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4.4 out of 5 stars175
4.4 out of 5 stars
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My old VHS tape can now rest in peace, at last we have a widescreen DVD version of Logan's Run with remastered sound.
It's one of my favourite movies of all time. It has a great fast moving story, lots of beautiful people intent on living their alloted 30 years to the full but living alongside a darker underclass, the cubs, and an underground movement that helps "runners" try and find Sanctuary. The special effects are great and won a Special Achievement Award at the 1977 Oscar's and Jerry Goldsmith's music, a mix of orchestral and electronic is superb, I have the OST on vinyl' and to top all that off it has Jenny Agutter.
I agree that the effects do look dated now but bear in mind that at the time their use of lasers was ground breaking. I saw it when it first came out and have watched it countless times since and it has never lost its appeal to me.
On the extras front the commentary by Michael York (Logan), director Michael Anderson and Bill Thomas the costume designer is very informative, the costumes played an important role in portraying a society where pleasure appears to be the sole purpose. The featurette on the making of the movie has a quite grainy quality to it but still gives a reasonable deal of information and is a nice addition.
Now how about someone releasing the Logan's Run TV series with Heather Menzies?
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on 19 July 2011
This Blu-ray is a US import. It is region-free. The extras are standard definition, from what I can tell, but also play fine in the UK.

The picture transfer is quite good. It's variable throughout but the colours are vibrant and there's some good sharpness here and there. In fact, you can tell the opening shots are models more so than before - and can spot some of the special features (like during the Carousel) with actors on wires. As has been said in other reviews, the sets themselves are quite plain which hampers the overall effect a bit. The overall effect is solid and faithful rather than outstanding.

The sound is quite good - although there's a lot of directionality applied to the voices (if someone's speaking from one side, the sound follows them rather heavily). This does not affect things too badly, but is noticeably.

The film itself is a classic. I must say it drags a little bit towards the end upon repeat viewings though. Still well worth seeing and a good one for the collection.

Lastly, there's a nice period documentary about the film. It's a bit OTT but informative and amusing nonetheless. There's also a commentary track - with lead actor, Michael York. I've not had time to listen to it yet but it's good to know it's there for future viewings.
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More inspired than based on the novel of the same name by William F Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, if you have read the book before but not seen the film (although I think it is more likely to be the other way round) there are some noticeable differences, which I won’t go into except the main one which will instantly be recognised. In the novel the life of the inhabitants is curtailed when they reach 21, however here in the film it is on age 30 that this happens.

Logan is a Sandman whose job it is is to make sure no one manages to escape death when they reach 30, but he is given a mission by the super-computer that runs the whole cityscape to locate Sanctuary, a place it is believed people can escape to if they manage to evade the Sandmen. But where is Sanctuary, and does it even really exist?

With the help of Jessica, Logan sets out to find the truth, but whether there is a real Sanctuary or not, will Logan complete his mission, or will other desires and motivations emerge? With a supposed utopia in the place where every person lives, is this really so or in fact a dystopia where after all you are only given a set life expectancy, although those years are spent in idle and hedonistic pleasure instead of hard work and graft.

There are some really good special effects, some of them cutting edge at the time, and the visual display such as the city, and the world created outside is really wonderful to behold. The musical score to this is slightly dated now with regards to the music in the city which has some electronic music added to it, and some of the lighting effects, such as in the pleasure area also show their age, but then for when this was made these are what you would expect.

This film doesn’t go into the details, the whys and wherefores of the novel but this is still a fun film to watch, with romance and action, and this has definitely earned its reputation as being a cult classic.

This DVD does include subtitles, an audio commentary, and a documentary that was made at the time which goes behind the scenes. One thing about the documentary is that it was obviously made for TV and for an American channel, so the picture quality isn’t as good as the film or what we would expect nowadays.
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Possible Spoilers

Many aspects of Nolan and Johnson's brilliant novel were significantly altered for the blockbuster film. You have Michael York's Logan 5 (not Logan 3) hero and his Sandman comrade, Francis (Richard Jordan) - who became a persistent enemy and Agent of the State instead of a secret aide to the Runners - as in the book. Also, the Sleep Shops (very reminiscent Soylent Green) were replaced with the strange but impressive public spectacle of Carousel, a festival in which those aged thirty (not twenty-one) would be blown up before the eyes of excited crowds who believed that the doomed were actually being "renewed" (reincarnated). A narrative where population and the utilisation of goods and services are managed and maintained in "equipoise" by the simple convenience of killing everyone who reaches the age of thirty.

