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on 29 May 2000
For anyone interested in Black Metal this CD is essential, as it represents some of the very best modern ambient / black metal that has ever been written by anyone! This is NOT random thrash with nasty lyrics, this is the heartfelt expression of somebody who relly believes in the message he is attempting to convey, and that sincerity is refleced in the perfection and depth of the tracks.
Dark and filled with a malevolent brooding atmosphere, this album is not all that simmilar to Varg's early work with Burzum, but it represents what surely must be the future for Black Metal, since the gene is becoming filled with random meaningless bands who wish only to become popular (witness the latest offering by the once-great Emperor!)
As such Burzum stands out as a shining example of what the Black Metal genre can acheive, and this album, although not classifiable solely as BM, transcends genres to appeal to listeners from a variety of backgrounds.
If you like BM, or dark ambient music, or are becoming tired with the modern interpretation of "metal", then I urge you to give Burzum a try!
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on 10 March 2005
I'll start off by saying this album is a pure essential for any burzum fan, and i listen to this a hell of a lot. But this isnt burzum at its best, neither is it a recommended insight into the world of varg's music, i say this because Hliðskjálf was my first burzum cd. For an introduction to the band i would start with Burzum/aske, then go onto filosofem then buy this cd. This album captures all the emotion and thought for varg, being made inside the prison were he's keeped. And thus is a more relaxing listen to the older burzum stuff, i would recommend listening to it were its wet raining and dark outside. All in all i really love listening to this, although i cannot stand 'Frijôs Goldene Tränen' at some point it really hurts your ears.
But if your looking for a black metal onslaught, listen to the earlier releases. =)
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on 21 June 2001
The recording quality or the technical skill of the music was never the issue with Burzum. In fact non of Burzum's albums have really been blinding acts of musical genuis. On the other hand why are they so moving? Burzum is emotion, pure emotion. It's written from a very personnal perspective to be meaningful to the composer (Varg Vikernes) who wrote it and no one else. Outside opinion will never affect or dilute the purity of this music. This gives it great appeal I think. It's far from being finely tuned and aimed at the masses. Instead it is free of such restrictions and has a heart and soul to it that will never die. Perhaps isolation (jail) in recording is of much more benefit, allowing the creative process to be nurtured with the composers deep exploration of himeself (an frequently very sad and lonely mind) with is obvious in the music. Vikerne's love of the spiritual is so finely expressed this album will only open itself to those with true understanding. Hildskalf I do believe explores more abstractness than earlier work. This is the kind of thing we need to bring us meaning in such a dire and synthetic time period. But so many ignorant it will pass by...
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on 12 May 2008
In the circumstances (I advise a look at Wikipedia) an exceptional release!
Solely created, from a prison cell, with only synthesizers & keyboards - That's no guitars including bass of any sort, no natural drums and no vocals at all.
This 1999 release is testament to both the creativity of the controversial Varg Vikernes, perhaps Black Metal's most notorious & incendiary figure, and to the ability of a synthesizer to create majestic, atmospheric & symphonic music.
At first listen minimal, repeat sessions offer layer after layer of ambient soundscapes - some light, almost romantic in texture, others dark & militaristic in nature. All have a medieval/mythological feel, you can almost travel backwards in time..
The standout is Der Tod Wuotans; starting as a relentless, war like, march complete with simple, pounding battle drums, this epic track evolves into the most beautiful of melodies and all the while still keeping the hypnotic, steady drum stroke. Close your eyes, you will just picture a 100,000 warriors marching to war! Its strength is in it's repetition. I would liken it to Prelude from Bathory's Nordland Vol 1 album. Just massive, apocalyptic and euphoric all at once!
There are other darker, eerier pieces here but also lighter moments that recall the banquets & merry making of long forgotten times.

A release to relax, to chill, to brood to. Music for the dark times, the sad times, for grief & loss, music for the dark places of the mind - Put simply lights off, curtains drawn, headphones on!
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on 5 September 2005
This album is one of the most chilled out albums I have. When I heard about it from a friend telling me it wasn't black metal as I was used to the other heavier Buzum albums, I thought I'd grudgingly give it a go. I expected at least some heaviness but there was none. Instead I was greeted with ambient dark wave at its upmost. The album is pleasant and very easy listening, which is good for either background music or music you want to focusly listen to. The album consists of medievil influences and subtle synths and other pleasant chill out sounds.
This album is good for anyone that wants chill out music or black metallers that want to broaden their horizons.
An essential album, buy it!
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on 2 August 2006
This is a very good album, different to ANY other Burzum works. Showing that is not just raghh Black Metal. Standout song is probably Die Liebe Nerpus. Which is nice pagan song, as other reviewers have stated.

If your looking for Black Metal, go for Aske, Det Som ect. This is not Black Metal.

Though the songs are sometimes quite random, it is still relaxing and different. But still quite dark and deppressive... And also the sound of the keyboard does go a bit shitty sometimes. It STILL is GOOD! But go for earlier releases first, unless you dont want Black Metal.
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on 20 February 2010
The second of Varg's two prison albums is richer and more textured than its minimalist predecessor 'Dauði Baldrs', but it feels more confused, not as purposeful. Darker too. Rather than the promise of rebirth implicit in 'Dauði Baldrs', here one feels only a grim sense of foreboding, of violence to come. The whole album seems watchful, and in the distance is a hedgerow of shields and shining spears, the only 'light' to be seen in a landscape otherwise harsh and obscure. Doom music, for awakening warriors.
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on 5 February 2004
This being my first Burzum album, i good expectations about the album, but unfortunatly in terms of dark ambience, this cd is very disappointing, with the exception of perhaps 1 or 2 songs, it seems to lack emotional depth, the songs are just not captivating, i appreciate and do believe Varg is a creative person particularly in lyrical song writing and also hes work in black metal, but this album comes across as something that wouldnt be too out of place in a really old corny horror movie, not at all creepy but more spoof related. I suggest Midnight Syndicate if one is looking for creepy sounds and gothic ambience.
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on 28 August 2000
I liked the idea of "dark ambient" music, and this was recommended so I gave it a try. This album was apparently recorded in a prison and it shows. The sounds are sooo dated, seemingly recorded in the early 80's not the turn of the millenium. "Die Liebe Nerphus" is plesently pagan, but the rest is.. its just not good, infact its silly. And the CD only lasts about 30 mins. Im told that Filosofem is the best Burzum album.
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