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4.4 out of 5 stars342
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 28 January 2010
The film is great - a really fun swashbuckler and just as good as I remembered it.

It's great to see this film uncut for the first time in the UK since it was in the cinemas - this 12 cert version is a full 18 years overdue!

Note though that this is the extended version of the film, with roughly an extra 12 minutes of footage. Personally, I'd have preferred the theatrical version - or the choice of both (this is blu ray after all).

The transfer quality is not the best, but is perfectly adequate, and there's a decent selection of special features too.

The menus are a bit basic, but I view this as a good thing as it keeps the useful resume functionality (enabling you to stop the film and pick up from where you left off - as you can with DVDs), which is a function sorely missing from blu ray discs with flashier interfaces.

On the whole then, a great addition to your collection, especially if you don't own it already on DVD.
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on 11 July 2013
I had the "Extended Edition" on DVD with a light brown box and the shadow of Robin / Marion on the shore line. Despite the dodgy editing on some scenes in the extended version, I preferred it with all the extra scenes of the Alan Rickman. This was the version I wanted to get on Blu Ray, but the UK Blu Ray version of this movie (as pictured, of which I am now reviewing) has the old original cinematic poster on the cover, and does not state that it has the extended version on the front. Its only in the tiny writing on the back that this is explained, and it does not show very well on Amazon. This IS the extended version with all of the extra scenes spliced into the movie. The "extended" DVD was also strange in that it was "Extended", but all of the violence & language was cut out!! How stupid is that?! This Blu Ray version has all the "cut" bits put back where they belong: The chopped off hand, Christian Slaters whip marks, Rotty humorously trying to get a 'better' angle with Marion, and the famous "F... me, he cleared it!" line. The picture quality is far better than the DVD version, though it's not up to par with some of the newer blu ray releases, but its still the best this film has ever looked for home release by 50 miles. The sound is also amazing and anyone who does not get all fired up by the soundtrack (Not the Bryan Adams song though!) is a fool - Best score to a film ever. For those of you wanting the full extended and uncut edition who are a little confused about which version to buy on amazon, this UK one with the shot of Robin firing a flaming arrow on the cover IS the definitive version, despite it not actualy saying so on the cover or even in the amazon heading or description.
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on 3 February 2014
I loved Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves when I saw it in the cinema in 1991 and I've loved it everytime I've seen it since; from VHS to DVD. This 'extended cut' of the film is terrible, it's 'only' an additional 12 minutes but it makes an overly long film in parts even longer. The scenes add nothing to the film overall and in most places detract from the overall experience. A new plot line with the Sheriff of Nottingham and Mortiana takes the menace from the devil worship narrative and in some cases the additional scenes are noticeably crowbarred in in such a way as to interfere with continuity - eg. the dung smearing of the disguise going into Nottingham Castle is moved to the end of the film as opposed to the start - where it belongs, and where Marion comments on Robin needing to take a bath. Save yourself, get a pre 2003 version of the film on DVD,without this extended nonsesne, it absolutely ruins a good film.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 November 2014
This film came out during my teenage years and I've got great memories of watching it on VHS over and over again. There is little historical accuracy to pin on the whole legend of Robin Hood, but this film is all over the place for historical and geographical accuracy - but it's still a wonderful film despite this. The American actors make poor attempts to try and be English, but again, that doesn't matter. This is just a great film with humour, action, love, friendship, bad guys, good guys, witches, Alan Rickman (although Alan, what were you thinking in your death scene?!). The scenery is wonderful with wonderful UK locations used to make a wonderful backdrop.

