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4.3 out of 5 stars14
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 26 November 2011
Firstly, let me make it clear that the 5-star rating is for 'Godzilla vs Destoroyah' only.
'Godzilla vs Spacegodzilla' is really not very good and may give credence to the assertion that Toho was running out of ideas and for that reason was preparing to kill off Godzilla. The movie starts off reasonably well, with Little Godzilla being seized and held captive by Spacegodzilla, but the ensuing battle with Godzilla is ruined by too many action sequences involving the military.
'Godzilla vs Destoroyah' is undoubtedly the most moving of the entire series and rightly so, since this is the movie in which Godzilla dies. Birth Island where Godzilla lives is found to have been destroyed and the nuclear energy in Godzilla's body has reached critical mass. Very soon he will reach meltdown and explode, taking the whole of the Earth with him.
At the same time, a monster called Destoroyah has appeared which is a living oxygen destroyer. The authorities hope that by having Godzilla fight it, he may be killed without meltdown taking place. This is the lead-up to Godzilla's dramatic demise and the final scenes are probably the most moving I have ever witnessed. Akira Ifukube's superb music score pulls no punches and the requiem for Godzilla as the monster slowly perishes is enough to bring tears to your eyes.
Why do I feel such pity for a giant fire-breathing reptile which has laid waste to cities so many times and probably killed thousands of people in the process? Well, in reality I wouldn't, of course. But there is something rather sad about this creature who stands alone in the world and whose life is one long battle for survival against other creatures as well as mankind. Or maybe I'm too much of a sentimentalist. Whatever the reason, I wish Toho hadn't killed him.
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on 4 October 2010
The last two films of the 80s-90s run of Godzilla movies. In the first, DNA carried through space has resulted in the creation of Spacegodzilla, a larger partially-crystaline version of the big G. The military are ready with a new giant robotic beast, but ultimately it's up to Godzilla to put a stop to the quartz colossus. There are a few gripes I have with this film. It is a little slow at times, could maybe have done with a slightly shorter running time. Also, Godzilla looks kind of flabby. In the scene during which he walks out of the sea he looks like he's wearing baggy clown's trousers. But overall it's great entertainment. In the second of these two films, another bomb has mutated Godzilla further and caused him to become more of a threat to humanity than ever. To add to the problems, Japan is faced with an army of little monsters which soon join together to form the giant Destroyah. Though this is no longer the final Godzilla film, it has a grand finale feel to it, and the ending is a genuine tear-jerker.

Overall then a must-have for any fan of Godzilla films.
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on 21 April 2013

- A Godzilla clone from space kidnaps Godzilla's son and takes on Tokyo.

Definitely not one of the best Godzilla movies. The human-built Moguera looks like a giant metal chicken and is basically the worst robot ever made.
Also, Godzilla Jr plays a big part in the plot which is annoying because he looks terrible in this. It looks like the baby from the TV sitcom Dinosaurs.

Other than that, it's very average.


- Godzilla is having heart problems, and because it's basically a gigantic nuclear reactor, the world might be destroyed when he dies.

This is way more entertaining than SpaceGodzilla. There is plenty of action and peril and there is more thought put into the plot.
The Destoroyah is terrifying and huge. Godzilla Jr is also included and he looks way cooler than in the other film. The monster fights are also totally wicked.

This movie is epic and also slightly tragic as it was the last film of the Heisei series. It works well.

ONE LAST POINT: This is one DVD and it's double sided. I've so far had no problems with it, but I know some people are opposed to this type of DVD.
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on 24 August 2014
If you're not careful, and assume that because it lists English subtitles that it will be in the original Japanese language (as all these should be watched), then you may be disappointed (as I was).
I just received this and settled down to watch both ,only to find it's english audio only . Stopped it after 30 seconds and will now have to go and find a version with Japanese audio.
If it's an omission in the listing that it doesn't specify the audio language, then that's annoying but it happens. If it's deliberate to not specifcy (or rather.,,not specifcy) Japanese language, it's misleading..

Can't really star rate the films itself as I won't be watching it until I get hold of the Japanese language versions
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on 23 April 2008
These last two Godzila movies before the Millenium series are visually impressive but only one of them truly deserves its five stars status.

The first movie Godzilla v SpaceGodzilla looks good but its quite average as it involves a space-formed reptillian that resembles godzilla (hence the name) lands on earth causes destruction until Godzilla eventually defeats him, but most of the confrontation between them is all roaring and no action.

The second movie is the beauty, Godzilla v Destroyah is an excellent action-packed movie, but the movie has a sad feel to it because Godzilla seems to be losing his life, and his son has fully grown. The scenes that stand out is when Minilla takes on destroyah and then the final epic battle between Godzilla and Destroyah is completely awesome. Albeit one with a sad ending though, so if your a Godzilla lover like me, get the tissues ready!!!

Five stars overall
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on 4 April 2013
so i orderd this a few weeks ago and it came.its such an awsome move.too films on one disc.i grew up with godzilla so i enjoyed it now i got this i have all 28 movies showa haysay and millenium.its so good and i recemend this for any godzilla!!!!!!
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on 9 November 2014
Two films spacegodzilla is the better one, a lot newer but still as good,what h as spacegodzilla grew from DNA of old Godzilla,the second film is a bit confusing,I watched and was confused,but it is still watchable
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on 29 January 2013
My son enjoyed both of these films as he thought the little Godzilla was cute and he was a bit surprised at first when there was only one disc, until he realised there was a film on each side of the disc.
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on 31 July 2015
Bit slow in places but this is your typical Godzilla monster bash made sometime in the 80's, but with enough of a feel of the old 1960's movies I used to watch. Enjoyable B movie escapism.
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on 22 June 2015
Remember these as a kid, not as sophisticated as todays monster films , still worth a look, l still enjoy them , probably funny to watch for kids now adays ,
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