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3.7 out of 5 stars51
3.7 out of 5 stars
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 6 September 2008
Kids follows teenagers Telly and Casper around New York, two guys who have sex with virgins, rob stores and do drugs, unaware that one of Telly's former flings is coming to tell him she is positive with HIV.

In one of the most controversial films of the 90's, Kids depicts lives of teenagers in a shocking and realistic film with hard gritty ideologies of illegal activities encoded for dramatic and realistic effect.

The main ideology which will get you thinking is sex. Telly, a teenage stereotype, epitomises what a teenager is believed to be like in current society, with his mind on sex, drugs and booze, and is justified through a very shocking opening scene as he lies in bed with a virgin, seducing her. His talk with best friend Casper after is shockingly horrible and very unforgiving, but will instantly get you immersed into his life.

As epitomized in films such as Kidulthood, teenagers have this view on sex and think its ok without protection, and Kids shows the dramatic consequences through Jennie, who has only had sex once but catches HIV.

This dramatic ideology is essentially realistic to hit out at teenagers, to warn them of the dangers out there, and picks up on such a valid point that the film is watching for this preaching factor alone.

The film takes place during one whole day, following Casper and Telly around New York as they get involved in robbery, drugs and parties.

Despite the heaviness of the issues, the plot moves at a steady pace, with frequent dramatic moments.

Chloe Sevigny (Broken Flowers) gives an excellent performance as Jennie, who you will be in tears with during the course of the film, and Jennie gives a balance of equality by being the strong minded realistic female in the plot, against the fantastical sex loving boys.

The ending is unbelievably open and opens the plot into even more controversy, but will take another watch to get a true grip of some ideologies. Kids lacks in a few places but the strong realistic issues regarding teenage life will have you open mouthed come the shocking ending.

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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 12 December 2000
From the word go this film makes you think what happened to these kids and do people live like this in reality. That's why Kids is so shocking. Teenagers do all these things every day all over the world and many do get aids. Kids will leave you intreaged by the lifestyle lived in the film but much more aware of AIDs, drugs and alcohol.
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on 18 March 2015
.....Anyone but your best mates. This 1995 American drama follows a day in the life of a group of promiscuous teenagers in New York City during the height of the AIDS epidemic in the mid-1990s. It follows 17-year-old Telly and his friend Casper, illustrating their unrestrained behaviour towards under-age sex and substance abuse (alcohol and other drugs), unaware that a former conquest of Telly is trying to track him down to inform him that she has caught aids from him.
The film takes on an almost a fly on the wall documentary style as we listen in to their group discussions and follow their actions as the day wears on. The film may think itself brave in talking about manytaboo subjects, but it does so with a typical middle class view and a lack of understanding, thus its difficult to feel any attachment to the characters [lose a*]. The film presents its moral tale in a remote manner and certain scenes seem thrown in at random jazzing it up with a bit of robbery, violence and unauthorised swimming. Sure its shocking, but what do you expect where almost every sentence contains a swear word, the talk is on anal sex, where the main guy just wants to have sex with young teen virgins and the girls want to know if their friends swallow or not.
As a tale on the dangers of Aids this undoubtedly works, but realistic it isnt as it lacks any form of character development and leaves us too detached. Theres some good thumping music in there but its mainly little snippits and the film over-reaches by trying to show too much in too short a time [lose another *]. Worthy of a watch but films around the same period such as Romper Stomper [1992, more action based] and Welcome to the Dollhouse [1995, slower but more intense] cover similar topics better. Pick it up cheap and its worth getting as there are no extras with this.
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14 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on 4 August 2003
When I was watching "Kids" for the first time, I was thinking: are there really kids living like this? The answer is probably yes. It seems like they don't know any better. At the end of the movie at least one of the characters seems to realise what he was doing with his life, and most likely learned from his experience(s).
The movie was a real eye-opener. Many (parents, for example) will label it a "difficult" movie because of all the violence and the sex scenes... granted, not for all eyes & ears. But the fact is, things like scenes in this movie happen every day, somewhere on the planet. Don't close your eyes for them.
The dynamics of this movie really made me think of what makes personae in a movie tick... It's not just an action movie, or a thriller, or a science fiction movie. You really zoom in on the characters (and their actions, motives, passions) more than anything else.
And as long as you're reading: if you like the music in the movie, I'd suggest you buy the excellent soundtrack, mostly containing tracks by The Folk Implosion.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 2 November 2004
kids is one of the grittiest,most shocking and at times disturbing films i have ever seen. It realistically depicts
youth culture in the gritty underbelly of New york. Bieng a
teenager myself i can freely say that this film is spot on and that these sorts of things are happenig all over the world. Although the plot is at times a little over dramatic this is a gritty, hardhitting film that grips you hard and doesn't let go for a single minuite.
It isn't flawless it remains to be one of the greatest film making achievements of the ninties. Although it won't appeal to everyone you must watch this film at least once in your life.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 16 April 2001
This movie is possibly the greatest film that I have ever seen.It portrays the lives of adolescents at its worst yet does it in such a way that it makes you realize just whats going on in the world today.It brings to attention the dangers of sex,drugs and alchohol.Being a teenager myself the movie does a very good job of depicting life as a teen in an inner city.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 10 March 2000
I'm not the kind of person who will give 5 stars just for some decent entertainment - the subject of my review will have had to have a major effect on me. This was the case in 'Kids', to say the least. Where to start? It is an utterly beautiful, subtle piece of art and is one of the best films I've seen in years. I know that many of you may disagree, but Harmony Korine's hides the true nature of 'Kids' behind everything that strikes the viewer initially - graphic scenes, bad language, even what some may call depravity. I just urge you not to judge this film based on your preconceptions, if you do not you will find 'Kids' incredibly rewarding.
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11 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on 6 March 2003
an impulse buy, i found myself at the end of 90 minutes wondering why i had not rushed out in 1995 to buy this when it first came out- what a film.
kids is a mastrerpiece of production and depiction of adolescent behaviour and mindset. such hard hitting and controvesial issues with STD's at the fore, this film was ahead of its time back in '95, and is still some way advanced- dealing with adult issues in teens and pre-teens as it does so well.
a highly recomended film, foolish to pass up the oportunity to watch it. your life outlook wil be very differnet and more mature after. nonetheless, if sex, drugs, bad language, and violence are not your scene, look elsewhere.
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on 23 June 2015
This is not a great film. Pictures, lighting, costumes and plot are in no way astounding. Probably not a very big budget film. Yet in 1995 some started calling it a masterpiece. It was not and it is not and it will not be. It is at best a manifesto and a testimony. Even Andy Warhol was better in his Flesh series of films.