The Blu-ray extended cut and extras make for a great value disc and I have loved revisiting my teenage memories of this fab film. The rendering wasn't quite as crisp as I would expect for HD but it's better than SD.
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Robin of Loxley' (Kevin Costner) has during his role fighting in the Crusades been captured and thrown into a Turkish prison,
when escaping some while later he also assists 'Azeem' (Morgan Freeman) a Saracen Warrior, who tells 'Robin' as he is in
his dept for saving his life, he will as a matter of honour stay by his side until he fulfils the promise to save he who had saved
When finally reaching his homeland he, with 'Azeem' head for 'Nottingham' to rejoin his father unaware of the treachery and cruel
intent served up by 'The Sheriff of Nottingham' (suitably and wickedly portrayed by Alan Rickman) - 'Robin' will also learn of his
Fathers death at the hands of the Sheriff and his men, and that the lands were also lost.
'Robin' has no choice but to fight the tyranny as an Outlaw with Sherwood Forest as his domain....he will be joined by the men of
the Forest, he and they will fight for the people, for his lands,for honour and of course in Robin's case - for the hand of 'Marion'
(Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio)
An enjoyable if but fanciful romp with many a character among his followers such as - 'Christian Slater' as 'Will Scarlett' - 'Nick Brimble'
as 'Little John' and 'Michael McShane' as 'Friar Tuck' among them along with a cameo role by - 'Sean Connery' as 'King Richard'
Not sure the Hollywood production team checked out the geographical location of 'Nottingham' to 'The White Cliffs of Dover' as after
landing on English shores it seemed a short stroll.
Wonder if the exaggerated accents and phrases were thought of as the norm' here in the U.K ?
That aside, this is a light-hearted action adventure telling the tale of fictional-hero - Robin Hood.
(This version has an additional 11 minutes to that of the Theatrical-Version)
Special Features -
* Commentary by Kevin Costner and Director Kevin Reynolds
* Commentary by Morgan Freeman and Christian Slater and Producer/Screenwriters Peri Densham and John Watson
* Robin Hood - man - myth - legend
* TV Special Vintage Interviews with the Films Stars
* Bryan Adams live at Irelands Slane Castle performing (Everything I do) I do it for you' (music only audio track (5.1)
* Theatrical Trailer & T.V Spots
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It's Hollywood, not Sherwood, with Kevin Costner's Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves fighting injustice in his quest to make England free for those who can't actually speak the language, armed only with his trusty longbow, a dubious accent ("This is English courage" gets a big laugh every time), a fluctuating waistline and an unerringly bad sense of direction. "Come, by nightfall we will dine at my father's castle," he says to his Muslim sidekick Azem (Morgan Freeman). Not when you land in Dover you won't. And Hadrian's Wall is NOT "but five miles" from Nottingham. Sorry, Kev.

You have to look a long way down the credits to find an English actor, unless you count the villains, with Alan Rickman's Sheriff so far over the top that he's back again, leaving you with the impression that Costner's controversial decision to cut many of his scenes had more to do with restraint than pique. With Christian I-Want-to-be-Jack-Nicholson-when-I-grow-up Slater in the cast, you can forgiven for fearing the film will turn into Surf Saxons Must Die, and British writers Pen Densham and John Watson do display a healthy contempt for their heritage and history. No-one actually says it, but you know they're thinking "screw history, let's blow something up," and, indeed, the script manages to pull of the twin feat of giving a logical reason for Robin having a black sidekick and getting lots of explosions into a medieval adventure, although they don't quite manage to convince you that their Robin truly is modelled after the Tim Holt character in The Magnificent Ambersons.

Neither Errol Flynn's definitive adventure nor Sean Connery and Richard Lester's brilliantly melancholy interpretation have anything to worry about, with the film falling between the two stools and offering political correctness instead of revisionism and opting for pure adventure with the trimmings of gritty historical realism brushed aside whenever it threatens to get in the way.

The biggest problem is that the scars of a messy and acrimonious production (seven credited producers, no less) are all too visible. Kevin Reynolds' direction lacks the punch of his earlier and unfairly overlooked The Beast of War or even his bonkers Rapa Nui, with some uncomfortable medium shots and the unsteadiest Steadicam work in cinema history, while subplots such as the black magic element are thrown away after the early scenes. On the plus side, Michael Kamen's score is his most enjoyable and exciting, John Bloomfield's costumes are terrific, Doug Milsome's photography almost camouflages the bad weather and some of the action scenes are well handled, although it's hard to imagine anyone here giving Basil Rathbone or even Robert Shaw too much trouble in a swordfight.

