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4.4 out of 5 stars141
4.4 out of 5 stars
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I won't go into much detail about the actual film here, since most people checking out the blu ray will have already seen it; all I will say is that it is a superb horror-comedy, which deserves much wider attention than it gets. But as regards the blu ray edition, this is one of the best I've had. My old dvd only had the theatrical cut and no extras on it. This has both the theatrical and director's cut versions, as well as a making of documentary, blooper reel, interview with Danny Elfman who provided the music, storyboarding and trailer, and a commentary by Peter Jackson. It has English and French audio, and subtitles in English, Latin American Spanish and Canadian French (I quote there from the box). The blu ray transfer is superb, magnificent picture quality and sound. And the director's cut version is terrific, lots of material I'd never seen before, some of which explains a problem with the opening scene - in the theatrical version this scene doesn't appear to fit the denouement, but when you see the director's cut it does make sense. I really enjoyed this as much as if I'd never seen it before, and I highly recommend it even if you have the dvd; well worth purchasing.
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on 4 August 2014
This is an excellent upgrade of a fantastic early Peter(Lord of the Rings, King Kong)Jackson film.
You have comedy and horror blending nicely to give an thoroughly enjoyable thrill ride of a movie.
The blu ray advertisement doesnt say much but what you get are fantastic extras.
The Making of is an epic 3hr 45mins in length and as Peter states in the intro it was all specially filmed at the time for the laser diac collectors edition, this being pre dvd.
Also you get 2 versions of the film, Theatrical and Directors cut which is approx 15 mins longer.
The picture image is much improved over the dvd so well worth the money.
If you loved the film you will love this release
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on 2 November 2008
Once in a while an actor is cast in a film that perfectly suits him or her (Viggo Mortenson in Lord of the Rings also comes to mind) and for Michael J. Fox as a conman who clears houses of ghosts (who he actually sees and works with!) - this is his ideal role. If you have seen King Kong or LOTR first it might actually surprise you to know that Peter Jackson (the director of The Frighteners and the above mentioned films) was actually making horror comedy long before he went Hollywood. If you have seen braindead (thoroughly tasteless Australian zombie movie) then you will not easily forget the hero charging through the house with an upright lawnmower, mowing zombies left and right in an attempt to rescue his girl).
The Frighteners is a film that manages to refresh a genre through having a thoroughly well-made and original take on a old story (undead killer stalks town). Eight legged freaks did the same for the B-movie genre and even Cloverfield refreshed monster movies until you watched it the third time and realised how little story there really was!

MJF really gets into the role, chasing spooks, grieving a lost love, being misunderstood and I could almost have seen a series coming out of this one.

I know I haven't said much about the plot (others have revealed it already) but if you want a gem in your collection (like Lost Boys but less well-known) then this is a film to delight your friends with.
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on 18 August 2007
I LOVE this movie, when it came out at the cinema I saw it about 7 times and I've watched it since on TV...I may be slightly biased as it's filmed in my neighbourhood, my street is used a couple of times and other places around, I like watching it to see what I recognise.....

Anyway, this movie has all the elements - love story, scary bits, sad bits, funny bits, cute lead male, murder, mental FBI agent, horrible nemesis lady, brilliant CGI, ok storyline - a little simple but it doesn't always have to be seat of your pants, twist turning until the end storylines and it's beautifully shot and directed.

I think Michael.J.Fox does a fantastic job in this movie, he really proves he is a versatile actor, he's on cue for the funny lines and he can cry and - if you imagine quite a lot of it must have been him looking scared at a blue screen, he's very convincing.

Peter Jackson cameos - as does his son Billy, if you know Kiwi actors there's a lot there to pick out - Melanie Lynskey from Heavenly Creatures is there as well, Todd Rippon, Angela Bloomfield
John Astin, Jake Busey, R.Lee Ermey, Troy Evans - you probably don't know their names but you'll recognise their faces

