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4.2 out of 5 stars114
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 1 January 2012
At first i wasn't sure if i should buy the Blu-Ray version of this movie because there were no other reviews but now i'am happy i did it ;)
This Review isn't realy about the movie but more about the Blu-Ray release of it, because everyone should know this movie anyways!

The Case includes nothing but the Blu-Ray.
On the Disc you have besides the movie the following Bonus Features:
Audio Commentary by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino
Hollywood Goes to Hell Featurette
2 Music Videos (After Dark - Tito & Tarantula, She's Just Killing me - ZZ Top)
Stills Gallery
The Art of Making the Movie
Deleted Scenes & Alternative Takes
On the Set Featurette
Theatrical Trailer

These Bonus Features are pretty intresting and give you a good look behind the scenes. (About an Hour and Half)
The Movie looks very nice in 1080p, sure there are Blu-Ray's with better Quality but it's definetly an upgrade from DVD.

I'am very happy that i finally bought this Movie on Blu-Ray and it's well worth it's price.
I hope this Review helps you with the decision whether or not to buy it.

For any misspelling i'am very sorry but english isn't my primary language ;)
If there are any further questions please contact my via comment.
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on 19 October 2012
From Dusk till Dawn is an enjoyable, jumbled mess of a movie. It begins as a stylish chase movie, with Jacob and his children kidnapped by the notorious Gecko brothers. It then spends the final 2/3rds of the running time as a shlock horror.

Suprisingly, Kietel turns in a (for him) sub par performance. Tarantino continues, in the face of all reality to continue to act when he plainly has no talent for it. Juliette Lewis is only slightly better. The film would be a great deal less enjoyable except for Clooney, whose violent take-no-sh@t-from-anyone Seth Gecko steals the show from all and sundry.

Further support comes from two of their fellow embattled brothers in arms. A biker known as "sex machine" with the most laugh out loud firearm you'll ever see, and a grizzled black Vietnam veteran with (you guessed it) a story to tell about being in country.

Cheech Martin has a number of roles in the film. Why, is never explained. Particularly as they are all clearly Cheech Martin. His vampire MC's pitch is priceless, however.

Is this film worth watching? Sure.
Is it worth buying? Sure.
It may not be a great film, but it is a great film to watch with a beer and some buddies.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 March 2011
It was probably the most fun I had at the cinema back in 1996. I absolutely love From Dusk Till Dawn, very much one of those films that you either buy into or you don't. There's no surprise element with the film, you get everything that director Robert Rodriguez and writer Quentin Tarantino said you would get; a hard buttocked road movie that turns into a raging B horror movie gore fest.

The plot, for what's it's worth, sees two criminal brothers, Seth {George Clooney} & Richie Gecko {Tarantino} on the lam after Richie breaks Seth out of prison. They are heading for the haven of Mexico with wads of cash garnered from a robbery. After overcoming a couple of fatal {for others} hiccups, the brothers, in need of a vehicle, kidnap faithless minister Jacob (Harvey Keitel), his daughter Kate (Juliette Lewis) and adopted son Scott {Ernest Liu }. From here they must make it to a rendezvous point in Mexico; a bar called the Titty Twister, where they will exchange cash with a friend of Seth's and start their new lives as Mexican civilians. Trouble is is that the Titty Twister isn't no ordinary bar, it's a vampire stronghold and the Geko's-and there newly acquired captives, are on the menu. Can they make it till dawn and let the daylight be their saviour? Swearing, blood, limbs severed, nudity, violence, sexual references, guns, more violence, more blood, other weapons, lots of teeth, bats, a snake, more violence. On it goes really, yet as Rodriguez and Tarantino start thrusting a blunt blade into your stomach, you really should be feeling them also caressing the funny bones in both your arms. For it's a key point that From Dusk Till Dawn is a dam funny film as well, something that bizarrely many critics have failed to understand. Honestly you can go to various sites and read people saying the characters are shallow, or the plot is preposterous!! Dear me, it staggers the mind. Hey don't like the film by all means, but failure to understand is genre leanings and homage persuasion is as funny as Cheech Marin is in the movie. Thrice. It's bonkers and silly as hell, but once a fan of From Dusk Till Dawn, you are a fan for life. Well as long as you don't venture out to the Titty Twister yourself of course..