While the 2-disc edition has some okay but fairly low-calorie extras, the film itself - as with all previous editions - is cut by the BBFC: in this case some 26 seconds of censor cuts.
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on 14 January 2016
Sadly today the best part of this movie died of cancer, I am talking about the great Alan Rickman who is just briliant in this film as The Sheriff of Nottingham. There is an extended version of this film with extra Rickman in it, but as big of a fan of Rickman In this film that version doesn't work as well as this original theatrical version, I saw this film at the cinema many times when it came out and it was for Rickman's performance I kept going back. when he says things like "shaddup yoou tWIT" Who really cares that Robin Hood has an American accent it didn't even occur to me as a kid when I went to see this film. Theres is nothing bad really I can say about it. perhaps it is a little long but even then its still a great action film. The music from the late Michael Kamen is matched perfectly to the film. Everyone knows the Robin Hood story, he steals from the rich & gives to the poor. It's that story turned up to 100. great scenary great acting from all the cast especialy Morgan Freeman who is great as Aseem. It's just a Shame Alan Rickman is no longer around to give us this kind of performace again. RIP Alan Rickman You will be missed.
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on 19 November 2014
Fast delivery, very good movie. Of course i've seen it before.. several times throughout the years in fact but did not own a dvd and i wanted to show it to a 10 year old boy who never saw it before.. he loved it and as for me, this is a classic.. Kevin Costner may not be a british Robin Hood but i don't care about the accent, he delivers and i've found the entirely cast memorable! I can not imagine a better Marian than Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.. not a better sheriff of Nottingham than Alan Rickman, cruel but so incredibly funny that it pops up in my head in life situations! Ha,ha! All the characters make this movie work.. from Morgan Freeman as perfect side kick to Kevin Costern down to the wonderful funny and cheerful friar Michael McShane, the terrifying witch Geraldine McEwan and even Soo Drouet as Fanny! To me ALL the characters are endearing and thats why i wanted to mention some of their names.. as much as i love Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett.. the 2011 Robin Hood movie does not compare.. it may be a more serious take on a classic but their characters don't stay with me as the ones from this version of 1991.
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on 25 August 2007
As a film in itself this was very good indeed. As a version of Robin Hood, however, it was very inaccurate.

Since when was there anything in the story about the sherriff killing Robin's father. This means he HAS to be an outlaw. The whole idea is that Robin had a choice wether to keep his title and his lands or to help his people and give all that up. He could have been loyal to the sherriff and been much happier. What is so admirable is that he chooses to sacrifice that for his people.

But now, due to this weird turn in the plot, he has no lands or anything and the sherriff wants him dead anyway. So he has nothing to lose. In fact if he wants to keep his life he has to leg it to the forest. He's an outlaw before he's an outlaw (if that makes sense). The whole noble choice he made in the story is lost.

Why is gisbourne the sherriffs cousin??? Why is Will Scarlett Robin's half-brother??? And the sherriff kills gisbourne????????

As i say, its a good film, but the story is way too twisted to suit what they want.
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on 8 August 2000
Being a Kevin Costner fan I am rather biased, but I really enjoy seeing this film over and over again! A small clue as to the number of times I've seen it, is that you start noticing slight errors - e.g. when Kevin is catapulted over the wall he picks up a sword; then all the peasants push the portculis up, and a bloke picks up....the same sword! Told you I'd seen it a lot! Kevin Costner is extra-cheeky in this film, especially when smacking Mary Elizabeth on the bum - a nice touch when Guy of Gisbourne remarks on him not taking her virtue just afterwards! But the two best performances in the film have to be Morgan Freeman's: "No man controls my destiny, especially not one who attacks down-wind and stinks of garlic!" and Alan Rickman's: (when asked why he will cut out Robin's heart with a spoon) "because it's dull you twit, it'll hurt more! " Hilarious entertainment, well worth watching over and get the picture!
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