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4.5 out of 5 stars85
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 20 September 2014
I personally love The Mask, we all do.
My daughter loves Carey in The Mask so I got this for her.
Carey is too silly for words in Pet Detective for me but my 10 year old daughter really enjoyed it. I found him bordering on annoying in this, but my daughter really chuckled at it.
There is a scene that simulates sex, comedy sex, which thankfully my daughter didn't question, but she did notice the swearing & now knows what giving someone the middle finger means, kind of!!!
Suppose it depends how broad minded a parent you are & what you're happy to let your children watch. If unsure, watch it first then decide. However, you may wish you'd watched a meatier film instead if your time is precious!!...
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on 5 February 2003
Jim Carrey is an actor that people either love or hate. While there's undoubtedly been films that have relied on his slapstick style and failed, this is one of the films that shows him in a much better light, mainly because it's genuinely funny throughout.
Whilst relying on Carreys flexible features and physical abilities rather than the acting ability demonstrated in some of his later films (such as the Truman Show), this film has a coherent plot that would be entertaining enough with or without Carrey (the opening is a perfect, hilarious example of this). However, the eccentricity of the lead character is perfect for Carrey to showcase his physical humour.
Unlike some of his poorer films that used ad-hoc excuses to show Carreys slapstick style, here his humour is cleverly deployed to enhance scenes within the storyline. His demonstration with the double glazed patio doors, his slow-play interpretation of a superbowl move, these are things that very few people can do, and even fewer can do as amusingly.
Admittedly, there are a couple of scenes people could point to as being overly-crass toilet-humour, but most comedies have these. What most comedies can't offer though is the inventiveness, the variety, or the outright funniness of the humour that is not only offered in this film, but maintained throughout. Brilliant!
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on 25 March 2010
If you love Jim Carrey then you'll love this. Only he can pull off acting so silly and in this film he certainly doesnt disappoint. Definately a must see for all Jim Carrey's fans.

When Snowflake the Dolphin, mascots of Miami Dolphins football team, is stolen just days before Superbowl there is only one man for the job. With murder, sharks, a mental hospital and a dinner party it seems that Ace has got his plate full. But can he find Snowflake and the teams leading man, Marino, AND get the girl before the Superbowl?

Well I'm not going to tell you, you shall have to watch the film.
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on 18 December 2011
Ace Ventura is one of Jim Carrey's early films that chucked him up into the limelight as an 'A' list comedy actor, but unfortunately, whilst this was hilarious when I was in my early teens, it just hasn't stood the test of time. There are still some extremely childish moments that make me chuckle, and Courtney Cox and Sean Young are both very welcome members of the cast, but overall, this has decided to sit in the sea of mediocrity for me. A million times better than the crappy Dumb and Dumber, but not as good as The Mask. Rent it. 3/5
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on 29 April 2011
Jim Carrey in my mind is the funniest actor on the planet - and shows his comic acting superbly in this film. I think it is his best film to date. Since buying a copy a few years back - i have watched over 10 times. The story is about pet detective ACE VENTURA who is on a quest to find the Miami Dolphin's mascot (A DOLPHIN) after being kidnapped in the middle of the night, two weeks before the team is due to play in the Super Bowl. The rest is a laugh a minute film with off-color humor at its best. Aaaaaaaaaaalriiiiiiiighty Then!!!!!!
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on 30 September 2013
Your enjoyment of Ace Ventura will depend on your feelings of the overtop gurning of it's lead Jim Carrey. The film is based entirely around his madcap antics the paperthin plot just an excuse for Carrey to give his all in attempt to get laughs and for the most part he succeeds, so many jokes are thrown out the few misses are soon covered by the hits.

Although it can be crude and immature the film moves along at a lightning pace and entertains throughout providing plenty of laughs and memorable dialogue. Well worth a watch.
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on 23 September 2007
Director Tom Shadyac went on to work with Jim Carrey on two more films, but this puerile comedy is the best. Essentially it's a vehicle for Jim Carrey's energetic, gurning brand of childish slapstick - Courtney Cox, Udo Kier et al wisely play it dead straight and allow the obnoxious pet detective to poke fun at them. It makes for often hilarious viewing: the vigour with which Carrey throws himself into his endless caricatures is freakishly fascinating to watch.
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on 4 October 2008
Where do I begin? Ace is just so hilarious, every second that he appears on the screen should have you laughing out loud. The storyline is full of brilliant twists, the jokes are stupid enough to be satisfying to nearly anyone with a decent sense of humour, and Jim Carrey provides his usual mad antics and stupidity that really make this film such a great laugh.

What more could you really want?
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on 22 August 2013
My kids aged 14 and 15 first saw this years ago and really loved it, so I've got us a copy to watch together. As they get older there are fewer and fewer films they will willingly watch with us old parents so I'm delighted to be looking forward to it. Having just seen Carrey unrecognisable as 'Stars & Stripes' in Kick Ass 2, I am in awe of his unique talent.
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on 14 October 2009
I've always been a big fan of Jim Carreys movies, I've lost count how many times I have watched this, each time I laugh as much as I did the first time.
Courtney Cox is the perfect choice for Ace's would be girlfriend.

A definate must see for any Jim Carrey fans.
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