Welcome To Slavery. 8.5/10
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on 8 November 2003
Having trouble finding a good vampire flick that's exciting and scary? Looking for something that doesn't abide by regular horror genera rules? "From Dusk Till Dawn" may be the one to choose. With a sizzling screenplay by Quentin Tarantino and perfectly directed by Robert Rodriguez, this is a horror/thriller to remember.
The Gecko brothers are two extremely violent criminals who end up taking a family hostage. The family is forced to drive the notorious brothers to the end of the border. They end up making a pit stop at a Mexican bar, where the brothers are supposed to meet their contact. However, things get out of hand when it turns out that the place is contaminated with vampire strippers and truckers. You add all of those elements together and you get one hell of a ride that you'll never forget.
I'm not the biggest fan of vampires, but I thought this was an EXCELLENT movie. It's unpredictable and exhilarating. You have no idea where the movie will take you until it's all said and done. This is not your ordinary vampire flick, and that's what makes this movie so great. It's a breath of fresh air and so much more.
The acting really makes the movie what it is. George Clooney gives a remarkable performance (this was before he was the big star that he is today). Quentin Tarantino does a great job of contributing dark and chaotic humor to the film with his role. Other major players include Harvey Keitel, Juliet Lewis, Cheech Marin and plenty more. The screenplay by Tarantino is great and never misses a beat. It's packed with snappy dialogue that one would not expect to hear in a horror movie. Rodriguez does an exceptional job of directing as well.
"From Dusk Till Dawn" is a wildly entertaining flick that really stands out from the others. It has some extremely funny moments, as well as some very scary and exciting sequences. This movie pretty much has it all. If you're looking for a horror/thriller movie that isn't like the rest, give this one a try. This is definitely one of my favourites.
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on 3 May 2011
Unfortunately new line cinema went under and sold the rights to their movies to different companies. In the u.s. some of them got great releases on miramax blu ray. The scream series is great on region one blu. This title was shopped to 'echo bridge' and it's a awful job of mastering on that version which has a different cover to this one. In canada the awful company alliance put this version out and it's still much better than the echo bridge companies version. avoid that one unless you get the one with the second movie on it too. this version from canada is region one too but it's picture is alot better , however like the echo bridge one it has NO special features at all.
This picture looks pretty good actually! So alliance beats out echo bridge on it.
If it comes out in region 2 lets hope they do a better job than either company.
THe movie itself is alot of fun and for fans of horror movies that like weird humour this one fits quite well. It helped George CLooneys career out quite a bit actually too.
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on 20 June 2001
If I was making a list of my top 5 favourite films of all time, this would be in there.This is an absolutely brilliant horror/thriller/action movie.This film benefits from great directing by Robert Rodriguez(The Faculty, Desperado), a fantastic screenplay by Quentin Tarantino(Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs) with lots of really sharp and witty dialogue.It is a fast paced film, from the opening scene in the liquor store to the closing scenes as Good Guys face off to the vampires.I think it is masterful the way Rodriguez transforms this movie from a bad guys on the run movie into a vampire movie.He does it so well, it is a massive shock/surprise when the vampires first show up in the movie.The action in the movie is first rate and top notch, and the gore is abundant and plentiful once the vampire part of the movie starts.The cast is excellent, George Clooney(excellent as the nice but tough bad guy) and Quentin Tarantino(overacts but its funny) do well as the Gecko brothers, on the run from the law.Harvey Keitel is outstanding as the preacher with a loss of faith, Juliette Lewis is good as his daughter, and watch out for Cheech Marin in 3 different roles.Some of the characters other than the main ones in the movie are likeable, such as Sex Machine and Frost. This film is a thrill from start to finish and when it grabs you by the throat it does not let up until the credits roll.I love this film, and have watched it so many times. I cannot recommend this film enough.GO BUY IT NOW,before you miss one of the best action/horror film you'll ever see.
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on 17 November 2013
After a bank heist, brothers Richie and Seth Gecko plan to head to Mexico to evade arrest.

