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4.0 out of 5 stars273
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 12 December 2013
Visually very exciting, Lynch makes a bold attempt to bring Frank Herbert's epic novel to the screen. Some of the plot nuances shift somewhat, but no matter - this film does a good job of telling the story of Muad'Dib's religious revolution against a drug-based futuristic feudality. The second half of the film feels a lot faster-paced than the first - rushed, even - as if the story itself is working to a deadline, but aside from that, this is a movie which enriches the viewer and does not deserve the brickbats it has received over the years. Lynch, who kind of disowned it, should be proud of this film, which looks and feels as fresh and entertaining as it was when it was newly released.
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on 22 July 2014
While the edition I received was not the 3D-Holocover Edition as seen elsewhere, It most definitely included the soundtrack CD, 2D Blu Ray, as well as 3D Blu ray. The 3D version is a conversion only found here? But the effect is quite good, and while not Titanic 3D quality, it does not dissapoint or give you headaches:)
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on 4 June 2015
Director David Lynch production from 1984 of the Frank Herbert book of the same name set in the far future where the entire universe relies on a spice for space travel which is only available from one planet in the universe this epic tale of warring families and the rise of a new religion comes to US Blu-ray April 2010.
This 50GB region free (unlike the UK which is region B locked which was released in 2012 and comes in a different cover) disc comes encoded using the VC1 codec in full 1080p resolution in the aspect ratio of 2.35.1 the original aspect ratio was 2.39.1 the change makes no difference and audio comes in English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (48 kHz, 24-bit) and dubbed into French: DTS 2.0, there are subtitles in the following: - Subtitles English for the hard of hearing, French and Spanish.
The extras included on this release are the same as the 2003 Double DVD release which are as follows: - Deleted scenes with an Interview with Raffaella De Laurentis, designing Dune, Dune FX, Dune models & miniatures, Dune wardrobe design and D-Box motion enabled.
This version of this title is the one to buy as the sound on the British release has a very inferior soundtrack which has a great deal of compression compared to the US release, the UK version does not have as much obvious print damage I think this a small price for a far superior audio track.
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on 27 January 2004
Many consider Dune to be the black sheep among Lynch's films, including the man himself. Nothing could be further from the truth. Dune is a fine science fiction film, with an unique perspective on Frank Herbert's 1965 novel. It take the basic ideas from the novel, and expands by adding Lynch's dream-like imagery to create a dark and sinister spectacle, adding to Herbert's political and geologically based universe. It goes places that few mainstream science fiction films go, drawing comparisons with other classic late 70's and early 80's films such as Ridley Scott's Alien and Blade Runner films. The soundtrack by Toto and Brian Eno furthers the film distinct mood, combining lush orchestral symphonies with early Pink Floyd styled guitar pieces. More than any other David Lynch film, this movie can instantly take you on a otherworldly journey. This new DVD version contains the remastered film, presented in anamorphic widescreen for the first time. Highly recommended. Trip away!
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on 9 April 2011
Dune is a fantastic scifi classic and I really enjoyed watching this disc. Picture quality is excellent considering the films age with some nice detail coming through.
Proper colour reproduction also means your seeing it as intended. I've read this german version has a different transfer to the american bluray, which has elements of print damage.
I didn't notice any print damage on this disc.

Sound wise you get an english 5.1 DTS-HD track (selected by default on my PS3) and english/german Dolby stereo tracks.
The DTS-HD track was good quality with everything coming through clearly.
The disc is Region B and goes straight into the film. There are no special features and it comes in a slim case which I wish all my blurays used.
Overall this a great way to experience Dune and is a good addition to your collection.

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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 January 2014
*** Please note: This is a review of the widescreen 2 DVD Special Edition ***

Inevitably, in cutting the SF epic that is Dune down to 131 minutes duration, much must be lost from the story. I went to see this on release at a big London cinema with two friends. One had not read the book & was left confused by the plot, the other was disappointed by omissions. Me? I loved it! There you have, probably, the three basic reactions to the film. In the early 80's, no-one was going to have the courage to demand to be allowed an extended running time for a theatrical cut, much less the chutzpah of a Peter Jackson to attempt filming it over several films (& commit the money in advance, thank you very much!). The latter is probably the only way you could fully do the novel justice. The former? Well, Lynch's intended cut was nearly three hours, and the original script from the first effort to film it in the early 70's would have resulted in a 14 hour film! It's only fair, I think, to judge it for what it was & is, and not for what it might have been.

I can't answer for my first friend's reaction; I haven't seen it without having read the book, so I really can't say whether prior knowledge is a necessity. I know only that I could easily, from prior knowledge, fill in any missing bits without any trouble. It's worth noting that Frank Herbert was not only heavily involved in the making of the film, but also very pleased with the result. You can make a good case that, as the original author, he ought to know best.

