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4.2 out of 5 stars10
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 23 May 2011
Facinating and repulsive at the same time! this vile man took live performance to a whole new level.the audience at his gigs stood well back while gg threw his faeces,blood and his fists at anybody foolish enough to be there! he was a horrible man indeed and knew no and my friends laughed like hell at the depravity!gg is no longer with us(he dies at the end of an overdose)but thats probably for the best.his funeral is included! Enjoy!
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on 9 January 2004
One of the best family movies ever! Hated tells the story of an unlucky outsider called GG. A bit like Disney's Frozen, GG is forced to break the icy spell (of The Murder Junkies) and find his own way in the cold world that is New York City.

GG is a warm and beautiful character: a cross between Leonard Cohen's 'zen state' crossed with Susan Sontag's politics.

5/5 stars.
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on 12 October 2002
The definitive angry young man, GG Allin was a normal enough kid, but somewhere along the way he got disillusioned. Big Time. His stage performances made the Sex Pistols look like Josie and the Pussycats, but in between hurling abuse and faeces at the crowd, GG really had a message...why do we all have to be the same? And fair enough. If he wanted to split his head open on a microphone and stay in a permanent substance haze, why couldn't he do that? Well in fact he did, until he dropped dead from a heroine overdose a few months after this documentary was completed. The candid interviews with his friends and fans are part pure black comedy and part trailer trash horror, but ultimately it's a sad tale about a person whose potential was thwarted by a society who just couldn't let him be him. An honest, if not visceral insight into a unique individual. Watch it - but not while you're eating!
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on 7 July 2013
Im fairly sure you can watch this for free on youtube. but i wanted the dvd. Good little documentary basically everything you need to know about GG Allin. Todd Philips did a good job considering this was his first thing he did. i would recommend for anyone who is into the music of gg allin and the muder junkies or if anyone wants a good weird story about an awesomely weird dude.
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on 3 December 2003
It is really scary to think that there could actually be someone like this. Hated is part rock n roll documerntary, part social study. After you have seen this, it will make sense why 99% of people have never heard of him.
Allin was a vile human being. As well as throwing sh** at his audience and beating them up at his poorly attended live shows, he reguarly beat his wife, the fact that any woman would actually see anything in him is a mystery.
His live shows are truly the stuff of legend. Allin never played a full set and rarely performed fully clothed. His shows reguarly drew the attention of the Cops and shows were often stopped by Police crackdowns and Allin would usually end up in jail. Sometimes he would be too drunk or smacked up to perform at all and, as shown in this film, the audience would occasionally fight back. All of this makes Iggy Pop's antics in the late '60s and the Sex Pistols gigs in the late '70s pale into insignificance. And its all true, absolutely no hype. In fact Allin performed an infamous gig at New York's Cat Club that resulted in him being banned from playing in NY for years.
The film tries to make some sense of a truly bizarre situation. Music is secondary after the violence and the shock tactics and it contains footage from violent GG gigs, interview footage of people who know him and bits from the Geraldo chat show that GG appeared on, but strangely no footage from the Jerry Springer show episode that Allin appeared on.
The only way you will get any real idea of what this is like is to watch it yourself because its pretty much undescribable and unlike anything else Ive ever seen.
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on 29 July 2012
Firstly, let's be honest here: this has nothing to do with "Rock 'n' Roll". It's almost tiring to hear how many times RnR is referred to not only in this film but also in any reviews of Allin's output. People are just using this as some kind of justification as far as I can see. This is about voyeurism pure and simple; and I'm no better than any one else on this account - I paid for and watched the film also. But I hope I can be at least a little honest about my motivation here. My interest in Allin is akin to the kind of interest one would have in reading true crime novels about serial killers etc. The format allin was slotted into - music - is neither here or there in any consideration of him. I'm sure the Murder Junkies must know that their boringly - heard it all before - basic 12 year old's take on punk rock was of no interest to anybody. Nobody paid any attention to what was going on behind Allin - which is why he could be put on - on occassion - without backing. Frankly, it's depressing that our culture can view this kind of thing as entertainment. It has something akin to bear bating or illegal bare knuckle boxing fights.
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on 14 March 2005
Whilst I'd be very surprised that someone would buy this on the strength of one review, I feel compelled to put the record straight:
This is without doubt, the most disgusting & hideous music video I have seen in almost 35 years.
This other 'review' is a wind up. The 'music' is a shambolic noise at best & the 'star' of the 'film' is beyond description.
That said, if you like the thought of a tuneless fat no-mark having a dump on stage & smeering himself in it & attacking women (with furniture!) YOU WILL LOVE THIS.
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VINE VOICEon 21 July 2008
In June 1993 Kevin Michael "G.G." Allin was found face down in a New York apartment after taking a fatal drugs overdose, ending his bizarre career as a punk rock singer/songwriter. In actual fact, G.G's band, 'The Murder Junkies' (featuring brother Merle on bass) were terrible but people probably didn't go to his shows for the music. G.G. was better known for his outrageous behaviour and his stage shows often lead to his hospitalization, arrest and/or imprisonment. Hated is a short documentary featuring live performances and interviews with G.G and the band.

Whilst I can't take the man seriously for a second, morbid curiosity got the better of me and I ended up reading up on the antics of G.G. Allin after a pal leant me this dvd. Morbid curiosity is probably why most people would pay to see his dreadful band but disturbingly, there do appear to be genuine fans at some of his shows. Fans who readily accept they may end up beaten, sexually assaulted or at the least covered in Allin's blood and faeces. Allin once said "My mind's a machine gun, my body's the bullets and the audience is the target" so you pretty much knew what you were letting yourself in for if you went to the show but you also should know that a lot of this appalling behaviour is included on the dvd. The film is only about 50 minutes long (ending in footage of Allin's funeral where fans partied with the corpse, pouring liquor and dropping pills into his mouth). It is very interesting however if you're the kind of person who enjoys circus freakshows , just don't watch it when eating.
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on 30 October 2005
despite previous reviews,only buy this if you are a g.g allin fan.those not affiliated will find it offensive,and rightly so,as they dont appriciate the legend,and message g.g was sending to the society we are repelled to be stuck in
this is a pure quality dvd,and reccomended to all gg fans.
if green day fans think they are cool,then they should get some gg and the murder junkies,and they will realise they are not
he was the highest power,the leader of the pack
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on 13 October 2005
Oh my, MR JAMES DANIEL! Must you discredit the peaceful soul of GG "Father Of Tenderness" Allin? O listeners of beautiful music, I entreat thee, listen not to this slanderer! Excrement on a stage? Lordy Lor, I never heard such a preposterous fabrication! And as for brutality towards women... well, may I simply point to Allin's happy 47 year marriage to an archbishop's daughter. He certainly wasn't christened Jesus Christ Allin for nothing! For a review that refers to the true nature of this wonderful life-story of such a loving, colourful figure refer to trond73's piece, entitled "Fun for all the family".
I strongly advise this as a must-have for all lovers of harmonies and melodies in the style of The Beach Boys.
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