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4.4 out of 5 stars168
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 24 January 2002
This is a superb film from every point of view, marvellous acting,super direction and a realistic and convincing storyline.
It really brings across the fear and dispair that these aircrew of WW2 felt and the huge battle each individual had to fight within himself.The air battles are very convincing and although you always feel that the aircrew will just about survive it's still tense stuff.The aircraft and all ground support equipment are all most convincing and you almost feel that you are back in the 1940's.
Altogether a most entertaining and thought-provoking film.
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on 6 January 2011
This is the 2000 dvd release of this aclaimed 1990 film. Unfortunately transparencies are really noticeable at certain scenes and there's some visual "noise" on the background of all film, like it was a direct transfer from video. I own a VHS copy and there're almost no differences at all as that video release was a superb one. Dvd sound is really exceptional, and that's extras but the official trailers. It's a double sided dvd, one with the full screen version and the other one with the widescreen (same contents). No extra timing or deleted scenes. No doubt, the making of of this film would have been invaluable. I wish it was available a remastered edition in the near future for one of the best war movies of all times with an incredible casting. Meanwhile, I can't recommend this dvd for any special reason.
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on 11 January 2015
This blu ray is outstanding. Forget the awful dvd And why is amazon STILL mixing dvd and blu ray reviews? that is not acceptable. It saves them money on bandwith but leaves us with reviews that are all messed up. This is a excellent movie about the famous bomber Memphis belle. In those days half the bombers were shot down so it was a big deal for them to make it to the end of their tour. British night bomber losses were also very high during the period. Someone needs to do a true story about a night bomber crew, in 3d for better effect. The blu ray looks very good and this was a major Hollywood release when it came out. It is also good in that unlike todays awful war movies where psychos are everywhere and there are few good soldiers this depicts the men as they were , decent men who just wanted to survive and defeat the Nazis. Now if they can make a war movie about today that is good that would help.
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The 'Memphis Belle' ( Boeing, B-17 B Flying-Fortress ) and it's 10-Man crew,
'Capt. Dennis Dearborn' 'Sgt. Danny Daly' '1st Lt. Luke Sinclair' 'Lt. Phil
Lowenthal' 'Lt Val Kozlowski' 'Sgt Richard Moore' 'Sgt Clay Busby' 'Sgt
Virgil Hoogestergar' 'Sgt Eugene McVey' and 'Sgt Jack Bocci' --have flown
24 missions, one more, and they get to go home.
In all the raids over German Territory the plane hasn't picked up as much as
a scratch, the plane and it's crew were becoming a legend.
The 25th mission for the 'Belle' and her young crew will prove to be the most
dangerous yet, they are to make a daylight raid into the very Heart of Germany,
a factory in 'Bremen'
The film re-creates how things pan-out throughout the mission, there are many
tense moments for the 'Belle's' Ten-Man crew as they encounter frequent attacks
from 'German-fighter-aircraft' as they enter enemy territory.
Tensions build amongst the crew as they close in on the target, they meet intense
anti-aircraft fire.
The losses among the Squadron mounts, this is a well made 'World War 11 ' Drama.
Will the 'Memphis Belle's' crew complete there mission and return to base as they
had done 24 times before.
Picture Quality - A little better than on DVD - Sound Quality - fine.
Special Features -
* Climb into the cockpit 'William Wyler' directed documentary - The Memphis Belle :-
Story of a Flying-Fortress.
* Theatrical Trailer.
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on 13 September 2003
It's probably best to ignore the odd bad reviews that some people have given this film because they are incorrect (officially).
This film has everything that you could want out of a Second World War bomber crew movie and even possibly a bit more. The acting is good and the soundtrack is wonderfull. I have watched this film at least 15 times and I have not yet grown bored of it.
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With so much focus on streaming content these days, prices of disks have become very affordable. We recently picked a handful of movies that we had not seen or just wanted to see again and add to our disk inventory, and purchased them through Amazon. Glad we did - has been fun watching them.

Memphis Belle was an amazing watch for your entire family, and an eye opener to the past for the younger ones in our crew. I understand that this is essentially historical fiction wrapped around real people, a real plane crew and events that did occur over a period of time. The way it was put together, the connection and emotion between the cast of characters, and the outstanding filming of this movie, all combined to hit home with grandparents, parents and teens in our gang.

This movie inspired our then almost-high-schooler to delve more into the Memphis Belle and read about the actual events and plane. Last year we even were lucky enough to attend a fly-in by the B-17 that played the part of Memphis Belle in the movie! Though the cost of the ride-along was out of our reach, we must have watched four or five take-offs and landings from the downwind end of the runway! We watched each touchdown as the B-17 returned, and felt the prop wash for each takeoff as the pilots ran up the RPMs before letting the big plane rumble down the tarmac and lift into the sky. Awesome day.

Our entire family enjoyed this movie and it inspired us to further learning. Well done.
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this film gives you a real insight to the fears and hopes of many of our bomber heros of WW2, with breath taking cinmatography and real footage. It is a little perdictable and you just know that they will make it home safe but at the same time it does have you on the edge of your seat. A billiant tribute of all of those who fought and died in the worst war of the 20th century. i give it a big thumbs up.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 November 2014
World War II and as the battle for the skies rages, the youthful crew of B-17 Bomber Memphis Belle embark on their 25th and final mission...

David Puttnam co-produces with Catherine Wyler and Michael Caton-Jones directs this poignant and gripping WWII story. The crew of "Belle" are made up of a youth inflected cast of actors headed by the likes of Eric Stoltz, Sean Astin, Billy Zane and Matthew Modine, while John Lithgow and David Strathairn provide the mature acting weight on the ground hoping that the boys come back safely.

In truth it's all a bit too predictable, but never insultingly so, though research into the real exploits of the brave heroes involved reveals that Hollywood has, well, been Hollywood. Tech credits are a mixture of the brilliant and the poor, but when it involves the aerial sequences the film is stunning, and the makers do a sterling job of making "Belle's" final flight suspenseful and emotionally potent. 6.5/10
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on 23 May 2014
Just got the Blu-Ray version (playing on a new Panasonic Blu-Ray player) but the clarity didn't seem to be any better than the older original DVD version. The film itself is one of my all time favourites and will always be 5 stars for me, but I've dropped dropped to 4 stars for the Blu-Ray version.
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on 4 March 2007
Memphis Belle was a film I first saw at a very young age and it has remained one of my personal favourites ever since.

The film tells the (dramatised truth) of the last flight of a B-17 bomber during WWII. It is slightly clichéd and not overly original, but it is good, old fashioned cinema and a couple of hours of well-made enjoyment.

Many of the actors such Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee holds the honour of ball-turret gunner) have gone on to very successful careers. The directing is very engaging and keeps you hooked to the screen throughout the drama.

Overall, there are just so many likeable things about the film, from the acting, the story, the action, the directing and music to the good natured fun of it, and yet nothing that is dislikeable about it. All in all, a top notch film and a personal favourite of mine.
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