At a motel, Richie kills their hostage and their journey hits a slump, but just when things could have gotten worse, the Fuller family shows up.

Seth takes them hostage and the five successfully cross the border. They arrive at a bar called "The Titty Twister", where Seth will meet his handler in the morning.

When the moon strikes, the workers in the bar turn into vampires and the survivors must soon fight for their lives.....

Sometimes, its a shame that the Internet exists, and also, people who like to spoil film. If this was released in the eighties, this would have a Psycho essence to it. If you haven't seen the trailers for this, or know anything about the film, stop reading and just watch the film, it will be a surprise.

Other than that, its a fine movie, Tarantino proves he cannot act, but Clooney proves he is a star in the making. He carries the film and steals every single scene from everyone else, thank heavens for this or Batman And Robin would have killed his career, he really is that good in this.

The script is hilarious, Rodriguez proves he was a force to be reckoned with, and whole movie is what made Grindhouse.

The opening sequence grips you, and never let's you go. But it all depends on the twist.

If you swallow it, its probably one of the greats from 1996, if not, you'll probably hate it.

But when it was released, the director, writer, and most of the cast were the hottest, most cult things on earth,so it may be a case of you really had to be there to appreciate it.

Luckily I was, and I love returning to this film every now and again, because its fun and exciting, which is the fundamental element of cinema.
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on 14 November 2012
This review will contain spoilers. With a movie like this one that's pretty much unavoidable (don't ask why because that would itself require a spoiler!) So, if you've never seen From Dusk till Dawn, and know nothing about it, but are wondering whether to watch it or not, then the answer is yes. Yes, you should give it a watch, so long as you have no problems with mindless violence. That's all you really need to know.

If you want to hear more about the film -what it's about, why I gave it the rating that I have done etc'- then feel free to read on. Like I said though, there will be spoilers.

The Gecko brothers (played by George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino) are a couple of badass criminals who are on the run from the law, and racing to cross the border into Mexico. Once they reach Mexico -if they reach Mexico at all!- they plan to make a rendezvous which will set them up for life, and keep them safe from the police. In order to reach their destination the brothers are going to need a couple of hostages though.

The brothers spot an RV at the motel they're staying at. The owner of the RV is Jacob -a former preacher- who is travelling with his son and daughter (the latter is played by Juliette Lewis). The family is taken hostage, but the father agrees to help the brothers get over the border to their destination, if he and his family can go free at the end of the journey.

After a very intense passage through the border patrol, they're all relieved to have made it into Mexico. They reach the rendezvous location (a raunchy and out of the way club that's open from dusk until dawn); from there it should be smooth sailing. All they need to do is kick back for the night, have a few drinks, and wait for morning to come, so that the meeting can be held, and everyone can finally part ways.

...and here's where the SPOILER comes in, because this is the point in the film where an intense crime thriller abruptly transforms into a trashy horror-comedy adventure movie, featuring vampires and tons of OTT gore. This is what the film is really all about, but you wouldn't know it from the first 40-odd minutes. From this point on the movie is a balls to the wall battle between the humans who have unknowingly stumbled into a den of bloodsuckers, and the undead monsters themselves. Aside from the recognizable names that I've already mentioned, the film also stars Fred Williamson and Tom Savini so horror and cult exploitation fans should be overjoyed. Oh, and they found an excuse to have Salma Hayek do a sexy dance too. Good stuff.

Now, with that plot synopsis out of the way, let's get onto what the movie is like and about. This is going to get a little pretentious. I apologize in advance.

As I've just mentioned, the film includes a couple of actors who have primarily worked in horror and/or action-exploitation films. That's not a coincidence either, because this film is one big paean to pop-culture at its most irresponsible and trashy. Of course, there are plenty of films that embrace cheap thrills (and this movie isn't shy about referencing them), but this film seems to go even further by overtly throwing important moral issues our way, but deliberately refusing to acknowledge or address them. The cruelty and amorality of Seth Gecko remains consistent, with no redemption in sight. And yet, we're asked to ignore that and enjoy the character anyway.

