drum beat... Fab lyrics (I love "Sha-la-la-la-la, get your rocks off baby!") with an overall sense of hyper-bright escapism. What makes it believable and all come together is that you can just tell that Kirsty's having a ball as she does it. For me, an off the wall 10/10
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on 16 May 2000
I bought the album reluctantly - I only wanted "In These Shoes" to use in an assignment I had to write at universtiy, but the singles were sold out and I was told that it was not going to be reissued, so I had to get the album. I sat down to transcribe the words and as it went from song to song it became more and more difficult to chose which to use. Each is funnier than the one before and if it isn't funny it is beautiful, or sad or touching. The lirics are among the most brilliant I have seen, they deserve every award in the book. It is one of the few albums I have bought which I can listen to again and again and never get fed up. It's great!
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