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4.7 out of 5 stars647
4.7 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 21 October 2010
The image quality of this Blu-Ray release is fantastic and is worth buying just for that.

The movie is shown in its original 2.2:1 Aspect Ratio and has 7.1 channel Sound.

The movie was shot in 65mm Super Panavision which I expect leads to the high quality image.

Plus of course the film was made by the same experts as several of the James Bond movies.

Some of the extras are the same as in the 2003 DVD Release and the disc features two basic games that can be played using the Blu-Ray player remote control.

The only one negative I found was the slow loading time of the disc but at least after the movie it only has a copyright image in English unlike some that go on for over five minutes in many languages.
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on 23 June 2011
I read other peoples comments on just how good the HD 1080 transfer to Blu Ray Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was. so i made the decision to get my own copy, to see if they were right.

The colour reproduction and sound is almost as impressive as the film Zulu and i donot think there are many films on Blu Ray as fine as this one.

Last night (9 Jan 2012) i had another critical look at the picture quality of this Blu Ray disc.

The picture quality is remarkable to say the least, the litchen on the tiles of the garage roof where he assembles GEN11 can be seen in great detail with incredible sound quality to the accompanying music.

Next to Zulu this BluRay disc is the best picture quality and sound i have experienced.

Depending on equipment used i would love to know if there a finer quality picture available on Bluray.

As it is to be expected the sound reproduction is magnificent in 7-1 Theatre Surround and the clarity and sharpness of picutre is almost perfect.

Strangely enough because the picture and sound quality is so good i enjoyed the film far more than the standard dvd offering most of us are used to.

When you can see and read background detail that before was unclear you enjoy the film so much more, you pause the film to see who is in the photographs in their livingroom and the billboards in the fairground and when the beautifull car fully restored makes its first appearence the shimmering light on GEN11 bodywork is gorgeous.

Just pause the film at 52min 2sec and study the minute detail on the cars bodywork,the blades of grass as so clear and vivid you almost want to get up out of your chair and pick a handfull.

I can still remember being taken by my mum to the now closed Plaza cinema in Cardiff the very week the film was released in 1968 when i was five yrs old, and even remember where in the auditorium i sat and i can remember going to Macross to be bought the original Corgi toy version of the car that same afternoon.

Like all original Corgi toys i played and damaged them and who could blame me with no child thinking of keeping their toy as an investment.

It is still an emotional event when Chitty makes her first appearence in the film and seeing GEN11 almost jump out of the screen in this Blu Ray transfer makes my memories of seeing the film back in 1968 that more special.

One area of the film that looked especially impressive were the beach scenes filmed in the south of France where the grains of sand stood out as they should in 1080 quality.

Now ive been told that not every Blu ray transfer is as successfull as others but anyone with a top quality HD tv and Blu Ray player should buy this film to see just how near perfect a Blu Ray transfer can be and remember it was made back in 1968 which makes it a fairly old film in modern cinema but as with his James Bond films Albert Broccoli the films director only used the finest film then available hence the stunning Blu Ray transfer we are lucky to see today.

Any musical that can utilise 7-1 Surround sound to its advantage is bound to be a treat and this version of CCBB is on par with The Sound of Music faultless.

When before i played the film very infrequently i can now see me playing this BluRay disc many times bcause the picture and sound is so good.