So what's wrong with the film? It's not long enough, obviously. As a consequence you may (or may not) find the story confusing or too hacked about. There are some changes - for example, Baron Harkonnen becomes much more overtly cruel & temperamental, which really was Feyd-Rautha's role in the book, rather than calculating & urbane. The Special FX are a bit dodgy in places; the "travelling without moving" scene is particularly unconvincing. On the other hand, without the likes of Dune having been made then, would we have the CGI we have now? Perhaps not. Judge the SFX not too harshly, then. In that department, few older films have aged well.

What is good about the film? David Lynch's direction and, therefore, the cinematography are glorious, as is the soundtrack. The sets & costuming are perfect. As for the casting, once in a while, a film comes along where I simply cannot imagine any other actors being cast in the parts (the two Raul Julia Addams Family films for example), and this is one. If the script is vulnerable to criticism, the recreation of the look & feel of the Dune universe, I cannot imagine being bettered. The Special Edition print is excellent in sound & picture quality, and the disc of extras is of interest (this from someone who rarely bothers watching "extras").

Overall, given the constraints of the running time, and the limitations of SFX in 1984, this is an excellent adaptation of the book, and a film I watch time & again.
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on 9 November 2000
David Lynch had his name removed from this version of the film. Why? Well, the first five minutes of story book, passive animation provides a strong hint.
What were they thinking? The story admittably is a little clearer. The new cut takes the time to explain the background of House Harkonnen and House Atriedes in greater depth, but you know what? I always liked the original Dune for the fact that you had to watch it several times to work out what was going on. Even if you had read Frank Herbert's books you still didn't get it. Good old David Lynch eh? Never let a story get in the way of plenty of weirdness.
The DVD quality of this is appalling. I have better quality video tapes that are 10 years old and I use every Christmas to record films.
I hate to say this, but it's still good to watch if you're a fan. Why? Because there are plenty of cool shots you wouldn't have seen in the original - about 30 minutes worth.
But if you want my advice, rent it don't buy it.
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on 19 September 2003
Well what can you say about this absolutely dreadful butchery of what was originally a very decent attempt at filming a very difficult subject matter. This is simply AWFUL and should be avoided at all costs. Not even the added "extras" -basic as they are- can make up for this abortion. I remember sitting in the cinema being blown away by the overall grand scale of the original - I had to turn this off through total boredom. I think the prologue was added to provide interest for the children in the audience. It is simply an insult to ones intelligence. The new editing is appalling. Even the quality of the picture is poor despite coming from a source that should prove better. Do yourself a favour and hope a "Directors Cut" will be released to redress the balance. No wonder Mr Lynch took his name off the credits! A shrewd man indeed! Be warned - buy it at your peril!!
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on 18 November 2007
I love David Lynch's film, but this version is so bad, it's almost inconceivable that it ever happened. I can't believe this was released on DVD, it's a joke! In a way, it is worth it, because there is a ton of extra footage. However, you will soon understand why this footage was excluded from the proper film. Get ready to witness the likes of Jose Ferrer and Dean Stockwell temporarily forgetting how to act. Watch as the whole pace and cohesion of the film that you once loved disintegrates before your eyes. The scene with Thufir's suicide is not included (despite appearing on the back of the DVD case) and the extra fight scene with Jamis is so ridiculous and out of place that it borders on self-parody. The fact that Irulan's subtle commentary is replaced by a strange guy with a broad Brooklyn accent is where this version just all-out loses its integrity and becomes hilarious. The introduction, which runs like an illustrated "idiot's guide to dune" is kinda cool, but generally falls under the umbrella of comedy thanks to the Brooklyn dude again.

It's very nearly worth it just for the comedy alone! But do NOT pick this up unless it's for a couple of quid second hand, because you WILL regret spending £20 on it!
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on 11 May 2013
Despite some of the reviews here I think I van scotch some of the supposed problems with this disc. I got mine from as the seller.
Good picture quality. I found no fault with this disc.
Pixelation in one point of the moment as mentioned. I believe this is a break between layers not a fault.
3d not the best. It does exist but very faintly.
The menu worked OK.
As to patchy video yes it is there but it was always in the original film ie smoke in fore and background intermingling.
Remember this film was made in the 80s. Giving it a blu ray makeover doest remake it a masterpiece without any fault or blemish.
The picture looked extremely clear as though it had been cleaned eg no scratches or blemishes. All I can assume is some people are expecting a modern blue ray 3d treatment on a film over 30 years old. My comments on one of the post re this being a fake I do not believe to be true on this version of the disc. This one contains 2d and 3d on one blu ray and a soundtrack CD.
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