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4.5 out of 5 stars173
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 11 September 2005
For 5 years The X Files haunted tv screens around the world. Chris Carter his and Chums created this movie as a "treat" to fans for being so loyal to the show. What was also done however, was that the movie was also made so that anyone could sit down and watch it. However, to experince the full impact of the movie, those who have already followed the show through its 5 Seasons will respect and enjoy this movie. (And will of course scream as I did when Mulder & Scully's near kiss is cut short due to a little bee problem)
The aspect of this movie is a two part X File episode in one go, we were left on a rather od cliffhanger in Season 5 and then the movie very much picks up from there. Certian themes are ressurecited for the movie (ie The Black Oil), but also a new Alien form shows up (although this is very much a mimic of ALIENS, The X Files version mixes very well with the growing mythology). In the context of WHEN this movie was relesed, it was awful. Boring and even confusing. But in context of the over all show and The DVDs, this is a must for your X Fies collection.
For not only does this tie in with the Season 6 opener, but also these themes will return in Season 8. (Keep an eye out for "Fight The Future" later on in the series of the show.)
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on 7 May 2012
The great thing about this film is it makes sense without you having to watch the first five seasons of x files beforehand. The writers have developed a fascinating and interesting conspiracy plot that, whilst still having ties to the show, does not require its audience to have extensive prior knowledge of the x files. Instead you can sit back for two hours and be enthralled by this awesome and gripping movie. Gillian Andersen and David Duchovony translate their tv roles to the big screen flawlessly and none of the chemistry or relationship is lost, both actors deliver brilliant performances, as do the supporting cast that is littered with famous faces. The plot is very well written and involves harnessing hundreds of millions of years old alien energy. The aliens are never over-used and look awesome, as does the brilliant CGI (again never over-used).
The pace is relentless and the two hours run time whips past at a breakneck speed, yet nothing is ever glossed over and by the end you will feel thoroughly satisfied and entertained. If you're a fan of the x files i'm sure this will be a winner as it delivers a intricate storyline, brilliant performances and a gripping conspiracy. Those who have never seen x files can still watch and enjoy this as a alien conspiracy thriller and be no less entertained or intrigued than x files fans.
Overall, x files fight the future is a slickly directed, fast paced, well acted thriller that will leave you hungry for the series itself. Compared to the later X files: i want to believe movie this comes first by miles and miles.
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on 10 May 2001
The last time I cried about a TV show, I think I was about 5. Since then, I've been a self-proclaimed 'hard man' and I never cry. But this changed everything. Everything I've been watching for, everything that Mulder was searching for- it's all there. The ending was deeply upsetting and yet incredibly liberating and frankly, an incredible climax to the show's greatest mysteries. The whole show is worth watching merely for the ending, but quite frankly, I only mention the ending as the climax of one of the greatest episodes ever (That's CLOSURE, not SEIN UND ZEIT). This mythology video was voted the best ever made. I completely agree. If you miss this, you are not an X-Files fan. Don't miss it. Sure, you may have had the climax ruined by over eager journalists or friends, but don't let that spoil the most deeply emotional episode ever written. Believe. Sure, Sein und Zeit is a little disappointing up until the last 15 minutes, but Closure is incredible. Even if you're a Scully-sceptic, don't miss out on this. You must find the truth. Buy this video now. I'm begging you. Don't miss out.
You want the truth? Then buy this.
"Are you OK, Tom?" "I'm fine. I'm free."
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on 28 August 2002
If you ever lost interest in the x files in the last few years after being a regular watcher, and you're wondering what happened since they made the movie, then this is the one to buy, this video answers HEAPS of questions while only raising a few new ones.
The video picks up after the mysterious appearance of a new species of blank faced aliens that burn people alive. Revealing them as a "rebel" species, who play an important role in the plot concerning alien colonisation of earth.
In this video, we learn more definitive answers to...
1- The true identity of cancerman, and his relationship to Jeffry and Cassandra Spender.
2- The whereabouts of Mulder's sister, and the true reason behind her abduction
3- The real deal concerning the relationship between cancerman's secret group, and the aliens.
And lastly, the main new question that is raised is... what role does the rebel aliens really have?
