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3.8 out of 5 stars140
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 6 December 2000
Cube is one hell of a film.
The beginning sequence - where a man climbs into a red cube and is sliced into bits - and falls apart - by a giant net of knives - is a freezing horror that is sustained throughout the film.
There are many twists that leave you gasping with dread, and the few special effects that are used are used in a grippingly sinister way, mostly involving the painful death of a character.
What is most frightening and disturbing about this film however, is the agressively claustrophobic atmosphere, the desperate confusion as to why they are inside the cube and where, and the lingering possibility that they will die before they escape.
From start to finish, a shocking, chilling, thriller of a film. Don't be put off by the lack of big names - this film is absolutely SUPERB.
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"Cube" is a cult hit. That basically means that it's good or innovative, but not many people know about it.

Vincenzo Natali (also creator of "Cypher" and "Nothing") made his full-length directorial debut with this film -- a low-budet, innovative sci-thriller that feels like an episode of the "Twilight Zone," as written by Mark Danielewski and Franz Kafka. Yes, it's that surreal -- and that intelligent and well-written.

Seven people have been placed in a cubical room, which is connected to a bizarre maze of thousands more. Among are a cop, a disabled man, an architect, a student, a doctor and a criminal, and all of them have wildly disparate personalities. But they soon learn that behind the countless doors, there are deadly booby-traps.

So of course, their chances of survival don't seem so good. But they soon learn that their placement in the Cube is no accident -- each one has skills that the group needs. To escape, they will have to band together and use their brains. But why are they in the Cube in the first place -- and is the maze even the same as when they started?

Vincenzo Natali's "Cube" is a perfect example of what Hollywood can't seem to grasp -- it doesn't matter how much money is poured into a movie, because it's the concept, brains and skill that make it good or bad. Not the special effects or the big names.

And Natali did a magnificent job with his first full-length movie, infusing what seems to be a straightforward thriller with a taut, claustrophobic atmosphere, and some ominous hints about morality (or the lack of it) and sociology. It also has an unusually intelligent script, with prime numbers and their powers playing a big part, right next to the gruesome deaths. And of course, the solid dialogue. ("You've got a gift." "It's not a gift. It's just a brain.")

At the heart of the creepiness: Natali only reveals the secrets of the Cube as they are revealed to the characters, which adds to the suspense. What is this thing? Why are they in it? We know as much as they do. And we're only going to find out more about it when they do.

It's also a movie that bothers to have real characters. No screaming teens here -- the movie's plot depends on them being very different. Natali and André Bijelic reveal the characters through their action and dialogue -- some are whiny, some are cruel, and some are just annoying. Some of the acting is rather flat, and a few of the arguments ring hollow, but overall it's very like watching real people.

