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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 19 September 2002
This films one of those gems which seems to play second fiddle in a companies back catalogue. OK so it isn't as reveared as Toy Story 1 or 2 and it did come out just after DreamWorks Antz but it is Pixar at its best. Although with technology moving very fast in digital film-making it may lack some of the fine detail of Sullys hair in Monsters Inc. But take another look.
The SE version has been available in the US for over a year and it has finally arrived in the UK. It is worth a good look, the packaging does let the promotion down somewhat as there is no mention of the informative commentary by the production team. The proof in this well formed pudding is the cast of Bugs and the spot on voice selections. From Kevin Spaceys fantastic bad guy Hopper to Dennis Leary as Francis the male ladybird. Each charater has its own identity which make for a good story.
But talking of Good Stories this is the classic Seven Samuri in Miniature. It you like classic stories then this is what you need. OK its been done before in Battle Beyond the Stars and The Three Amigos but it is a classic story.
The Animation is superb with the detail shining through - the rain sequence, Flick's Dandylion seed flight and the thriving Bug City complete with Gershwinesque music score.
This has the sentiment of Toy Story but with the Sentimentality and fortunately without any songs - HURRAH! Randy Newman please just songs at the end please no more in the middle.
A Hidden Gem in the Pixar Back Catalogue. Now please release the early Pixar Shorts! They are fantastic!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 August 2007
Some people consider "Bug's Life" as not being on the same level of quality as other Pixar productions, but I really can not agree with them. My daughter clearly wouldn't agree either.

This is a very funny movie, with a lot of interesting innovations (we will never look at bugs in the same way, me and my family) and a kind of surprising kindness - even the bad guys are shown with some understanding (having chosen the life of parasite racketeers, they are now trapped by it - as much as their ant victims). The principal hero is possibly one of the most likable characters I ever saw. A little warning - there is one scene at the end, of the final demise of the leader of grasshoppers, that can scare younger children (under 6) - otherwise this movie is just PERFECT! The missed out-takes chapter at the end of the movie is probably the best I ever saw in a kids movie.

This film was inspired of course by the classical Aesop's fable "The Ant and the Grasshopper", but also by "Seven Samurai" - there is even a scene very directly copied from this great masterpiece - but of course in both cases with major twists. But I will say nothing else here, to avoid spoilers.

A GREAT film, really perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon.
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on 29 April 2011
Firstly the picture quality, why most will be buying this Blu(e) ray version, is fantastic. The detail and crispness of the image is an example of how good the format should be. Sound quality too is an immersive experience.

I'm sure most already know the film so will merely add, for those that haven't, it holds all the values of classic Disney.
Friendship, loyalty and teamwork all feature highly. The underdog seeing the strength within and what happens when you group together to stand up to your bullies and evil.
It has bucket loads of comedy and 'aww' moments, but moves along at a decent pace without lingering too long on any given point.

If it's important, there are a couple of 'frights' but are surprise rather than graphic scene so it is suitable for all, and nothing so heavy that little minds will be upset.

The 'out-takes' are a brilliant touch and the package knits together perfectly.

'Ladies and gentlebugs! Larvae of all stages! Rub your legs together for the world's greatest bug circus!'
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on 15 March 2016
A bugs life. . . It has the hero, that T.B.H you will never forget. An inventer who, never seems to catch a break. He lives in a word whare no matter what he does, no one takes him seriously.
I love this film, and the whole process in buying it was so easy and straight forward, with no problems.
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on 20 August 2014
It's a great film.The only 'down' side is it being a VHS cassette.
It constantly has to track the sound which means if you're listening with
headphones,it's a nuisance when the sound goes from ear to ear.
Still,it was second hand and I really enjoyed the film so I guess
overall,it still gets 5 stars.I'm trying to collect all the Pixar Disney films.
That company has just gone from strength to strength.
More power to their elbow,so to speak.
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on 13 June 2013
Despite having just about every other CGI cartoon film (Shrek, Toy Story, Ice Age, etc, etc), I'd never bothered with this one - from the clips I'd seen, it always seemed second best compared to the others, and I just didn't feel inclined to bother with it. But my daughter saw the first half of the film at school and nagged me to get it (so of course I did!), and I was quite surprised at how good and clever it is. I'm only giving it 4 stars, though, because it didn't quite grab me the way that most of the others did.

And one odd thing to report - both my kids seem to equally like all the other CGI cartoons, but, although my eldest (8) liked this one a lot, her younger brother (4) quickly got bored with it and gave up. I've never seen him get bored with a film before, but I've no idea what it was about this one that had that effect.
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on 30 November 2011
As always with Disney-Pixar animations, is a great film that is not just for kids but for adults too. The story is set around a colony of ants and their struggle against the evil Grasshoppers who come back every year and steal their food. There is some wonderfull computer animation and the voices are great too.
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VINE VOICEon 11 November 2015
An ant named Flik is a kind of Steve Jobs of the ant world, he’s a visionary, he sees the future, he sees how things can be made better, how things can be done easier, however that defiantly isn’t the ant way and he is told this in no uncertain terms. “Do things the way we always have and toe the line”. This makes him an outsider and a bit of a joke. When he messes up a very important task and accidentally puts the colony in danger, he accepts the challenge/order to leave the colony and fetch help. The colony thinks he will fail or die and whatever the outcome he is out of their hair so to speak for at least a while. When he actually succeeds and brings back bigger bugs to help, it’s sends shock waves through the colony and changes their lives forever.

Pixar films second full length feature is something of a let-down after the tremendous commercial and critical success of Toy Story. There is nothing wrong with the story, the animation is first class and looks very handsome, the voice talent is one of the best I’ve heard and the characters are well drawn and entertaining, but it must be said that there is something missing. It just doesn’t have Toy Story’s heart or emotional punch and it’s this element that lets the side down. It was also following on the heels of DreamWorks very similar Antz starring Woody Allen and Sylvester Stallone and audiences may have suffered from ant overload or even possibly got the films mixed up. Also films about bugs have been a mainstay of animation for so long it seemed a little old hat and pedestrian, especially for Pixar. Saying that there is much to be enjoyed especially Kevin Spacey as the main bad guy and Phyllis Diller as the Ant queen.

Costing 4 times as much as Toy Story but taking less at the box office, it’s the least successful of all Pixar films to date and must have been a genuine disappointment for the company who at this time had only had one genuine box office hit. Luckily Toy Story 2 and Monsters Inc. soon followed and were huge hits and saved them from an uncertain future.

Charming and beautifully made but a little lacking in depth.
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on 17 January 2015
Another brilliant Pixar film that I can watch over and over.. My daughter loves this one and so do I.. Great story line to it and just goes to show if ants can work together to become great, surely we could to??
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on 18 September 2013
I'm not a huge fan of Pixar, I think they have taken some of the magic away from Disney films, but then this is my personal opinion, I like my Disney with Princess's and musical numbers. But this really is spectacular, I was lucky enough to have seen this at the Cinema as a child and I still love it today, the animation and attention to detail still looks immaculate. Adults and kids will love this and it really should be in your Disney Collection.
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