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4.8 out of 5 stars128
4.8 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 3 December 2014
Following on from the misjudged and underrated failure of 1941, Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas needed at hit. Raiders was that hit.
Harking back to 40's and 50's TV and Movie serials, where the main character always wore a hat (so the stuntman could hide his face) and managed to save the world on a regular basis, Spielberg's unabashed action adventure story focusing on the adventures of Archaeologist Professor Indiana Jones is a welcome relief from the slavish fashion for realism that was often served to us by Hollywood in the 60's and 70's.

Focusing on action and adventure, an exciting story, outstanding performances, especially from Ford, Rhys Davies and Paul Freeman, a witty script, and pitch perfect direction from Spielberg, we are presented with an almost flawless film (forget that maddening submarine paradox if you can) from the terrifically exciting opener set deep in the Jungle to the stunning finale with that pleasing nod to Wells's Citizen Kane. The villains are wonderfully menacing, especially Ronald Lacey as a sinister and threatening Nazi henchman. Their search for the Ark of the Covenant, obstructed by Indie all the way, is a master class in efficient filmmaking.

Spawning 3 sequels of varying quality, Raiders has aged well and is still the best of the four by some margin, however that doesn't mean Doom or Last Crusade are not good because they are. However Crystal Skull is a big disappointment, even with that huge budget.

Wrapped up efficiently in 111 minutes, Raiders is superb entertainment for all.
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on 28 December 2010
"Raiders" is the first and best of the Indiana Jones movies.

I have a hard time believing that anyone hasn't seen this movie so I'll skip the plot and go straight for the main reason you should watch it again. The transfer to DVD is absolutely stunning, probably the most impressive clean up I've ever seen. It really looks as though it could've been filmed yesterday.

The sound has been given a nice makeover as well. Forever a classic, this movie can't be seen too many times.
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There are so many things to relish in this movie; a good storyline, good to good enough acting, lots of surprises, hissable villains, humorous touches, good quips and sturdy effects. Do you need more ?

However, I think what really marks it out is that so much happens; there are so many episodes crammed in: opening; intro to the Ark issue; Himalayas; Egypt; discovery of the ark; escape; boat trip; chase; opening of the ark; ending, and lots of sub-elements as well. You rarely get so much different stuff packed into a movie. Despite, this, it never feels rushed; it's superbly edited.

With its extra polish ,from the years inbetween, "The last Crusade" is as good, but honestly, this is just outstanding, and really deserves its place among cinema's greats.

Oh, and maybe it did spawn "Warehouse 13", another pat on the back.
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on 22 July 2015
The first and Best of them All.I remember seeing this Way back in the 80's at the Age of 11 and even now at 44 it still holds up Brilliantly.This is BoysOwn Adventure that harks back to the Radio and Adventure shows from the 30 and 40's.Pure undiluted Joy of what can happen when the right Actors,Writer and Director come together at the right time.
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on 13 March 2016
A film that gave us a story packed full of action, amazing stunt work, a really imaginative production design, a fantastic score and lastly one of the greatest heros in cinema, Indiana Jones, an archaeologist/adventurer. The film released in 1981 took inspiration from the swashbuckling 1940s/1950s era of Hollywood, in that respect the premise is simple, our hero must find the treasure, rescue the girl and save the world. The film was largely shot on location in North Africa and this adds a touch of grit and realism which really benefits the film, you see the little flies landing on the actors faces during a few close ups and see the sweat rolling off their brows. The film largely takes place in one location Egypt, with the very early part set in South and North America.

The Blu Ray transfer looks really great, with lots of rich earthy colours, reds, browns, sandy yellows, greys & dark leathery brown, these tend to make up most of the costume design. The picture aspect ratio is 2.40:1 (Wide screen) with a 5.1 audio sound.
The supporting cast are also very well written and good fun too, from the heroes to the villains. The tone of the film is adventurous and the pacing certainly gives the whole thing a massive injection of energy. There's a slight theme of magic v rationality, as the initially skeptical Indiana Jones is confronted with the dangerous reality of the power held within the lost ark he is seeking.

There is not much in the way of character development, though the relationship between Dr Jones and the feisty and rather attractive Marion Ravenwood changes over the course of the film. The movies hail from the decade that was the 1980s and so we're given a slightly stronger female love interest than audiences were used to in the 1960s and 1970s, Marion's character shares similarities with Princess Leia in the Empire Strikes Back or Charlie Blackwood in Topgun, beautiful and alluring but also a tough-minded woman who takes no nonsense and will stand up for herself. You could certainly get away with more too in the 1980s cinema than you can today, the film features quite a lot of violence, blood and swearing for something that children were allowed to watch, I doubt a PG film today could get away with anything like this.

The film's logic is not intended to be taken as 100% realistic, a main character in a realistic action film would probably die after the first 10 minutes. For this reason it's possible to overlook the numerous injuries Jones picks up which would put most people into hospital. The fact the German's had no presence in Egypt is also something you have to overlook in the film, the British in fact were in control of Egypt in 1936, it would have made more sense if the Fascists were working from Libya, but then Libya doesn't feel as Biblical as Egypt does, so I suppose the location was switched. You'd have to be pretty picky though to let things like this stop you from enjoying the film, the whole thing is about a search for a magic chest.
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on 11 November 2015
What's to say....If you haven't seen this film where have you been. This is one of the best action adventures ever. Great set pieces & action great horror great story. it's all great. We don't see in family films like this nowadays as the 12 cert has ruined it for everyone & they are now all watered down. Major shame that the crystal skulls pooed all over the memory of this film, with all it cruddy cgi, dumb story & ALIENS!! but this is the begining of it all and the best.
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on 12 June 2014
Watched this the other night with the family - of course we'd all seen it before, but there was much more to the film than I remembered - better than I expected!
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on 27 October 2014
The first in a line of sequels often stays the freshest!
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on 17 March 2000
What can i say from the opening sequence to the end sequence? One hell of a movie. This was my 5th time watching this movie but the one sequence i like is the truck chase with all the soldiers on the truck and Indy knocks them all off except one and that one soldier gets run over and I also like the fight scene between Harrison Ford and Pat Roach when they are fighting near the plane. There is so much to say about movie all I'm going to say is it's one of my favourite movies.
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on 17 November 2014
Quality, Quality, Quality, Quality!! Absolute classic in all of it's glory ans still stands the test of time over 30 years on.
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