Vincenzo Natali's "Cube" gives a good name to shoestring budgets and eerie plots. Definitely deserving of its cult status -- bizarre, twisted and creepy.
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on 31 October 2002
This film restores your faith in Sci-fi films that has been lost with all the trash that has been thrown out over the years.
All too often sci-fi films are just boring, repeative nonsense playing on the same themes and fears.
This film breaks the mold. It is an intelligently written modern masterpiece, acted superbly by 6 unknowns with a tiny budget and shot very quickly with only one or maybe 2 takes for each scene.
The story of "Cube" is a strange but extremely facinating one.
Cube begins with 7 people waking up inside what resembles a massive Rubik Cube.Amoungst the many thousands of cubes that make up the structure are many rooms with have a deadly booby trap which will kill anyone who walks into it (usually in a very nasty way!)There are rooms which are safe to go into, but they have no idea which is which!
The poor souls have no recollection of how or why they came into the cube, and no one knows the purpose of the cube or who is ultimately responsible for their incarceration.
Stripped of practically every possession and tool, the small band of people are left to work their way around the maze of cube rooms in an attempt to find the exit before they die of starvation and thirst. In the process, they must avoid lethal traps, which dog their path.
The only apparent source of help is endless mathematical formulas engraved into each cube's door, apparently there to pinpoint the travellers' position within the entire structure and to identify traps - therefore providing a safe route out.
BUT, as with much of "Cube", these formulas turn out to be frustrating riddles whose properties change at every turn
Each character (mainly 5 as 2 die very early on) goes through a transformation as the pressure, fear and paranoia set in and it becomes increasingly clear that the cube exerts no more danger on the prisoners than they do on each other. As time goes on, it is obvious each person has a skill that, used as part of a team, can help them escape the deadly Cube. That said, the team gradually crumbles as the clock ticks and it becomes a mad race for survival from both the Cube and each other.
Brilliant idea that is masterfully brought to our screens!
Behind the obvious plot is a more subtle sub-plot which involves the human need for answers and explantion. The prisoners in the Cube spend much of their time questionning why they are there and who put them there, a question of which none of them know the answers too, but paranoia and suspisions run through the group. This is pretty much part of the human psyche. We question our existance. Why are we here and how did we get here???? etc etc... questions which ultimately have no answers but we continually ask them anyway!
This film plays on so many of our fears! Trapped in a strange place with strange people! Claustraphobia, lack of information, death, persecution, accusations, and the worst of all, not even trusting those people you have helped and supported.
Brilliant film! a Cinematic triumph!
A must have for ALL DVD/Video collections!
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I was surprised to read on the front cover that this is the fifteenth anniversary edition, I never realised that this film is that old. It doesn't look dated at all but what it does do is illustrate just where films like 'Saw' came from with its nefarious traps. In this case a group of strangers wake up in a strange cell with six exits but which ones lead to safety and which ones to their doom. You never find out why they're in there or the reasoning behind the cube but that just lets you focus on their struggle to survive.
The film has been transferred to blu ray well with a DTS 5.1 soundtrack but the only extras are an interview with one of the stars who is obviously not as bright as her character and some storyboards.
At only £8 it is worth upgrading your copy to high definition if you already have it.
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on 19 January 2003
Usually the words 'low-budget horror' evoke images of chainsaw-wielding psychos and teenage kids trapped in isolated houses, with close-up shots of mannequin arms and heads smothered in tomato ketchup. The Cube, however, is a film that dares to buck the trend, and tries to give us a film that has more depth and purpose.
Despite laying out the plot of six people trapped in a giant deadly Rubiks Cube, with very sparse information as to how they got there, who built it, and why, the real pleasure of the film is the 'lab-rat' element of how these people react to each-other and their circumstances as they discover more about their environment.
The acting varies from strong and convincing to hammy and OTT (particularly from the alpha-male Cop). Much has been mentioned about the opening sequence to the film, and I agree that it has the double effect of grabbing the viewer's attention, and establishing one ground rule to surviving the cube (watch out!!)
The story of how these stereotypical misfits (each with an unknown skill that can contribute to their escape) develop and assume roles in the group is fascinating, particularly as the seeds of contempt, paranoia, and despair set in. There are a lot of emotions at play here, and some are brutally stark, like in William Golding's Lord of the Flies. Some of the scenes convey menace purely on camera-work alone, and some other well written scenes switch the tension in a heartbeat.
Despite this, the Cube does suffer from poorly-written dialogue. Many times, the writer is conveying credible and valid viewpoints of society, conspiracy-theories, and mathematical conundrums, yet some of the lines, delivered at the worst times by the worst actors ruins the whole effect of the film. In addition, the ending was so bad that I felt cheated, firstly by its implausability, and secondly, because it was badly handled, being just an excuse to 'wrap it up and ship it out'. I'd strongly recommend that anyone who watches Cube for the first time switch off the DVD about 5 minutes towards the end, and make up their own ending in order to get their full money's worth, as the only thing they'll remember was how bad the ending was, and not so much how thrilling and intriguing the film was.
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on 19 July 2010
Cube is a great example of a low budget Sci-Fi horror/thriller film that utilizes its small budget and does something extremely clever with it.
The simplicity of the storyline and setting really is the films strongest asset. Six incompatible characters are trapped inside a massive cube comprised of smaller interconnected cube shaped rooms, some of which contain deadly traps. The characters have no idea how they got there, why they are there, or who put them there. But with no food or water they quickly figure out they need to escape and fast. All they have to do to escape is avoid the traps, work out the structure of the cube and try to get on with each other. Unfortunately, it's the latter that proves toughest test.
The plot twists are well thought out, and the progressive story of the group battling against the emotional, mental and physical problems they encounter is thoroughly engaging, and the film holds your attention from the first scene to the last. And one of the clever things about 'Cube' is the way Director Vincenzo Natali leaves a purposely ambiguous ending to the film, leaving the viewer to decide the true meaning of the Cube.
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on 6 January 2013
Didn't see this at the cinema but picked up a dvd copy some years ago. When I saw it out on Blu - Ray I just had to get it. This film is not just a great sci - fi film it is a great film full stop (or period for Americans).

The setting is great, the reason for the cast being inside a large cube made up of several smaller rooms, some "safe" and some trapped in a variety of interesting and gory ways is never revealed. Does this matter? No: the writing, direction and acting allow the characters to develop sufficiently to add just the right tension.

The plot: how do the cast get through the maze of shifting rooms to the exit? Sounds simple but the claustrophobia of the sets coupled with the increasingly fraught interraction between those trapped makes this a true gem almost reminiscent of other great clautrophobic inducing sci - fi films e.g. Alien -trapped in a confined space with nasty things round the corner and trying to escape. See basic plot (in theory) coupled with excellent direction and acting equals great film.

Buy it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 30 January 2004
There has never been a film like this (sure there has - THX-1138) before so you should forgive it for the small budget (why?, look at The Blair Witch Project. Never mind the quality, feel the ratio of film/money.) Honestly, I think anyone who is browsing the SF/Horror DVD section should watch this film (uh, well... yeah. You really should.) This is one of the best SF films ever. (this is one of the best...dammit...some people don't like the end. Wotever. It's not always about the destination, sometimes it's about the trip. This film is a trip.)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 May 2007
I saw part of this fascinating film quite a while ago and was quite intrigued by what I saw. I've seen the whole thing now, and I'm glad I have as its been worth the wait.

Some strangers, who don't know how they got there, wake up inside the cube and try to escape from it - essentially thats it. However each of the occupants has a particular skill that will assist the group as a whole from escaping. The Cube is in fact a series of interlocking cubes - sort of like a giant rubics cube. Some of the inner cubes are booby- trapped making life a little more difficult for the people stuck inside.

The movie was probably made on a pretty low budget, but the special effects are still pretty good. When you see the end of the film it doesn't feel like a Hollywood ending, so I wasn't that surprised to find that it is a Canadian film.

Watch with an open mind, and don't take it too seriously and you will enjoy a clever little film.
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on 2 August 2004
When some friends recommended this film to me and I saw the cover, I thought it was going to be some terribly low-budget horror flick with ketchuppy fake blood all over the place. A story about some people trapped in a maze didn't seem too original to me, especially when I read that it was booby-trapped.
It took less than 10mins for the first of my preconceptions to be shattered (I can't say too much, it would spoil the fun). Things only went uphill from there. The acting was way above the level I expected, and the director really kept up the suspense.
This is in fact a thinking person's horror movie, and it helps if you're good at maths too. The 'top level' story will satisfy any horror movie buff, but the substory makes it interesting for others as well.
An excellent movie, which I think has been undervalued, underrated and underpromoted.
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