Or consider this: the final scene of the film is a reveal that shows the back of the club. We can see -for the very first time- that behind the façade is a huge and ancient Aztec temple. Now, consider that one of the more significant plotpoints in the film is the former preacher finding his faith and using his position to help battle the vampires (he blesses tap water in order to make it holy, thereby making it destructive to the vampires). So, we've established that the vampires are affected by Christian paraphernalia (unlike many secularized vampires that have started appearing in films over the last few decades). We also know that the vampires are Aztec in origin, but in this case the Aztec religion/culture is not set up as an alternative to Christian civilization, but rather is subsumed under the exclusivist principles laid down by the Christians. The Aztecs aren't judged on their own terms, but rather by the standards of the righteous Christians, who are indeed on the side of the true God. As such, the Aztec religion/culture is equated with Satanism. This goes some way towards explaining why the vampires use seduction to draw in their victims - Christianity has always had a problem with women and the temptations that they represent. It is, after all, the Christian religion that gave us the custom of locking oneself away in a monastery or cloister, so as to escape the "sins of the flesh." Also note the reptilian appearance of Hayek's character - in this moment the seductress becomes the image of the serpent of Eden. Eve and Satan are one and the same, conflated and united to tempt wayward Christian men into damnation.

Don't misunderstand me though, this film is not a serious or overt deconstruction of the Christian faith or its history of exclusion and domination; no, FDTD is a cynical and amoral popcorn flick that recklessly toys with these ideas, and occasionally admits to doing precisely that, but never invites us to think too much about anything.

The film could very easily be interpreted as implicitly defending the conquest of the Aztecs by the Catholic Conquistadors. Does the film address -even in passing- this issue of cultural and political imperialism? Nope. Not even allegorically. That's the seduction of pop culture, and exploitation cinema in particular. We're shown the immoral, and yet we're encouraged to embrace it on aesthetic terms, rather than to resist it on moral grounds. "Who cares about the racist subtext? Killing vampires with a pool cue is AWESOME!"

I said before that there are plenty of films that take this irresponsible and unapologetic approach to their subject, but that this film seems unusually intent on drawing our attention to the fact. Considering that last scene once again, I can't help but see it as being akin to a punchline. It's almost like the director is saying "Guess what? We're all racists! You know what else? We don't even care!" In the end, all of the moral and philosophical issues of the film are subsumed under the imperialism of entertainment, and converted into cheap thrills. But it's only in that final scene that we realize the full extent and implications of that fact.

So, pompous over-analyzing aside, is the movie any good? Sure. It's a pretty entertaining horror-comedy-action flick that's definitely worth a watch.
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on 31 October 2006
Most definetly a unique film, without a doubt a cult, personally not one of my favourites but it certainly has its own bite ( sorry )the script is undeniably smart and crude etc, so its thumbs up there. Thouroughly good acting throughout personally, not amazing but good. The ending is a brilliant gore filled laden of special effects and a sizzling dance from the mexican dancer, with a brilliantly entertaining tatantino drooling away.

You cant quite put this film in the vampire genre, you should put it in its own genre of unique pure unadulterated movie fun.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 March 2013
There are few people nowadays who don't know From Dusk Till Dawn's `twist.' Originally, it was two separate screenplays - one about bank robbers fleeing the authorities and the other about a standoff against vampires. Quentin Tarrantino decided to combine the two and package it as one film. The result: awesome.

Although not directed by Tarrantino (instead, he casts himself in a leading role), it has a totally Tarrantino feel. Two bank robbers abduct a family in an attempt to excape the law and flee over the border into Mexico. Unfortunately, they run into a whole bar-load of vampires and are forced to team up in order to survive the night.

Yes, it may sound like many similar films, but for a start it has an impressive cast, featuring a (young and unusually nasty) George Clooney, Tarrantino himself as Clooney's creepy, psychotic younger brother, Harvey Keitel, Juliette Lewis and plenty of cameos from other famous faces as either vampires of those destined to drive a stake through their hearts.Expect slow-building, rambling dialogue, not to mention the inevitable foul language and violence.

If you like either Tarrantino's films or general action/horror, mixed with healthy doses of black comedy, then you really should watch this.

And, guys, if you haven't seen Salma Hayek's `snakedance,' you really haven't lived. Kristen Stewart's vampire isn't a patch on her!
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