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3.5 out of 5 stars63
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 28 January 2005
I can't remember the first crow film (been almost 10 years since I saw it) so I can't say how it compares to that.
Ashe is man who was murdered with son. Sarah a tattoo artist who, despite living in a very rough part of town still has her idealism intact. Jedah is the head of the criminal organisation that killed Ashe. At his side is a woman who has powers of her own.
Sarah starts having nightmares about Ashe's death. Strangely enough a crow is around when she's having them. When Ashe is resurrected Sarah becomes one of Ashe's guides.
Character development of the Ashe and Sarah is reasonable but the others are more or less cardboard cut out caricatures (with the possible exception of "Curve", one of Jedah's subordinates).
In the end the atmosphere is reminiscent of Daredevil but it's a lot bleaker in general outlook. In some places it goes overboard on depraved sex to show how terrible the members of the gang are.
It's an OK film but nothing brilliant.
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on 1 September 2011
Many argue whether or not this film should be compared to the first movie, but for a concept as original as The Crow, it's impossible not to.

In this follow-up, Vincent Perez plays Ashe who along with his young son, accidently witnesses a murder on the street by a gang of thugs. To ensure there are no witnesses to the crime, they are then murdered by the gang & dumped in the river. A Crow resurrects Ashe from his watery grave to take his vengeance & leads him to Sarah (the child from the first movie who is now a young woman with psychic abilities and therefore knows of Ashe & his son's fate.) With her past experience with Eric Draven in the original, she paints Ashe up as the Crow & guides him through his quest.

Despite many of the film's flaws, Vincent Perez makes for an excellent crow character here; the brutality of his murder is amplified by his desperate pleas for mercy for his son & his absolute horror when he awakens from the dead & realises what has occurred. Where Brandon Lee dispatched the bad guys one by one with a satisfying coolness, this Crow brutally kills his victims with uncontrollable rage and it's refreshing to see such a justified anger in the character. And yet in one poignant scene, he weeps for his son showing the tender side of the man that once was. Perez carries all of this off in style & he is indeed the best aspect of the film.

However, there is little script development or subplot here as the Crow literally bounces from one killing to the next without regard for other characters, which is a pity as Mia Kirshner plays a mysterious Sarah whose character potential is left unexplored, while Richard Brooks completely overacts in the role of Judah, the big cheese this time. As for the gang, they're a bit goon-ish as opposed to the original but what the hell, Iggy Pop looks like he's having fun here.

The film is not terribly absorbing as it wraps itself up in Gothicism, masochism, sexual perversity & freakish spirituality but it over-emphasises on this environment & almost soils the film as a result.

Crow fans will love it but as a stand alone movie, well, it's a sequel vastly inferior to the original but then again, most sequels are.
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on 4 January 2004
The sequel to the '94 cult classic, sees another soul brought back to take his revenge. Ashe (Vincent Perez) and his son were murdered after witnessing something they shouldn't have. This time Ashe is aided not only by The Crow but also Sarah (Eric and Shelley's friend from the first film), who has had visions of him.
Again, it follows the same general theme as before - revenge and eternal love. Slightly more violent than the first, and we find out more about The Crow's power of resurrection.
Overall a good sequel - a wonderfully deranged performance from Iggy Pop as Curve (one of the murderer's) and a small cameo for Ian Dury as Sarah's friend Noah - all help to make this for an enjoyable, if slightly gruesome, movie.
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on 1 April 2013
This for me was A) a wasted opportunity and B) a bit of a disapointment.

Firstly in an attempt to defend it , having to follow the original , this flight was always going to get shot at BUT it does not help itself. There were some good scenes ( strip club being 1 - not for the reason you may think ) and the storyline had potential to pull different heart strings as this was a single dad and his son rather than fiancees.

The main reason in my personal opinion is the choice of lead NOT THE GREATEST, you can hardly understand him at times , he was actually better in scenes where he was not talking.

Another thing that bugs me is when they attempt to put in celebs who are not actors into films in this case IGGY POP , who you just want deaded asap.

