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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Marilyn Manson will always cause people's eyes to roll; either people with enough taste to see through his poorly thought out faux-intellectualism (such as the whole Disney-Facist theme) or else people with a strong enough prejudice to simply write-off everything the man does because of his low points and cheesier gimmicks without giving the proper credit to the artistic and tasteful side of his repertoire.

This particular live album is arguably of the best live albums in recent times. With an energetic performance, a smooth production and a great track list it is everything that a good live album should be. At this stage in their career the band come across as more talented and vital in the live environment, expanding and improving upon already good songs 'I Don't like the Drugs' and 'The Reflecting God,' with altered lyrics and music that makes them even better than in their original forms.

The excellent and artistic songwriting of the Mechanical Animals and Antichrist Superstar albums comes across really well here, and even songs that predate this golden era like 'Get your Gunn' and even the cover-son 'Sweet Dreams,' (which many people will roll their eyes at) sound not just forgivable, but fantastic in their energetic and expanded live forms.

Sure Goths and twelve-year-olds will always flock to Manson, but that shouldn't stop everyone else from enjoying his work. Don't feel that you are too important to enjoy this great music just because you don't care for some of its fans. Manson is a great artist who may have some flaws, but the pros far outweigh the cons, or at least they did when this seminal live release was recorded.

In summary, if you like Marilyn Manson you will love this, and if you do it will prove to you why you should overwrite your preconceived notions about this awesome performer.
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on 6 April 2002
If there is any way to do a live album, THIS IS IT!
Marilyn Manson has always been a cohesive well integrated band, but even the best bands can get waylaid by a live recorded performance that comes off as something far less than the quality of a studio album. Usually, what you get in the live album is a trade off. You get the hoped for energy of a live concert that the bit and piece singing and editing and engineering and mixing and re-mixing cannot hope to achieve. The trade-off is that, in a live concert, you can hear the voice of the singer as it really is, and it usually does not hold a candle to the re-verbed, echoed and "sweetened" voice you've listened to for so long on the studio releases.
In The Last Tour On Earth, we get the voice of Marilyn Manson that we have learned to know and love. This isn't a voice choked off by too many concert dates, late nights and an exhaustive need for a good night's sleep. Marilyn doesn't repeatedly ask the crowd how they feel or to sing along with him (he does it only once on the album. You can be a Devout Born Again Christian band, an Evil Satanic band, or a totally chaotic band, but at some point in your set, you damn well better follow tradition and invite the audience to sing along with you. G. G. Allin had a somewhat different approach. He invited the audience to kick his a** before he kicked theirs first. Such traditions are immutable). The album starts off with, the crowd and you can hear the murmur of anticipation as the lights are out and the music, ever so faintly, begins. Then the voice of Marilyn comes over the speakers and says "This isn't me, I'm not mechanical, over and over, fueling the suspense and as he does, the anticipation finds its voice in an encouraging cheer. If anything, Marilyn Manson the band does far better albums live than they do in the studio, and if this is what we can expect, all the rest should be live too.
MM doing cover tunes have always been a mixed bag. When they tried to tackle Screaming Jay Hawkin's "I Put A Spell On You" on the Lost Highways soundtrack, they drained it of all life and threat. But when they covered Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This" the gave it all the sinister texture that the song had always promised but never delivered. They do "Sweet Dreams" live on this album, with heavy thumping bass provided by Twiggy Ramirez on Bass guitar and Ginger Fish on Drums.
At the beginning of their song "Lunchbox" Marilyn Manson invites the audience to address the scores of showboating "Look at me!" Born Again Christians out in the parking lot, who allow themselves to be fodder for MM's ever increasing popularity. This is one song where M. W. Gacy on Keyboards/Synthesizer and John 5 on Guitar are really allowed to shine.
At least until Marilyn takes a pause in the song to address the crowd, then its all Twiggy and Ginger again.
The Last Tour On Earth, though a collection of previously released music, is never the less, probably one of Marilyn Manson's best albums yet. Its incredible to think that, after 10 years, MM just seem to get stronger and better, not worse. It is also amazing that, after all this time there are still some folks that still do not get it. Of course, it HAS been my personal experience that most of them never even hear the music or listen to the words. They back away from the album covers and are content to dislike (or in some cases even Hate) Marilyn Manson simply because they saw a show on TV that told them to do just that.
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on 7 June 2001
I only heard this Album after being into Marilyn Manson for a few years, and on my first listening I was unimpressed. Once I'd left the bar and given my friend his his portable CD player back, I listened to it on my own lamentably poor stereo system. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I'd heard Marilyn Manson wasn't so good live. Never trust anyone else's opinions. The adrenaline you can get just from a few songs is probably illegal... The only real drawback was the fact that Marilyn's best songs are slow and depressing, such as Man That You Fear, which wouldn't fit in, so we are left with the less, uhm, intelligent pieces. Still, it seems to convey the atmostphere of a live band very well indeed... all I need now is a crowd of drunken idiots...
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on 19 July 2001
This album is amazing. Some bands just can't cut it live but Marilyn Manson are not one of them. The songs sound a lot heavier live than on record. Manson leads the band with a stunning vocal performance that has the crowd baying for more, the music is so powerfull but never loses any of the melody. If you like Marilyn Manson this is a must buy, but if you consider yourself a music lover of any kind then you must buy this disc along with all the other studio recordings this band have made. The very best.
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on 23 June 2001
This has to be Manson's best album. Altgough I haven't heard most of the other albums, I also own Mechanical Animals, which is also brill! I was a bit disappointed when I first got this album because most of the songs were taken from Mechanical animals, but when I actually listened to the album I realised that it was the best Manson album because it just has a lot more energy put behind the Manson's vocals and it has slightly different lyrics from the originals. My personal favourites are "Lunchbox", "Irresponsible Hate Anthem", "Beautiful People" and "Sweet Dreams" A MUST for every Manson fan and an album I would recommend for anyone deciding to try Manson, BUY THIS ALBUM ITS THE BEST
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on 28 November 2000
i bought this cd so i could hear some of the earlier manson songs and hear them live. i wasnt expecting the band to be this good live. they are amazing, they sound just as good as they do on cd. they even add the samples and sfx on each song. the selection of songs is also good. with some of the best from antichrist superstar, some from earlier album and ep (which are very good). unfortunately the songs from mehanical animals are quite poor. (except for rock is dead), they are played well but are just poor songs, these are, great white world, dope show and i dont like the drugs..., there is also an amzing new studio track on which is incredilbly good/
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on 15 August 2008
Like you I love Marilyn Manson, and contrary to the name of my review, I understand and even like the fact that his music, certainly his vocals, does involve some gutteral screaming.