********** Last day. Capricorn 15's. Year of the city - 2274. Carousel begins **********

Instead of aging the film and thus interpreting it not relevant by 2014, the disco-era visualization of Logan's Run - the atmosphere of hedonism and consumerism continue to ably support the instructive narrative. The film is glittering, sexy abundantly rich in neon and mini-skirts - which originally helped to define the City of Domes culture in terms of a styled self-centeredness. However, in the 21st century and the narcissistic - driven Age of the likes of certain forms of social media and Facebook this then looks rather antiquated by comparison. Therefore in 2014 viewers can still easily and directly identify the City of Dome dwellers as a proxy for "for us".

--Francis 7: It's crazy. He could have renewed on Carousel. Now he's finished forever. Why do they run?--

The general setting from the book to the movie changed. In Logan's Run, the movie, a nuclear war rather than a "Little War" hastened the construction of the City of Domes, meaning that the world outside the City was almost entirely destroyed/contaminated -post-apocalyptic rather than merely futuristic. There is no old Man (Peter Ustinov) character in the novel. The juxtaposition here is that with age there might come wisdom? Plus he is cat friendly which is always a good thing. Perhaps the most significant change in the movie was that there was no real Sanctuary there was no place of safety and peace for the runners. Instead, Sanctuary was just a myth. In a way the best facet of Logan's Run is indeed the film's capability to build in the viewer's imagination a believable and frightening future dystopia - that said the city overview at the start of the film looks dated in its special effects.

????? Logan 5 to Jessica 6 "I've never killed in my life. Sandmen terminate runners" ??????

Those who watch Logan's Run and disparage it as tacky or dated have missed the point - in the world it so self-assuredly creates. The film for all its absurdity and lack of CGI special effects shows us what might happen to a society that finally turns inward; becoming obsessed with youth, beauty and self-indulgence at the expense of everything else.

+++++ Logan 5: Run, runner ! +++++

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on 14 December 2000
Pos-Apocolyptic thriller.Superb Film, brought back memories of the TV series on BBC (Which I can't find video's or dvd's of anywhere).
The story set in the future where once you hit age 30 it's time for the Carosel (sic) - Renewal is promised but only electrocution awaits. Based on this concept some people take offence and decide to "Run". Enter the Sandman (No metallica pun intended ;-) ) who's job it is to track down and eliminate the runners. A story then surfaces about "Santuary" where all may live until old age and natural death. York , converted into somewhat of a spy by the powers that be, has to infiltrate those who support and provide help to the runners, effectively becoming a runner himself.
York is in outstanding form as the Sandman turned Runner. Agutter is ample as his fellow runner. The special effects while obviously dated are not cheesy and one is not offended by them.
In the end this was a very tidy film, way ahead of it's time and still very enjoyable to watch to this day. Now if only I could get my hands on the videos of the origional TV series :-((
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When Logan's Run opens, it looks like a badly dated Sci-Fi film with obvious small scale models used to depict the dome covered city of the future and computers which look decidedly low-tech. But the strength of Logan's Run isn't in its depiction of futuristic technology, it's in the exploration of a totalitarian regime which exercises a strict social engineering policy where everyone is required to be 'reborn' at the age of 30.

Stigmata-style crystals in the palm of every human living within the confines of the biosphere covered citadel start to flash after three decades and indicate that the bearer's days are numbered. Not everyone is comfortable with the rebirth ritual though, where the thirty year olds stand on a carousel and are ceremonially exploded! Some take their chances and attempt to escape to the outside world, those who choose to `run' are hunted by the likes of Logan - a Sandman.

An underground movement where residents plan to run and establish new lives in 'Sanctuary' is infiltrated by Logan. It is revealed to him that the rebirth is a lie, residents aren't reborn - they are killed to keep the population down. It's a revelation which deeply effects Logan - how can he work to eradicate a group of people who he now knows to be right all along? The public simply accept the rebirth ritual as true because it has occurred for generations and is asserted as fact by the authorities.

