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4.3 out of 5 stars30
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 3 January 2002
This is nothing short an excellent Hip Hop album. One thing should be made clear to start with: 'Hip Hop' while being very good, is by no means the best track on this album. Those who have suggested buying 'Let's get Free' for that track alone are wrong. 'I'm an African', 'They Schools', 'Behind Enemy Lines', 'Assassination', 'We want Freedom', 'Animal in Man' and 'Propaganda' are all in fact better tracks than 'Hip Hop' (I stress again that this is not to detract from this song, which is still amazing and does have an excellent bass line). It must be said that the production lets the album down at times but M-1 and Stick make up for this by being two of the most exciting MCs in the business at the moment. Lyrically they are very sounds, with rhymes mind blowing rhymes consistently throughout the album. 'Let's Get Free' is political, no doubt about it, but it is certainly not "far too political" as someone below stated. If you have heard 'Hip Hop' or 'Its bigger than..' what did you expect? All things considered this is a great Hip Hop album and part of that reason is their political lyrics. I would highly recommend it. You could also find some very good Dead Prez work on The Coups new album (Party Music), Lyricist Lounge 2 (with Talib Kweli) and 'The rose that grew from the concrete'(Tupacs poetry turned into Rap along with spoken work).
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on 6 August 2005
Well where do you start ? This album is nothing short of Superb andis definately one of my favourite Rap albums of all time, not only because i think the songs sound good ,but more so for the Content, and the truth speaking , no holds barred attitude on how its portayed to the listener. Not only are these young rappers FANTASTIC , have a superb style/timing/vocabulary but to bring an album out in a materialistic "bling bling" climate that is the rap industry at the moment ( ha listen to 50 cent and Ja Rule ) is a very brave thing to do and WHAT a superb job they have done of it.
Of course everyone remembers "hip-hop" which is a true master piece. but of course there are songs like "happiness" which so seems to contrast what "sells" in the rap industry today , i,e sex guns , money , cars , basically these guys are trying to put a clear message out to thier people. This message is to put materialism behind you and gain true freedom .. those of you who havent a clue what im talking about go buy a 50 Cent or a Nelly album .. if you understand where im coming from this album is for you ....
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on 8 June 2009
This album is a great one...although it has very political views...don't forget that M-1 and Stic-man are a political underground hip-hop group they only focus on issues close to themselves, Issues such as education, police and prison systems, revolution, black activism, veganism, media, black panther, and so on.

This album is really well titled in that sense. My favourite songs are hip-hop, Propaganda and It's bigger than Hip-hop. I feel If this album was released in the early 90's then it would have done alot better.

This album is hard to find in the shops, i dont even think it's on iTunes so it well worth the money a great buy!

Also look out for Hell Yeah single another great one.
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on 22 February 2003
It seems everyone from School teachers to conservative politicinas have heard of Public Enemy. Politicized rap has always made the headlines receving both acclaim and criticism. However as many people can rightly assert the sub genre is dying, whilst the underground to a certain extent remains politicsed,, mainstream hip hop is not what it used to be - This is why this album is so suprising that it was released under Loud Records.
Even if you are not a socialist you can't help but be moved by Dead Prez's passion and dedication to their ideas as it seems the whole album is both a cold warning and an uplifting education. It achieves this by creating a tapestry of songs of despair mixed with idealistic hopes for freedom in the future. What makes this especially effective is that "Lets Get Free" provides an insight into what Dead Prez really are and the result is a strong sense of honesty throughout, this enables the listener to appreciate their desire for extreme politcal change.
The consitent theme however does not become tedious, infact it is the albums strong point. The production is great at suiting the aim of each song to convey the emotion, agression and dispair yet at times providing beats which are just straight bangers as shown in the successful "Hip Hop."
Upon the closure of the album you cannot help but feel empty, there is simply so much presence in this excellent release I would recommend you do what i did, and that is play it through again and listen to a step by step account of how to get free.
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on 5 February 2014
love this group as always quality and outspoken real hiphop all the tracks are 5 out of 5 star enough said
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on 30 January 2010
This album is sick with heavy beats and decent lyrics. It has a strong socialist/black panther message and it reviews the industry and events in the M1 and Stic man's life e.g expierences in schools from "They Schools". One of my favourite features of this album is you can feel the bass in the songs such as "Hip-Hop" come through your speakers and vibrate the room. As a first album this
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on 21 August 2000
The first thing I would like to say about this album, is that there is no Sh***y 'boom boom you're dead' esq lyrics, so if you only like those (then apart from having a very closed mind) don't buy it. Pretty much all of the tracks on it are hot, (with the exception of 'Mind Sex' and 'Be Heathly.') Even the two 'secret' tracks on it are great, which is unusual. So if you like good, honest original, Hip hop, which is quite strongly biased... then buy it. You will not be disappointed
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on 14 March 2016
Great album by dead prez....only problem is everything released after this album was sub standard. buy if you want a top album for its time ,this is one of them
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on 28 March 2001
Why? This is not some gangsters rapping about money and cars! The CD allows you to enter in a whole different but almost the same world we live in with perhaps the most important subjects, Happiness & Freedom + + + Don`t be afraid, let yourself be happy, and let Dead Prez teach you the things your teacher couldn`t...
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on 12 November 2000
After to reading the reviews above, all i'm gonna say is it's the best album to come out of hip hop for a long time, but only hip hop heads will like it, no commercial shit, just great beats, lyrics to make u think, and mind sex is a dam good song.
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