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3.8 out of 5 stars18
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 11 September 2010
my girlfriend doesn't like van damme or his films, so i showed her this film. she still doesnt like van damme or his films but dont let that deter you. this film is excellent. its not directed by john woo but there is this incredible fight/chase scene, in this chinese fruit warehouse. the stunt actor for most of the scene clearly isnt van damme but its still worth a watch, and if you watch this type of film with a few beers with your mates looking for a laugh, then this is the film for you. ive advocated van dammes acting in other reviews but in this one its deplorable, maybe he was too busy doing coke in between takes or something, but again, it doesnt spoil the film because if youre watching a van damme film for good acting youre watching the wrong film.
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on 5 March 2014
Marcus Ray and Tommy Hendricks are sales reps for V SIX Jeans, and they are enjoying life in Hong Kong.

While Tommy busily prepares for the latest fashion show, Marcus is off looking at knock off goods: imitation watches, jewellery, and baby dolls, in which his longtime friend Eddie Wang is involved.

When Marcus and Tommy's supervisor arrives and informs them that much of their last shipment of jeans was filled with knock off imitations, the two can't believe her, but they agree to help in raiding a warehouse to prove their innocence.

After a violent encounter, Marcus eventually learns that Tommy is an undercover CIA agent, and so is Karen.

Meeting with their boss, Johansson, Marcus learns of a conspiracy involving the Russian mafia and their attempts to smuggle tiny, but highly explosive "microbombs" to the black market.

Any film that features Van Damme in a movie about exploding designer jeans, has to be seen to be believed.

Is it plausible? anything is really, but is it any good? Well it's so absurd and silly, it's very very enjoyable and furthermore, a lot of fun.

This was Van Dammes last proper big screen outing that wasn't a sequel, or docu-drama, and it feels like the studio has given up on him, which is a shame.

Harks direction and camera-work is frenetic and downright bizarre and you can see where Neveldine and Taylor get some of their ideas from.

The action is well paced and there is obvious wire work involved, but it's all comic book in tone, and it's tongue in cheek throughout.

With a great supporting cast, this film is unfairly despised, thanks to movie snobs who just dismiss the actors work.

A great piece to watch with Double Team..
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on 18 November 2015
I recall watching this puppy in a cinema - yeah, this played theatrical back in the '90s and thank goodness I was around to see it. Sure, its as mad as a box of badgers and features our favourite Belgian bruiser in a Hong Kong set tale about exploding denim jeans - but that's not where the fun stops. This one is a bizarro joy from start to finish.

Fashion designer Marcus Ray (a camp but pumped Jean-Claude Van Damme in career meltdown) has been selling knockoff jeans in Hong Kong and living the high life with partner Tommy (Rob Schneider). However, things get complicated when Marcus discovers 'ol Tommy is not all that he seems.... Thrown into the mix are Marcus' boss, Karen (Lela Rochon) who is threatening to tear him a new one too if he doesn't go straight. However, this is just the beginning of a topsy-turvy ride that has Russian double agents, rickshaw wrangling and all manner of bad acting rolled out infront of your very eyes. Suffice to say, sparks are gonna fly and bad guys will have a full roundhouse kick to the head in no time at all... aah, thank the lord for Jean Claude!

To begin with, this movie is mental. Not 'pretend crazy', I mean full on looney tunes. Director Tsui Hark (he of the awesome 'The Blade' and previous JC [masterpiece] 'Double Team') has somehow managed to convince a major Hollyweird studio to fund a movie about bombs being hidden within counterfeit jeans in an effort to threaten the entire world. Yeah, that's the story. Thank my lucky stars for whoever greenlit this baby must have been stoned into next week and I applaud you. Thankfully, even though the screenplay is 100% bonkers - the action certainly isn't. Hark gets to ply his trademark visuals accentuating Van Dammage's physicality to great lengths and we are treated to some wondrous feats of adrenaline pumped choreography.