Logan's adventure outside the Dome with runner Jessica is very much a voyage of discovery with the ruins of the world we know being curiosities to him. The main discoveries however aren't of people, pictures and buildings - they are his re-evaluation of what it is to be human and his realisation that free-thought is a much more romantic aspiration than incredible technology and comfortable living.

In a nutshell: There's no denying that this is a slow-paced film which looks pretty unimpressive and sometimes requires effort to simply stay sat watching it. But Logan's Run has something to say and for quite some time after the credits have rolled it will have you thinking - and that's not something all films can achieve. It's Classic sci-fi and one which has me left me wanting to read the original novel.
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on 5 September 2013
Surprisingly I had forgotten most of this, but brought it as SWMBO had never seen it although Micheal York was her favorite actor when she/he were younger - that's SWMBO & Micheal, not a gender crisis here!!

Although it was devised in the 70's (?) it does seem to contain some disturbing real thought provoking senarios - well we thought so.
It arrived quickly - as expected and is a cult classic must have for any sci-fi fan.

As an after thought Jenny A looks good in her green 'dress' - shame about the hairdo!
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on 31 August 2009
Based on a series of novels, Logan's Run tells the story of a "utopian" society where the only crime is age. All 30 year olds must be "reincarnated" via the bizarre "Carousel" ceremony. Michael York plays Logan a "Sandman" who, while trying to infiltrate the underground movement opposed to the society, realizes that there "must be more than this". Eventually he escapes from the city to the "outside" accompanied by a very welcome and partially clothed Jenny Agutter. But he does not know his best friend and fellow "Sandman" is in hot pursuit.
Although made in the mid 70's Logan's run still manages to keep enough of the insanity that is in the original novel. A modern remake in the current style (Batman etc) would perhaps be too dark, even though the themes would support this. The only reason that this film does not get 5 stars is the slightly low production values of the outside scenes which contrast with the completeness of the city scape. Perhaps they blew all the budget on the the first 2/3 of the film? The cast are great including a brilliantly ditzy Farrah Fawcett and even Peter Ustinov, so all in all a great film to escape to. Of course all of this is significantly enhanced if you remember this film as a child and revisit it 25 years later like I did. It has not dated too badly at all, and I appreciate the actresses more than I did when I was seven ;-)
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VINE VOICEon 24 October 2008
Science Fiction films Prior to Star Wars looked different.

The future had massive computers with big flashing lights on them. People wore futuristic jumpsuits and pumps.

Step in Logan's Run one of the finest films ever. The costumes and acting are pretty cheesy. The robots, special effects are terrible and some of the models to show the sprawling city are what you would expect from an after school model club.

Who cares the story is fantastic (read the book also it's a classic and far more in depth)
And everything about the films sets off perfectly against everything else.

I guess first time watchers who like films with CGI and massive budgets may struggle to see what us dudes who watched it over 20 years ago like about it but, give it a go.

Anyone who is thinking of taking a trip down memory land, go for it.

5 stars

MEGA FOX Jenny Agutter is in it also! What more reasons do you need!
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VINE VOICEon 12 May 2008
Logan's Run is a film version of the story of a futuristic environment that Renews (yeah,,, right) or recycles people after 30 years.

Logan (Michael York) is a Sandman (similar to police), who enforces the rule and chases down people that "run" from Renewal, a system where people that reach the age of 30 are reborn and prevents anyone form becoming too old. The computer that runs the facility charges him with finding the location that the runners go to called "Sanctuary." To do this he must become a runner him self.

Some people who watch this like to be critics. They pick on costumes and actors etc. Well it is evident that they do not have the DVD version. There is an optional parallel audio commentary. This commentary explains why things are designed the way that they are. Also the buttons on Peter Ustinov's coat were pennies to be symbolic; yet they were too small to film properly.

According to the commentary, it was easier to stick everyone in pantyhose than try to find monotone makeup for everyone like was done in Ursula K. Le Guin's "The Lathe of Heaven" (1980). The buttons on Peter Ustinov's close were pennies. Best of all, the Renew scene was shot upside down.
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