So, all in all this is a brilliant film and I'd highly recommend it - no, it's not a horror film and it's not got twists all the way to the end but it's definitely watchable and you'll love it too.
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on 21 February 2003
I bought this film purely because its directed by Peter Jackson and he did not disappoint one bit. The man is pure genius an I love every one of his films. Hopefully becoming a household name due to lord of the rings wont affect him and turn him into another hollywood luvvy.
Although the plot (serial killer continues his murders from beyond the grave) may not be totally original, the style and humour with which its done lifts it above the rest.
Another great plus for this film was Michael J Fox. His performance was great, by far the best i've seen from him. The rest of the cast do a decent job, nice to see Mr Combs again too!
This film really does deserve more exposure cus its brill. when I find films like this I feel like running up to people in the street and telling them to go and buy it and see what a decent film is like!
In closing I'd like to say once again that this film is great, you will not be disappointed if you buy it (which I strongly urge you to do)
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on 17 September 2013
Without giving too much away of the story: Frank Bannister (Michael J.Fox), a man with a tragedy in his past, is able to see ghosts and uses his "gift" to help people get rid of hauntings (for which he charges a considerable fee), his clients blissfully unaware Frank put his ghostly friends in their houses in the first place. When seemingly healthy people start dying of heartattacks after Frank sees a number appearing on their foreheads, he is left wondering what's causing this but knows it's linked to his tragic past (which you will discover all about as the movie progresses). Things take a dark turn for Frank when the woman he has fallen in love with (Trini Alvarado) also has a number appearing on her forehead and Frank is left in a race against time to save her life.

I went to see this movie in the theater when I was about sixteen years old, and I had a really good time watching this back then and it's still lots of fun to watch now! It's dark, scary, funny and weird at the same time (not being a bad combination!) and keeps a good pace throughout the entire movie. The actors do a really good job at drawing you into the story. Also, the special effects are very nice and don't come over as being completely out-dated at all. If you like Peter Jackson's quirky style of movie-making, you will certainly appreciate this movie!
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Peter Jackson does Ghost busters with a little more adult action as he creates a film which has elements of his former self, but this is clearly a stepping stone to the maor league. Gone are all the kinks and ripples, as this film is a tussle between formula and innovation with the former winning out big time.

Where the director is allowed to shine his personality it begins to ascend. So we get all of the filmic cliches, inter racial ghost buddies with exruciating ghetto dialogue, house on the hill, needing to find consecrated ground, serial killers, a love interest and deputy dawg sherrif's.

Yes it looks as though it slid down a Hollywood mine shaft without any oxygen. However there are some moments within it, that transcend the genre and you will have to watch them to access these special events.

The ending however is pure Hollywood Kansas and thinking about it again, not sure if this should be a 2 rather than a 3, but it is a generally silly romp, with no great subliminal plot underneath. It is a typical film made for the American market, a religious film disguised as horror that offers hope and redemption.
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on 3 February 2004
This movie just proves that Micheal J FOx can still act.
In this typically werid Peter Jackson (braindead, LOTR) directed movie gem, MJF's character is a hung up guy who can see ghosts. He has set up a business as a ghost remover and uses a trio of ghouls to do his work.
but when a series of brutual killing starts up in the already killer-happy town, MJF soon finds that he's services must be used to hunt down and destroy the serial killer.
A great movie for anyone who wants a horror laugh.
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on 15 November 2000
Peter Jackson, the non-appologetic purveyor of bad taste and graphic violence (see "Braindead" and "Bad Taste" for proof) comes to America in fine style with this spooky visual treat. Michael J Fox (in his best role yet) plays Frank Bannister, a psychic ghostbuster who is in cahoots with the ghoulies he is supposedly exorcising. When the mysterious ethreal "Soul Collector" begins a killing spree in Frank's hometown, there begins a race against time to stop the killings and get the girl. "The Frighteners" has some of the best special effects around, a fact which is of particular note in this pristine DVD release. Every drop of blood and ectoplasm is immaculately rendered for the gore conisseurs out there. The movie manages one of the most difficult filmic tricks, to be both frightening and funny. The cowled Soul Collector is a fearsome sight as it flies through the night squeezing peoples' hearts until they explode. But as the revelations pile up, and Jackson's gleefully anarchic sense of humour comes to the fore, it is impossible not to be carried away by this joyful, occasionally gruesome, blcak comedy classic. As an added bonus for fans of the genre, there is an appearance by everyone's favourite "Re-Animator", Jeffery Combs, as a woman hating FBI investigator. Too weird to describe successfully, this is a must see, and a must own.
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on 9 April 2007
This film isnt rubbish, neither is it great. It begins with a creepy 'look' which will probably make the viewer thinking its an actual thriller. However it isnt. Its more fantasy style but with some creep. Not jumps in the matter of saying scares, but actual silly things such as flying teapots etc. But there is parts in this where ghostly spirits are scaring people through walls, which made this quite a good/unique story. On the other hand there could have been a difference in the storyline after the first 20 minutes or so. The starting was great and it carried on with a brilliant plot, just a shame the whole story didnt have a bit more to it, then it would have been a lot better!
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