Columbia Tri-Stars DVD release sports a solid transfer with fine audio, although no extras which is a shame. All in all, the movie is very slight taken on its own terms - but if in the right mood, the sheer lunacy and devil may care attitude of the filmmakers ensure this is a B-movie delight: Van Damme is on fine form (even though it seems this was sadly the end of his mainstream career) and even Schneider looks like he's game for a laugh, too. Don't go in expecting 'Bloodsport' and you will be rewarded with a visually exciting and totally off the cuff actioner that delivers the goods. Recommended.
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on 17 October 2015
If I had watched this movie maybe 10 years ago when I was really just a casual viewer most of the time, I think I would have thought it was pretty cool. To the casual movie watcher I'm sure this movie is a fairly good action movie. But these days I sadly have a habit of noticing poor camera work, wooden/robotic acting or cheesy effects. This movie definitely had poor camera work and wooden/robotic acting. The camera work was as bad as Alien Resurrection which was very poor with unnecessary close ups right up to people's noses. Literally. As I said, if I had watched this maybe 10 years back or more, I would be none the wiser to all that and just be quite entertained. After terrific action movies like Taken or Mad Max 2/Fury Road, and a good few others, it's very sad that Knock Off is too bad and silly for me to enjoy it. By the way, the Chinese woman who plays the Hong Kong lady cop should not have been cast, she is even worse than Van Damme who isn't a good actor in this as it is. Her going up to a bad guy and yelling 'Your gonna talk perp!' Is just plain stupid. She may be trying to look and sound like a tough nut but her movements and the way she talks just sounds idiotic. Then again, before I over criticise this movie, I am reviewing an action movie that was released in 1997, so in a way I shouldn't be surprised. If you like this movie, fair enough, that's your right, but I couldn't even get through 40 minutes, which isn't even half way through. I'm giving it 2 stars instead of one because I'm taking into consideration that it was released in the 90s. A weaker 90s action movie.
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on 23 May 2014
Comedy action movie from 1998 has Jean Claude Van Damme as a fashion designer, Marcus Ray, combatting terrorism during the handover of Hong Kong to the Chinese. Unknown to Marcus, his partner, Tommy (Rob Schneider) is a CIA operative investigating the black market.

The highly implausible and convoluted plot, involves Chinese gangs, the CIA, corrupt CIA agents, the Russian Mafia and international terrorists plotting to blow up American citizens using nano-bombs developed by the KGB. So you'll needs to keep your wits about you! This all serves to introduce a series of well choreographed action scenes including an impressive rickshaw race near the beginning of the film, the obligatory car chase and, of course, fist fights and shootouts. There is a good level of invention in many of these scenes as one would expect from a Hong Kong action film.

Of the JCVD films that I've seen this is not one of the better ones overall, but it is still quite watchable. Van Damme's acting is at the level of The Order (of those that I have seen), another action comedy from 2001, by which I mean he has performed better. The film hasn't dated too well, but worth a look if your pain threshhold for this type of film is set reasonably high.
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on 30 August 2009
The film has great quality and great sound. The film itself is played out more like a comedy than most of the JCVD films. The story is nothink special and the thing I found most irritating was the fact that the action scenes are all speed up! I think this was done to make it go more with the comedy aspect of the film.

This is for hardcore fans only and as im a hardcore fan I gave this a 3/5.
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on 12 February 2012
Without doubt the best outing Van Damme has ever had. A very good film, lots of comedy elements and plenty of action. set in the time of the hand over of Hong Kong to China, some lovely scenes in the film, plenty of great fights, and a great Rickshaw race. Rob Schneider is great playing off against Van Damme. Very underated film, its a little gem and my favourite starrring Van Damme.
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on 30 October 2008
i bloody love van damme me, and this is why. i bloody love this film i do, i love how hes in japan with that thin little man from alan sandler films. rock with van damme woooo yeh 10 out of 10
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on 28 October 2015
So please fast delivery thanks
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on 8 May 2004
Knock Off is basically a routine Hong Kong actioner given the American makeover. Jean Claude gives a decent comical turn as the lead character, Marcus Ray, second-rate con-man in Hong Kong. Rob Schneider unfortunateley provides support as the (I use the term very loosely) "funny" sidekick.
The story is good as well as an interesting one, highlighting Nanotechnology, an original concept as yet unused in mainstream film. However, the main bad-guy "Skinny" is absolutley laughable and takes the edge off the story and action.
The action scenes are good. A memorable night truck-chase is masterley directed, as well as a good & explosive climax.
All in all it's a return to form for Van Damme (re-teaming with director Tsui Hark, with whom he worked with on Double Team). Lela Rochon & Paul "Goodfellas" Sorvino provide good support, but try and block Rob Schneider's nausiating character from your mind.
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