Thank god for Blu Ray because when its this good its heaven.
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on 9 January 2005
I first watched the film as a youngster in the early 1970's, and have been holding out for the widescreen version - and very glad I did!
The digital soundtrack offers a cinematic experience, adding to the excitement of the story, offering everything you'd expect from a musical.
Not only is the film offered in original widescreen format, the 'special features' and the free Corgi model car enhance the excitement.
From on-set stills, to exclusive interviews with the main cast, this is well worth every penny.
The story is as enchanting now, as it was when I was a child, and I smiled all the way through the movie!
I always remembered the opening sequence, with Chitty as the racing car, leading up to the amazing transformation, when Potts emerges from the barn with a gleaming Automobile.
From then on the story propels you into an enchanting world of both make-believe and quaint reality, where things aren't always as they seem.
Although the Baron may be fantasy, Grandpa is a wonderful contrast, while Truly, played beautifully by Sally Ann Howes is the love-intrest to Dick Van Dyke, the spirited, though unsuccessful inventor and single parent to two children.
When the car is about to be scrapped, the children beg their father to buy it from the local scrap dealer, and here the story begins.
Can Chitty really fly, or is this the imagination of an inventor, solely for the benefit of entertaining his children?
The magic will keep you hooked, as will the songs, and if you enjoy it half as much as I did...
This has got to be one of the best value for money DVD packages I have purchased to date. (As was the Sound of Music special edition)
Also with free on-stage musical ticket offer, and music CD, and story booklet.
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on 31 December 2001
A beautiful piece of cinema, and a testimony to all that is good, honest and happy in the world. I enjoyed it as a five year old, the sheer happiness and enthusiasm of the film practically brought tears to my eyes as a twenty five year old. This is the stuff that makes childhood such a wonderful experience - such happiness and enthusiasm. Pure nostalgia, and I'm still in love with Sally Ann Howes.
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on 30 January 2005
What can I say- I just love this film. I had it on video and almost wore away the tape from repeated watchings! I bought the Collectors Edition DVD set complete with Chitty car and double dvd discs. This is a fantastic journey through an adventure. Crisp picture quality and sound allowed me to see the film through new eyes. The songs are fantastic; my favourite being Doll On A Music Box as its my favourite scene in the whole film because of the sheer brilliance of Dick Van Dyke and Sally Ann Howes' convincing portrayal of toys. The childcatcher still scares me everytime he says Come and Get Your Lollipops. I tried to explain this to my class, who have never seen the film. They're in for a treat at the end of term when I put it onto the interactive whiteboard with surround sound. Despite the 1968 style special effects, which were fantastic by those standards, you get sucked into the world of Chitty. I always wanted to be Truly Scrumptious when I was little. Seeing this again has reminded me of fond childhood memories. I've watched it over four times in one week because I've noticed things in the widescreen version that I didn't have on VHS- such as Sally Ann Howes smacking Dick Van DYke into the mirror during the music box scene. I also find the two spies much funnier now. Gert Frobe as Baron Bombhurst adds hilarity and I remember Anna Quayle more for her part as Mrs Monroe in Grange Hill rather than the Baroness in Chitty. Their scene for Chu-chi Face is quite sado-masochistic as an adult watcher of the film. Children would not get the undertones of the darkness of their relationship! All in all, I would have loved to have seen the wedding between Truly and Caractacus but as the film is long enough, the immortal lines "Well Mr Potts, now we'll have to get married!" will have to do and leave the rest to imagination. Just one gripe- Sally Ann Howes should have been given much more to do- her voice is a stunner. Much as many people have claimed that there wasn't much chemistry between her and Van Dyke- I beg to differ. On widescreen you notice that there is a smouldering chemistry by small facial expressions. The kids were great too! Oh, and I didn't realise that beach was in St Tropez. Better get travelling to see it and run through the surf there as they did in the film!
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on 27 July 2004
What a great family musical! Nice songs, nice little story, Dick van D is always good value. I remember seeing this at the pictures when I was about 10 years old (and that is about 30 years ago). I still derive great pleasure from watching it, now with my own seven year old son. Actually I think I like it more than he does. Just a really, really good movie and one to have in your collection if you like Disney musicals. I am sure that reviews like this are not really necessary - everyone must know this one!
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on 14 November 2003
I went and saw the stage version of Chitty and loved it, but whilst I have been off school ill this week I watched the movie and can't stop watching it. Call me sad, but I am addicted to it!
I was really annoyed when I read a review on the movie last which said ' Sally Ann Howes (aka Truly) was supposed to be the Julie Andrews of the movie, but she can't act or sing as well as Julie herself!' All I can say is, if Sally was meant to act and sing like Julie, then the producers would have taken Julie on board instead of Sally. Sally is Sally and not Julie. She can act and sing nearly, if not better, then Julie Andrews and that brings the movie to life, so STOP COMPARING THEM!!!!!
My favourite part of the movie was definately the songs and dance routines, with 'Doll on the music box' and 'toot sweets'the main ones which I constantly sing along to!
The scene which I find the most annoying is the end one, simply because it ends, and wish they had filmed the wedding and what the four are like as a family living under the same roof.
Any way, I love the film now, andI will do in the future!
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on 10 April 2004
Absolutely fantastic film - I loved it when I was a child and now my four children (9,6,4,2) are enjoying it as much - it actually keeps them quiet and I can sit and enjoy the lovely songs and scenes once again.
Delivery was excellent and the DVD quality is superb - we have it on video but it is a bit crackly from the usage over the years, but with this DVD I hope to have many more years of clear viewing of a classic family film.
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on 1 January 2009
Ignore the "On the DVD" part of the amazon review, as the version on this DVD is what you would see on a regular TV broadcast, i.e. the ends of the original widescreen shape have been cropped off to make the image 1.33:1 proportions. Only the opening credits (the vintage car race scenes) have the original letterboxed widescreen retained. Other than that it is fine, especially at the current bargain price, but if you want to see the images framed the way they were intended by the film's director then look for the two-disc anniversary edition instead.
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on 27 March 2003
This is such a great family film. Its got something for everyone including the most frightening villian in childrens films..! I have introduced my children to it, and we all love it more than ever. 'Doll on a music box' with the 'Truly Scrumptious' counterpoint is my very favourite sequence.
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