Overall this is watchable but in conparison to the original NO MATCH.
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on 3 August 2002
Although this film was assaulted straight away by critics and crow fans alike i think it was mostly ok. This film was not done justice in my opinion, The lack of Brandon Lee from the first film gave it bad write ups which is unfair. Complaints about how the film was a rehash of the first is also unfair, There's quite a limited way of showing how a man comes back from the dead to avenge his murder. The film in my opinion is a good attempt at bringing the Crow back. The film's downfall is however the fault of Miramax. The movie was edited to Make the main character Ashe Corven a nice guy, in the unedited version he was unkind and gave up on his mission, not allowing himself to rest in peace. Overall i liked this film. As in the previous Crow film the soundtrack does it justice.
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on 14 March 2014
Some time ago, Ashe Corven and his son Danny were killed when they stumbled across a pack of drug dealers murdering a fellow dealer.

The dealers work for Los Angeles drug kingpin Judah. Local tattoo artist Sarah, who has great knowledge of the crow legend because of what happened with her late friend, has been having dreams about Ashe and Danny.

One night when a crow leads her to the scene of the murders of Ashe and Danny, Ashe appears before her.

The crow has resurrected Ashe, so Ashe can go after Judah and his right hand man Curve.

With the guidance of the crow, Ashe starts killing off Judah's men one by one, on his way to Judah.

Yes, many think that this film is sacrilege and trounces on Lees grave, but in my opinion, it's a great sequel, very dark, and seems very visceral at times.

I love the first movie, it has that tone to it and obviously what happened to Lee makes the film more poignant and essential. It was inevitable that there was going to be a sequel as the film shouts our franchise, whether you like it or not.

Perez is obviously no Lee, but he wasn't supposed to be, he is his own 'Crow' ans this film has more of a paternal feel to it, rather than the dark romanticism of the first.

And this is where the film usurps the first, the villains in this are more entertaining, even if they are over the top and more theatrical. Judah though, isn't a patch on Top Dollar, but has some good scenes and hilarious dialogue.

So all in all it's a sequel, but a heavily underrated one, thanks to obsessed fans of the first who dismissed this.

The set pieces are great, the soundtrack as dark as the first, and a whole 'dusk' vibe throughout the whole movie.

It's obviously directed by a music video director, as the editing is sharp and some of the cinematography is stark.

It's okay to say that this movie is good, you won't offend anyone, or lose the mysticism of the original.
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on 13 April 2006
So of the reviews have given this film a bad reputation yes we all know the first Crow film is and always will be awesome.

But people do not let that cloud your judgement to this film. This film is a view into the dark mind of what happens when a person becomes the crow it lets you see that crazy side the dark side.

The film is artistic and has a fantastic soundtrack, it is worth getting and watching because to be a fan of the crow films but rag about this one is a crime.
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on 21 June 2013
I loved The Crow, it was a fun revenge flick. I even enjoyed the third film, but this is a poor film. It follows the same pattern, the same basic story. A man and his son are murdered, he then returns to get his revenge.

The main bad guy doesn't really cut it (although he does play a better bad guy in Firefly, so I'll forgive him for that) and Iggy Pop is mildly amusing to watch strutting his stuff, but the film lacks any charm. The lead is faceless and brings nothing to the party There's no decent one-liners and the fights are a bit rubbish. And the ending must have sounded better in someone's head than it looked on film.

A pretty poor film, you should watch the original instead.
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on 28 April 2013
Given it 5* for quality and value for money. The film itself is bad! terrible acting and story, an insult to the original film!
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on 27 April 2015
+ smoggy colours, live crow action.
+ intensive moments of despair (retrieving his sons dead body from the pier)
+ uses sons paints for his face mask in remembrance.
+ Iggy pop as a villain was cool!
+ liked the lost spirit who doesn't want to leave story/angle
+ the crow riding a motorcycle (for obvious reasons) but it reminded me of blade...
+ when he goes full lunatic on the house instead of the villain (who is pretty thrown off by this!)

- The ringmaster voice wasn't for me (at one point he sounded irish?)
- token girl scene was a bit uncalled for/weird, would have been better if he cut to the chase = boo, you killed my son!
- so many naked people in the underground club (what was this films story about again?)
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