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on 19 June 2000
This has to be the best X Files feature ever released. The amount of questions that are answered, the number of characters killed this the end for this plot line? With all of the syndicate save CSM and Fowley dead, the alien foetus taken by the rebels, is colonisation over...or has it not even begun yet? We'll see, maybe...
The story itself is so involving, dishing out answers to the conspiracy on a plate. We finally know what the black cancer is, why it develops into the monsters from the movie (if you want to know, watch "The Beginning" from season six), and why all the experiments are being done.. This feature brings all the plotlines together, knits them into one, and then explodes that story at the end.
The acting, especially from Cassandra Spender, is superb. The flashbacks are great, too.
The entire story is so great, you have to own it! Go buy it, now!
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Like most I've been pining for certain American TV shows to finally hit BLU RAY - "The West Wing", "Northern Exposure", "Boston Legal", "The Wire", "The Sopranos" and of course the mighty "X-Files"... In the meantime Fox Mulder and Dana Scully fans have had to do with these good-to-great film stopgaps.

But if you're a fan - be aware that the 'US' BLU RAYS of both "X-Files: Fight The Future" and "I Want To Believe" on 20th Century Fox are REGION A LOCKED so won't play on our British machines unless they're chipped to be 'all regions' (which few are). Buy the UK variants instead. They're cheap now and lookers on the format.

But in truth - we are all waiting for the "Ultimate" Box Set that bundles the lot and remasters everything to Hi Def perfection - as this properly amazing series fully deserves...
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on 27 April 2000
For those of you who, have heard of, but never watched the X-Files. This film will give you all you need to know. It all starts with two men in the Ice Age period, stumbling upon an Alien or two, A fight commences and ultimately death consumes all by the 'black oil'. Then. Present day and a search for a bomb in the FBI Building, Agents Scully and Mulder played by Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are searching a building across from the Main FBI Headquarters, hot and bored by their assignment, Mulder finds a Drinks machine and finds more than Chilled drinks. What comes next is a long chain of events, ranging from explosions, lies and deciept. Some of the answers are given to the questions asked during the seasons 1 thru 5. Season 6 continues where the film ends. You also get some background info on Mulder, in a drunken state, he pours out his bad day to some bemused bartender. Scully's history is also promoted, to keep the uninformed aware of what went on before. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this film and the DVD quality made the pleasure 10 times better than cassette. Chris Carter in my opinion, did an excelent job as did the entire cast, AD Skinner, CSM, Lone Gunmen, Martin Landau (Space 1999). Looking forward to the Seasons being released on DVD.
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on 31 January 2015 just watched seasons 1-4 from the box set and wanted the film on bluray - stunning (especially as the dvds are so historically bad) quality - watched the film once through then straight away again with the new commentary. Awesome - TV in its heyday.
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on 9 January 2006
I first saw this movie in the cinema on its release and wasn't sure whether I liked it or not. However having purchased all the seasons DVDs and watching this movie again in between Season 5 and Season 6, it is VERY relevant and good entertainment, linking those two Seasons together.
It perhaps doesn't have the same feel as the series, but all the elements are still there. Mulder and Scully nagging at each other in their funny ways, Skinner playing middle ground, and Cigarette Smoking Man always lurking in the least suspecting of places.
The movie DOES progress the theory of the conspiracy the Syndicate has with the aliens to form a slave race, while at the same time trying to invent an anti-virus to fight off that impending invasion
The special effects are excellent and the movie does have quite a bit of pace.
As a fan from the start I still feel it could have been better in places and have a bit more edge like the episodes have, but it's still very worthwhile to have this movie in your X-Files collection.
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on 27 March 2010
Every episode of the X-Files series was expertly writted and acted, with gripping finales, so it remained to see what an X-Files movie would be like? To me this is a very good movie, and it satisfyingly resembles another 'episode' but with a much bigger ending - one that could easily have been extended longer than it was. In retrospect I feel it was better than the later movie 'I Want to Believe' which could have had amazing scenes but somehow fell short of its potential - the final lab scenes seemed disappointing after seeing the spaceship from the '98 movie.
If you have to chose just one or the other, go for this '98.
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