An underage kid, out of school and out of work and still taken care of by his parents is explaining us his philosophy reduced to a three letter word that he dares call love. He has no love for anything and anyone. He only has lust for the three letter word he calls love. It starts with one girl and it ends with another girl while the first girl is being taken advantage of by another boy while she is out of it due to some drugs. But in between, since this chap only takes virgins, the first virgin has been discovered and tested as HIV positive and the second who was tested negative will be tested positive afterwards, and since another boy takes advantage of the first girl he will be tested positive too later on. The lusty and lubricious boy is also an HIV spreader.

And that chap dares say he only has that three letter word he calls love and if it were taken away from him he would have nothing at all. And make sure you hear me properly. He only takes and fancies virgins, and of course only girls. He is deeply anti-gay naturally, since he is a natural cock though closer to a chicken than to an adult rooster. But I guess he can cackle all the same.

This vision of these young men and women all of them underage and all of them cheating one or two or more years, evolving and indulging in endless promiscuity, in never ending alcoholic binges and in perpetual drug taking, this vision is sickening but it is true to the marrow and the bone for a rather important minority of young people who are not able to find any stability in their own families. So they steal, even from their mothers, so they brutalize and eventually kill – who cares – those who stand in their way though the film only shows Chinese and blacks in such situation of the victims of these hooligans’ thieving and mugging and brutalizing.

These are the dregs of society and to show them without any kind of depth or humanity is more or less targeting the good society to show them how bad it could be if these were to be authorized up even only one rung on the social ladder. They deserve to be at the bottom and to stay there. Luckily for good society at the time, and still today, these dregs do not want to go up and they are satisfied with soaking in their own sweat and other bodily juices.

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 2 November 2004
This film is one of the grittiest ,most shocking,and at times deeply disturbing films i have ever seen.The setting is spot on and it successfully manages to capture the atmosphere of inner city youth culture today.Although the plot is a bit thin and at times slightly over dramatic it remains to be one of the greatest acheivements in film making of all time.It is a gritty,hard-hitting ,film which grips you hard and won't let go for a single minuite.
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