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4.0 out of 5 stars Scottish Morbid fan 20/10/02, 20 Oct 2002
By A Customer
This review is from: Covenant (Audio CD)
From start to finish one mind blowing album.Don't let the cheesy cover put you off!With tracks like Rapture and Vengeance is mine it just reinforces the fact that these guys know what they are doing.Treys guitar playing is ferocious and Pete Sandovals drumming is inhuman!You've got to get this one!
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars So sharp you'll cut yourself..., 17 Sep 2003
By A Customer
This review is from: Covenant (Audio CD)
When you put this cd into the player, and the first few seconds of Rapture roar out, you know you're in for something very special. The main reason, as far as I can fathom is the awesome drumming of Pete Sandoval. Its almost blurred in its complexity and sheer speed. The kick drums just don't stop blasting from the begining of each track to the end.
The listenability of this album is also very easy. Its got a grace all of its own.
World of Sh*t (the promised land) is for me, the best example of classic Morbid Angel sound. Its got breaks, repeat choruses and mad as a fish drumming. The lyrics are not clever, but the song, as a creative piece is superb. This particular track really lets David Vincent's voice shine as an articulate extention of the music.
Vengence Is Mine is, yet again awash with super-human drumming, and very very heavy guitar moments.This particular track goes from break neck speed to pounding mid tempo slots and then back to rediculousness again. The drum pick up at the end has to be heard to be believed. I'm not joking.
Lions Den is another brutal affair, the lyrics concentrating on christians in the Roman animal arenas. Althought the words may be a bit childish, the vocal power of Vincent is not, and his vocal prowess shows why Morbid Angel were head and shoulders abouve most other acts at the time. Its a strange kind of death metal "fineness", that is some how lacking on Blessed Are The Sick (still a great album), But awash on Altars Of Madness. (THE CLASSIC!!!)
The opening to Blood On My Hands, and the rest of the track for that matter is another display of extreme instrument bashing.
Angel of disease grates on me a bit as I've got just about every version on one cd or record or other.
Sworn to Black is the first real let up from the continual barrage of speed. Its a slow paced affair that chugs along, Dave Vincents vocals really bellowing out vehemently.
I suppose I should mention Trey's guitar work.... its fine, but not as complex or rewarding in the leads as Brunelle's.
Nar Mattaru is an instumental piece that acts as a slow opener to God of Emptiness.
God Of Emptiness.... Well. What can you say? Thank god they didn't put it on the record as track one, coz I would have returned it. Its frightful. Purely because of the embarrassing vocal style. If they had left out the chorus, then it would a very good slow doom/death track...but they didn't.I suppose if you're a bit of a goth death doom type then this might appeal to you?
Like the guy before said, don't be put off by the crap cover.
This album is one for getting angry to !!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Underrated Morbid Angel genius, 7 Feb 2006
This review is from: Covenant (Audio CD)
I am a big fan of Covenant. I had it the week it was released, and still regard it as highly now, as I did when I first heard it.
To pull this out of the hat, after producing the ground breaking Blessed are the sick, was quite some feat.
Its here that opinion splits into two camps over Trey Azagthoth's 3rd disc.(not including 'Abominations...').
Some people say the production is awful, and that the ideas are rehashed B.A.T.S. concepts.
Others, including myself, say "Phooey". This album has some of the finest drumming heard up to that particular moment in time (93)on any death metal album. The riffs on songs like Rapture, 'Pain Devine' and 'Vengeance Is Mine' are frankly genius. It seemed to be a problem that Morbid Angel had left the super technical for a little bit of "catchiness".... gasp in shock horror. And even that isn't completely accurate, as some of the playing on 'Covenant' was extremly technical. Proof that you can have millimetre perfcet playing, and memorable tunes in the same songs !!
The opening guitar/ drum blasts of 'Rapture' give it away early that this album is about slamming in the main. Having it large in the blasting department !!! The kick drums are brutal through out the disc, the solos (by both Brunelle and Trey) are fast, flash and not overly long, just complimenting the extreme ryhthems nicely.
It is true that a bit more could have been done on the mixing, but hey, you can't have everything, and unless you are a music purist, its still perfectly listenable.
Highlights on this album include the final drum blasts of 'Vengeance is Mine' (a sign of trends to come within death metal.)
David Vincent's proud, gutteral vocals. Even by today's standards the man rarely has competition in the death metal growling dept. Sure there are deeper, faster and nastier vocalists, but none have that special something he brings to a track. Couple his vocals to the slow but crushing riffs of 'Sworn to the Black', and you have another great highlight track of this album.
The only let down (in my own opinion) is the final track, 'God of Emptiness'. So much could have been done with this track, and it was left with the rediculous spoken work chorus. The opening bars and lines promise a Morbid Angel slow 'doom'
masterpiece ...and then the silly spoken word chorus chimes in, and its all ruined.
BUT fear not ! This album deserves to be up there with the pioneering death metal albums of the early 90's..the golden years of foundation in serious death metal.
If you don't own it...get it !!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Morbid Angel- Covenant, 7 Dec 2000
This review is from: Covenant (Audio CD)
After the loss of their second guitarist, it was wondered what would be done for the next album. It has been said that this is the worst of the Morbid Angel back catalogue, and, if it is, then it's a whole lot better then most other albums!
Even though it suufers from a pretty bad production, it's usual for someone like me, who owns albums by bands like Venom, and also early Bathory. So, that aside the songs are once again, excellent. Rapture is probably the best, although, Lions Den is also excellent.
It is an easier listen the Blessed Are The Sick, or Altars Of Madness, but the impact is the same. As I said in my review of Blessed, they are the same but different. The riffs sound like only morbid Angel could sound, nut the overall sound differs from the other albums.
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