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4.4 out of 5 stars28
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 5 September 2003
this film/documentary is about two surfers straight out of california living every surfers dream - the endless summer. Travelling to places that have never been surfed before and ripping it up they meet many strange and interesting locals on their travels. Combined with some hilarious commentary this really is worth of all five stars. A must for any surfer or surfer to be.
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on 4 September 2006
mike hynson and robert august travel the world in search of an endless summer in 1964. and that is it, simply put. travelling to various places including, west africa, south africa, australia, new zealand, tahiti (where there aren't any waves, only things) and of course hawaii! there are plenty of perfectly formed waves and incredibly long rides.

i love the old classic style of this film, both with the style of surfing (all on longboards) and the style of filming. but i think the best feature of this film is the running commentary by bruce brown. it's given with a completely hilarious dead-pan humour style.

any surfer, longboarder or shortboarder, must, i repeat must watch this film.
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on 2 November 2004
I first watched this film on an out door screen on Manly Beach in Australia, with the surf breaking behind me.
The film sums up what surfing is all about. The best line has to be 'You should have been here yesterday'. It seems that where ever the guys travelled to, the surf was always better the day before. If you are into you surfing, this film is a must see!
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on 10 March 2000
This film follows two surfers quest to live the ultimate surfers dream living in and Endless summer. Armed with just a few clothes and surf boards the two surfers travel the globe finding perfect waves and perfect sun. The locations are exotic and the surfing is epic. A remake of this film was made in the 90's called Endless Summer 2 when another two surfers try and follow the path as the surfers in the 60's. A must have for all surfers out there.
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on 11 January 2002
In my eyes this is one of the best surf films ever made, Robert August and Mike Hynson travel around the world in serch for the perfect wave, This narrated film is a real education to the surfing world. Warning if you watch this film you will problay get those travelling blues, could get expencive!!!
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on 5 June 2010
This groundbreaking and classic must see film was the first to capture the search for the perfect wave and, in complete contrast to the 1959 Hollywood movie Gidget, The Endless Summer is a true surfers' film - in fact, the first to be produced by a surfer that reached national audiences. If you don't have this title then your collection is incomplete.

The adventures of Mike Hynson and Robert August are captured in a 90 minute colour film that follows the intrepid explorers in their 35,000 mile adventure around the world. Following an interesting introduction to the early sport of surfing in the 1960's, California is soon left behind for the simpler culture of Dakar in Senegal where magic waves and warm waters are soon discovered. The quest continues to Accra in Ghana and the (then) relatively undiscovered bejewelled coastline of South Africa, from Cape Town to Durban, where spectacular and unspoiled natural treasures are revealed and surfed.

Continuing to Australia the surfers visit Perth and Melbourne always, it appears, one step behind the perfect surf conditions. Their luck doesn't improve much when they reach Auckland in New Zealand, but compared to the crowded surf breaks of modern times they were surfing in paradise.

Tahiti was the next stop, (a place where there are no waves apparently!), and includes incredible footage of surfing waves out to sea - the result of a strong backwash form a steep beach.

The penultimate destination is the surfing Mecca of Hawaii and features some of the early big wave riders in their prime.

This must-see surf classic includes intelligent and witty commentary from Bruce Brown who, overall, does an excellent job in capturing the essence of the surfing spirit and the joy of riding awesome waves in the pristine surf-spots of the early 1960's.
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on 1 July 2012
Just a great, classic movie. As already mentioned, the commentary takes a few minutes to get used to but once a little while has passed you're drawn in to it's charm and humour.
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on 29 April 2013
Five stars for surfers, no doubt. I watched this first on TV in the late 60s as a youngster fascinated by the whole thing and I'd not seen it again till today. Time plays some funny tricks and in my mind it was a kind of Beach Boys surfs up and we can't go on forever nostalgia thing. Of course I was wrong, Bruce Brown's commentary has no sense that it was all going to end with middle age or that this was a moment of golden youth never to be seen again etc. In fact it's a travelogue with some beautiful and repetitive shots most interesting early on and in Africa. There is a problem with the rather patronizing and perhaps slightly more than faintly racial references, however. He does make one comment about integration in South Africa which given the context isn't really enough. The commentary is occasionally amusing. The music is not surf music apart from the slightly better theme tune which has an end-of-the-day mood to it. Couldn't really have been made at any other time in this way - has 1964 all over it.
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on 11 August 2002
I first saw this film way back whilst off school one day, It so impressed me that I can still remember the great surf scenes cool dudes and hot chicks (60's speak not mine) years later it inspired a very hot and enjoyable stay in the heart of surf in the UK where the surf was good and the life easy. More recently I have returned to this Holy place to find non of the magic has gone, in fact with the Body boarders its even moor surf city. So if you have any surf in you see this film when/if you can it will inspire you to be and become. Oh and visit Uk surf city and drink at "Walkabout" and the "Sailor" the list goes on, just try you will enjoy....
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on 22 May 2009
watch it
surfing like it should be, without all the crxp commercial shxt
watch and and either live it (there are still some places left) or dream on
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