He's a shock-rock star, so I don't expect him to be all gentle and pretty and lovey-dovey. But I could barely listen to my favourite songs such as 'Sweet Dreams' without hearing the bloody, pulsing, throbbing tidal wave of demented fans roaring "MANSON-MANSON-MANSON!!!" or "DRRRUUGGGS!" in the background. I like to listen to Marilyn Manson when hes actually, all the songs are overloaded with screaming, bellowing fans who can't control themselves, and of course the very pleasent opening words to songs like "I Don't Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me)", which promoted all the major killer, life-ruining drugs in our world as well as the rather nauseating notion of sucking Mansons...*cough* penis.

Buy it if your a hardcore Manson fan who loves his live concerts. Don't buy it if you want to hear his songs purring rhythmically to the spine-tingling heat of cold, shocking electric guitar.
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The Last Tour On Earth tries, and succeeds in capturing the feel and the atmosphere of a Marilyn Manson concert. The first disc of the album is split into three main sections Hell Purgtry and Heaven, finishing off with the annihilation of earth.
The album is good as it covers a broad spectrum of the works of Manson, and if your new to Marilyn Manson get this album, you wont be dissapointed.
Antichrist Superstar still rates as my favourite album, but this is pretty dammned good
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on 21 June 2000
Marylin mansons new album is very good but is crap until it gets past rock is dead. Despite the soongs being genrally brilliant some of them are just shit like 'get your gun' 'last day on earth' and 'rose and the baby ruth'.Although the last song is new and really good its really just his old songs played really well. So buy this if you haven't heard him before, but otherwise just leave it.
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on 15 January 2000
What can I say about this album. It is one of the best I've baught in a while and being a fan of live performances this was a priority of mine. The material is great and it shows the true perspective of manson on a global scale. The personal favorite of mine on this is his speach before ''I don't like the drugs''. Don't be a foolish mother fxxxxr. But it!
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